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March 30, 2004


Just fries for us, thanks.

(Thanks to Theresa Hogue)


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Hey, he was just trying to help the cop by boosting his immune system, per the Austrian Dr's orders!

The restaurant manager said: ""It shows you how our society is slowly but surely going down the drain." Okay, as long as it takes its mucous with it!

finding a large "ball of phlegm" on my greasy burger would definitely force me off of Atkins...I'm running back to my nice *dry* bread

Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce
Cops in drive-thru will upset us
*cough* *ack* *ptooie* if you'll let us
serve it your w-a-y

I'm just glad I've eaten lunch already, and that it wasn't a burger!

Just a warning, I'd skip the fries too. My brother started a long, proud tradition of urinating in the french fryer in my hometown McDonalds.

You oughta go to Krispy Kreme and see how they make the doughnuts.

Note to self: only eat Hot Pockets and Doritos for the rest of my college career.

I am DEFINITELY changing my dinner hour!

Why do you think cops eat donuts? They can keep an eye on their food the whole time. Self to box (bag) and out. No chance for some asshat to spit (or worse) in your food.

Anji-What else do you eat at college? Other than Easy Mac.

Ramen! Don't forget Ramen noodles!

Burger King is obviously just trying to copy McDonalds yet again.

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