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March 31, 2004


This one actually helps you develop a useful skill.

(Thanks to Steve Lancaster)


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i just had a flashback of a recent teen search that went terribly awry. wait, am i typing this out loud? ....err....

G8ddammit now I'm gonna be singing "Kill the Wabbit" all day long.
Thanks a LOT Steve Lancaster!

That was quite possibly the most annoying song ever. The game wasn't that great either. I still prefer the penguin flying one or that stupid room that I still haven't gotten out of.

dave, i think you put it in the wrong catagory. this catagory is for all of judi's delicious nakedman-posts...

That was pretty funny. Why was this one labeled "Dont open at work"?

I hit 125 before I started having spasms in my finger. Maybe I have spent too much time at sites that have these. But did I read one right about a new copter game?

I find the ads-- no, sorry, "sposored links"-- on the right side of this comment area rather humorous.

... and for some reason, google toolbar didn't seem to help with that game.

Don't worry, MeL. It gets boring once you hit 200.

Did anyone see The Daily Show last night with the Big Kahuna of Spam on it? It was really funny -- he denied he was a spammer, he actually said that people wanted these emails. I should have written his email down but the last part of it is: [email protected]. I think his first name is Don. It would be fun to just fun to SPAM him with "Wanted Emails"! He called himself something really stupid like an "Email Facilitator". Surely someone else saw this and can provide his correct email. I know this is off subject but the pop-ups made it "pop up" in my head! Thanks

Yes, it's a semi-useful skill developer. Annoying though. When do you actually win?? I got to 52 before my ADD kicked in. Nice Wagner music though -- up til it repeated for the 10th time.

if you don't kill the popups you get the infamous windows "blue screen of death" fatal error message

Someone PUH-LEEEEZE tell me what the heck OIYDWYMTTY(NY)G stands for!

Hey, lighten up people! It was funny!

I'm writing to declare that I got 98, and also to again formally protest laptop-unfriendly games.

I freaked out and pressed Alt-F4 at around 125. Now I'll never know.

I got 188 the second time I tried.

the reason a popup blocker doesn't work, obviously, is that they're not actual popup windows.

It's a flash simulation of popup windows... duh :)

Oh, you mean all those pop ups were not actually real?! Well, color me stupid! I'll have to try that game again.




Kauf this!

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