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February 25, 2004


Of course it's outside Britain's Tate Gallery.

(Thanks to Bernie Langer)


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Art World MOAT. It's new, it's fresh, it's clean.

And no snow!

and thanx for the link jeff


*rubbing her eyes*

Snow? In June? Ick.

Good morning moaties.

Trinidad and Tobago are the smallest country in the World Cup finals.

I had to chuckle at "my favorite part is still when the camera pans over the fans". Reminds me of the women at the Super Bowl parties that I've been to.

Portugal v. Angola: Neither team played well. Hope they both look better in their next matches, or else they are TOAST.

Sly: *snork* @ 867-5309.


Oooh! Forgot to mention it on the last moat, congrats to DJT, and the D's!!!!

*hugs and smooches moat*

*blows smoke out of her ears*

ARGH! He's at it again. The crazy ex-cousin is at it again. I haven't checked my Y! account since Friday, and this morning I have over a dozen messages, this time from his personal email account since I blocked his other addy.

Ok moaties, I need your help. We've all crossed paths with an annoying website or two that once we've registered our email addy's they become relentless for sending us crappy ad emails. If you remember any of those websites, please forward them onto me. The addy posted here is correct.

*innocent look*

I don't want to use them for evil, only good, promise!

*enters and kicks a PlayDoh puppy*

My great-niece was born Tuesday. I've YET to see a photo!

This is due to (1)even though my sister has a digital camera, she's hopeless when it comes to getting pictures off the camera and (b) the hospital website says "Photo arriving soon". It states the pics are available 48 hours after the Mom leaves the hospital. 48 hours was up yesterday. Yes, I know it was a Sunday, but they also told her to expect the photos on Sunday. LIARS!

My sister did say she downloaded the photos from her camera and e-mailed them.....but since no one has received them, something apparently went wrong.

Knowing her, she forgot to hit "send".

OK, that last part wasn't nice of me. BUT I WANNA SEE MY NEW NIECE!!!

*exits and kicks Playdoh puppy into Lab's front lawn*

Oh, and good morning, everyone!

*kicks cast iron puppy in labs front lawn in support of sly*



Yeah sly, we wanna see the pictures too!

*feels proud of self* I just walked back from the supermarket with a heavy load of groceries (mostly Coke, as they were on sale and Mr Saccharine is addicted to it), and I didn't die of dehydration! *pumps fist in air* Yayyy!

Question: Are geckoes clean animals? Because we left our blender out to dry overnight after having washed it, and this morning I saw a gecko inside it, right under the blades.
Now, I love geckoes, but... Is this hygienic?

Sorry I can't help you out, Di. I've been spam-free for ages. I only get about one or two pieces of spam a day in my inbox, and I have no idea where they got my address.

I hope the hospital updates their website soon, Sly. We all want to see your cute little Annarae!

Question: Are geckoes clean animals? Because we left our blender out to dry overnight after having washed it, and this morning I saw a gecko inside it, right under the blades.

But did you turn the blender on?

Gecko Smoothie - GNFARB.

I'd link to frog in a blender game on joecartoon but I can't cause this filter hates me.
Where you making frozen moataritas?

The bottom part of the blender was in another room at the time. I scurried off to get the camera to take a picture of the gecko, which I will post soon on the Y.

But yes, Gecko Smoothie WBAGNFARB. :-)

No, yesterday afternoon Giant Frog made a tangerine and passionfruit smoothie. Usually he adds rum (he adds rum to everything), but not this time.

Maybe he didn't clean the blender well enough. I didn't check.

Hey, some fine art on display here. I just can't keep my eyes off of some of these statues! Oh, wait, those are real blogerettes, not statues.

*Stares even harder*

Good morning, MOATfolk. Though it's mighty LTTG, I am very pleased to congratulate DJT on a new more satisfying job programming ATM's to deposit a small per-transaction fee into his personal account. Nice gig, sir, you really snowed 'em.

I think I already welcomed Neo back, but dangit, she's so cool I'm just gonna welcome her back again.

Peri - it sounds like you are overdue for a relationship with a guy who bears some resemblance to a human being. Yes, many, if not most guys are full-time jerks, and all of us guys (like everyone) have our jerk moments. But there are quality men around. My only advice for you is, despite your experiences, don't close your eyes to the possibility of meeting a good guy, but do keep to your standards and accept into your life only those guys who can credibly meet them. It's never easy to find those "right" kind of people, but be patient and true to yourself and it can happen.

