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February 25, 2004


Just like guys.

(Thanks to Bob Hopf)


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looks good, ASK!

*sets up hammocks*
*plops in and awaits the arrival of others*


Tamara, I'm too comfy to go back and tell everyone to get their cute little arse's and ramparts over here, would you be a dear?

Slowly, the herd migrates to their new location. There are the tentative few, but once the others realize that the MOATarita machine is gone, they will follow...

Another day, another MOAT....

*SNORK* @ Narrator!

But I still don't like it when folks don't take credit for their posts...

*looks around*

Did you guys go somewhere else?


No one was here until I posted.

*hands on hips*

You were hiding from me???

*smooches Tony*

Already moved the booze? Y'all have had a lot of practice at this. Been looking at your pics all morning - not a disappointment in the lot!

Snork @ Sly!!!

*dives back behind the hammock*

*peers out from behind a shrubbery*

Shhhhhh, sly, be vewwwwwwwwwwwy quiet, I'm documenting the migratory habits of the MOAT society. They startle easily.

YAY for moving to a faster MOAT!!
YAY for blossoms on the trees!!

WAID! A BOX on the blossoms on the drees!! I HATE POLLEND!


It happened again. I just left for a few minutes to go put on some makeup for my lunch with CG that I hope he cancels because I want to be mad at him - and you guys move!!!!

AND - as if that isn't bad enough, a born again newbie takes charge!

Is he going to send e-mails too and take that job from me too?
*gets on high horse and waits for answer*

As long as its just the migratory habits - some of the erm..other habits are probably best left as mystery.

And remember - you grip it by the husk.

I liked your picture best el.

p.s. We only spent 8 (EIGHT) days at the previous MOAT.

Maybe we need a daily quota of remarks per person??

ASK, you obviously don't know Giant Frog. He wouldn't like it. Especially not the spanking.

Mad, thanks for the constructive criticism. Any and all comments are appreciated.
However, Kourou is a tad too isolated ( /heavy sarcasm ) to have such a thing as counseling or anything similar. And even if there were, Giant Frog would say "NO NO NO NO! OVER MY DEAD BODY!" to it. And I can't force him to do something he doesn't, so... *shrug*
We'll figure it out together, hopefully.

"Maybe we need a daily quota of remarks per person??"

Laynie, I am going to go join in the conga line and pretend you did not just say that...

Eleanor, how can we limit comments? This is where we come to vent, play, rant, rave, etc... That would be like someone telling me how much oxygen I can have. Let's please not ever get to that point...Please? Thank you.

I'm going to say this and then nothing else on the subject:
I recall the moment when I realized I was quite disappointed in Giant Frog. It was when I saw the SouthPark MiK that he had created. I thought it was disrespectful, not funny.

(Like the STBX-one I did, which was supposed to be disrespectful, because he's my dearest mortal enemy. [Although actually still a pretty good friend when we keep our distance; he knows about TKB and is actually supportive!])

/three cents

*reaches around from behind moatarita machine to re-re-refill glass*

*gathers courage to venture out and see if kiss-up job on el has worked*

*realizes this is now his 4th comment on this moat*

*wonders what his quota is - and do kiss-ups count?*

No, MiK I don't have a clue about GF - I apologize if I have stepped into something sensitive there. I know I personally have always enjoyed being a sesso slave, so I just assumed.

I'm here. What's for lunch?

I'm gonna give El the benefit of the doubt and assume it was a joke (even if it wasn't funny AT ALL!)

Trying to limit comments, besides impossible, is also unwarranted. This is part of the MOAT essence - the rambling, the waffling, the listing of things that we love/hate about TKB...

It's part of what makes us who we are.

MiK - I'm sorry - there ARE therapists in Kourou! You just have to find them. Heck, if there's a hospital where HGF works, I'll take BETS that there are therapists there.

You just have to want to go out there and find them.

I'm going to get off my soapbox (although I'm sure there are others on it) about MiK and HGF - I've already waved red flags over several aspects of their relationship and that horse is pretty stinky by now.

Of course, I've also rained on TRWC's parade with TKB, but she's sailing merrily along anyway.

BOOGER! CAR! Someone pass me a MOATarita...

*rends clothes*


OF COURSE I was kidding, of course. Who more than an FCDA is bigger on the whole "FREE SPEECH" concept? No one.

I'm soooo sorry (truly) if anyone took me seiously for even a nanosecond.
I feel awful.

Aside to ASK: yes, kissups are good and can be redeemed at a later date for a 4th round draft pick.

Hmmm, does that mean El is now nekkid?


