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February 27, 2004


He's going to do what?

(Thanks to Matt Mesmer)


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*gets to first base* whoohoo!

*steals sexond, too?*

The Boys of Summer


Derek Jeter


our ticket to ride!

this HAD to be deliberate: Jon Lieber will do some mound work on Monday to test his injured groin, though it is unclear how far up the mound he will go.

neo - A-Rod and I have 3rd base covered *snork*

Who will get to home???

well from the sounds of things, Jon Lieber will

I'll send some e-mails.

Take care of the boys. Don't let any of them get near your - er I mean THE Mound. :)

*snork* Eleanor, you are talking to the resident man-hater. None of the boys of summer are getting near the mound. *swings bat menacingly*

Good for you!

I sent eleventy hundred e-mails - so, where is everyone???

I scared them all off. I really know how to handle a bat. ;-)

neo, czech your e-mail :)

Ooooo.. all girl party? Who's gonna let me get to third base with um?

OK, I'm back. A two hour clip show of Dancing With the Stars has zero appeal for me.

As for the groin thing, I am not going near that mound at all. And it reminds me - you HAVE to see Felicity Huffman with "her" penis in Transamerica! Really.

I sent out offlines to the moaties on my messenger list btw. I needa not hit post so fast. This should have been part of my last post.
I have a problem with premature posting.

test post - my computer's misbehaving.


*hires him to move new Hunk Wall over here!

If he could bring down the Berlin Wall, this job should be a snap!
Note to mover: See wolfie for payment.

I don't know about that Jeff. I'm still recovering from seeing Stephen Rea's in The Crying Game.

I don't know if I'm "UP" *tee, hee* for another one.

GROWL! Kids have been at their dad's since Thursday, 5:00. Just got home. They've done no homework and the eldest has a test tomorrow - he isn't remotely ready. Gotta go help him cram.

The women wearing the Alps dresses are back in the closing ceremonies. I just caught a closeup of them. There are itty bitty skiers on them. Along with the trees.
WTF were they thinking when they designed these things? I mean really. Some woman was looking at her thighs and said 'You know what? I need some meat on these things. Anyone have a dress shaped like a mountain?'
/alpdress rant

Hot Dogs! gitcher Hot Dogs!

Crackerjack in Aisle 2! (scroll down for song)

I still think the Alp dresses are a nice, humorous touch. I thought the cow costumes during the opening ceremony were bad, though. It's worse to have been dressed as a cow than as a mountain when you're in full view of millions of people worldwide.

*votes for "cute and creepy" too*

We just watched three "ER" episodes in a row. How can Noah Wyle look better and better as time goes on? Whyyyyyy did he have to follow that bimbo to Africa? Whyyyyyy?? Thousands of women need their weekly Noah fix. It's cruel and unusual punishment.

Based solely on wolfie's review, I'll watch the closing ceremonies in HD and thoroughly check out the alpdresses.

Hi, Moaties.

Just wanted to come vent a bit. I have sad news.

As many of you know, my ex-husband and I share 50-50 placement of our three boys. Well, this past week was my ex's week. I got a call from my son's school on Tuesday morning telling me that my ex had physically abused my son and they called social services on him. I rushed to the school and my little boy was scratched and bruised and had a fat lip. Why would my ex do that??? What was it that would trigger such rage?? It turns out it was because my son got a B- on his report card. Apparently, my son was so scared to bring the report card home that he buried it in the snow and lied about it.

I've never seen marks on the kids before. When I was married to the man he never even spanked, so this was a big shock to me. My oldest two boys have been interviewed by cops and had physical examinations. My oldest is angry at EVERYTHING. My son that was hurt says his stomach hurts and he thinks he has ulcers and I think he blames himself for his father going through this.

The DA is reviewing the case and in the meantime my ex can't come near my boys unless I'm there.

I just filed for primary placement and it should take another couple of months and several more thousands of dollars to resolve that. In the meantime, my ex has been at my house for a couple of hours every day so he can see the boys. I seriously feel like he's invading my space and I want to kick his ass everytime I see him. But at the same time I also know the boys miss their father, so I'm trying very hard to be patient.

So that was my sucky week. How are you guys doing?


That's terrible. I'm so sorry. I know a little about what here in CA we call Juvenile Dependency Law (separate entirely from any criminal charges) and, here anyway, if he has to have supervised visitation and it's too stressful for you, it can be arranged for the visit to take place at the Offices of the Social Workers.


I could resume my week for you, but it pales in comparison to yours.

You know all us MOATies are here for you whenever you need to vent - YES, even again and again and again - because we love you and we will always do our best to cheer you up. We'll count it a victory if we can make you smile.

Come back to the MOAT more often. We miss you! It's not the same just with your blog. We can support you better here, within arm's reach of IV MOATaritas and several cabana boys. You can bitch and weep all you want!


MOATaritas all around on me.

Oh geez, Polly. *sends extra (gentle) hugs to Polly's boys* I've got nothing remotely helpful to say. But I'm sorry.


Do not let your child accept the blame for the behavior of his father. He and his brother(s) must understand that a parent is responsible for their own behavior and nothing the child does should trigger a violent outburst.

Polly, check your e-mail...

Thank you guys! I love you so much. Hook me up with a moatarita, for sure!

I have been telling my son every day that he is not to blame for this and that his father is the one that did the bad thing. I also think it's important to let them know that their father does love them but that it's never right to hurt people when you are angry.

