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February 23, 2004


Yeti could be lurking on any mountainside.

(Thanks to Mike Zlotnick)


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*let's loose the puppies*

*starts humming "Nobody loves me, everybody hates me*


Is Chipotle a lot like Burrito Joe's? That is, you order at a counter, telling them what you want on your burrito, pay, and then sit?

We were looking for a place to eat, and cruised by Chipotle. It looked more casual than "casual". Almost fast-food like. We opted for someplace else.

Burrito Joe's? Never heard of it.

OK, i moved.

but now i'm too hot to post or use punctuation or capital letters

Wheeeee I can listen in on Susan's show!

Lab - Chipotle RULES! I used to like Qdoba better (when I lived in Charlotte) but now I've become a Chipotle wh0re. Their barbacoa is to die for. It's uber-casual and almost fast-foodish - but you do get to tell them what to put in your burrito.

"Harry - keep the change."


i like 'causal' dining, where you order your food, and then have to give all the reasons why...

Is Chipotle a lot like Burrito Joe's? That is, you order at a counter, telling them what you want on your burrito, pay, and then sit?

Yup. You order and tell them what you want on it, then sit. Fast foodish but fresher and better.

And their interactive website is fun and it tells you what they offer.

Jackie is real picky and only likes fajitas, so she got the fajita burrito and really liked it.

Apparently everyone left just before I hit "post" so I'll re-post this here:

Thanks BrianB and Kaf, yes, we left it a little cleaner than we found it (the trip was about 40% "mission work" cleaning up and the like, and 60% touring). Yes, we got out just in time, all that stuff started happening the day we were flying out.

The "adults" from our church are headed out on Monday for their trip so I don't know how that's going to affect everything. Good to be home, not so good to be back at work.

Okay, so now I understand Chipotle better. If there was one near me, maybe I'd get take-out. But I don't see us going there otherwise.

Oh, and I'd order on-line before I went. Minimize the people-to-Specimen interaction as much as possible.

Never been to Qdoba. I've seen one...in Charlotte, actually...but there is a Mama Fu's nearby and I end up going there.

Mmmm...Krispy Kreme. Some church is having a fundraiser...selling them. They came by here and I bought a box. Mmmmm.

czeching in ... *SQUEAL*
Dang it, Lab, couldja get rid of a few of these puppies? They're littering up the joint.

*boots a puppy out of the MOAT*

*gathers up all the really cute puppies and hides them deep in the shadows*
the not so cute ones will just have to learn to run fast.

Oooh yes. Finally heinzed...

El...my daughter got me a DVD of Rent for my birthday...I need to watch it.

Blue...a bit late...but happy birthday!

DDi...Strawberries...yum. I had some fresh ones not too long ago...they were huge wonderful ones. Mmmm.

And I finally see why the Paul Simon song was mentioned for Monday.

Mama Fu's ?

*waits for Lake Piddle to form so that he can find the cute puppies*


Yep, MOTW...Mama Fu's.


Lab - don't get any cute ideas


*runs to properly outfit the cute puppies*

Okay, Susan - you've thrown down the leather glove. Time to run the gauntlet for fine food. I give you Uncle Julio's.
*wonders if that is a crowd cheering or the sound of them panting from jalapenos*

*casually picks up leather glove and tucks it away*

*saunters back into the shadows*

I must concur with the Higster. Chipotle rules. I lovingly call it....'Burritos as big as your head!' Of course, I always say that with a horrible mexican accent.

Carnitas burrito with the hot salsa, no guac or sour cream, extra cheese.

**drooling a la Homer**

**goes to Y! page for new pics**

Yeah, MOTW. Mama Fu's has the *best* Mexican food.

My entry: Cafe Rio

*votes for Mama Fu's* I prefer Asian food over Mexican food any day!

The link to the dog diapers reminded me... You know, I hope I don't become one of those people who send pictures to stuffonmycat.com. I may love visiting the site, but some of the photos are distinctly... disturbing, to say the least.

Okay, if you have even the *slightest* interest in soccer / footie, then the match to see is coming up this Saturday, at 3:00 p.m. Eastern time, 7:00 a.m. Sunday, New Zealand, Noon (Saturday) for California.

Brazil play France. And as much as I'd like to see those French bastids get their collective asses beat, it's likely to be the best display of well-played soccer for the entire cup. France and Spain both played excellent soccer yesterday. The French squad is made up of some of the best players from the English Premiere League and Spanish league. The Brazilians are... well, they're Brazil. They are the very definition of The Best.