Regarding your daughter's desire to recover some love from the man you've grown to hate, I would say this. Don't prohibit her from reaching out, but give her, as objectively as possible, the honest cautions that you feel are merited. She is risking disappointment, and she should know that this will be a possible outcome. Be prepared (as I know you will be) to comfort her should that turn out to be the case. I would add one other precaution - don't poison the well for her chances of developing good relationships with men. Your experiences were bitter, but hers could be different if she can start out with an objective view rather than one that comes with a built-in all-men-are-rotten perspective.

Good luck, and {{{{Peri and J}}}}

Dang. *dabs at eyes with hankie, blows nose* Now I wish I were older and Blue were single.

Usually he adds rum (he adds rum to everything), but not this time.


*zips in*
Where am I?
How did this happen?
When did this happen?

Wasn't the Tony show great?
Could you even believe the bazooms on Alfre Woodard?
Where was Matthew Broderick?

*zips out to try to find the meaning of life, the universe and everything*

Laynie you can stop there. The meaning of life is a good cup of coffee and a krispy kreme donut. Or something like that... ;)

Darn - missed Alfre's bazooms. What color was her hair?

Well, there you go. A photo of the gecko is up on the Y. You can now post recipes for gecko smoothies.

Hey, maybe that could be my addition to the MOAT cookbook!

Jeff, this is the local rhum agricole - the clear rum that you get before it's put in casks (or whatever they put rhum in - I'm not familiar with the process). It's 55% proof, practically blindess-inducing.

When I ask Giant Frog why he's adding rum to something, he says "Ca désinfecte!".

*puts in order for Kourou Geckorita.

Isn't Devel's Island the ex-French prison island?

Morning MOATies!

To all watchnig the US-Czech game later, the matchup to watch Jan Koller vs. Oguchi Onyewu

6'8" vs. 6'4", both over 200 pounds

Yes, Kibby, it is. Papillon and Dreyfus were there. All three islands off the coast of Kourou were prisons, and Devil's Island was the high-security one.

There were, however, many other prisons in Guiana, the bigger ones being at St-Laurent-du-Maroni in the west and Cayenne in the east. There were smaller ones in the interior, mostly populated by prisoners from Indochina.

I also read that there was a prison on Nouvelle-Calédonie in the Pacific, but I don't know much about that one.

Let's see if this works. It's off the nursery website and it might not.


*stumbles in*

We moved?

Not heinzed...in other words.

*off to heinze*

It worked!! YAY!!

And she looks just like Stacey did when she was newly hatched.

YAY Auntie sly!

It worked! What an adorable picture and adorable baby. I love the setup with the white satin drape in the background - very cool!

In other words -

Awwwwwwwww :)

Jeff, I just looked for pictures of Alfre but I guess photos aren't up yet, or I couldn't find them. Her hair was light brown, with some blondish in it. It was a very flattering color to her complexion, if you could tear your eyes away from her ramparts for a second, which were straining to pop out and say hi to everyone!
It was great!

AWWWWWWWwwwwwww - sly, that is a gorgeous picture.

Calling all MOATies - I need your help, pls. Mr MOTW and I need/want to remodel the backroom from the current hodge-podge set up into a real "official" home office. Does anybody know of some good software that will assist? (Mr MOTW requires PLANS and printouts, not just a general idea from my punkin haid.) We have searched 8arns&Noble and a local software outlet, but cannot seem to find anything with "home office". They have ways to remodel kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, media centers, deck&landscape ... After spending a couple hours trying to find something, I told him that I would consult the Experts (a.k.a., the MOATies).
Need your valuable & expert help!

I'll czech U later. I am holding down the fort this week while a colleague is out ... and I thought that last week was busy. (ha. and again I say: HA.)

Alfre definitely won the Most Cleavage on Display award!!

It was awesome!

Awwwwwwwww! HOW CUTE SLY! Congratulations!!

There are now 3 girls in my office that are prego and due in the next few months, and a few girls that have gotten engaged recently and will be hoping to get prego shortly after they wed next year.

*puts earplugs in to avoid hearing the clock*

brand new humans are so adorable.

When I ask Giant Frog why he's adding rum to something, he says "Ca désinfecte!".

