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February 26, 2004


TV doesn't get any more real than this.

(Thanks to several billion people)


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i love you all this site's rock


SECOND but first in my own mind!

Eeeeek, a post about you-know-who!

MOATies are moving
It's time for me to get lunch
See you kids later.

*runs in, sliding across the floor*


The playlist for today...

Monday 8-28-06 All Request Lunch Hour
“I Am A Rock” Simon and Garfunkel
“But It’s Alright” Huey Lewis and the News
“He’s So Fine” Chiffons---Beverly
“Evil Woman” ELO
“Fast Car” Tracy Chapman---Lab
“Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” Rolling Stones
“Pinball Wizard” Who---Vicki
“More Than A Feeling” Boston
“Here I Go Again” Whitesnake
“Soul Man” Sam and Dave
“Purple Rain” Prince---Curt
“The Waiting” Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
“Mustang Sally” Wilson Pickett---Reece

*slides back out, less shiny than yesterday*

Awwwww! Lab, you picked this thread in my honor, didn't you?

*blows wet smooches at Lab*

Heh heh. I said "wet".

Thanks, Lab.

REM was on Sesame Street and I missed it??? The link is to a video of "Furry Happy Monsters," sung to the tune of (yep, you guessed it) "Shiny Happy People." It's the funniest thing I've seen in ages.

*waves hi*

That was a sudden move!

lovin' spoonful talk
hot summer in the city
but today is cool

How's that, El?

Somehow I lost (?) Kaf's e-mail addy and the one I used came back and said "duh!"

Could someone please e-mail it to me. Thx.

hi Moaties!! nice digs...

r e m says hi
to shiny happy moaties
hold virtual hands

Dumb and Dumber Redux

Girlfriend: It's so beautiful here in Cape Cod. Wasn't David Copperfield set in Cape Cod?
Boyfriend: Wait? You mean like the magician?

Now this is funny:

Tourist: I want to go home. New York is so unchristian. Look at this, they even have a place called "Satan Island"!
New Yorker: Oh yeah, we New Yorkers are the worst. We even sold our souls to the devil so we could all read.

Jeff: Bwa ha ha ha ha!

Hiya MOATies!

Sorry I've been absent so long -- just got back from two weeks away from home and I'm trying to get the kids ready to go back to school on Wednesday. I don't have a prayer of fully heinzing, so I'm just diving in here.

Miss you all!

bossman brought me itty bitty heart shaped handcuffs.
I have forgiven him for the 2 weeks from he!!.

wolfie - your bossman sounds plain creepy

he's not. he's a sweetheart. but i'm a little bit off.

*puts on thorazine colored glasses*

Warning Spoiler Alert!

Impotent Food Question: So, if one was to make Macaroni/Pasta Salad using used REAL mayO and then later wanted to finish off the bowl after it had sat out for about an hour and a half at lunch (room temp), and then it had been left out again in the front seat of the truck (not even close to room temp) during the packing process for another approx. 3 hours, if you are still foollowing my train of thought and have any idea what I'm talking about, would it be spoiled? Lab- would you eat it? It smelled wonderful, but I couldn't bring myself to eat it. I certainly didn't want to get sick. I had my fill of that when about half way through the 150 mile trip at 9:00 at night no less, LilFish had just dozed off after finishing his milk, when suddenly I had the exorcist in my back seat. Only instead of green, it was pink. It went everywhere. Somehow, more came out than went in. And it stunk to high heaven. Good times as I was on the side of the interstate for at least half an hour cleaning out Pink Puke and the Fish (GNFARB?) Anyway, enough about vomit, back to food. It broke my heart, but I threw it up towards the ditch and let the birds have it. (Would it make the birds sick then? I just thought)

/ spoiler

Funny, I was about to say he sounds like a whole lotta fun!

i guess if one is using "used" mayo that would answer my question.

i think i just grossed myself out.

I'm happy. Below 100 deg all week ... I don't know what I'll do with myself!

KDF: welcome back. How's Abby doing? And did you ever get to the fried chicken dinner?

Pink Puke - GNFA Punk Band?

Just glad lunch is behind me, Fish.