MiK- even if you can't get HIM to see a counselor, you should look into seeing one on your own to discuss things with.

bb- I don't know what you're having, but I'm having a tuna melt on whole wheat. Your name reminds me of home cause the cross street closest to my parents' house is called Via Escuela (there used to be a school down the street from the house but it was torn down before we moved there and is now a big beautiful park)

*wonders why she hasn't gotten any flag wavin from Higgy*

*slurps up last drops of moatarita from her glass and wobbles back to werk*

Oops, forgot to change my name back from posting on Dave's Passover thread.

Guys, I was really kidding. I feel terrible that anyone would even think I was serious.


Heh heh. 'scuse me!

I assumed El meant a minimum quota - I mean, 8 whole days in one place? Some of you are slacking off (or, aren't slacking off, if you happen to be at work).

Well, I knew that you were kidding, Laynie! ;)


Hi guys! Just here doing my part to raise the post count and get to my minimum.

I knew you were kidding, counselor. {{{{Eleanor the Jewish chick}}}}

I'm ready for a nap.
*skips over to hammocks for a lie down*

Oh wait... she's nekkid. Maybe not the best time for hugging. NTTAWWT for those who would prefer to hug El clothes-less.

Love you anyway, El. Sorry the towels are wet again.

Well, I think El was serious. And I'm offended. I'm SO offended that I think I'll try to exceed my quota. So there!
*stomps foot*

AND - as if it isn't bad enough that the MOAT has turned on me, CG just called and half-a**ed cancelled.

Nobody loves me
Everybody hates me
I'm going in the garden
To Eat Worms

And I have a new jacket on.:(

Awwwwwwwwww! ELEANOR! We love you!



you guys be nice to El!

I'll warn you right now, my brother works for the post office, so I have a genetic predispostion towards goin' postal

do NOT make me stop the car!

CG cancelled?! Men!! :(


*snork* @ TCK going postal, but also I'm just a lil' bit scared

Eleanor! Snap out of it, woman! Nothing but love here.

Limits! Hah! We scoff at limits!

*scoffs in limit's general direction*

Maybe someday we'll have to move on a daily basis!

Maybe someday we'll have to take over another blog, just to fit us all in!

Maybe we'll all have to chip in an buy our own webserver...

Whatever happens, we shall not be repressed!

*shakes fist*

*falls off podium*

*desparately needs a MOATini*

DDi - the only flag I would have waved at you would have been the little Cubs pennant you gave us before Owen was born - but he won't let me play with it!

Besides - now that you've gone to the doctor's, you seem to be well in control. Whatever happened with the restaurant and the farm house?

*takes off slacks*

What? Don't ASK me, elfbrains said somethin' about everybody's slacks off.

half a**ed cancelled? What's that? He's gonna drop by, but not for long?

*wraps Higgy's flag around her waist and heads back to *twitch* werk*

You all have no idea what I'm talking about, but I'm going to say it here anyway. At least I don't have to drive to Chillicothe this year.

Pantsless Wednesday? Awright!

Awww... thank you Higgy. Too bad I didn't think to get you guys a White Sox one, considering they won and all. Sorry!

The house is on hold until B figures out his finances. I've put my cat of 9 tails down and taken several deep breaths. He assures me that he is "working on things". So be it.

In the meantime, the restaurant is moving along. Slowly, but surely. Just been a little too busy with my full time job right now to go full force with it. After we get back from vacation at the end of the month, I should have more time to devote to the cause.

What's going on with Higgy Jr? Is he walkin? Talkin? Drivin? :) Hug TCMH and JR for us!

Ummm, it's also topless Wednesday....

*hides in the shadows to see if that works*

What's that glowing over there in the shadows?

But it's Ohio's first capital!

Yes. That it is. And it's a long way to drive to NOT participate in the Lord's Supper.

But it's Ohio's first capital!
Posted by: DDi | 03:46 PM on April 12, 2006

Wow. Most. [seemingly.] random. comment. ever.

I actually had to think to figure it out!

Okay... gonna have to heinz later. This morning is going far too quickly for me. Bleeargh.

Kibby.. I'd posted something in the middle of the night with a pythonesque reference and couldn't get my name to change back. That's why the MP, Esq. was still there.

Tamara - Your great grandma sounds like she had a lovely relationship with "Grandpa Bill" and more power to both of em wherever they rest. It doesn't sound like you think you're looking at the same kind of relationship, though. You sound a LOT more unsure and "waffly". Get some peace for yourself before you commit any further. Remember, what was right for our grandmas doesn't necessarily work for us.