See, he's thinking about your health!

Aww sly, she's so cute! And big too, for 3 weeks early.

Jackie said Alfre's cleavage was impressive. Sorry I missed it.

MOTW, have you talked to Home Depo or Lowes or someplace like that? THey might know of something to help you.

El, Matthew Broderick was on. I'm trying to remember who it was, but it showed him in a flashback presenting an award years ago.

They had Matthew talking about what it meant to him to win a Tony.

Sly, the hospital may have taken its sweet time posting the photo, but I can forgive them, because it sure is a nice one! Annarae is adorable.
{{{{babies fresh out of the oven}}}}

MOTW, my aunt can help you with the architecture software; she's used ArchiCAD and another CAD thingy for all her work, and from what I've seen, it's not that hard to use. Just e-mail me if you want to know more: marialadouce (à) hotmail (point) com.

Oh, I forgot: how the heck do you pronounce "Alfre"? Is it like Alfred without the d, or "al-free" or "al-fray" to make it sound posh-y and French?

Who is Alfre, anyway?

{{{Peri and J}}}

Kaf...Yes! Move to Cheraw!

You know...I probably had more I wanted to say...and my mind has gone blank.

Not that that is anything new.

"Well, I know how many hundreds infinitely better than I, more pious, more patient, and less rash under injury, have watered their bread with tears," she wrote. "My plea to attention is that, in pleading for myself I am able to plead for all these others. For this, I believe, God gave me the power of writing. To this I devote that power. I abjure all other writing, till I see these laws altered."
From this article.

MiK- it's al-fray...

I got the job!

Off to watch the game!

Sort of in between - probably al-fray but a little like al-free.

She's an actress. At the moment she's slumming on Desperate Hosuewives but she's done much better stuff in the past.

Alfre Woodard.

*zips in*

Yes, I saw the Matthew flashback, etc. He looked soooooo cute with those big glasses.
But he wasn't present live with Sarah Jessica on his arm and neither was Nathan Lane.....

But I thought Patricia Neal was great and the guy she was with was so good to her, helping her to stand, etc. It's good to know she's still around.

And they showed Leo in the "who is gone" montage - *sobs*.

And in other news, a Cox cable telephone guy is coming today - AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGH!
I am not letting him in the house.

AWWWWWW! Sly, Congratulations! She is beautiful. (And I agree, the photo set is a nice one) Just think, naked baby pictures to threaten her with on prom night!

Congrats on the job, Blogchik!

WHOA, new MOAT....

*comes skidding in sideways after blurry weekend whooping it up with the boys*

all heinzed here, but not a hope for previous MOAT. Anything good that I should know about?

You don't want to know the bad things?

Blogchik, catching up from the last moat: You are right, ayn is a gutteral A sound... yet is not considered a vowel. As it was the letter in my ex's name, and was also in my married last name, it was a shame I could never pronounce that letter correctly. Just think, it might have changed EVERYthing if I could just pronounce his name. Or not.

Well, the game isn't going well for the American side. I think the Czechs will win, but I do feel bad for you guys. There are extra hankies here if any of you need them.

I, however, am preparing for the Italy-Ghana match by writing and studying Italian. Avanti Azzurri! And later today I have Italian class.

I would have watched the Australia-Japan game, but missed it because I thought it would be on later. A nice show, apparently, from the Socceroos with 3-1.

SLY!!! She is adorable!

*snork* at neo's "or not."

sly - yes, we've been to Home Despot and Lowe-life. They have books that deal with the subject of remodeling, but no software.
MiK - Mr MOTW does not want just AutoCAD plans. He wants to SEE the floor covering, wall texture/color, lighting, cabinetry for desk ... in addition to electrical layout, etc. He's an engineer (winks). (know what I mean? eh? eh? a wink's as good as a nod!)

Cox Cable Update:

Color me supremely annoyed.
The Cute Cox Cable TV pole climbing guy just called. He said I MUST allow the guy who's coming here today into the house to see the tape of "the problem no one's ever seen before in their life".

he's here - will finish later

I don't know if any of my aunt's architecture programs have that, MOTW, but I can ask. She probably knows of at least one good program that you can try to find.


