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February 25, 2004


Monty the Python is saved.


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Plisskin should feel comfy here.

Where IS everybody?

*slithers in and curls up next to wolfie*

*scuttles over to her usual spot*


*slithers in and curls up between wolfie and neo*

Sorry, Neo. I had to make an Official MOAT Move Announcement with Many Capital Letters and a Smattering of Bold.\

Smattering of Bold wbagnfarb

*wiggles to find comfy spot*

*whispers* this Moat has a built in python someplace in the shadows. *snork*

*slides in*

What? It's raining here. It's all slippery out there.

A built in python? Hmm.

*hangs a new sign on the Moat wall*

*goes back and Xs out the word "don't"*

*slithers away to w*rk*

I am not a robot, d@mmit!!!

*drags in and sets up portable hot tub*

OK, I'm set! There's room in the tub for more!

*zips in*

Well, I hate snakes but if this is where all the cool kids are, then this is where I want to be, although in RL I may have been transported to wolfie's place since it is 43F here at this moment. No, that is not a typo: forth-three.

So to summarize sly's link, a felon can run for office, but cannot vote for himself. Do I have this right?

I really don't understand how anyone can watch 24 when it's on opposite The Apprentice, which as usual was excellent.

That's all for now. I'm still sad but I'm trying to move on.:( I just can hardly believe it. I took 2 Benadryl and a sleeping pill to fall asleep last night but I slept til 6:45 which is late for me, so that was good.

*zips out to sit on hands to try and warm them up* :)

Did anyone send e-mails re new MOAT? If not, I'll do it.

That would be forty-three.

*cannonballs into hottub*

I haven't sent out email or offlines. El I nominate you to send emails because you are excellent at it. *smooch*

*names this the MoatyPython*

*climbs out of hot tub and gropes about in the shadows looking for a python.. leaves trail of wet footprints across clean Moat floor*

All my really good posters for the wall are at home. I'll decorate some later when I won't block my own access.

I brought the KibEl stapler. Kibby will bring Huey the Howtizer.

Will do wolfie. It's one of my favorite chores.
*feeble smile*

*smooches El*

You do it sooo well. (send the emails that is. I won't even consider other things, which I'm sure you do well too. Oh...something shiny----->)

Airforce 1 just landed. Oh goody.
The shrub is visiting a school, but only talking to 24 handpicked students. You know, in case the school taught the students to think on their own. Wouldn't want anyone to ask a question that might not follow a party line. He is also visiting an old folks home. A rich old folks home (population approx 98.6% republican). The mayor of the town was not invited to meet him or even hear him speak. She's a democrat. He will NOT be visiting the V.A. (approx 2 miles down the road from the retirement community) that they keep trying to close down. The V.A. that serves kids coming back from his war. Can't imagine why.

*was wondering about his Partner's "typo"*



*spashes water around*


Thanks, guys, I needed that.

But would Snake Rescue BAGNFARB? Maybe just an Aussie nature show.

*aims Heuy high*


Sorry wolfie, MOATy Python: MOAT VIII is already taken.

... we'll have to settle for something totally different.

Thanks for the update, wolfie. I couldn't understand how Dummy would be speaking to actual seniors and letting them rant at him about Medicare and the drug program. This makes sense.



Nobody will rant at him. He's arranged that very carefully. I still can't believe the town's mayor isn't invited. I mean really, how tacky is that?

I'll be in the shadows groping a python if anyone needs me.

the shrub



TCK, I snorked at that one too!

Y!'s updated.

Jeff, the seniors are actually dead and just propped up. They just changed the funeral home sign, increased security and threw a few Depends around.

*resists making a wolfie-comment*


Wolfie? I'm sure Lab would tell you that it's a "two handed" affair.

... just say'n.

So his family name was origianly George the Shrubber?


How about the SLITHER MOAT?


OK then, I'll just go back to sending e-mails.

pssst TCK, there's a special one coming your way. You may want to put on your Kevlar vest. *squinty-eyed-look*

*points out that she NEVER comments on partner's "typos" *

The shrub was planted?
We've changed our mind. We don't want a shrubbery after all. We want.. ummm.. erm... a python!

