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March 31, 2004


Better get a duck.

(This frightening article, sent in by child advocate Claire Martin, features some of the most tragic spellings this bloggerette has ever seen.)


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Speaking of bad names, there are TONS to check out here: http://www.notwithoutmyhandbag.com/babynames/

If they were planning to feed me to a snake, I'd bite too...

I always thought the best Bugs Bunny cartoons were the ones where he dressed up like a woman and bit Elmer Fudd's finger off.

Hopefully not the previously mentioned, uh, well endowed duck.

I don't know what's more disturbing. The story itself, the tearing open of the rabbit, the frightening smell that must emanate from their home, or the heartrending picture of the little boy being treated by the doctor.

TIM: There he is!
ARTHUR: Where?
TIM: There!
ARTHUR: What, behind the rabbit?
TIM: It is the rabbit.

Run away! Run away!

I would also like to point out that I am not Leetie, as I almost never wear a tie! Also, Leetie's email is suspiciously related to this article: [email protected]

Hi Leetie!

oh! we're doing that? yay!

oh lord, blesseth this thy holy hand grenade, that with it thy might blow thine enemies into tiny bits, in thy mercy.

I go away for a few days and the Monty Python thing is still going on! I fart in your general direction!

Lee, if it makes you more comfortable, I'll use my real name. I wouldn't want to be confused with me either.

And yes, I am from Jersey.

... but I no longer live there...

silly english kniggit. (try to keep this going; i hafta run to ballet)

I smell a haiku

No, I think you smell Lee...

I may be ug Lee, but I certainly no smell Lee.

Definately Lee...or those beans I just ate. Agree with everybody but I'm not sure Bugs Bunny bit Elmer Fudd while in the womans costume, I think those are two entirely different episodes.You take ballet sharkie? I used to take ballet but I switched to modern. I think you should all be pleased that is almost 530 and I have not touched my homework. I'm spending quality time with you guys.

Definately Lee...or those beans I just ate. Agree with everybody but I'm not sure Bugs Bunny bit Elmer Fudd while in the womans costume, I think those are two entirely different episodes.You take ballet sharkie? I used to take ballet but I switched to modern. I think you should all be pleased that is almost 530 and I have not touched my homework. I'm spending quality time with you guys.

Definately Lee...or those beans I just ate. Agree with everybody but I'm not sure Bugs Bunny bit Elmer Fudd while in the womans costume, I think those are two entirely different episodes.You take ballet sharkie? I used to take ballet but I switched to modern. I think you should all be pleased that is almost 530 and I have not touched my homework. I'm spending quality time with you guys.

Sorry for the triple post. I really don't think
I clicked it that many times.

That entire family deserves to be de-fingered - feeding bunnies to SNAKES??? Evil, nasty people!!! Grrrrrrr....

this is MY bunny, and I certainly hope she would bite off someone's finger if they tried to turn her into Snake Chow.

See what I mean, Lisa? And to you other guys I say: Nee! Nee! Nee! Nee!

That's what snakes eat, and they keep some of them anyway. Happen to be obssessed with Arthur lore, Guinvere? I just read the Once and Future King. Well...three forths of it anyway.

What's that stuff growing on the end of the vibrator??? I think I'd wear gloves handling that thing too.

NOOO! Not Nee! Don't you find it strange we have been obsessed with Monty Python for the last few days, and then this article comes up with a dangerous rabbit? Think this guy used to double for the one in the movie?

It's just a flesh wound!

Hey Lee, check this sucker out:

Sorry about not fully resolving the haiku, Rachel.

I'm from New Jersey
But I no longer live there
Now I live elsewhere

That is not an ordinary rabbit ... 'tis the most foul cruel and bad-tempered thing you ever set eyes on.

Thanks for the finger link in your haiku, Rachel! That once pic is a most Jesus Christian response to getting nailed!

And I gotta wonder just how much up&cumming Easter has to do with the current commenters links to vibrating bunnies! :-)

Look, if we build a giant wooden badger.....

Nice one, Mike!

Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?

Of bunnies and badgers and bare nekkid ladies, Oh My!

Rabbit should have joined the same union that Hamster was in.

Then, instead of being the vicious mammal of Pythonesque proportions, someone would have named him Peaches.

Just poke the bunny

(Thanks to Mahatma Jr. for the link)

From the article: She turned around to find her son's right index finger bitten off "You would expect a snake to do this, not a rabbit"

I'm curious how you'd expect a snake to bite off a finger. Swallow the whole child, sure, but just a finger?

Did anyone else notice the doctor's name was Dr. Furry?

Just wondering.

I played poke the bunny twice... the first time the little bastard bit me fairly quickly. The second time, I wanted to count how many pokes it took... I had to poke it about 100 times. I'm glad Mr. Grooms was able to vent his frustration by tearing his rabbit apart.

Anybody else find it odd that the doctor in the rabbit bite story's photo is named Kim Furry?

