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March 29, 2004


Those dudes in Ustka have no idea how much trouble they're in for.

(Thanks to Steve Regn)


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Yeah, I noticed the change. The blog was acting up this morning, too . . .

no, i changed it ;) figured it was time for one less naked dude.

well, based on the postings here, I would guess that most of the female readers would beg to differ that there is EVER time for "one less naked guy".....

maybe that should have said "never time"... I don't know, i'm confused.......

I saw the David post for the few seconds it was up (so to speak), and I thought it was hilarious.

And I'm a guy. And no. Not THAT kind of guy.

Is someone getting naked-guy-shy?


When it comes to naked guys, we aren't inclined to decide whether "never" or "ever" is correct. We're too busy drooling.

Excellent point, Punky. But you know these people won't listen. When that airline increased the breast size of its angel logo, they defended it by saying "We think she is rather aeorodynamic." Dave blogged it months ago; I can't remember exactly when.

Let's all go to the Louvre and change the Romanesque art so it's edgy, hip, and thin!

They should probably also remove the bread from "The Last Supper" since those were different, more carb-ed times.

everyone knows lipids float better.
everyone except them.

I'm with punky on this one. Breast implants means that the mermaid will be more bouyant, which means that it will be harder for her to swim. There's also the fact that she'll be less streamline. This could be a major disaster for little Ariel.

and whr is merman?

judi wrote "Those dudes in Ustka have no idea how much trouble they're in for." They do now; their server crashed several hours ago! I still haven't seen that mermaid...

What's next? Lawn gnomes going under the knife?

Tangents to curves, MeL?

Sorry, back to teaching physics now...

Different curves, for variety serves! :-)

(said that even though I still can't get the pic site to come up!)

Thanks alex! You've left me a nice opening for a lass comment I enjoy!

Perfection is only one piece of the pie. Once I realized that, I don't know what "perfection" is, but I sure know what I like! :-)

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