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March 27, 2004


Canada is here to help.

(Thanks to Mike Zlotnick)


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judi, Absolutely Beautiful Trick ;-)

And THANK YOU for bringing it to my attention /.).\

(whaddahey, I'm still trying to type! :-)

Isn't there already a thing out called the butt brassierre, or butt bra? Just wait for the one that lifts and seperates. Oh, wait, they already have the thong for the 'seperates' part of that.

Hi Graz! Umm, off-topic butt-crack it shows my ignorance ;-) I hadn't realized Aetheistic Meadows had been bought by Mephistopheles Realtors. Been here too long and them imps they have for construction workers...I tellya! They got less focus than us bloglits / commenters /whatever!

Pershiate your enlightening me as to the change of ownership. I gotta lifetime contract so I miss alot in the news...'cept for The Blog here ;-)

No prob eadn, saw the sign on the way to the fire sale at Gacy's.

"Clearly, we're moving into an era where the ass is becoming the new fetish spot."

The ass is a NEW fetish spot? Clearly this woman does not have sex often ... men have had a fetish for the ass since the dawn of time ... or is that just the men I know??

Now, as for the crack window ... Help me with this one? If you are wearing pants, no one can really see the 'window of opportunity', right? So, what's so exciting about that? And if you are "relaxing" with a man, preparing to get busy, I'm thinkin' the undies won't be staying on long enough for anyone to enjoy the view.

So, maybe the hole is for ventilation???

Punky, it isn't just they guys you know. I am a very big fan of a womans derriere.

And I don't think that the guy would speak of the time before getting busy as "relaxing". At that point, he should be very far from "relaxed". If ya know what I mean;)

Oh, I know what you mean, Graz.

But the guy should be relaxed ... it's his apparatus that should not be :)

imagine this in chainmail.

oh, dave (the other one) requested i ridicule his site. dave: you're a loser munki. there you are!

Punky, Vision! :-) I can only say that even with the bald exposure of a lass, just a few hints and tittles can be exciting on the way UP! What can I say, I'm a lost cause on a delectable see ;-)

Oops! Dear lady, like I told Sweet MeL, just say "when" should I leak beyond the pail!

Eadn, I swear there are times when I think you are speaking a different language than I am...

This is one of those times.

But I think you asked me to tell you if you are leaking?

*checks Eadn's butt*

Looks OK from here.

Thanks Punky, being in my cups obscured my own un-wanted em-bare-ass-ment!

However, I could use your support in The Blog commenting way (please forgive me, more than I've said or intend to say has gone on, Thanks!)

In Your case and the penguin-undie post, you yawned whilst velvel popped up with a post of her own "self-gratification".

Since again she's been using my legitimate email address for her bile, I have been in contact via email with Dave and Judi. However, that also appears to be opening a can of worms I didn't even know was on the shelf.

I'm leaving the blog for the night since right now I don't know who's doing what to whom, but I never intended it to be me short of friendly, congenial, and mutual by-play.

Thanks Again and My Apologies for being a downer!

Looks like they are selling crack in Canada now. The drug war is spreading.....

You know what I say, I say: Why bother with underwear at all?

In this work a day world of velcro sneakers cellular telephones its good to see something low-tech like this gaining popularity.

Well, Banjo, meseems it time Dave's column post, aye? I think so! I think so! I think so! I think I'll be the first to read it! However:


What is Dave's middle name?

How old is Dave? (We want the truth. We're going to know if Dave lies about this. We actually already know the answer to this question, we just want to see if Dave can remember the entire Westernization movement, or just half, or what.)

How far is Albuquerque from Bakersfield? Aren't Fords unreliable?

Will fans in attendance at the Pasadena Distinguished and Also Exalted Foreign Royalty Gem-Mint-10 Speaking Event be allowed to meet Dave in person in order to hound him for free autographs, pictures, the rest of the books of his we don't own, pictures of his family, explosives, his social security number, and beer at his full expense? Not to impose, if we aren't the only ones who have made this request.

What was Dave's first job? Did he like it? How much did he make? Are you SERIOUS? Our blinds cost that much.

If we were in a position to assume control over the majority of the Planet Earth, we would not go around throwing cactus at police officers and eating cheesecake and stealing, or whatever it is people in a position to take real charge of the world do for amusement when they aren't, you know, actually taking over the world. That's us, though.

Is it true that when our people tell us that even though King Louie XVI was quite the womanizer, even for that era, pavement plus cat plus falling equals splat? We're pretty sure about this one too.

How long was Dave a porn star before he got his second job?

But it could be head plus body equals Doogie. Aha, see? Alex Trebek agrees. Although Alex Trebek is Canadian and wears glasses AND is over 40.


That'll about do it for our questions. Thankyou comebackandseeus goodnight and seeyounextyear!!!

Real attractive. Are you sure she didn't just split her panties and decide to see if gullible females would really buy anything? After all, they bought the thong, right?

I think she just has them on backwards.

Yeah, and it turns out they just got a huge order for these pants from the guys at the Roto Rooter company.

You know, I must be getting better at this; I read the headline Judi wrote, and my reaction was "Just Say No".

I did have something even funnier to say, but alas, I forgot what it was after all that scrooling...

Saw a young hot chick in a restaurant, sitting at table next to us; she had low-cut jeans and the hottest thong on. It was very appealing. Sigh. (not a chance in hell wifey would do that)

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