I'm sure there's some kind of significance behind this, but I'm too lazy to crack a joke about it right now. Feel free to post your own suggestions, though.

OMG, that Poke The Bunny link RULES, Mahatma Kane Jeeves!
Also, NB: Guinvere: We have a non-carnivorous house bunny, a terrific doe named Jeff (after a local rabbit-hater). She's the color of dark chocolate and has fur like velvet. I'm not sure what breed she is. She's a rescue bunny. Watching her eat bananas is hysterical.

I'm still a bit disturbed by the fact that the father ripped the rabbit open expecting to find the part of his son's finger.......considering the thing probably didn't really eat it in the first place, just bit it off.....

"What are you going to do? Bleed on me?" That's my MP contribution

Mike, you beat me to it!

They could be carried.
What? A swallow carry a coconut?
They could grab it by the husk!

Come back here! I'll bite your legs off!

Ok, now after that I just keep imagining the whole bunny-bit-the-finger incident, with the rabbit's thoughts being conveyed through a British accent...........hahaha......

What are you going to do? Bleed on me?

An African swallow or another kind of swallow?

Doh! Repeat! Aaaauuuuuuuugggghhhh...

Did anyone else notice that the doctor cutting off the cast was named Kim Furry? Sounds like a good name for a . . . rabbit.

In todays adventure, Kim Possible confronts the vicious rabbit, Dr. Kim Furry!

On second thought, lets not go to Camelot. It's a silly place.

Well I hope the stupid mom learned a lesson: rabbits have sharp teeth! Who doesn't know that? Besides, the kid was probably poking the rabbit or something. And then the dad...that just makes me sick, he actually ripped the rabbit apart. That's sick. This family shouldn't be allowed to keep animals of any kind.

so brave knights, if any of ye doubt yer valor or yer courage,come nay further...for DEATH awaits you all, with nasty big pointy teeth!!
**imitates tim's strange 'fang' gesture'**

that's no ordinary rabbit!! that's the most foul, cruel, and bad tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!!

i warned ye, but did you listen, ohhhh no...no, it's just a cute little bunny, isn't it...

And by the way, African sparrows are non-migratory!

Testing link generation

Bad-Tempered Rodent

Yay. I've graduated! Now, on to bold type! and underlining!

I'm unstoppa-

Ok, Leetie, try the italics also.

And I know that this was on another thread, But I think I voted Blogchik with my post. Definitely.

And yes, I would love to be an ambassador .
Is there an ambassador for Randomnality?

Who killed Leetie?

Rabbit Story, Part 1.

I was in Portugal and the home we were visiting had a psychotic rabbit on the premises. Being that I was only 10 years old, no one thought to pay much attention to me, so when I saw the bunny and thought "he's cute. I think I'll pick him up", my thought quickly lead to action and my action quickly lead to lots and lots of blood. Mine, not the bunnies. The furry f*cker shred my hands, arms and chest like an Enron shredding machine. The adults SUDDENLY noticed me when I started dripping blood all over the floor (which was clearly more of a concern than my appendages remaining attached).

Anyhoo ... after a few shots and some bandages and a shot of whisky to ease the pain (it's Europe, they do that there) I was all better. Can't say the same for the bunny, who mysteriously disappeared that day ...

Sing it with me ... Born Free ... as Free as the wind blows ...

The End.

Oh, and all I can say is, rabbits are wild animals. They are not very tamable. Remember this when you bring them around children.

And they're tasty and nutritious.

I just had to make that post to be under Punky;{)

Graz, Hello, and you know the answer to that is to leave the room while the vote is taken. Ta-dah! Graz is now the Ambassador of Randomnality! ;-)

(Thank God no one thinks I'm good enough to run for any office! :-)

Hey Graz ... you got to be behind me as well. You lucky dog ... no pun intended.

Lady Punky, bunny scars, quirkiness ;-)~ and all, You're still a Babe!!!! :-)

WooHoo, ithmus be my lucky day!

And Leetie dear, have no fear, but I thought you were enjoying digging Doug out ;-)

(Oh, I probably should've "petey-deleteyed" that one, but I just got lost in the bunny wilderness for a bite!)

eadn ... no scars, other than mental from bunny fiasco ... skin's smooth as a baby's bottom

It's really unfortunate that I read this while I still had "Kill the wabbit" running through my head.

...neither shall thou count two, excepting that thou immediately proceed to three. Five is right out!

Suddenly (unngghh!) the animator suffered a fatal heart attack.

(back from dinner now...)

Thanks for the imaginative visual Punky! :-)

Sortof on that, even though I'm Cat People, before I was born my Mom had a male kitty, old and established. He didn't like me (obviously ;-) so one day when when I was 3 maybe 4 and playing with him, he reared up and scraped both sets of his front claws down my chest to belly.