Kibby ~ way to resist. *is proud*
And if anyone insists it's a two handed job, they have to provide pics. Lots of them. In color. With fine detail. Something I can blow up and laminate for later lick... erm.. use.

Just!! *smooch*

Susan, would you please play Beach Boys Wouldn't It Be Nice - for Bill.


******* FLASH FROM THE PAST *******
oh... and Neo.. in case you ever need to "flash"

(@)(@) small ramparts

( @ )( @ ) large ramparts

Select that which is appropriate

Posted by: Kafaleni | 08:37 AM on March 14, 2005

wow.. I didn't think they would stop conversations.

Posted by: Kafaleni | 08:46 AM on March 14, 2005

b>/******* FLASH FROM THE PAST *******

THAT was taken from MOAThouse Rock: MOAT XVII started EXACTLY ONE YEAR AGO - YESTERDAY!

*cues Twilight Zone music*

*puts on kevlar vest, helmet, and protective cup, grabs emergency parfait stash and backup lighter and crawls into the bunker*

wooo hoooo Wolfie!

That is all.

and now I shall go back to picking invisible specks of dust off the carpet until the in-laws arrive...

*trying not to point out that El didn't even say HI! After guilting her into coming here... cuz I wouldn't want one of THOSE emails* ;)

El, yes. I can do that.

Without a nap before even.

I was fine earlier...but now I'm sleepy. And I'm sensing a loooooooong town council meeting tonight, in a crowded room. There is much much much opposition to one of the items up for public hearing tonight.

There will be a nap in my afternoon.

wolfie - I get the feeling you're not a huge fan of His Exalted Shrubness. ;)

*loves wolfie her gas-powered weed-eater-shrub-trimmer thingy*

El - sorry to hear about your friend. {{HUG}}

I still have a chip on my shoulder over the business with Hubby last night. I mean, we "talked" and he apologized, but I don't think he quite understands how upset I was (and am). And both girls are home from school, sick with some kind of stomach virus, so getting anything done (like laundry and blogging) is nearly impossible.

Please pass the chocolate.

Wolfie: You will indeed need two hands. One to hold the magnifying glass, and the other to....

Stifle my giggles Lab?

Susan - you have email.

Going back to blah blah blah...

That's what I like about you, Wolfie. You'd at least try to stifle.

Psst! Did you hear about Wolfie? She stifles!

*hugs Just sooooooooo tight she can't breathe (just for a second) and then ties her down on KibEl desk, which the
moving men have already set up*

Aunt Nancy: You are probably right. He probably doesn't get it entirely. As I see it, you have two choices: (A) Spend more time trying to make sure he gets it. That would work best if you can also say it in such a way that you don't make him defensive. That means explaining how you felt without blaming him. Which means that you have to actually NOT blame him. It's a misunderstanding, which means it's not any ONE person's fault. It's simply a disconnect. (2) You could realize that it is just a disconnect, and save all that energy for something that comes up that is more important to iron out.

Not knowing how "big" this issue is to you, I can't make any recommendations on which approach I would take. Best of luck! You may want to wait until after you bake that applesauce cake so that, after it's all said and done, at least there's cake!

Here ya go, AN. Can we share? And pass them around for anyone else who needs them today?

Also AN, it's been my experience that MEN (ugh!) NEVER understand how upset we are unless it's something that's a really big deal to them as well, which is hardly anything.:( *hug*

*only wanted to point out that his Partner had pointed out her "Typo" wasn't a typo - but it was*

WOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO El's tied me err... umm...

ooooh LOOK! More invisible dust....



I read it. Good stuff, but depressing as hell considering.

{{Aunt Nancy}}

That was insensitive and irrespsonsible of him.

*snork* @ SpamBot

Which means that you have to actually NOT blame him.

AN - the above sentence written by Lab (a man) just proves my point. Of course he's to blame - duh!!

pssst Lab, sorry, but you set yourself up and - what can I say?

Also "irresponsible"

Oooo lookit!! Her blush goes all the way down to there!

Aunt Nancy,

Lab missed option C. USE the iron! There's nothing like a good WACK! upside the head to get a guy's attention.

