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February 25, 2004


Of course it's outside Britain's Tate Gallery.

(Thanks to Bernie Langer)


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*smacks head against desk*

Remember how I said I had my review scheduled for this afternoon? Well, I emailed the useless crapweasel asking for a copy of his review so I can see it before our meeting (customary here) and he says and I flippin quote:

"I didn’t get a request for an annual review.. Where would that form be??"

*smacks head against desk again*

I'm letting him hang himself. I am not going to volunteer where the form can be found. Instead, I am going to let him explain to my other PA and myself at 2pm, how by noon he still hadn't had a review done for me. He had 2 months to do it.

*scootches over to share her nice padded desk with Di*

*never* change your name. The MOAT is very unforgiving.

*passes some extra strong rope to DDi's boss*
*whistles a cheery little tune and saunters out*

Tell the boss that the TPS Report explains where the form is and how to fill it out. Remind him to use the new cover form.

*snork @ lab* love office space

It sure is hot here. I have to actually go back outside at 12:30 to collect some samples. I hope I don't melt on the way back to lab. Well all the heat and humidity does make me feel at home though.

Laynie I had a thunderstorm the other night. It was nice when the cool breeze came through the apartment, but definitely felt out of place here.

LOL at MOTW's limerick.

Dave's not here!

OOOhhhhhhOooooooHHHHHHHH Mariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
*samba's into the moat*
*dances across Lab's lawn*
*stands at the centre of Lab's lawn*

wanna play football? wat r all these puppies doin here? why is Lab lookin at me like that?
hey Lab...wanna play football?

(Hi Jeff! I'm good! How r u?)
(Conrats DJT!!)

(Abt stress: sleepless nites and added tension made me forget how i spell my name...it was so funny...i had to call a friend to find out...im not exaggerating)

For anyone who likes GFY, this is pretty funny

*czecking in*

*back to the pool*

Bangi: I couldn't remember the name of my street the other day.

Sure, let's play football, Bangi. American style. I wanna get tackled.

*waves Hi to Bangi*

Serious but sweet picture

Aww! Bangi! You are stressed!


Lab, ya think I could get smacked with insubordination for saying that to him?

I sent the G.U.C.W's email to my other advisor. I'mma make sure everyone and their mother sees what I have to deal with. The stupidity has GOT TO BE STOPPED!

In other news, I'm now snacking on peanut butter crackers. I *heart* peanut butter crackers...

BTW, not that I'm counting, but I've another 12 minutes to go...

*insert Jaws music here*

DDi - thanks for the earwig ...

*Makes a few phone calls, lines up some candidates for Lab*

Di.. I (heart) peanut butter, too.. extra crunchy/chunky - mmmm... good!

Wolfie - Ruuuuuuuun!!!

oh and {{{Neo}}} Wherever you are now... all the best of luck at your new job! What is it? What are you doing? Where are you going? Questions! More Questions!

Hi Bangi. *loves Bangi some anti-stress blog butter*


Back from my non-review-review. Not only did the ape not have a review set up for me, he also had NO OPINION OF HIS OWN WHATSOEVER about the work I produce. My other PA is pushing to get my role changed so that I can do more with the integration committees and less with this dummy.

At one point during the "review", he actually changed the subject and began asking the other advisor about how a "review" should be run since he missed the webcast he was scheduled for! AAAAAAAAAARGH!

I'm ok. I'm fine. Really.

*drop kicks a little old lady walking a puppy*

*holds up score card*

Nice kick, D!

OK, FINE!! I'll do it, quit reminding me!

*fills out secretary's evaluation form*

Truthfully, I just got another e-mail reminder from upstairs to do it before I leave for vacation.

*holds up scorecard for G.U.C.W for review*

(have to give him some credit for having a pulse and temperature)

And by the way, I have never been a fan of annual evaluations. They seem to be based on what happened the two weeks before the evaluation was filled out, not over the past year.