*grabs Laynie and hits the floor boards*



Hey Gang - I just received an email from reMOAT with my name as the sender for some "New Graphic Site" as well as a "Failure Notice" from Yahoo Mail Daemon saying it failed to deliver to addresses... I cannot access the Y from work, and want to let people know that I did NOT send it - also wanted to advise everyone NOT to open whatever it is... I don't have a clue but I aint opening it - the mail does say it has an attachment, but I aint checkin that either! Please let me know if anyone sees this in their inbox... I am now wonderin if I have been hacked (password already changed).

P.S. - I like the new digs!

I got it in mine. *snork* set a speed record for closing email too when the addy inside said lesbi@npics or some such in the addy. I did not open the attachment however.
I didn't kibby the moat before I opened it. That'll learn me. So if anyone gets the same thing from me cause imma muppet, please don't open it.

Coast- Earthlink said there was a virus in your email -

Virus Detected: Container depth violation - scan incomplete.

Message Details:
From: coastraven
To: -lesbianpicsnpersons@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [ReMOAT] New Graphic Site
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 10:39:33 -0700 (PDT)

This email included an attachment which EarthLink identified as containing a virus known as Container depth violation - scan incomplete.."


I didn't get any such emails with any such virus. I should be thankful for that right? ;)

MOTW, I'm envisioning Mr. MOTW wearing one of those virtual reality headsets and gloves and you saying "now here is the room in ecru with wicker funiture. How's the texture on that one?"

Today is the first day of the bac (French final high school exam, much harder than the SAT). Every year I feel sorry for the kids being filmed for the TV news while taking their exams. As if just taking the damn thing weren't nerve-wracking enough!

PS to Coast's message - per his request, I also posted a message at the Y to alert folks about the bogus messages. If you get a ReMoat message from me with his name in the subject, that one's real.

Thats the thing though - I never received any email that would have triggered that... or if I did it went right in my trash bin.

If my puter eats itself CR, I'll send it to ya and let ya read it from the remains
I'm hoping here that if you didn't open the attachment youre okay. Right?

I can only hope the attachment is the key to it... I would hate to have to tear down Yahoo bit by bit!

Coast Raven, several times I have received messages that the emails I sent haven't been received... when I didn't send them. I spoke with my service provider about it. They said that people can send stuff that looks like it came from your address; it does not necessarily mean your computer has been affected. (Though it would make sense to run a virus scan to be sure!)

It also means that there is not a darn thing you or your service provider can do to stop the bad guys from besmirching your good name with their spam or porn or viruses.

Sorry you are going through it, because it feels nasty to have somebody use you that way. Been there.

Someday, our laws will catch up with technology and there will be an "e-mail fraud" law that will stop that.

Oh gosh. I hurt myself laughing over that. "laws catching up with technology." HA! Want to know the color of the sky in my world today?

stop the bad guys from besmirching your good name

*snork* I do a fine job of that withOUT their help!!

MOTW - this looked interesting - home design software If that's not good enough for him, I love to design rooms....

We like to do our bit for Coast's good name also..... ;)

Well, I'm off to watch the match. AVANTI AZZURRI!

sigh...my html skills are shot...

*staggers in bleeding*
the bulter did it
*dies dramatically*

*checks to see if they were shot in the thigh*

*staggers in and collapses in hammock*

Cabana boy, 2 MOATaritas, pls, NOW!

Yes, I got the Coast e-mail.
And the other day someone posted something smarmy on the MB using my name. Luckily I saw it and said it wasn't me.

OK, Cox SWAT guy just left. If he hadn't had the "Amish" type gray beard (and he looked pretty young-ish) he wouldn't have been bad looking. Very muscled out - but I guess you'd have to be to be a SWAT guy!!!

He's my new "point guy". Cute weekday Cox cable John is out of the picture. This guy will be "monitoring my levels" constantly!! From afar! Including my internet and phone connections!
Talk about pressure!

The next step, if the "jiggling" problem isn't fixed, is to change the wire/cable from the pole to the house. *sigh*

ROFL at Di's TUCK AND ROLL! Honestly, that's what it felt like I should do...

*Sprays ItalAway™ around MOAT*

Sprays again.

I was nowhere near the thigh in question! I was messing about with my JackSack (trademark thingie)

Hey, careful with that stuff, Blue! I happen to like Italians!

I suppose everyone's blaming the italics incident on me???

Haven't I been through enough electronic problems lately?