Yep, still remember it. Nope, don't have them scars either. Course'n I can't say I'm smooth as a baby with a middlin' chest hair set (only two GRAY!) and a double-scar going from STEM to sternum!

(Just returnin' the favor of Your's and Rita's open honesty and Thank You Both!!!! :-)

You OK Mel?

Why do you ask the Eadn. Is something wrong with Mel? Mel, you OK sweetie???

'e's not dead yet. Actually feels like going for a walk ...

You're not fooling anyone, you know.

What's wrong with Mel?

By the way Punky, that cure isn't just in Europe. As a kid, the cure for everything was a shot of whiskey and a "physic"........although the whiskey might have more been to get you to allow a physic........

Punky, miLady, I too have been rightfully? said to over-analyze. Suffice to say, that I will hope to hear from Sweet MeL.

(Sometimes being a potential "downer" is worth it in the terms of my caring...even across-the-miles and throught the internet! :-)

eadn ... did she say something happened? Should we be worried? Or are you asking because of a response to one of your comments?

Punky, I'm asking because of my last comment just above MeL's here in this post. That's all, plus perhaps my over-reading. If there was flaming against her, I would have notified the rest of you post-haste! After I had gone to war in Sweet MeL's defense myself.

As it is, I fear I got a little too real in my personal exposure for her comfort.

I do hope you understand, Thanks.

OK. Just wanted to make sure she didn't say something outside the blog, via email, about something happening in her life or something being wrong. I'll stop worrying now. :)

Punky Dearest, Thanks and noted and I already understood. Even in The Blog, I care about other people's lives just as you do.

For the record, I have only written and responded to persons via The Blog comment section, save for that incident that is hopefully well past now (then only to Dave and Judi properly).

I don't abuse other persons' e-mail, blog-sites, whatever. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

On that, I did notice, shopping today, that they were fresh out of popsicles! Still had some lemon cough drops on the shelf, but I'm no lemon unless you have a citric quirkiness you wanna try! ;-)~

I guess you're ok then since you don't know if anything was wrong to begin with

I'm thinkin' that citrus might not be as enjoyable as menthol. We'll have to consult with the expert on that one ... Graz?

hmm....I dunno.....citrus is an acid......

Yay! MeL's back and alive and well. Eadn asked if you were OK in one of his posts and you didn't respond and I got a little worried. I tend to be motherly that way ... But you're fine, so Game On!

Gagh.....I hate it when the itch on my back is in the exact place I can't reach. I must look freakish trying to rub my back against the chair....

You had actual sunlight???? Damn Virginia weather......

You had actual sunlight???? Damn Virginia weather......

sorry about the doubles

Ventured into the WHAT where you can see WHAT?

Not familiar with that. Now where did I put that stuffed seal head I was about to hang on the wall?

Ooh, those are fun

Don't you just love those days?

Yeah, I know........oh well.....

Well, Hell, Sweet MeL, I'd rather be a damned fool worrying if I'd upset you than any other kind of damned fool!

haha...."hell sweet mel"......it's funny because it rhymes......

oh dear god i'm so pathetic......i should probably get some sleep

Suuuurre... If I accidentally cut off my kid's finger while chopping celery, I'd pin it on the bunny too....or was it an accident?

yay, I'm not alone in my world of funny rhymes

Ok, seriously though, I think I am going to go to sleep, so g'nite all

G'nite Mel!

No, citrus does not work in the same fashion. Must be menthol. Think of when you have a nice menthol coughdrop and have it in your mouth. Then, when you take a breath with said mouth open, the cooling sensation.

Therein lies the rub....or something....

GRAZ!!!! I'm not doubting you, but like the popsicles (even grape!) there were no menthols left on the shelf!!!!

Oh My! Watch the stock market news folks, there's another downturn comin' here! Supply does NOT meat Demand!

Must go shopping again tomorrow ;-)

eadn, I'm all for holding your own clinical trials. That's how I became so well versed in the subject. Trial and error. But they were some extremely fun errors!

Public service announcement:
Kid's, I was in a committed , monogamous relationship while conducting these trials. Remember, just say no to promiscuous coughdrop usage. We now return you to your irregularly scheduled blog comments.

Graz, what're friends for?!

But 'scuse me, I'm getting kinda MeL&kinky now ;-)


Personally, I'm still kinda back on what You'd do to me with your soccer-legs Sweet MeL! No Buddhist monkishness intended I hope!!!!

FYI- Ice water can be the same as the popsicle. Just don't have the glass in a position where any tremors can make it fall and land on you. Especially full. Take my word for it.

Sweet MeL, I have side-slipped again ;-) I was actually referring to that eunuch? that let a kung-fu guy kick him that was posted awhile ago.

I don't have OR WANT!!!!, such ball-breaking restraint on the party of the receiving part given that it was me.

MeL, I think right now You would actually applaud me going to cook my dinner since I have played a most singular fool here :-)

I'll check in again tomorrow to see if I've gotten out of the hole I've dug!

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