I only had one difficult evaluation. The paper work was all excellent, high ratings, etc. But there was an off-the record discussion afterwards about "recent mistakes". It had to do with my not being able to find Notices of Appearances for our attorneys that had been filed the previous week.

In looking at the index, I said kind of to myself "Notice of Hearing?" because that was all I could find for that week on the index. My boss said emphatically. "No. (pause) Notice of Appearance is what I said."

I could not find any and didn't even remember any. THEN it hit me. I pointed out, "Wait, in this case, the attorneys were entered through Pro Hacs" and was then able to get what was needed.

I thought that was the end of it. But it came up in my evaluation that I was looking for a Notice of Hearing instead of a Notice of Appearance and wasn't paying attention to what I was doing. It was not appreciated that I was puzzled as to why that was even an issue since the document was something else entirely.

And then the entire meeting went down the tubes from there. I even ended up calling our EAP for counseling as I felt I had been somewhat stabbed in the back because none of that made sense and it seemed like a certain someone was looking for something bad to say.

*realizes it probably doesn't make any sense to anyone else*

I also think there should be a way to evaluate the evaluators, but that doesn't seem to happen.

*checks calendar*

Oops, my 90-day eval is due. eeek.

LOL! MOTW, you give him credit for something we've not yet verified! Judging by his lack of sense, he might be a robot afterall.

Tsk tsk Sly! Get that eval done young lady! I take mine very seriously, and was quite humiliated that he would blow me off as he did. I'm not totally up in arms about it, because I know I have a great resources in my corner, but still...

So, whats for dinner?

UNheinzed greetings MOATies. I've just returned from a two-week trek to Israel with my church. Did I miss anything exciting?

Sly, so typical. Eerytime I was up for a review the Boss's wife sabotoged me every way she could for the 2 weeks preceeding the review. The company was, and still is, on shakey ground the last couple of years so I just didn't bother requesting a review, plus corporate froze wages anyway so who needed the bull$h!t for a 1% or 2% raise, if a raise at all.

Question: When the weather peeps are predicting a percentage of rain, e.g. 80% chance of showers. Is it:
1. 80% of the time frame it will rain on 100% of the
2. 80% of the area will get rain in the time frame.
3. 80% of the area will get rain 80% of the time
in the time frame.
4. They don't have a friggin clue to what they are
doing and just pick a number out of the air.

ape? No opinion?

Thnx Mad!! i'm gonna be needing this blog butter all semester i tell ya...

what IS neo upto nowadays...

BigD: None of the above.

Rain predictions are per weather station. If we assume there is just one weather station, then an 80% chance of rain means that if you keep track of every time an 80% chance of rain is predicted over the entire season, then 80% of those times it will have rained the defined minimum amount at the weather station.

If you live far enough away, then you may not get rained on.

That's why they add things like "scattered showers", "spotty showers", "localized rainfall", "widely scattered showers", etc. To let you know what's going on in the entire area.

Ignore that. I'm way wrong. That's just half the forecast.

The forecaster multiplies the percentage of area that is expected to be rained upon by the percentage chance that it will rain.

*waves hi to Bangi*

Mad, it's this awful humidity that's killing me!

Di, the last eval that I had from the dorkhead in charge who didn't have a clue what I was doing was so good that he felt he needed to find one thing to criticize and he did:
Your desk is messy!

TV note: Rescue Me tonight!!!

{{{{messy desks}}}}

I don't feel well. I will probably have soup for dinner tonight.

Wonderful picture, MOTW, but what a terrible story behind it.

{{{Bangi}}} Wow, you may be even more stressed out than I am.

Oh... France 3, Spain 1...

Once upon a time, I was a boss. I ran a small business, and had to hire, fire and evaluate employees. Let me just say that evaluations absolutely suck, no matter which side of the table you sit on.

why won't my posts come through?

So, you have to write a second post, in order to ram the first one through? This has happened to me several times lately.

Has anyone seen neo?


AND I am in no way defending DDi's pulseless clueless ape advisor.

Eleanor, I have chosen to be invisible today, so no one can see me.

