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February 14, 2004


PLEASE, does anybody know how to solve this Crimson Room? It's killing me!
Andrew Reay

Hi Dave,
Love your blog.
But now that you have posted that room to escape from, any idea how to do just that???
Thanks !
Angie (going slightly mad here!) :)

Please, for the love of all that is holy and right in this world, post the way out of that goddam Crimson Room. I beg of you.
What the hell is that video? You'd think I'd be able to get out with that much.
Alas, I am crumbling.
Please -
Shawn Adler

So how far did you guys get? I've made it to the film of a boppin' dude in baggy shorts, but past that I am LOST.
(Well, maybe "lost" is the wrong word, since I can't GO anywhere....)
And now I'm going to have nightmares about red walls and stale CD players.
Your loyal fan,
Regine Rossi

I think that, for the sanity of everyone who hasn't been able to get out of that damn crimson room, someone should post the way how to get out on your blog. I have wasted a whole hour just turning around and around in that room, and - get this - it's not funny anymore.
--Maria Fanucchi, who really hates Toshimitsu Takagi

And here's the only one with any information (at least it's news to this bloggerette):

How the hell were we supposed to know that the code
for the safe was #### when the url is broken on the
history page? Um...don't ask me how I figured it out.
Adam Endwright

(Safe? What safe?)



It sounds too simple but the key (at least in part) is: Wait til it's over and then click where the X was.

(Thanks to a bunch of people who didn't suffer like the rest of us. Some of whom should have. For instance:

Oh, and p.s. This took me about a half hour to figure out, from start to finish.
-Daniel "Steel Mandarin" "Savior of millions of frustrated
blogreaders" Sterman

Dan? Mandarin this.)


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i've only just collected the battery and also put the ring in the box. what to do next.

just go to http://www.b-sting.nl/crimsonroom/solve.html

Whats the number to the SAFE!!!

hey, tried the game yesterday and found both the key, now I simply cant find it

What is the code for the safe?? I've played the Crimson Room like three times but can never remember the code to the safe and my computer won't allow me to the URL. Help me please!! Thanks =)

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