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March 31, 2004


This is quite challenging.

(Thanks to Chris Davis)


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Ewwww.....cat anus, dog anus, what kind of fixation is next?????

oh wow dave.

might wanna put up a warning or something.

....why does that look like your hand dave? is this actual footage turned into a game?


That is all.

Hey! I won!

I really hate that cute little chat room lingo, but, ROTFLMAO!

That is just SICK and WRONG... I like it.

Way to go, Dave!

I'd write something funny, but I have to go wash my hands.


How many innocent Dave Barry readers will lose their jobs after innocently clicking on such an innocent-looking link? I'm sure they innocently thought they really WERE going to enhance their productivity.

And what's seasonally appropriate about a dog's butt?

Couldn't wait and jumped the gun, did ya Dave? Hope you're not that premature in all aspects of your life. :)

punky is dogtied. Someone get a bucket of cold water.

Dave, you're killing me.



Eww, Eww, EWW!!! And you thought CAT butts were icky????

Good work, Dave - ya got us good

daaaaangg... you need to put up a warning on things like that! my mom walked in and was like "what is that!?" lol..... funny, but soo wrong.

Yuck!!! on the other hand, ROTFLMAO!!

MeL, be glad. Be very glad.

This is an item that needs a warning!

A lot of these items need warnings, come to think.

The funniest part for me was getting my computer illiterate husband to try it. He got upset because he tried it three times and didn't win!!!

I like it! Finger Butt, Finger Butt!

Nice !!!

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