*Loves Neo a can of Ital-O-Magnet™*

It was CoastRaven. I saw him do it!

*collapses next to Laynie*

It's been a heck of a day when it comes to emails... now I just got an email from my ex. He "found" two pictures that he thought I might want. I haven't talked to him in over 2 years, WTFBBQ!? If I haven't missed the pics in two years, ya think I'mma need them now? Doubt it. Twas his way of letting me know whats new in his life. *eye roll*

Then I just got an email/text from the guy I'm going into business with. His brother got a DUI this past January. He somehow managed to get a traffic violation on his now suspended license in a town 40 miles away.

Did you catch that? He got a traffic violation on a suspended license in a town 40 miles away. MMMHmmm. Need I say more? He went to court this morning and the judge threw him in jail. LOL! I shouldn't really laugh but I can't help but laugh at stupid people.

Now he's looking for bail money. His brother asked me for some. HA! No. Bank of Di is closed thank you, don't come again.

*snuggles up next to Laynie hoping for some Xanax crumbs*

*googles for laundry aid that will rid the moat of blood stains and also cleanse Coast's besmirched name - Again.*

Di, your business partner asked you for bail money for his brother?

Is anybody else seing red flags, or is this just a bad reflection from Sly's rose colored glasses earlier?

Mid afternoon sporting news update:

US Czechs out of first world cup game with a 3-0 loss

Ghana looks good so far against Italy, 26th minute, 0-0

Ben Roethlisberger (sp?) injured in motorcycle crash, serious but stable condition.

Other than that, it is a Monday. We now return you to your regularly scheduled frivolity.

*wave Hi* All heinzed and checking in.

*hugs neo*

Tis okay. He wasn't serious. He would NEVER be serious about that. He was just letting me know what was going on, and jokingly said "So, you got $4500 for me to borrow?". I swear he would NEVER be serious about that, even more so in this situation. His brother doesn't deserve a break, he should be kept in the pen for a few days. Maybe then he'd understand the severity of what he's done. Moron.

Italy 1 - Ghana ZIP


*falls over laughing*

You'd think I was drunk! But, I'm not. I'm just beside myself.

*looks to the side*
*waves at self*
*continues ROFL*

I think I need a nap.

Aha! Mad, that's it! This red stuff all over isn't blood from Annie's shot html skills; it's ketchup! (btw, Annie, I periodically forget how to link and have to go experiment on abandoned threads. Too easy to drop a > or a " or something.)

And whew, Di! I am assuming the business partner is the restaurateur (unless I've missed something) and I am waiting anxiously to attend the grand opening, so was hoping he wasn't "that kind" of person!

And now we have brilliant (*heavy sarcasm*) halftime commentary from the five putzes of the local channel.

EEEEeeeekkkk!!!! RAIN!

Coming down nearly horizontally!

*crossing fingers and everything else that the power will stay on*


Monday 6-12-06 All Request Lunch Hour
“Roll With It” Steve Winwood
“In The Navy” Village People---a Wardlaw…and David’s never heard it.
“Never Can Say Goodbye” Gloria Gaynor
“Get Together” Youngbloods
“Right Now” Van Halen
“Go All The Way” Raspberries
“Mustang Sally” Wilson Pickett
“65 Love Affair” Paul Davis
“Pour Some Sugar On Me” Def Leppard---Chris
“Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man” Bob Seger
“Myrtle Beach Days” Fantastic Shakers
“Come On Eileen” Dexy’s Midnight Runners
“This Love” Maroon 5

Coast: got your warning but not the original e-mail.

Actually, my account was suspended a few days ago by AOL for supposedly "bulk mailing" - which could be spam according to them. I thought it might have been from passing on one of Fish's jokes, but then I realized it could have been anyone.

Well, I didn't expect the US to win, but three-nil is kind of pathetic. Is that "hit the post" shot going to be the highlight of this year's World Cup for us?

MiK: yes, the Aussies rallied for 3 late goals to win.

This guy will be "monitoring my levels" constantly!!
if the "jiggling" problem isn't fixed, is to change the wire/cable from the pole to the house.

El, are we sure he didn't put little surveillance cameras all over your house to "monitor" your "jiggling"?

Now he's looking for bail money. His brother asked me for some. HA! No. Bank of Di is closed thank you, don't come again.

I don't think so.

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