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March 30, 2004


A cow decides to end it all.

(Thanks to Mike Zlotnick)


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They are looking into it? What, do they think that the cow may have been pushed?

""There was an incident but I'm not sure exactly what happened and I'm looking into it," Mr Balasingham said. "

this is the kind of person we should have running for president.... doesn't know what happened, but he's looking into it..

oh, wait... 'weapons of mass destruction"....

Good quote: "As well as being quite distressing to watch, the flying cow could easily have caused a fatality"

How many cow-related deaths do we have per year? Never thought much of that.

Cambodians refer to this as a MOOOOving target... (groan... can't believe I just said that...)

Mmmm, steak tarmac...

"There was an incident but I'm not sure exactly what happened...". Sounds like the cow had a bad romance and, unfortunately, there was no one there to talk her down from the bridge. Or else the guy telling the story pushed her and is trying to make it look like a suicide.

According to a show on the Animal Planet, Cows kill more people each year than Sharks do, and Deer are the most dangerous animals in the US (car wrecks).

I don't know. Deer always swerve when I try to hit them.

I hope it was tested for mad cow disease. Maybe it was just depressed.

the end

If it was depressed, then it's really Sad Cow Disease.

On the bright side, it's the best roadkill supper ever!

Perhaps she realized that she was someday going to be served with salt, pepper, and garlic butter, and developed Seasoning Affective Disorder.

"It was going to die anyway but it should have been put out of its misery." Why is no one distressed about assisted suicide when applied to cows? Dr. Kevorkian should have been a vet....

Last words of thrill seeking cow:

"For something to jump from that height, probably a 600 to 700kg animal, at 100km/h...if you were close enough following behind you could wear the animal ..."

Husband: My Dear, you look absolutely ravishing this evening.

Wife: Thank you, Darling, it's just something that jumped off the rack at me.

B-gurl, don't you mean "grill" seeking cow?

The Incredi-bull Edi-bull Cow.

So I am blogging at work, just minding my own business, and then I read MOTW's comment. I am trying not to laugh out loud, so instead I faint...and fall out of my chair, so coworkers come rushing over to see what happens.

Just a simple warning: suppressed laughter can kill.

I can't help but wonder if the truck was driving over the Tallahatchie Bridge at the time of the incident.

Whatever happened to jumping over the moon?

The cow was not pushed
Centrifugal force did it
Bovines are heavy

Punky, "I wonder if she bounced?" What a thought!

And sometimes you wonder where MY mind is coming from! :-)

As to the cow BBQ, I'd like mine done medium-well please and thank you.

Or given the weight-to-velocity ratio, is there just a choice between beef stew or chili con carne?

This will continue to be a sad, sad moment for all of us, I'm betting, until the underground home movie with thirty-five hours of bonus footage hits the black (and white) market. Can you say moo-la? I've got milk.

A town called Whangarei???

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