That, and greating him nekid at the front door with a beer .... but I don't think you're going for that impression....

hey! New moat!! Yay!!


Starting as soon as I hit post, I will be absent from the MOAT for an undetermined period of time. This is a self-imposed absence arising from my intolerable behavior towards another moaty. I was a jerk, and I deserve much worse than exile. I will not be back until she forgives me, and invites me back. If she does not forgive me (and I wouldn't blame her), I will not be back.

Saying I'm sorry is so inadequate, but I am so, so sorry.


What did I miss?

MOTW -- Here's a name for you: Dr. George Jungles.

Update: I got like 50 emails yesterday. You guys sure were busy on the Y! I also got emails from every single TA I have, as well as two profs, the advisor for my program, the school of education here on campus, my mom (forwards, ICK!), two of my sisters, and from church people! I felt so popular, but there were no emails from D :( He doesn't have a computer of his own, so he might not check is mail very often, or maybe he's nervous to respond? I can hope!

Hey Lab, it takes one to know one. I think I can out "know-it-all ass" you anyday. That's why I can appreciate the bristling--you're typing what I'm thinking.

Maybe someday we'll be the two old guys in the balcony on the muppet show...but with motorcycles.

*gets a grip because she just remembered that the - UGH! - Tech report is coming on WCRE*

But it's also free music Tuesday on iTunes, so that's something.

sly, I don't think WE missed anything.

*hopes time will heal*

*flys 2 MOAT flags at half mast*

Lab - thanks for the bread crumb.
AN - did you say you needed chocolate?

Spent Sunday afternoon/evening & Monday w/ my youngest. Bonnie and I went to church. Dad and boys were coming later, I thought. But they never arrived. When Bonnie and I got home, Dad told me that Paul had been standing up, then screamed and fell down (on a pillow), cried for about an hour because of severe pain in his head. I gave him an Aleve, but a couple hours later, the pain was still very severe. We phoned the pedi and then went to E.R. They gave him a big honking shot of painkiller (which didn't work), did a swab for strep, took several x-rays. Told us that strep and x-rays were negative/fine, so it was probably a muscle spasm. Mr MOTW was very skeptical. We went home to bed, exhausted, but glad that it wasn't a tumor, aneurysm, or meningitis. Paul woke up yesterday, dark circles under his eyes because he couldn't sleep from pain. I phoned our pedi and we went in the afternoon. She felt around his neck and said, "Yes, it was a muscle spasm." She had me feel the tendons and they were tighter than a strung piano wire. Continue Motrin and try moist heat and massage. So we did massage every hour. He slept well, but woke up this AM with his head still to one side.

Kids can be such a rollercoaster, y'know?

SarahJ, you can get your Y messages as a digest...one message with all in a chain.

*saunters in wearing high heels and the good old cat suit*

Je suis Bangē...Sizzleeng Bangē...

I don't mind having them separate, it was just a record number of emails recieved for me! i never get spam (knock on wood) not even in my spam box, and rarely from friends, occasionally from family, and sometimes from school. Usually I get about 8-10 a week, so 50 in one day is a ton!

MOTW, when my daughter was just an itty bitty teeny thing (wow, that was a loooooooooong time ago), still in the crib, this was back in the days when you were SUPPOSED to put your child to sleep on his/her stomach, her head was always turned to the left. Because of, or in spite of, this, she had a huge knot on the side of her neck where the muscles knotted up. Getting the xray was torture...trying to rub that muscle even harder. She was less than 6 months old at the time.

Wow. That first sentence is awful.

*hits post anyway, not having a better way to rewrite that*

Too funny, sly!

*decides she must heinz b4 sauntering further*
*Stares at Deon*
*is assured of his virtual reality*
*wishes some other lost moaties would reappear as well*

El - you have Email.

that is all.

*wolfie whistles at bangi*


Only for you, Bangi!


OK, back to werk! *shudder*

*waving @ Bangi*

Nice shoes!

Well, Deon, I'll be sure to say something over-generalized, uniformed, and illogical. See what you can come up with. Of course, you'll have to oblige me afterward!

