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March 29, 2004


Here's a handy laundry tip.


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the html is trying to kill us, i think.

oh, look. it was fixed in the interim. never mind.

I thought for sure it would have something about how poor college students can wash their hats. (see giant comment section on manners if you're confused)

It should be noted, only if your confused as to what my post means, not confused in general.

I think I'll stick with peroxide for blood stains and leave it at that...

well of course you could just copy and paste, but then that wouldn't be the full blog experience, and i'm afraid i can't accept it halfway.

there's some freudian double-meaning in this, i just know it...

If I spilled as much blood on my shirt as that picture shows, I would have larger problems to contend with than getting it out with snake venom, such as: "Where should I hide the body" or "Better buy a new shirt; I'm burning this one".

Scott-o, the dirty hat dilemma was also my first thought when I saw the article.

one day that snake will escape, slither up the man's pants, and have his vengeance.

Dave, Dave, Master and Commander on the far side of the continent from me, go to bed. It's bloody late for me and I haven't even had dinner. Been dancin' with the Lovely Lasses here again! :-)

Well, that's handy. If you get bitten by a poisonous snake you'll die a hideous and painful death, but at least your clothes will be free of blood stains!

Thanks, Mother Nature!

Yoick, all this danger all around me. The part I don't understand is, Anaheim isn't anywhere near Hollywood. I know this: Once I generate an acceptable income ($40 or $50 million), I am definitely moving someplace safer, like South Miami.

I don't understand how you get the snakes to bite your clothes.

It doesn't have to be cottonmouth, actually. You could use rattlesnake venom as well as several chemicals that have the same effect, including Dilantin, Naphthalene, and Trinitrotoluene. They make you die in the same way too. Scared yet? You should be. I'm some internet psycho that knows a lot about poisons.

Oh, but I can. Also I can trace your ping from your ip if I can hack this site. Which I can't. That was just a bluff.

Anyone caught tracing my ping is in serious trouble - unless its Punky or MeL.

Sure, I finally wander into the neighborhood after dark, and who do I find?

And alex, I just assume the tone is always either funny or sarcastic. It seems to work with almost everyone, until they prove to be psychotic. Actually, I do imagine doug's voice on helium.

If you are ever tempted to take me seriously, stop. I may not be funny, but I amuse myself.

Hey MeL - didn't see you hiding over there.
And I wish I were clever enough to answer. I would, however, like to thank you for sticking the word mellifluous into my brain. It was, of course, already there, but had been pleasantly dormant for a very long time. Now it keeps jumping out at random, followed by woo sounds.

None of which has anything to do with snakes.

I bet Dave would like to get a box for that pizza-line guy.

Forget the venomous soap. I think Dave would like to get the actual venomous snake for the pizza line guy.
Maybe as a birthday gift? Wouldn't that be sweet?

I've probably been in college since before you were born. And yes, I have graduated, a few times. I was bound to pick up something useful along the way.

This is the part where you are supposed to say that I don't look that old, since you do at least have the advantage of being able to pick me out of a lineup. Not that you would have to, probably. Unless, of course, I catch somebody tracing my ping. Which Alex assures me won't happen, since I use my real address. I guess then, they'll just send the blue bunny guy after me (I'm not scared of snakes).

Now you have us all coming up with questions for you, MeL!

But the old guy needs some sleep, and while I might be the most useful person at the party on the other list (somewhere along the way, I did learn some math), I'll go a few hours back and think of those tangential curves. So the questions (at least mine) will have to wait.

Venom soap! People are always taking my ideas.

In the early 60s they were selling "enzyme active" detergents (which did the same job as venom), until someone started noticing where the enzymes went after they went down the drain. Ah, but snake venom is 100% natural, and biodegradable (after a while...)

Alex!i did not describe it as being small-u did,and u had it cut off as well.arrrrgh.
i refuse to end that story even though it would allow me to name YOU as the person who catches...
too nasty--im going back to talking abt strider.

"Luckily for Iimoto's students, they did not have to milk the poisonous snakes themselves."

Kids, wake up! It's time to milk the snakes!

Boy, and I thought *my* job sucked.

This venom product probably also get's rid of that subborn "ring around the machete."

I'm sorry, but when I saw the photo on that site, the first thing out of my mouth was, "That's not blood, that's tomato sauce!" Far too orangeish and chunky to be blood. Real blood stains are much darker, bordering on brownish black in color.

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