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March 31, 2004


Now the bastards are using oven guns.

(Thanks to Maura Conyngham)


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Wait a minute- there was a story about a gun in the oven on this blog a week or two ago. I think Dave needs to stop posting these because of the copycat effect.

Well, that's just silly. Everyone knows that the RIGHT place to hide a gun is in the vegetable crisper. How could anyone be so irresponsible?

Concealed Weapon Appliances are the newest addition to the Martha Stewart Collection.

A couple of years ago, the Chief of Police in Madison, Wisconsin, stashed his service revolver in his kitchen oven, forgot about it, turned on the oven and fired the gun. The Chief of Effing Police! (He has just retired.)

The question is, what did Condoleezza Rice know about this gun? Where on her list of priorities was prevention of heating fish sticks in ovens where loaded .357s are stored? Did the FBI ignore a memo about fish sticks from OVER A WEEK AGO?

When Dave is president, there'll be a department of homeland fish-stick safety.

When guns are outlawed, only ovens will have guns.

Dang, I hate it when that happens.

You kind of have to wonder how she got the fish sticks into the oven without noticing the .357 inside. Was it concealed in a potato?

So ... did the bullet breech the walls of the trailer house? Did it hit her pitcher of kool-aid? And did the kids have to settle for mac & cheese sans fish sticks?

So many unanswered questions.

A "friend" put the gun in her oven "after" she told him no guns allowed in the house.

What kind of friendship is this?

"Hey, come on over for some fish sticks, except no guns this time, kay?"

"Aww, shucks . . . not even a little one?"


*grumbling - well, I'll show her*

Guns dont kill people;ovens with guns kill people

Dang it, I sent this one a couple days ago too. What's happening? Am I being caught by the spam-filter?

Nuthin says lovin, like something from the oven...

When I cast doubt on anyone in Texas turning on their oven my friend Bill told me that when he wants to cook fish sticks he just puts them on the hood of his car. (JCT: I sent this a couple of days ago too. Judi doesn't like us.) :)

Dang it, I sent this one a couple days ago too. What's happening? Am I being caught by the spam-filter?
Posted by: JCT on March 31, 2004 10:51 AM

no, JCT, there are just sooooooooooooooooooooooo many emails, we miss some. we're sorry. and let me take this opportunity to say if anyone's still using the old daveblogger email address (the hotmail one), we're not really looking at that much any more.

How come this woman hasn't used her oven in two weeks? (Let them eat Spam) I don't think that anything could be hidden in my oven for more than about 12 hours! I would have been shot much quicker, yikes!

What is the correct address to send "blog ideas" to? I tried to send a great chicken Productivity Enhancer, but apparently it wasn't read or you didn't like it. boohoo for me.

Thanks! I just ordered a copy of that book and hope you get your commission.

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