Four hours early is England vs. Portugal. Another great matchup.

The day before (same times) gives us Germany vs. Argentina for the early match - which will be the highlight of that day. The later match is Italy vs. nobody. I mean Ukraine. Come on... Ukraine? Seriously?

Let me also just add... WTF were Ghana thinking? Off-side trap the entire match? I liked that they were aggressive on offence, but you can't give Brazil that much room without ending up looking really silly! Thanks for playing, and good luck next year.

Yay, MOTW! Though far from fast food, that is our FAVORITE! We regularly eat at (Uncle Julio's) Rio Grande Cafe in Bethesda and Arlington (we met Leetie there for lunch!) and even ate at the Chicago location when we were there last year.

NO ONE makes better chips or tortillas!

Whatever happens during this round, the next and the final, I'm just rooting for anyone else to win but Brazil. The whole "Brazil is the best!" boasting and preening annoys me. It's like they don't think anyone else can play football. They're mere mortals who need an ego readjustment.
/my 0,02€

That said, I do like Ronaldinho. Força Barça!

One of the French players is from right here in Guiana - Florent Malouda, number 7, as I recall. His family was on TV a couple of weeks ago. He has around thirteen brothers and sisters and is inevitably supporting all of them with his salary.

*sets up beakers and test tubes*

Since we have all these puppies here I will have to provide this link which I sent to the blog:
Hooters for Neuters

You did Spay and Neuter all these puppies right lab?

. o O (Damn. I knew I forgot something)

MiK: Not being a sports fan, you may have overlooked one small point while evaluating Brazil. They simply are the best.

Yes, they are the best, Lab, but I wish someone could beat them, anyway, because I don't like their attitude.

Of course, I don't like the Brazilian people much in general, so... *snork* I may be biased.

In Columbus (Ohio), there is a radio station that hooks up with a (some?) strip club(s) and runs a Toys for Tatas campaign.

Perhaps you could then leave the sports commentary to those who... I don't know... watch sports? We tend to comment on the sports and only mention our personal predjudices in passing. For example, I hope those French bastids get their asses handed to them by Brazil because I hate France.

Hate France! Why?
Wait, never mind, Lab hates everyone ;)

For Lab:

Ted Nugent was being interviewed by a French journalist. The journalist asked: "What do you think the last thought is in the head of a deer before you shoot it? Is it, 'Are you my friend?` or is it `Are you the one who killed my brother?'"

Nugent replied: "They aren't capable of that kind of thinking. All they care about is, 'What am I going to eat next, who am I going to screw next, and can I run fast enough to get away. They are very much like the French in that way."

Of course Mama Fu's doesn't have Mexican...I just eat there...but there is a Qdoba's in the area.

*doesn't understand*

I LOVE all the French people I know! Nelly and her family, The Aujé's, the Bize's, and all of the others.

But, but...Mama Fu's is Pan Asian, not Mexican!


Trust me, Uncle Julio's or Rio Grande Cafe - beef fajitas to die for. Higgy, you would love them.

bb: ouch on that Ted Nugent comment! But the French journo was asking for it.

LOL, Mad "City Controller Laura Chick"
So we can conclude that that Chick Chick didn't think it was a progressive or empowering event.

MOATie Travel Alert:

Just got off the phone with sly, who is finally out of NY traffic and on the Palisades Parkway headed north to visit Meghan.

She'll be back in Manhattan on Saturday and we plan to meet up with her on Monday.

You may resume your normall blogging.

or "normal" blogging if you prefer

YAY! for vacations!!!

or nominal blogging ..

Snork Alert: Federal Duck has been sighted on the MB!

*sitting on Fort Lauderdale Beach with free WiFi*

Just talked to DJTonyB and after I get settled into a motel we'll see about getting together. Now to step outta the rain!

MOTW yeah I saw that Chick name and just knew she was the trouble maker. The news guy on the radio this morning could not say Hooters for Neuters without cracking up.

- I was joking about Mama Fu's and mexican food.
- Sarah J is brilliant! Hate France! Why? Wait, never mind, Lab hates everyone
- Jeff is right (again). The reporter was asking for it.
- I hate France, the team. Not France, the country and all French people. Although I don't care for the French government. French people are, well... people. Yeah, I hate them, too, but because I hate everyone. Equally.
- OTOH, I love French women. Not because they are French, but because... well... they are women.
- I hate french fries.
- I've never had cow tongue, but I'd probably hate it, too.

