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March 10, 2004


Because we have guys doing stuff like this and this.

(For the first one, be SURE to watch the video highlight)

(Mandatory thanks to Claire Martin)


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We once called in and got the hospital pager to page on the loudspeakers all over the hospital "Dr Moe please call Dr Larry".

I love the Hasselhoff reference. Hasselhoff-the only man able to step in turds and scrape off gold. He must be stopped.

Now they need to build an auto-loaded for the catapult and they're golden.

I think that this looks like a great weekend project. Build a beer catapult with your son this weekend.

The D, No. Far more interesting I'd say :-)

LOVE the R.Kelley fake closing!
That's a local news station for me! I watched their coverage a bit but never saw one of those fakes. The kid who did it put on his school's student page though and will therefore be easy to track. Bad move.

Anybody besides me think about a longer wire on the switch for the catapult?

That was a helluva rack on that interviewer. If I was that guy, I'd spend less time working on that nonsense and more time on his girlfriend.

Dontcha hate rat bastards who post videos in some goofy format you can't watch on a Mac?

I'd like to point out that the show that the clip came from has also showcased the penguin game.

It's the Dave's blog of television.

I love how she has to ask him why the cans are all empty AFTER he tells her that he's "Been drinkin' a little bit."

Dontcha hate rat bastards who post videos in some goofy format you can't watch on a Mac?

I know what you mean, I wasn't able to watch THIS from home on my mac.

But for anyone on a windows motorcycle it is highly recommended.

(Sorry Dana, don't even click on it)

R. Bastard

Although they are preferable to rump hangers that cover only the legs of boxer shorts.

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