/voice of doom and I have nothing else noted down..

Back later, taters!

El - we all love you

MIK- I agree with what Higgy said up there that there must be someone at the hospital to talk to and also that you should go alone if nothing else, but consider if HGF isn't willing to try this to make the relationship work then how much does he really care about the relationship?

*happy passover to those who celebrate it*

*raises an eyebrow towards T RWC*

I believe'eth you not'eth!

Lab. Um. WHY? Or better yet, who hates you?

Chillicothe was also Ohio's third capital. It moved to Zanesville for a while, and then was temporarily moved back to Chillicothe while the wilderness was cleared so that Columbus could be built.

Allow me to repharse that question Lab.

WHY would you go there in the first place? And who hates you enough to make you pay that pennance?

No, it's not the same kind of relationship. I haven't the maturity and experience of my gr8gma.
But it was a revelation to me that I don't have to be alone just because I don't want to get married.
...I've got so much Catholic Guilt leftover, y'all; it ain't even funny...

Anyway, I've finally made my decision, so please begin preparing your Neener's and Told-You-So's. :)

*hoists the anchor*
"Saiiiilinnnng... takes me awaaaaayyy..."

Ummm, it's also topless Wednesday....

*removes........ hat*

Last year we drove to Chillicothe so that The Wench could attend "The Lord's Evening Meal" celebrations at her family's Kingdom Hall. So, we drove two hours, heard the whole yadda-yadda, and then they passed around the bread and wine. Each person looked at it reverently and passed it on. Then we drove home. The most uncomfortable part is afterward, talking to people that have known The Wench for forever, and assuming that she married a good JW boy, which I'm not. The Wench was worried that somebody would say something to me and I'd be honest with them. I managed to be nice to everyone.

Yikes Lab. Well good that you're not driving out there this year!

PS: You are a good boy, just lagging in the JW area. (NTTAWWT)

anyone elese slightly startled when they saw the newest MB post title?

LOVED the newest MB post title. :D

This year we're going to a place in our neighborhood. The bad thing about that is they'll all be pressuring us to start attending. That ain't gonna happen.

bushes at the edge of the MOAT rustle softly.

sound of gollum like feet slapping on the pavement around the MOAT pool. Brat approaches the edge of the pool, quietly observing its inhabitants

.. Ahem!

Sly .... not teasing, just turned into one of those shy Moaties djtonyb is documenting. Snork ... he didn't realize I was peering out of the same bush as he was.

djtonyb - the mighty hunter.

BWA HA HA HA HA! you can't catch me ... back to Blurkerdom.


The ATF hates ninjas.

LTTG: Buy FL Lotto Tickets! Pay my tuition!

MOAT of Death sounds like our apocalyptic future.
Bob Ross zombies?

*grabs Brat by the chest hairs*
Y'ain't goin' nowhere, buddy! Sit!

half a**ed cancelled? What's that? He's gonna drop by, but not for long?

sly, that's exactly what it meant, but since then I've received the fulla** cancel - great, just great.

So I've taken off my new pretty spring jacket AND my tight white scoopneck t-shirt and put on an old ugly avocado green one (!), no doubt left over from the 70's.

He apologized and begged to come over tomorrow. I said NO for about 2 minutes of begging and then said, in a weary voice, Oh, all right. *sigh*

*zips out to take a prescription pain pill*

I like your Avocado green jacket.

Well maybe I only like avocados, but it's a start...

*breezes in*

*grabs a MOATarita*

nice digs - but there's a couple strange guys out in the bushes with binoculars - nttawwt.

hi, brat - another newbie here!

just a little catchup:

elf/ASK - classic rock, baby!

sly - where I am (south of New Orleans)there are some country music stations, but also lots of rock, which is what I have on my radio. I don't like country music, and never have. I have friends who do, tho, and I still like 'em! ;)

Mad - thanks - I'll remember that!



*chugs MOATarita, and heads back to work*

My bookmark to this MOAT reads "Pros and Cons MOAT".

I agree with Tony. Dang the torpedoes, full speed ahead! We'll make a new MOATspace if we have to.

And yes, El, I realized you were joking as well.
Though I must admit that some days, it looks like I have verbal diarrhea (to quote the lovely Bridget Jones), making me responsible for half the posts.

It's all right, ASK; no offense taken with your sesso slave comment. :-)
And by the way, I replace the $ex word with its Italian counterpart to avoid robotting.