El- when I walked out of my place this morning there was so much humidity I thought I was in Virginia again.

Mad, I thought you said "there was so much humidity I thought I was a Virgin again."

But, never mind.

*snork @ sly*

I'm going to plead the 5th on that I think. ;-)

Mad, right now it's 96F on my patio, and humid. For Hanukkah last year CG gave me an outdoor thermometer and he's been calling every couple of hours to tell me how hot it is where he is (98F) and ask how hot it is here.

It's nice to know someone who is as obsessed with the weather as I am!

unfortunately, this is pretty typical:

Tween girl: I wonder if these shorts will fit? I'm just going to try them on right here.
Girl's father: Why don't you go in a dressing room, honey? For God's sake, have some modesty.
Tween girl: What's modesty?

Snorked yesterday, saw a truck with a pirate's plate on the front that said 'Yarrggh' with skull and crossbones and a rope woven between the front "hooks" on his bumper.

Need to heinze...have to later.

Just posted two pictures on the Y...one of the ocean from Leetie's porch at the beach...and one of Leetie and I...remains of the margaritas in hand.

I looked at the ones from the restaurant...but they were taken outside and are a little blurry, or at least they look that way on the computer. It was very very humid...and I think the lens was fogged up.

*refrains from making a comment about stuff being fogged up*

Susan, everything looks blurry after a few margaritas.

kibby's made it to Stuart FL in search of DJTonyB and Miami. Probably be making contact in the next couple days.

Also found out he'll be in the "area" for the next shuttle launch this coming Sat.

Sly, DDi, kibby's found out that 'reviews' are best accepted "as is" and any objections simply noted on in the employee comment place. ANY comment made to HR regarding the reviewer is an attack on the company. kibby even sent an e-mail response from his manager (quite pointed comments) to his HR rep. only to find out said HR rep. helped compose the offensive response.... does wonders for instilling confidence in said HR.....

Yay! Susan and Leets! Great pic of great people! Glad you had a good time. I miss the ocean (all I miss from S.Fla.)

Humid? What's "humid"? Here in W-b-G-V we're breathing water. It's been raining since Friday. Or maybe Thursday. I don't remember.

*wrings water out of brain*

Humid? What's "humid"?

I don't know what humid is either. I live in the desert. We have no humidity. I'm pretty sure lotion companies make a fortune off of desert dwellers. I just bought my 4th 14oz bottle of lotion for the year, and we're only halfway.

speaking of evaluations (well, we were earlier) Wysi has posted a bit about evaluations on his blog.

crap. I have to wake up in 3 hours.

then what are you doing awake!?


*packing up laptop. Catch you all later!*


*wanders in*

It's a good thing it was quiet yesterday.. based on the weekend and Monday I was worried that I'd never get heinzed.

Susan & Leets - you guys look great! Is that JU barbecuing in the "beach" picture, or is that a random neighbour?

*hugs Sarc* welcome back! Did you leave Israel a little cleaner than you found it?

*passes out*

*tucks pillow under Kats head and covers her with a blankie*

*flips on coffee pot*
*sets up breakfast bar*

*curls up in corner with her new book*

*storms through, fuming*

I wonder if it would be possible to superglue the ex's lips shut.

*magically appears, tube of superglue in hand* What did he do this time, Neo?


... seems mobile phones don't like exposure to water. While at Busch Gardens on a water ride (go figure) my Prague phone got a little damp. It's now (2 days later) developed a cold. Not all keys are firing....


... seems mobile phones don't like exposure to water. While at Busch Gardens on a water ride (go figure) my Prague phone got a little damp. It's now (2 days later) developed a cold. Not all keys are firing....


... seems mobile phones don't like exposure to water. While at Busch Gardens on a water ride (go figure) my Prague phone got a little damp. It's now (2 days later) developed a cold. Not all keys are firing....


Welcome back! Judging by the news, looks like you got out at a good time! Hope everything went well.

That was a pretty impressive triple there buddy.