Kibby: Say "hi" to The Wench's cousin. She lives nearby.

I hate french fries too!! YUCK! and mayo, I hate mayo too. My cousin, on the other hand loves french fries with mayo on them. Ick!

WTD? My free checking charged me a random $6 "bank fee"! It's never charged me anything before (except an ATM fee, $6 to use a different bank's) I'm annoyed! GRRRRR @ BofAEU!!!

I like potato chips with mustard. And I love mayo, but on a turkey sandwich. Go ahead and laugh.

BTW, years before the MOAT, "making a turkey sandwich" was already a euphemism that my friends and I used. It had nothing to do with sex. It was very different natural act.

Lab...I was 99.999999999999999999% sure you were.

However I am in an illllllllll moood this afternoon...very very very ill mood.

And it's not improving.

French fries with mayo....yum.

Good lord, that's a lot of money. Call them and find out what it is. Get it reversed (cry if you have to). And then look for a DIFFERENT BANK. Holy snarktopia.

Susan... picture me in my underwear. It will change your mood.

Hey... I said "change", not "improve".

I don't want to change banks! If I change banks my parents won't be able to transfer money to me online for free. I'll call my dad and have him find out what's going on. re the ATM fee: I only paid it once. I get cash back and buy a bottle of water or something cause it's a lot cheaper (85¢ v $6) My biggest problem with my bank is that it's the Bank of America Except Utah (BofAEU) there is 1 (one!) ATM in the state and no branches. There's BofA branches in Canada, but not in Utah. Pretty much Wells Fargo is the only bank (except for itty bitty local ones.) I don't know why, probably the Utah anti-business laws that drive everyone else away.

Sounds like they're out to get you, Sarah. But don't let that make you paranoid.

Are you a light sleeper?

*Pictures Lab in his underwear*

*feels, well, different*

Thank you...I needed that.

My partner in afternoon silliness has also appeared...finally...

Picture him in his underwear.

... or yours.

I'm definitely not a light sleeper. I slept through a fire alarm once. Sometimes I'm afraid to be the only one home when I'm asleep, that I'll die in a fire or something. I've also slept through (small) earthquakes. The only large quake I've been in was in the early evening, about 5:30 I think. It was, of course, the Loma Prieta quake of '89.

I've never had cow tongue, but I'd probably hate it, too.

Lab, never had tongue? That surprises me. I love tongue.

Sarah, there has been a huge boom of Bank of America branches opening all over New York lately. It seems weird after all these years without many, but then other banks (Citibank, Chase, HSBC, North Fork, you name it) seem to be opening lots of new branches too. Do they really need so many?

Jeff... if I explained the thought process that ended with me inserting that statement, you'd back away slowly so as to not frighten the crazy person (me).

But, no. I've not. I'll have to fix that, huh?

Sarah, if you are sleeping so soundly, then perhaps they've gotten to your food somehow. They are putting some chemicals in it to cause you to sleep. I bet you've been abducted by aliens while you slept and you don't even know it!

Where the f- is my brain today?

Lab...your brain is obviously on vacation with my brain today. I cannot think. I apparently can't type too well either...but that is nothing new.

And the windows won't go in til Friday. A delay with the installer.


Well, they could use one in Provo. I can think of 7 Wells Fargos that are less than 3 miles from my apartment. Which is a lot for a city of 105,000 people (1/3 of whom are single, childless students)

czeching in, but only heinzed on this thread.

i just peeked in on the main blog. is it just me, or are about 50% of the posters complete strangers?

El, we're about to break down and buy an air conditioner. it's almost as muggy as Florida over here. (general fyi: most rentals don't have units here `cause it's usually so breezy)
how're you holding up, hon?

OK, as the shiny new MOAT opened on my screen, the very first thing that jumped out at me was:

Lab, never had tongue? That surprises me. I love tongue.

then i read the rest

it was so much more interesting when taken out of context

Hi! Good day.. or what's left of it for you fine folks.

Wolfie.. thanks for the blankie. *smooch*

I may possibly be getting a new kitten. He's just gorgeous, and very purry, and my friend who got him for her children thinks that her youngest son (18 months) might be slightly allergic (not seriously so, but enough to make a difference).

