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March 29, 2004


This is worse than Knock Three Times by Tony Orlando and Dawn.

(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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how high'd you get?

I got to 18! And it was kind of cool, but Bubble Bees is still better. My high score for that is 18380.




That's the best there is.

Dave could try doing this behind Guy A and Guy B's backs ...
Pfft Pfft

Dave, I loved you like we were born of the same illegally cloned DNA strands right up until the third hour that that godforsaken KNOCK THREE TIMES song began repeating in my head.

Why? Why would you do this to us??

Even 'MacArthur Park' won't remove it...

I got to 26, but then my 2 year old daughter simply had to get a better look at the faces, so she crawled on my lap and derailed my train of thought, as it were. Some people need to get their priorities straight.

So there is a way to score?

I guess the flu has already turned my brain into jelly...

Will you people shut up about Guy A and Guy B? It was just some pizza! Geez!

Anyway, my records (without cheating with paper) is 12.

I claim this territory in the name of the MOAT!

*plants flag*

how high'd you get?

Posted by: judi | 09:40 AM on March 29, 2004

I haven't scrolled high enough to see what this thread was originally about, but I love the spirit of the first post onit.

I got as far as the spam - I didn't know we had a state office for that.

Man, I'll have to think of some more intriguing suggestions. You guys really know how to pick the ball up* and run with it.

*Hey, there's one now*

Not a good idea. I think people revisit the productivity enhancers.

Point to Lab we hadn't considered.

*goes thread hunting*

*packs up flag*

Shortest ever?

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