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March 30, 2004


WARNING: Don't click this if you don't want your mother to think you are a football player.

One wonders what exactly one will shout when cheering for these teams. "Gimme an F, Gimme an asterisk..."

(Thanks to Collins69S)


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I think it's socchim now.

"They will compete for a cup..."

I don't recommend competing if you don't have a cup already. That could HURT.

I thought "football" and "gay" were more or less synonymous anyway. Where's the story?

It's not so much that you shouldn't click the link if you don't want your mother to think you're a football player, but rather that, by clicking the link, you find out that Your Mother is actually part of a homosexual football league.

(Heard over the loudspeaker):


Dude 1: I totally loved watching Your Mother play footy last night

Dude 2: Don't talk about my mother like that

Dude 1: No really, I love watching Your Mother, in fact, I got season tickets

(Heard over the loudspeaker:)


"Whose ball is it?"

"Your Mother."

Them's fightin' words!

I'm not sure if this means anything, but they stole my thunder!!!! I wanted to name my next hockey team 'Yermom'. Secondly, I also play football (world version, not american) and it is far from being a 'gay' sport Mr. Aaron.

(with lisp)
"Fashion Team has the ball, but Your Mother
intercepts for a 20-yard carry!"

Penalty against "Your Mother" for having really awful team colors! Were you raised in a BARN?!

Wasn't it on this very blog where we recently saw an article about a soccer player whose [sic] offensive strategy was to jam a finger or three into the unsuspecting back door of opposing players? Or did I just dream that and really need therapy?

THIS is non-contact?

Hey, this could work out. All we have to do is revive the old Mayan practice of executing the losing team.

Does the winning team get to march in the St. Patrick's Day parade?


Having gone to many Mayan ruins and being extremely interested in meso-american history, I seem to recall our guide telling us that the WINNING team was actually the team sacrificed. It was considered a great honor.

Already practiced in Columbia.

Having a tough time confirming my assertation that it was the winning team that was sacrificed. Maybe I heard the guide wrong, but I could swear that's what he said. Although, I am finding many websites to the contrary. However, the guide was part Mayan, and seemed to be very knowledgeable about the history of his people.

Thanks Brian, works either way. How about both.

Brian: Yes, it was the winning team that was sacrificed. Makes you think it would lead to some seriously long games eh?

Mel: There is a gay rugby league actually. The Bingham Cup is in London, England this year.

We kill off the chapionship team here also, just look at the Florida Marlins, killed them off twice now.

Have you ever heard of a league for lesbians?

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