If we're putting favourite "fast but good food" restaurants in the hat, I also have a non-Mexican nomination (all the Mexican restaurants I know are ful service restaurants). Ladies & gents, I give you Tandoori Palace mmmmmmmmmmm.. *drool* I'm on a real Indian food kick at the moment.. yummmmmmmmmmm.

Okay. Now I'm hungry. There has to be someone to blame for that.

*stashes a pile of puppies in the dungeon* Lab.. if you don't let them breed, how are you going to get more puppies to kick? I'm not letting you move on to kicking kitties. Cos then I'll have to hurt you.

I like my hot chips (fries) with salt & vinegar. I don't think I've ever tried them with mayo, but I've seen it done. It just never appealed. My mother likes them with tartare sauce, which would probably be similar.

*goes to look for something hot for breakfast*

oh.. and Sarah - is $6 a monthly charge for ATMs or a charge for each time you use them? Because they only charge a 50c non-bank ATM fee in NZ. That's a LOT of money. Have you considered two bank accounts? One that your Dad can put money into and you can get money out of, and then one that you can use locally that won't rack up huge charges (maybe at WF or somewhere closer). Then you can just close the account when you finish university.

Lab.. want to try some tongue?

for each ATM withdrawl the bank owning the ATM charges $1-2 and my bank charges $6. It's not a big deal because I can get cash when I get groceries, and most places take debit. The annoying thing is trying to cash checks. I have a WF account (that my parents don't know about) that I use to cash checks. I like BofA's online banking better than WF's, my parents can easily transfer money, and I have it set up so that money from my savings account (which I don't have the numbers for, only Dad does) transfers to my checking account every week, which makes it easier to stick to my budget and keep track of what's in there. And there's a family loyalty to BofA because my grandma worked at one of their first branches back when they wereBank if California, and my mom was a BofA teller.


Kaf...I do like salt and vinegar on fries sometimes too...

Ooh...the playlist before I forget.

Tuesday 6-27-06 All Request Lunch Hour
Tec report
“Here Comes the Sun” Beatles
“All She Wants To Do Is Dance” Don Henley
“I Need A Lover” John Cougar
“All I Need Is A Miracle” Mike and the Mechanics
“Hold My Hand” Hootie and the Blowfish
“(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman” Aretha Franklin
“Think I’m In Love” Eddie Money
“All The Young Dudes” Mott The Hoople
“Sultans of Swing” Dire Straits
“Losing My Religion” R.E.M.---MiK
“Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” B.J. Thomas---Beverly

Wednesday 6-28-06 All Request Lunch Hour
“A Day In The Life” Beatles
“Taxi” Harry Chapin
“I’ve Had The Time Of My Life” Jennifer Warnes/Bill Medley
“Rhapsody in the Rain” Lou Christy---Jeff
“Loving Arms” Dixie Chicks---MiK
“Werewolves of London” Warren Zevon---Wolfie
“You Might Think” Cars
“Stairway to Heaven” Led Zepplin---Intern Dave
“Tell Her About It” Billy Joel
“If I’d Been The One” 38 Special

Gay Superman?

The phrase "Man of Steel" takes on a whole new meaning!

if superman's gay, does that mean lois lane's a really hot transvestite?

um, NTTAWWT - but it's good to know in advance, IYKWIM

can somebody please put a link to susan's station? pretty please?


Susan's Station

I was going to link to Susan's station, but I kibbied and it looks like I was beaten by Steven and Sarah.
Just so you know, the link to the live stream is the little text that says "Listen to Braves Football!" under the radio.

I don't know how anyone could miss this - and to make it even better, it's a local doctor - who, possibly, is still in practice! AARRRRRGGGHHH!!
(for comparison purposes.. 14.7kg is about 32lb)

let's hope he won't be in practice after the trial!

No Russian class today. *sigh* And no language classes at all until my Russian teacher comes back in a couple of weeks.

Cow tongue is OK in a stew my mother makes called mondongo. The name may not be appetizing, but it's all right if you ignore the texture of the cow tongue.

I'm a heavy sleeper as well, Sarah, and have the same fears as you. It takes me a while to go to sleep if I am alone because I can't hear at night.

I hate mayonnaise, unless it's the homemade kind, because then you can put in more mustard... Then it tastes fine.

French fries are OK. I looooove the ones my aunt makes. I eat them plain or with a bit of salt.

Yayyyyy for Kaf perhaps getting a new kitten! I love the purry ones. Lyra purrs like a motor. She's so loud even I can hear her, which is nice.

