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March 29, 2004


Oh to be young and a maggot...

(Thanks to Brian Giovannini)


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Snails, maggots, getting naked with Johnny Depp - not much variety this morning, Dave.

It's only rock and roll but... well, ok, you'd have to be a maggot to like it...

"music is about noise, not blood and broken glass"
unless you're listening to Manilow.

agreed.hey alex...imagine manilow being defiant when u direct said broken glass.
( evil laugh-echo echo echo...now YOU deal with nightmarish images)

Des Moines, IA: It's not just for Jello anymore.(Des Moines is the world's biggest Jello consumer)

Unless they are jumping into a vat of it...

And to think I grew up there!

The EB.

Yet another story that makes me proud to be an Iowan!!

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