Oh, and Morning MOATies!

A triple? Yea, cool.

*wonders what he could do if he tried*

Off to find COFFEE!!!!

whoa. *loves kibby three shots of espresso or however it is spelled*

MiK, too much to go into here. Suffice it to say that the ex is reneging on an agreement... for which I paid him and my lawyer a significant sum of money. *twitch*

Off to day two of work! Everybody in the building seems to love my new boss, judging by the way they tease him. (By the way, new job is sort of the same as old job, in the same building, only now I have a new and reputedly funny boss.)

{{{Neo}}} On the bright side, you have a nicer boss now. That's good, I think, in the end.

*takes off hat*
Moose, we hardly knew ye.
*sniffs, dabs at eyes with hanky*

*zips in before immediately zipping out*

1. Wimbledon
2. Yankees

Hoping to watch both before I collapse from heat stroke.

*waves hi to partner* Sounds like you're having a really good time - yay!

Did I read something someplace about the wimbledon people wanting to make a dress code? So no more skimpy clothing? No sexy outfits and a grunt noise allowance.
then again, I could be totally wrong.

G'morning MOATies. We went to the city yesterday afternoon, Jackie returned something at Macy's, we ate at Junior's in Grand Central, then went up to the Stadium for the game, of which the less said the better.

Then more torrential rains overnight and into the morning, which have moved out now. I haven't heinzed as yet.

Today is the last (half-) day of school for NYC, a day which used to be of MAJOR signifigance for Jackie but which now is just another ho-hum, so what day. Jackie does get to pick up a check for the last of her three annual payments for unused sick days, a nice couple of thou for the bank.

I (heart) peanut butter, too.. extra crunchy/chunky - mmmm... good!

Me too, Kaf. As a kid all I ate for breakfast (and lunch of I had the option) was peanut butter sandwiches, with or without jelly. My brother and I rarely agreed on anything and this was no exception, as he liked smooth and I liked chunky/crunchy.

By the way, we got a half gallon of Friendly's Smooth Churned Chocolate Peant Butter Swirl ice cream, with a huge swath of peanut butter running through it. Yum!

BigD: I take it to mean that (in their minds) there is an 80% chance there will be SOME rain SOMEWHERE in the viewing area. "Occasional" or "scattered" or "widely scattered" are other ways out of weaseling out of a specific forecast.

But ultimately, I'm going with 4. They don't have a friggin clue to what they are
doing and just pick a number out of the air.

Di, the last eval that I had from the dorkhead in charge who didn't have a clue what I was doing was so good that he felt he needed to find one thing to criticize and he did:
Your desk is messy!

Funny, El! There are two types of people - clean desks or messy desks. I find it hard to trust the former.

In college, Jackie once got a temp job using an adding machine (remember, this was the Dark Ages we're talking about), which was beyond her skill level. Besides, she's a lefty and these are righty-only.

After a week she called me at work, crying hysterically. "I've been terminated!"

So, you have to write a second post, in order to ram the first one through? This has happened to me several times lately.

Maybe we should be thinking about a move?

Kaf...the guy barbecuing is not JU. The house was on one side of the street...where I took the picture. Across the street was a row of houses...then the beach.

New windows tomorrow!

An 80% chance of rain can mean: The conditions (for the forecast time period) produce rain 80% of the time, and this forecast applies to 100% of the forecast area.

It can also mean: The current conditions produce rain 100% of the time (hey! it's raining right now!), but only on 80% of the forecast area.

Or any multiple of those two percentages that end up with 80%.

I agree with Jeff. We've been here a while.

EVERYBODY! Follow the Yeti

Thanks BrianB and Kaf, yes, we left it a little cleaner than we found it (the trip was about 40% "mission work" cleaning up and the like, and 60% touring). Yes, we got out just in time, all that stuff started happening the day we were flying out.

The "adults" from our church are headed out on Monday for their trip so I don't know how that's going to affect everything. Good to be home, not so good to be back at work.

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