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March 28, 2004


We think this work would look terrific in our foyer.

Key quote:

Evaristti, who was born in Chile, drew widespread attention -- and disdain -- when he displayed 10 working blenders filled with goldfish in a Danish gallery in 2000.

He invited guests to turn the devices on and someone did, grinding up a pair of goldfish.

(Thanks to Elizabeth Frederick)


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YOU just don't understand it. It's ART.

I can say without hesitation that Evaristti will NOT be getting a holiday card from me this year.

Poor little goldfish. :(

I wonder if Evaristti realized that he created a replica of Japan's flag with his latest , uh, masterpiece?


A thing of beauty is a joy forever

Dead goldfish is just plain repulsive

"Working in sub-zero temperatures, it took about two hours for the 40-year-old artist to paint the exposed tip of the iceberg, a volume of nearly 10,000 square feet."

Perhaps I am letting my engineering side shine through a little too much but since when is a "volume" measured in "square feet"?

"The team sprayed the iceberg with the same dye used to tint meat"

Umm....I'm eating tinted meat?

At least he didn't use puppies.

Aw, damn it, it clashes...


And THAT is why I don't eat meat.

As MeL so eloquently puts it:




I once had two goldfish. I think I heard my family say that one ate the other, then the other died. Must have been some fish disease. An ETD of some sort. I really don't respect people who ruin the earths last attempts at natural beauty. We have so little of it left, and now we're painting over it.

Evaristti said (stamping his feet in tantrum fashion): "This is my iceberg; it belongs to me."

It seems that Mr. Evaristti has yet to graduate from the sand box. I think our little artist here needs to learn how to share.

awwwwww. poor goldfishies. although let me point out goldfish are the dirtiest of all pet fish. put them in a tank with your tropical fish, and then wonder why they all die.

Umm, probably because tropical fish tend to be saltwater fish and goldfish tend to be freshwater fish. Just a guess.

Are we sure it's goldfish the housepets and not goldfish the tasty crackers? You know how rumors fly. If it's the parmasan (sp?) flavor then fine, that's art. But if someone is encouraging the soaking and grinding up of the delicous cheddar-flavored ones -- that's just wrong.

I wan an ice bwag tooooo!!!

...and I will be the first abominable snowman on my block to have his very own goldfish and I will love him and squeeze him and call him George....

"It's not fair mommy. All the other inspiring artists get iceburgs. I want one now!" *crosses arms and pouts*

That reminds me, I have an old decrepit couch I could sell as art.

I say paint him red and see how he likes it. And then put him a giant blender and see if anyone turns it on.

Hey, Beanster, about your first post regarding earth's last attempts at natural beauty...

I know you're young, but have you hit puberty yet? I mean, here, looking out my window, there is a LOT of natural beauty in the form of bikinis. I think we'll all be fine...

Are we sure this guy really colored the iceberg with dye? With his record, he might have used the blood of some more ground-up goldfish or something . . . And did anyone else remember Dave's column (I think it was in "Dave Barry Talks Back") about the US government painting the rocks to blend in with their tastefully arranged "natural" environment?

gfunksizzle, I heartily agree with you on the forms filling those bikinis!

Speaking of which, Punky, how's our Vision venture coming along? ;-)

So I was all excited that Dave used the link I sent him, and I told my roommate...and I think she now thinks I'm a freak.

*hangs her head in shame*


Dave Barry used my link! :-D

Cool Elizabeth! Just tell your friend that you have risen up out of the masses to join Dave Barry's linkdom :-)

Hey BMX~

I think that your idea would be an excellent new (perhaps final) stunt for David Blaine! He could be put into a giant working blender for a month or so. With his adoring girlfriend looking on, of course. And see if anyone hits the blend button.


I used to have a goldfish called George, but he don't work no more.

Wow, he poured a bunch of red paint on a glacier? Pretty creative. I think I prefer the blender trick, but too bad no one put his fingers in first to prevent any more "art" works.

Anyone remember the "Bass-O-Matic" sketch from Saturday Night Live? Mmmm...that's good bass.

I love drinking goldfish blend from my blender that I bought used from Dr. Aas. It has a slightly nutty, crunchy flavor.

Up here in Canada we have prime iceburgs for sale. Put a deposit on one before the seagulls do.

just a brief note from:

The Gay/Lesbian One-legged Oboriginal Mormon Iceberg Painters of Canada.

`We still have not received government funding, we need at least $15,000,000 or this valuable, ancient tradition will disappear!'

You can tell that this person is not a normal 'guy'. A normal guy would have looked at that iceburg, and thought " I'm gonna paint an iceburg. I know, I'll paint it yellow, And with my name written in it as big as a semi-truck".

At least, thats what I would have done. But then again, I never have been referred to as 'normal'.

"If you like tuna coladas, and dancing in the rain"
I have a "great" recipe for tuna coladas and it does involve a blender but never thought of using goldfish.
That's just wrong.

Oh . . .
and, yes
you are all going to hell

(Not just for these comments, but the ones before. . . you know . . . before)

re: `tuna coladas'

You cannot just `colada' anything. Haggis colada is worse than skunk vomit (estimated).

Hey . . . that's MY iceburg!!

BarryFS, I...must...admit to a complete geographical ignorance *whew* I had thought Sidcup, Kent was across the pond, not just across the border and down the road apiece.

I did read about the Coke-water thing, but after all, you're talking about the same company that tried to get into the way-back-then diet-fad thing with some sort of "improved" Coke, lost sales, and brought back the original as a "Classic"!

Marketing ploy or dumber than the Sidcup thing...you tell me....

By the way, my *whew* was to have gotten through admitting my ignorance.

No offense meant to Canada or Great Britain.

'Cept for Kinky Tinky and "friends?"!

Pity they had to mess up the economy of a small town, after it had already been screwed up by the EU `standard French apple' regs.

Yellow snow. Who said that? Graz, I think. Now that would have been a hoot. Did I really just write "hoot"? When did I turn into my Grandmother? Well, not MY Grandmother, she lives in Europe and doesn't speak a lick of English, but someone else's Grandmother who actually speaks English and happens to use the word hoot on a regular basis.

I'm baaaack!

So am Iiiii-ii!

And now that the blog is back in the capable hands of Two Puppies and evil little pixie ... I bid you adieu. I'm hittin' the hay.

Good Bye and Good Night.

btw, aren't we about to loose an hour?

Not tonight pixie.

You're not alone, MeL.

we need to "decorate nature?" I think this guy needs to drop a little acid and keep the pretty colors to himself!

Red Ice? He should go to a hockey game. He'll see plenty of red ice.

"YOU just don't understand it. It's ART."- Chris

Murder is art? Wow, that's news to me! So, that means if I kill someone, spread their blood along every wall in that room and throw their organs as far as I can and call it "ART" I can't go to jail, right. "You just don't see Judge, it's not murder! I didn't kill that person just to kill them! No! It was ART!"

Sure, he didn't push the button and he didn't kill those poor, innocent fish, but he gave people the opportunity to take a life that they had no power to take. No one has the right to take life.
They may not have been humans, but that's not what matters.

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