Tamara, HGF's South Park version of me was done entirely in jest. I saw him make it, step by step, and rolled my eyes at the result. The truth is, I do wear a stupid blue hat like that one to protect my pasty-white skin from the Equatorial sun, and he claims I drool in my sleep (I can't vouch for that one, the pillow being dry by the time I wake up, thus erasing any incriminating evidence).
I do, however, see your point. To someone who doesn't know Giant Frog's sense of humor, it would look particularly mean. {{{{Tamara}}}}

About therapy (couples or alone), we'll see. I've had a decade's worth of lying on couches talking, so I'm not exactly thrilled about going back.

Well, while all this talk about my sesso life is fun, I think I should, I don't know, get a hobby or something. Sesso isn't everything.

Sesso isn't everything, but it IS something...

Not that I'm saying you've got have fabulous sesso each and every time and as often as you'd like it...

But from what you've said - you're not EVER getting it how you'd like it - hence, go talk to someone. There's nothing wrong with therapy - so what if you've done it for a while - have you talked about THIS issue? If not, then it's a whole new ballgame.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE avocados!!! Avocados are my favorite food :)

The ballgame's on? Huh? Beer me and point me to the TV.

and RE: ninjas-
a couple of weeks ago I saw someone dressed up and acting like an honest-to-goodness ninja on campus. Everyone just kind of stopped and stared when they saw him. He was wearing all black, headband and everything, and slinking around and between planters (which are pretty short, so there was a lot of dropping to the cement ground) and buildings in one of the main quad areas (there are 4.) I wish I had a camera to record that for posterity, but no such luck.

OK, is there anyone here who doesn't like avocados? I hate them.

*thinks* I should definitely get a hobby. Maybe Rita could teach me how to knit thongs.

I think this is the first MOAT move in a long time where I come by on the same day. I tried to bring Fluffy, but I don't think he remembers me......even though I fed him his first snickerdoodle.

I'm gonna win the Mega Millions. I have to win. It's my turn. See, and if I win, I can finally start that olive pit collection that I've always dreamed of having.

Was he a good ninja or an evil ninja?

I'm beginning to wonder if there are ten foods that MiK actually likes.

Oh... I said that out loud, didn't I?

*ahem* i got posted on the MB!

'surely, insomniac, someone of your ,shall we say notoriety, would have been posted by now?'

you'd think so, but no!

don't like avocados, which was ironic because growing up in s. fla ,parents had an avocado tree...(although they preferred ones from california)

gotta go teach!

YAY Insom!!

Lab asked for it!

1. Homemade pizza.
2. My Nonna's homemade tagliatelle.
3. My Nonna's homemade gnocchi.
4. Mashed potatoes on fresh bread with lemon juice. (What? Stop looking at me like that.)
5. Cassoulet.
6. My aunt's special broccoli sauce for spaghetti.
7. Speculoos, either in cookie or ice cream form.
8. Sushi and sashimi.
9. Nutella.
10. Colin Firth and Monica Bellucci covered in Nutella. (This one is more of a meal.)

*waves to Graz*

You just missed brat! It must me old-timers day here on the MOAT.

OK, Graz, here's the plan: You win the Mega-Millions, I'll win the FL Lotto, - Leetie, you win your jackpot, and together we will...

Have one helluva time next Vegas trip!

*finishes condimenting*

MiK - I don't like avocados, either

I can't remember if I've ever officially said "hello" to Graz, Brat and ASK, so...


I got to go see my Dad today, and he remembered my name! I'm so happy and relieved! He looks good, but he's so sleepy all the time. I wish there were something more I could do for him.


{{Aunt Nancy}}

MiK, 10 is actually a variation of 9, so technically you still only have 9.


Breaking news: an Italian pr0n star is offering her body to Osama bin Laden in exchange for world peace. Sorry the article is in Italian, but there are photos of said brave woman.


10. Colin Firth and Monica Bellucci covered in honey.


That's a woman?

Yes. Apparently. Though to be honest, it looks more like a ghost.

Sorry Graz, but I'M winning the Mega Millions! I just reinvested my $2 and spent $3 more on tickets. JU has some numbers that he plays too, so we'll see how much money we collectively throw aw-- I mean, invest in our future.

*wonders what the strikeout HTML tag is*

And, upon reading the article, she had already selflessly devoted herself to humanity once before in the form of offering her body to Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War.

Also, it is unclear whether the offer to Bin Laden is lifelong or, like, a one-night stand in the desert or something, because she didn't elaborate her plans any further.

Leetie...it's .

talk about giving your all, or all of yourself, for world peace

Monty Python's Flying Circus?

No... its "s" and "/s" (I couldn't put the less than and greater than signs in because it read them as html)

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