*chooses to ignore Eleanor*

****** BLAST FROM THE PAST ******

arent behinds the cutest body parts ever?

Posted by: Bangi | 09:10 AM on March 14, 2005

Bangi: I pity your bf. You are such a tease!

Posted by: Deon | 10:31 AM on March 14, 2005

/****** BLAST FROM THE PAST ******

DJT...I'm still shuddering a bit at your sinus cure, with garlic. I'll use a neti, but I don't know about that.

Trillian...I said I'd try to play The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore...I don't have it by Alan Rickman. A few versions of songs with that title...but not that one.

Something else?

Bangi!!! Hi!!!

woooohoooooooooooooooo she mentioned Bagels!!!!

Susan - you ROCK.

*going back to quietly lusting after a bagel*

*pokes head in from the basement and looks around to make sure he's in the right Moat*

Here Kitty Kitty! ((((Bangi))))

Sorry to hear about your friend EL. You get a ((((EL)))) too.

AW, Hell, everybody gather round.

(((((((((( MOAT ))))))))))))

Even Tck, who apparently TCK'd someone off ???? Hope that works out for ya buddy.


Back to werk for me too!!

*reblurks to basement*

I'm supposed to be in class right now but I have two tests this afternoon, one in class and one after my classes (maybe even after dinner) and I'm not ready for either one so I'm home studying for them and trying to be relaxed about it.
*breathes slowly*
*tells self, "relax, just breathe, calm down"*

Sarah, at this point you know what you know, and don't know what you don't know. Just think of this time as sharpening your tools, and relax about it.

Oooh Sarah, I feel your pain. I've waited for important e-mails like that, too. I hate it when I get so obsessed that I refresh my inbox page every 5 minutes.

*runs and tackles Tony, glues him to the MOAT couch* Do you know how long we've gone without the pretty, pretty flashing lights in the MOAT?? We need them to boogie along to Susan's show!

{{{{MOTW and family, but especially Paul}}}} Give the kid a smooch and a hug from me, OK? And a cookie.

*passes it on: Wolfie stifles!*

Bangiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Are your exams over yet? Can you come and play?

Hmmmm... Today is Potato Chip Day, but we're almost out of them. I don't like them much, but HGF does.

AN, could you do me a favor? Whack your husband upside the head with the pan you used to bake the cake (hopefully not with the cake still in it, though). I need to vent at my engineer, but he's oh so conveniently not here.

This morning, I can't open my email. I'll try again after posting this.

Marie.. I get impatient with people who don't get it after a while, too. But this is Uncle G.. someone who's been a part of my life for longer than I can remember. It's just the way he is. There's a story told about me, when I was, oh.. 2 or so, and visiting J & G's with my mother. I said to Mum "Uncle G's going to come in and he's going to say 'Hello, blob!'" and that's exactly what happened. I wasn't that much of a genius. All little boys were "man", girls were "blob" and animals were "dudes". Without exception. Until you got old enough for a conversation. Then (most of the time, anyway) he'd use your name. Sometimes, even 30+ years later, I still get called "blob".

Jeff... I don't know much about my Togoan relatives, but I think I dipped out on the melanin. If I'm of Togoan descent, I want to get the skin tone that goes with it. Otherwise, it's just not fair. Or it is fair, but unjust, nevertheless.

Wolfie.. that's one honking big heap of china. eBay, or find friends who are getting married and give them china services for wedding gifts.

As I understand it, we want the shrub out and pythons in control.. so the ticket for 2008 should read "Vote Cleese and Barry - for something completely different!"

*watches TCK leave while trying to pretend she understands what's happening.*

Di? What ever happened to Harley Guy? Or is that B?

*needs to know before he posts another "Blast"*

Lab, its all in the haughty prose. Um, "oblige you?"

Hi Bangi! Hello hello hello! Is all well for you and yours? You should check in on CBol now and again. http://weeklynewz.com/WordPress/

Lab - the issue is pretty big, because this isn't the first time it's happened. But I appreciate the advice. Thank you!

El - thanks for the support and the chocolate. Of course I'll share! I can't eat the whole box myself. BTW, did you know you simulposted with Lab at 11:44?