Fish: Everybody is afraid of mayo going bad. Oddly enough, mayo actually ages quite well. The problem isn't the mayo, exactly.

If there is bacteria in the food and you ADD mayo, then you've just given the critters lots to eat, and a nice comfy place in which to do it. But it (usually) would cause the food to smell or at least taste bad.

I would have tasted it before tossing it. Unless The Wench were with me. Then I'd have to throw out the whole bowl and any utensils that may or may not have been involved in the making or serving of said food. I probably would have been asked to take a shower and purchase all new clothing as well.

*snork* at Lab's description

*waves Hi!*

just checking in - not even close to heinzed.
and i just had to click on barfalow, tyvm! (sorry DDi!)

(n sorry for not bein' around for awhile. lots of stuff going on. mostly Great stuff. miss y'all a bunches!)


Seems like a bunch of us blurkers are checking in with the new move.

Also been up to my eyes in work and home stuff. Not heinzed on last moat and doubt I will be. Will try to check in here more often!

*eating lunch and not bothered*

Weird, I don't think I've ever been afraid of my mayo going bad. Maybe I should...

If it will give me Norwegian Scabies, I'm against it.

Dave needs one of these so he can strumpet further afield and faster.

Fish, I would have done the same thing that The Wench would have done. The bowl and the utensils would definitely have to go!

And I'm serious. And I wouldn't have put it in my own trash either. I'd probably call my pal Brian and ask him to take it away!

You can't be too careful, IMO!

Mr Fish.. probably wouldn't touch it...

Laynie.. I did get an email from you.. don't know if you sent it twice or not...

Welcome home to KDF, Blogchik n Meanie! You've been missed.

Jeff.. the Thai burgers were regular burgers with a Thai-style sprinkle crust.. I just fried (yes fried, I was too hungry to wait for them to broil) them, then I spread mayo on a pita bread, put the burger on top, then cheese, carrot, onion, green capsicum, mesculun, topped with coriander, lime n ginger dressing and another pita as a lid. It was freakin' huge. One burger was sufficient for an entire meal.

I bet my youngest grandson can out-vomit your son, Fish. He's learned to vomit on command.

And he uses it to get attention. Or to get out of swimming lessons.

It worked.

Mentos and Diet Coke = vomit VIOLENTLY on command!

*snork* @ Lab n Crash

um.. there is a good theory that anything made with mayo is actually safer `cause of the vinegar and/or lemon juice the mayo is made with. the acid kills bacteria. but the time limit is about 3 hours at room temp. the heat n time involved in Fish's situation makes it too dangerous. just my 2 cents.

Crash! rita! Cyn! Yay!

Incredibly, I'm at work.

A feat I had hoped to avoid.

However my school day has so far consisted of describing horrid diseases to my friends. Like necrotizing fasciitis.

Kaf, as El would no doubt tell you - burgers and mayo are a definite nono. Otherwise, it sounds yummy.

Okay, Jeff.. I'll leave it off your burgers.

While you guys may feel like you live at the office, just remember that for the past three weeks, and for the next three days, I actually do. ARGH! I hate three-hole-punching 5" stacks of paper! (no electric punch, the company can't afford it yet, probably won't be able to until all the "help" has moved out and it becomes necessary) my hands hurt


Why is mayo on a burger a no-no? That's news to me, and my curiousity is piqued.

Oh Sarah, you can remove the "help" by offering up all the gory details of Bejel - Syphilis of the Skin. Almost a garaunteed "I quit".

There's a bar near my parents' house called "The Office". Every once in a while, on a Saturday afternoon, I tell The Wench that I have to go to "the office" for a few hours. It's nice to get out by yourself once in a while. *snicker*

except that the help is currently at school, elementary and high school, so they don't really have the option of quitting. Me neither, cause daddy pays a lot of my expenses (like my travel and the car) so I can't quit either.

I remember seeing a watering hole called "He's Not Here".

{{Sarah}} I've spent my day stamping return addresses on envelopes. A brand new box of 500 in fact. I will not finish today. I'm using a self inking stamper and after a dozen or so the imprint fades so I have to leave it alone to reink.

