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March 30, 2004


You might want this little fellow handy.

p.s. Does this item need a warning? Only, I think, if you don't want your mom to think you're a gay duck.

(Thanks to Karen Sugahara)


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Now that was funny Rita!

"there is likely to be stiff competition"

"One finding in support of this idea, they suggest, is that the drake's penis has a brush-like tip, which they say the males probably use to scrub the sperm of previous mates from the female's oviduct."

Okay, remember I said how Playgirl magazine was the most rampantly unsexy thing ever? It is now the second most unsexy thing ever.


To put this in a little perspective for the metrically challenged, 42.5 cm is equivalent to approximately 1 foot, 4.75 inches. I also second Rita's first comment....Whoa, just whoa.

So much for the "you can unscrew a lightbulb" joke.

This duck should keep plenty of chickens and Cambodians on hand, just in case.

Boy, when that bird's flying by and people yell "Duck!" they mean it!


In case anyone else thinks of going to the Nature website to double-check this like I did (doesn't that look like a bit of intestine or something in the picture?)you should notice that the article is two and a half years old. By the way, the story is For Real and Not Made Up.

One word:


So John C. Holmes was reincarnated as a duck?

lets just say I'm thinking of moving to Oregon now

"That's really unusual." You think? Well, duh! Tell that to Rita's boyfriend.

"You can't blame it on the wang."

- Leon Phelps

Sometimes you just overanalyze things Punky.

Was the report about "stiff competition" one of the authors' so-called objectionable "'nudge nudge, wink wink' comments"?

Thanks for the image, Punky. I now can not shake a 2-foot-long, tree-trunk-thick endowed BIRD trying to get romantic...oy.

We're all going to hell, and Punky's driving the train.

'Course, Dave's collecting the tickets.

Considering the vein we're in (har!), I'd like to share this equally irreverent point:

"Woody Woodpecker."

I leave the rest to Punky.

This duck wasn't nearly so lucky so it seems.

There's some Mulder in McCracken get it out!

I like the headline at the bottom of the page:
"Big bottomed baboons make better mates" - this is according to some very lonely scientists.

Harry P

once you go quack, you'll never go back.

Welcome back twopuppies! Gotta admit, a least Punky does it with style (not to mention x-rated National Geographic visuals ;-)

Alex, I am sitting here surrounded by mostly Vanderbilt lawyers, I was wondering what all the high-pitched and low-pitched laughing was about! Thanks..

"The authors write that this species is "promiscuous and boisterous in their sexual activity". . .".

Well, you'd be pretty boisterous too if something over a foot long was shoved up . . . .

Harry P,
That's what I thought about the "Big Bottomed Baboon" story.

Also, as for the duck's expression...How would you look if your "corkscrew penis" was stretched out like that?! Ouch!

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