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March 10, 2004


We are NOT recommending that you go here and type in naughty words, OK? Because that is NOT what it is for.

(Thanks to Chris Lucas)


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Naughty words

very cool...

very cool. hmmm, no one is commenting yet. Maybe they are all out there "virtually" cursing at their bosses right now.

Any program that can say "bad mamma-jamma" is OK in my book.

Also, I want to marry Crystal.

I wonder how many guys are having Crystal talk dirty to them right now.

Not me. Never. I have work to do.

Two further notes:
1) No pirate voice; thus, entering "Arrr, matey, I'll keelhaul ye" sounds terrible.
2) Having the British guy say, "Spam spam spam spam" is cool.

Indecency? I got yer indecency rite here

Foothills of Peru is pretty good too. I'd be interested to hear some Mother's Toes stuff. Looks like I'm going back for more!

Plug in the lyrics for "She Bangs" by Ricky Martin and you have a new American Idol star.

...and then all the sudden my roommate has a voice mail stalker named Crystal...

I can't play with these right now. Too many people around, and I'm supposed to be the boss! But I understand these voices can be added to the latest version of my speech software. (The games you guys are playing with the voices we've done with synthetic speech for years! There's even a voice on my PC that sounds like a margarine commercial when you type in "butter.")

Hours of fun here. I especially liked having the Germans reciting song lyrics in English. The French guy just made strange boinging noises when I tried to have him do it. But, he IS French
after all.

Hmm...tone, not bad, inflection, very very bad...I don't know, it all seems rather HAL-ish and kind of creeps me out.

The british people cannot say "Does anybody have any grey poupon?" (they pronounce it pow-pahn)So that's disappointing.
Ok, so dave has elucidated what this site is NOT for...anyone want to tell me what it IS for?
Just "test driving" the latest in sythetic voice technology?
(not as impressive as sythetic cow technology, I must say)

I do know how to spell synthetic, but i don't want to post just to tell everyone that...oops..

I've dumped Crystal and am now currently dating the UK's Audrey.

I did Smuckers, Smuckers, Smuckers, Boing.

How about monkey? Has anyone tried monkey with the French guy?

You know, there aren't that many places you can go and read the question "Has anyone tried monkey with the French guy?"

Nothing is funnier than getting the British guy to recite rap lyrics.

This is without question the best invention the internet has ever produced, even though I've only tested the system once. And I'm all for pictures of naked women.

There is a glitch, however. I entered the following phrase (try this yourself): "Glippity gloppity soppity poppity mollity polity mippity salami," and what was read to me, by both Mike and Crystal, was this: "Glippity glippity soppity poppity mollity polity glippity salami"--only a minor difference, but important nonetheless. My phrase means "Great great Father Williams likes salami," and their construction means "You have a yellow pancakefish nose," which certainly could be offensive to certain cultures. And the 'soppity' comes off as "sockety," which would change the meaning to "Your good salami is showing."

The language pull-down menu is what makes it so marvelous. Spanish Rosa translates my phrase into this: "Gleepity glopity sopity popity mojeety poleety and cheesecake is what will kill Dr. Phil." The possibilities here are endless. So much fun, so little work getting done. And we would have it no other way.

New idea. Enter a string of vowels. Listen. Thank me later. Check, money order, cash, and cheeseburgers are acceptable forms of payment.

New idea. ENTER THIS:


Check, money order, cash, cheeseburgers.

Honestly? I'm not sure I like it. While I find the voice quality to be much clearer and homan sounding compared to what I normally use, the inflection is very jerky, so that if you were reading an email like that, you'd have a tough time figuring out the way your friend meant something. The software I have sounds more synthetic, but it does a better job of giving words their proper inflection.

And sorry to disappoint, but we used to do the long lines of vowels thing in grade school. For those who are worried about productivity, good news! The novelty wears off in a hurry!

Did I really type homan? Obviously I meant human. Homan sounds funny in synthetic speech. Or maybe I'm just easily amused.

You're in the right place then. I think every one here is easily amused.

I know I am anyway.

We've heard that Susan.

Major bad news: "Ooo eee ooo ah ah, ting tang, walla walla bing bang" doesn't work well at all.

yeah the vowel thing was automatically done for you by "shittalker"... that's nothing new

this tool is awesome, though! try:
"I want to fondle your spotted dick, Dave Barry."
with UK Audrey.

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