Gee, Susan, can't you just run those through your printer?

Lab - My guess is the no no is a Jewish Kosher thing and meat and eggs/dairy are prohibited

Brian B (and anyone following the Cincinnati news): They've arrested Marcus's foster parents, the Carrolls. But then, if you're at home, sick, then you probably heard this already.

Psst! Mad, no offense, but I'm going to wait on confirmation from someone a little more jewish than your best guess! *snicker*

You know, MOTW...that thought didn't occur to me.

And with my luck, and the printers we have here, I'd have to sit and feed each one through by hand.

Susan: Most likely, yes, one at a time. We've always ordered ours pre-printed, and it didn't cost that much. Failing that, I'd print return address labels and leave them where the envelopes are, and make is self-serve. heh heh

Go ahead and wait Lab and while you are waiting DO NOT taste food to see if it should be thrown out. One taste is enough for botulism to kill you. If in doubt toss it out.

The Thing with Mayo is commercial mayo is fine and dandy, but it is the homemade stuff that gave Mayo a bad name because of the salmonella in the raw eggs. Read more about it here And Cyn was right the lime juice and vinegar are anti-bacterial

/science lesson

Oh yes. I see know. I backtrack:
Bejel = Garaunteed "I'm going to my room."

Hand feeding printers is both boring and dangerous.

Oh and I do not like Mayo so I'm not the one to ask about putting it on burgers or anything else. But I do know my microbes.

*pulls her hands away from the hungry printer*

hahaha Fortunately the joke about the "Mayo" Clinic never ceases to be funny.

Even if you had to feed them one at a time, it'd prolly be faster than waiting for a self-inking stamper to self-ink itself.

*reads sentence back to self*

*sigh* The things we write here ...

MOTW's name of the day: Dan Wiseman
(can you imagine if he had two brothers - the three Wiseman?)

I had a Wiseman family back when I directed the daycare. I had a hard time writing Wisemans as the plural.

Wait, wait... don't taste it because the botulism could kill me, but it's antibacterial, and it's the salmonella that I need to be worried about because of the raw eggs (assuming it's home-made).

You're telling this to a guy that ate yogurt that was more than a year old. I also eat my burgers pink in the middle. And I order my steaks medium rare.

I regularly use raw eggs. Salmonella from a raw egg is *rare* these days, and I'm not at all worried. You're far more likely to contaminate your egg by cracking it incorrectly - driving the edge of a bowl into the egg - than having the egg pre-contaminated for you. And most of you drive the edge of your bowl into your egg, I'd bet. If you aren't worried about that, then why worry about raw eggs to begin with?

Not only that, if you are using raw egg in a recipe, go ahead and spend the extra bucks on pasteurized eggs.

I don't. But you should. *grin*

*zips in*

I'm back.

*wonders if anyone noticed she was gone*

I have a license to drive my eggs.

I noticed. I asked you a question, and I thought you were ignoring me. I was hurt. I cried. A lot. I had to change my shirt THREE TIMES!

another name: Dr Har Maramreddy

I told you so.

How about charging him with being a generally sleazy pervert, wasting police time and whatever else you can come up with?

I'm still here suffering at work (but every minute gets closer to kickoff!).

P called to tell me the news on the Carrolls.

It must be something about having my own kid now because this kind of stuff never affected me that much. Now, I am of the full opinion that these people should be strung up by their toenails and lowered inch by inch into a vat of bullet ants.

While we're at it, let's throw in the committee (too sick to spell check that one) that denied Denis Leary an Emmy for Rescue Me and gave it to a guy that spends every episode shooting people in the thigh.

Oh El made Lab cry
because he missed her so
This makes El feel good

burgers and mayo
can't do if you keep kosher
rest of time OK

Lab, while we are not kosher there is something about mixing dairy with meat which is probably deeply ingrained. Actually, I have had meat & dairy together - a glass of milk with a meat-type sandwich - many times as a kid, but I don't now.

But it's really more a taste thing than anything else. Ketchup on burgers; yes; mustard; sure; mayo, I'll pass.