*staggers in*

I was sick earlier today, and when I posted, all the talk was about food, so I had to leave immediately because nausea was my main problem. But I turned on the a/c around 9a.m. (eeekkk - the bill) and slept most of the day.

Random comments on earlier posts

Lab, Chipotle is great, you can have beef or shredded pork and all sorts of different salsas, etc.

In the Netherlands and Belgium they dip their french fries in mayo, not ketchup - yummy!

*waves hi to cyn*
I'm not doing that great with the heat. It seems like the humidity creeps in the house in spite of the a/c. This is terrible and they keep saying it's almost over, but they're lying.

I see that Toto graced us with an appearance on the MOAT! We should mark this on next year's calendar!!! *snork*

Scary article, Kaf. I hope he no longer practices after the trial.

Laynie.. also Sarc & s'girl! It's been a busy moat already!

MiK- I like homemade mayo too (but not the icky store kind, blech!!) Mostly because you can put in different herbs, etc to change the flavor, and use different kinds of oil. It's good, in SMALL amounts on sandwiches and stuff.

"I see that Toto graced us with an appearance on the MOAT! We should mark this on next year's calendar!!! *snork*

Yeah! make it a holiday! *elbows El*

Pictures of my brother with the quilt I made him are now up at my picture blog
/end shameless self-promotion

OK, i'll let ya have a holiday in my honor if there's a party that goes with it - i wouldn't want to be associated with one of those fake non-party holidays, like arbor day

not that ya can't have an arbor day party

We always had a party on Earth Day at home when I was growing up.

It's the same day as my Dad's birthday.

*winks at Kaf*

OK, as the shiny new MOAT opened on my screen, the very first thing that jumped out at me was:

Lab, never had tongue? That surprises me. I love tongue.

Yeah, I thought that one might elicit comments.

I've just been watching the flooding in upstate NY and NJ and Maryland. Incredible rain totals and everything under water, bridges and dams in danger, people being evacuated, even three deaths upstate.

Mother Nature is one crazy bitch.

I wonder if she knows Lab.


Tandoori Palace? Yum. I've been on a real jalfrezi kick lately, Kaf. Love Indian food too.

I also like chips with salt & vinegar, but I've had them with mayo in Belgium and Holland. (I see El mentioned this.)

for each ATM withdrawl the bank owning the ATM charges $1-2 and my bank charges $6.

That IS a lot, Sarah! My bank no longer charges anything for "foreign" ATM use and most banks only charge $1-2.

Man, the woman had a 32 pound cyst and the guy gave her diet pills? WTFBBQ?!

MiK: Jackie will not eat tongue at all, but she used to cook it for me. Now that's true love! She also used to make liver, which I like and she hates.

El should be fully recovered now, what with A-Rod hitting the game-winning home run in the 12th inning this afternoon.

Nagster: For the last time, forms to Mexico have to be in Spanish and in triplicate, not in gibberish and in oneplicate!

Club-hopper: I don't like that bar. But it's a good scene if you want a 700-pound gay Republican sitting on your face.

--Typhoon, 18th & 8th

Hey, who doesn't?

I am feeling a little better Jeff, and I was glad I woke up in time to see it!

So I had a brief upsurge and now I'm sinking again...:(

Back to bed for me...

*contagious hugs for everyone*
Why should I suffer alone? :)

Just dropping by with italian ice (you guys ever had this stuff? It's really good) and a supply of MOATarita fixins' for the housewarming party.

I have survived the first week of school vacation with my screaming maniacs wonderful children at home, and I suppose we are all relatively unscathed, but they are affecting my blogging time much as the end of the school year activity rush did. So as a punishment, I will scathe them soon.


Some people!

*kicks Lab, just cause it's been a while, and because the kids are making me cranky*

*hugs everybody*


Gonna actually kick the neighbor's dog soon. Sweet little thing, but crapping in my yard doesn't do it for me. They are "Floridiots" with a summer home. Please people, let the dog out on a leash, not in my yard. I have chased if off with the hose when I am home, but mowing the lawn and stepping around "dog land mines" pi$$e$ me off! Gotta have a "talking to" with the neighbors this weekend, ugg.

El, fix your AC, there should be little hummidity if it works properly. You should not be feeling ill if it is working like it should (then again, if it hits 95 here our AC works like, well it don't work well at all). {{El}}

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