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March 29, 2004


Oh, so now a guy can't even live with 70 goats without being probed.

Key quote: ""He has more goats than he can care for."

(Thanks to stevenregn)


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This is just another example of the government crushing our religious rights, subjugating us, turning us into mindless cogs in their fascist regime and – oh, wait, that guy was a total froot loop.

Never mind.

I'll bet those filthy government probers want to probe his goats, too.

(turns away, muttering incomprehensibly to self)

He's in debt $15,000 for HAY?

Dave, what did they probe him with? (Sorry, Punky, you beat me to it.) Seriously, though (not really) I'm guessing he doesn't have a lot of dinner guests (other than his goats) with mounds of goat shit covering his house.

I am very surprised the goats did not eat the house. 70 cats would have snacked it down to the foundations, and then some.

Rock band name: The Probing Goats

Its so sad. One day Archie and Jughead's Principal, the next being probed by Vermontean goats.

maybe we could replace all of his goats with inflatable ones.

Key quote: "he wants to remain with the goats, living in the barns and fields." Let's hope he doesn't want skin and horn grafts, too, or the tiger guy might try to eat him.

He's in debt $15,000 for HAY?

That ain't hay!

the faith that caused a thousand sheep.

I have the feeling that he's "unclear on the concept." I mean, are Buddhist countries or Buddhist communities normally ass-deep in goats?

Hmmm....I'm Buddhist...(looks around)...no goats here!


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