Jeff - thanks for your support, too, also. :)

Kibby - If I wasn't afraid of breaking my iron on his thick skull, I'd whack him with it, for sure. But the kids are home, so nekkid at the door is not an option. Besides, he owes me the beer, don't you think?

MOTW - thanks to you too for the chocolate. More to share!

Deon - *snork* on the old muppet guys with motorcycles thing. The picture I got in my head was hysterical, and I needed a good laugh!

Bangi - you look marvelous! My oversized fanny is jealous. :P

{{{{MOATIES}}}} Whenever I feel down, you guys always pick me up. Thanks!!!!!

Thank you Susan *smooch*

And for John Denver too.

Kibby - B isn't Harley guy. Harley Guy turned out to be Harley B'stard, so he's history and Di now has the man she truly deserves, the amazing, saintly, well-connected to restaurateurs, B.

oops.. I meant to post this earlier. This is for every parent who's ever gotten thoroughly sick of cleaning up after their children only to find the same things on the floor, or telling them constantly that things need cleaning up and seeing it never happen. You can always teach them a lesson they won't forget.


She's right Kibby. B is the bestest B ever! Harley Guy was a complete Harley B@st@rd, and is long gone.
What blast were you going to post? Send it to my email, would ya?

*hopes time will heal*

*flys 2 MOAT flags at half mast*

Posted by: kibby F5™ | 11:59 AM on March 14, 2006

Thanks partner. :)
*likes partner's sensitive side - a lot*

Susan, I missed your post earlier. any version would do. maybe tomorrow, eh?

*snork* I love that eBay auction, especially this sentence:
Next is a handheld WHEEL OF FORTUNE game! It is an electronic handheld. Been laying on my coffee table so long, I thought it was attached!!!!

*cancels THAT blast*

Thanks Kaf. That's what I needed to know.

******* LAST BLAST from the PAST *******

Off topic, but not really, but still off topic question:

I'm admiring my Men of the Moat calendar, and I see that tomorrow is "Everything You Think is Wrong Day"... Can someone please explain this Moat holiday and any traditions or festivities that may go along with it? I'd like to be prepared and make a casserole or cheesecake if I could.

Posted by: Di | 01:23 PM on March 14, 2005

/******* LAST BLAST from the PAST *******


Today's playlist...

Tuesday 3-14-06 All Request Lunch Hour
Tec report
“Centerfold” J. Geils Band
“I Want A New Drug” Huey Lewis and the News---Jeff
“New York State Of Mind” Billy Joel---Just
“Careless Whisper” Wham---Vicky
“Out Of Touch” Hall and Oates
“In The Year 2525” Zager and Evans---Peter
“Save The Last Dance For Me” Michael Buble
“Wouldn’t It Be Nice” Beach Boys---Bill
“Take Me Home Country Roads” John Denver---El
“Heart Of Glass” Blondie
“Feel Like A Number” Bob Seger

Naptime for me.

That urgent call at 6am was not a good way to start off the day.

Back from an incredibly long weekend. Mostly heinzed - I see TCK has finally pushed the wrong button on someone... Hope things work their way out.

Other than that, seems like normal MOAT business....

update--i STILL havent heinzed. stoopid werk.


Hi Susan, and wolfie (pinch) and Mik and Kaf and El and AN ( no 1 has an oversized fanny on the moat--esp not me--DO NOT!!),Kibby, Lab, Fish, Just, DJTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT (i miss clinging 2 u)
*out of breath*
Kibby--how do u manage to find all these stuff?
Fish--i bet ur digging a secret tunnel down in that basement
Just--bagels? whr?

can someone please give me the link to march madness ASAP - i forgot to save it - thank you.

never mind - i found it

Kibby--how do u manage to find all these stuff?


Oh, Di? Cheesecake please?

*pours wine all around*

deon--i just visited C-bol's blog. i wonder how long b4 he kicks me off...

*shadows Kibby to learn his secret powers*
*munches on bagels*

see...i too can multitask

y do ppl leave just when i start warming up?
*sniffs under armpits*

mmm...i should shower b4 i warm up...

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