The MOAT is funded in part by things that make you go Hmmmmm.

Here's another one:

Once there was this gal who
Got into a J O B, couldn't Crash the MOAT anymore, and also had to go school
But when she finally came back
Her stomach had turned from soft into pure iron
She said that it was from when
Reading lots of bad Haikus
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

Once there was this guy who
Wouldn't go and change out of his white thong with black trim
But when they finally made him
Everyone asked why he had rubbed mayonnaise all over his body
He couldn't quite explain it
He'd always just done that
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

But both girl and boy were glad
'Cause one woman had it worse than that

'Cause then there was this lady whose
Grandkid made her come directly back home right after leaving to take him to swim school
And again like I just said earlier before they went to his class
This kid shook and lurched all over the floor
She couldn't quite explain it
He'd always just been able to do it on command
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

Thank You and
We now return to your regularly scheduled non cents.

Raw eggs: I just don't eat them. Even slightly uncooked omelettes make me nervous, because my mother used to tell me to never eat raw eggs.

{{{Susan and Sarah}}} Rough day!

Kaf, the Thai burgers sound great. I'd have one, but the meat would have to be broiled, as I'm generally not a fan of fried food.

I also have a phobia of cooking with hot oil. I have to make Giant Frog cook if anything involves frying.

I'm picturing Wolfie's Barbie doll wearing the itty bitty heart-shaped handcuffs. *giggle*

Shiny happy people holding hands...

I'm with you, B, on the Carrols thing. Never watch Rescue Me, so I don't know who I'd give the Emmy to. Kiefer is on the radio right now, though.

My question about the mayo is WHY isn't it kosher? You can't have eggs and meat together? Is that it? If so, that's something I did't know.

No chicken salad for you. How sad. (More for me!)

Okay, mayo on pastrami: bad idea. Mayo on a burger? Yum! (Again... more for me!)

Mayo isn't dairy, though, so it should still be kosher.

No mayo on my burgers, or ketchup for that matter. It's mustard all the way. Same goes for hot dogs.

Oh god, I haven't had a New York hot dog in years. Granted, it's not my favorite food, but I kind of miss it sometimes anyway. The giant soft pretzels, too (plain, with salt but no mustard).

For whatever reason, my personal info has been forgotten and TypeTard refuses to remember it.

What's a "New York" hot dog? Man... I gotta get out more.

Another question: Kaf, is "capsicum" a bell pepper?

I think Lab's hungry. :)

El: Always.

Lab - Again I am not Jewish commenting on Jewish law here, but on the simple food pyramid. Eggs definietly qualify as dairy in most diets. While they are also excellent sources of protein so is milk. Wikepedia suggests this is because the milk man originally sold eggs along with milk. I don't know why, but in most diets and for a long time in the US food pyramid eggs were marked as dairy.

that should be I am not commenting on Jewish law. Sheesh!

Speaking of the Emmys, I was just watching the part I taped last night when I fell asleep.

What happened to Ray Liotta's hair? Was it just a bad dye job or a wig? Also, I'm very upset that Denis Leary didn't win. But 24 looked interesting. I may start watching it next season.

*crawls back under her lab bench to find some microbes*

El sent me a link to a web site that spells out the kosher laws, more-or-less. It specifically says that eggs and meat are okay together.

Mad, eggs are in the "meat and beans" group of the pyramid, not the "milk" group. Is that because it's bean shaped?

*Giggling at MrFisher's song*

I haven't heard that in soooooooo long...had to stop and think what it was.

A pile of envelopes have been stamped. I can do more in random free moments...times like this morning, when I had several things to do, and couldn't do any of them while waiting for things out of my control to be finished.

And I may.....
Get a new phone in the near future.

My phone will not hold a charge at this point. It needs a new battery...It won't hold a charge well, even if I'm not using it.

And I don't see this model on line anywhere. I can't remember the model number...ahh ha! I found it. On the Motorola site...not one for sale, but in the search for instructions. Motorola 120e. Not a current phone apparently...and on another site, a battery is over $30. I think the phone was about $40.

The only problem is if my daughter finds out I have a new phone...she will screech wanting this old one...never mind that I'd only be getting a new one as a replacement, buying one for about what a battery would cost.

I don't need a fancy, fangled phone...just one that works reliably.

Bwahahahaha Fish... tis so true.

But! But! Conan is so funny!

I regularly eat eggs in the raw. Is that Kosher? or just plain sickening?

I definitely know that it's a no no to cook bacon in the raw.

Trust me on this one.

I'm just glad pickles are Kosher.

Disklaimer: This, along with the majority of my posts, have absolutely no pint whatsoever.

Also, they produce no beer.

World's oldest person dies

i'm perverse ,but i was drawn to the last sentence where she had been living with a daughter and son-in-law for 20 years...

"Honey, can we let Mom move in, it probably won't be for long, she's 96 after all..."

Fish: For the record, naked people eating is not one of my turn-ons.

I had the most interesting post about the Emmys, keeping Kosher and the meaning of Life, The Universe and Everything and my computer crashed or something.

Mad, I've always thought of eggs as dairy.
Jewish scholars always have two schools of thought on everythin.

Denis Leary should have won the Emmy.


El- so does the US Government (two schools of thought that is)

Lab - probably because the eggs come out of a chicken and chicken is a meat. I mean who was the first person to think to eat an egg? I'm pretty sure I would have turned them down if I had known where they come from before I ate one.

However, (just to beat this into the ground) The eggs (or other by-products) of non-kosher birds or fish are not kosher. Caviar, therefore, must come from a kosher fish and this requires reliable supervision. .

Also, Furthermore, milk products cannot be consumed after eating meat, for a period of time. There are different traditions for how long to wait between meat and dairy, but the most prevalent custom is to wait six hours.

Meat may be eaten following dairy products with the one exception of hard cheese that is aged 6 months or more, which requires the same waiting time as that of dairy after meat. Prior to eating meat after dairy, one must eat a solid food, either drink a liquid or thoroughly rinse one’s mouth, and check the cleanliness of ones hands.

Jeff, thanks for asking -- Abby's doing fine, though still wearing the splint. She has a nasty, horrible bruise right on her thumb knuckle, and she lost so much skin that my knees buckle a little every time I change the bandage.

We did get back out for the chicken dinner a couple of nights later, but I haven't had a chance to blog about it yet because we were traveling and just got home yesterday.

I'm thrilled to have my cable modem back in bidness, and will resume my normal pattern of late night writing as soon as... sometime soon. :)

Breaking news:

The guy that Colorado just brought over from Thailand didn't do it - duh!

I should hope so!

I was appalled.

I didn't even know there was a plane crash until 3 hours later, my roommate was watching the news.

No chicken salad for you. How sad. (More for me!)

Chicken and mayo; good. Beef and mayo; bad.


Furthermore, milk products cannot be consumed after eating meat, for a period of time. There are different traditions for how long to wait between meat and dairy, but the most prevalent custom is to wait six hours.

Is that anything like not going swimming after eating, El? Well, if I eat meat and then have dessert, I guess I'm supposed to forego the milk in my coffee, huh? You can be the one to tell Jackie.

Oh wait, I drink it black anyway!

While at my uncle and aunt's place, I was told that eggs, among other things, are considered parve, which, as I understood it, meant it was "neutral" - you can eat parve with anything you like.

Apparently, it's spelled pareve in anglophone countries. It sounds odd to me with the extra syllable.

/end egg discussion

Insom, it's amazing she lasted that long. I like to read the "world's oldest person" articles, mostly to see what they say about their diet and exercise. Some of them, surprisingly, smoked for decades and quit late in life, or never quit at all. They must have lungs of steel. This woman was pretty average, though - no hard alcohol, no smoking, just a glass of wine at dinner. I guess a lot of it depends on how good your genes are.

Can you imagine getting to see your great-great grandchildren? Wow.

While at my uncle and aunt's place, I was told that eggs, among other things, are considered parve, which, as I understood it, meant it was "neutral" - you can eat parve with anything you like.

That's always been my understanding too, Marie, and yes - we pronounce it as if there is the extra 'e'.

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