Thanks, Eleanor for the info about visitation. I really would prefer him not hanging out at my house, but at the same time I think that this is a lot more "comfortable" for the boys than going to a strange place with a stranger watching them interact with their dad.

I just wanted you to have the 411 Polly. More info is always good, IMO! :)

Thanks, Eleanor. And for the email info, too. A guardian ad litum (probably spelled that wrong) is being appointed and from my understanding the change of placement will depend a lot on who we get.


hugs to Polly
welcome Annie
welcome back igloo

(I apologize for the lack of emotional presence in this post, but a: I'm a guy and b: I must be off)



{{{Neo}}} Been there, done that. I hope the homework has been done.

I've had a quiet weekend...cleaned today and got caught up on laundry. Do I live on the edge or what?

Saw three movies, one at the theater and two from netflix. And due to unforseen things, they all kind of tied together, actor-wise. The Royal Tennenbaums-Bill Murray, Luke Wilson, Owen Wilson, Angelica Houston. The Family Stone-Luke Wilson. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou---Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Angelica Houston. I did not plan this.

I do want to see Mrs. Henderson Presents.

I also went to the region band concert...three bands. They all did really well, especially knowing they only had a day and a half to practice. Unfortunatly it rained all day long...and the concert was longer than I thought, so I didn't even get a chance to drive the 10 miles or so to a state park to get out on the beach. My daughter did get on the beach, the hotel was right on the beach. Of course, there were apparently a number of heated pools there...and mean mommy hadn't let her take her swimsuit, saying she wouldn't need it. Oh well...

I had planned to get to bed early tonight. Somehow that didn't happen.

YAAAAAAAY!!! I'm Home!! In my little house.. in my moat... all is right with my world.. except for the lack of work.. Polly, do you need a nanny for your kids while you're at work? Give your boys extra-big hugs from me, too.. and if you can find what remain's of the ex's testes, give him a good solid kick there from me. {{{Polly and the Pollywogs}}}

Annie... who I can't see anywhere ... HI!! Welcome to our crazy little home away from home. Nice to meet ya, have a coco-bra and propellor beanie (if you haven't been offered it already!), and stake out a place in the shadows - Wolfie only bites in the nicest possible way!

Susan.. I'm gonna try to be up for the request hour tomorrow.. can you play Purple Rain by Prince if you have it, pleeeease?

*kicks back and jumps on floating deck chair*
*narrowly avoids tripping over the Rock Labster*

Thanks again, everyone. Sure are lots of warm fuzzies around here. Makes it extra comfy for hangin' out in my jammies.

Polly, I'm so sorry. I've been there, actually, I'm just a little ahead of you in the transition. 3 years ago I told my ex to leave because of his violent tantrums. My boys, 4 and 6 at the time, dealt with it in opposite ways. My eldest blamed himself, the younger one just got angry inside. They both needed to know not only that the divorce was not their fault, but also that it was NORMAL for them to feel like they did. Feelings are never wrong, but actions (like their dad's) sometimes are. And kids never pop up and say what they think, they just assume the worst, so you have to answer questions that aren't verbalized.

For your ex, being in the house with you is probably extremely emotional, and possibly dangerous for you. I think the only reason he hit your son is to hurt you (that's my GUESS). Eleanor's right - if your ex wants to see the kids, he'll need supervised visitation - either a mutual friend the two of you agree can hang out during the visit, or your ex can pay a company that specializes in this service. Many kids get to go to McDonalds and play. It's a neutral, public area and a good place to exchange the kids. And he should be told by the court to take an anger management class. Let the court be the 'bad guy,' not you.
Do you know how many guys demand 50/50 custody just to save on child support? It's disgusting. Soon many of them barely see the kids, so beware that old move.
Not to bag on guys, but you touched a nerve with me. I know what you're going through. If you can get therapy for you and your kids, please do. Often kids don't feel like they can tell you stuff about their dad, but they can tell a therapist.
His physical violence toward your son proves you were right in splitting up. I'm guessing there was a bit of emotional violence and manipulation, and now it's just escalating to physical. There's a great book out called "I Hate You - Don't Leave Me" that describes this manipulative behavior.
Remember - you're setting a good example for your kids. To stay with someone who abuses you or the children sets them up to repeat that cycle of abuse in their own relationships when they grow up. Breaking the cycle is very hard, but SO worth it, to yourself and your family. Stay strong and safe. It's been 3 years now for me, and I've never felt better about myself. Sorry to ramble on, but Polly, this is life-changing for you.

{{{{{Annie}}}} Big hugs for EVERYONE who needs one!

I came back here to post something that gave me a laugh..

I'm in the middle of blog catch-up.. I may not say much, but I'm doing my damnedest to read everyone's blog. Please just don't post anything for a couple of weeks and I may get there...

Anyway.. I was reading amalah.com, and she posted a link to The Gallery Of Disturbing Baby Clothes featuring outfits given to/bought for her infant son.. if you need a smile, you could give this a try.

Welcome Annie!!!

html Merit Badge is something we recommend and with a little practice you'll be fine. I'm sure someone's better at explaining this than I, but...

Italics are (i)Italics(/i)
BOLDS are (b)BOLDS(/b) and
links are (a href="paste-link-here ")links are(/a)

There's a little help on the to which you're encouraged to join (free membership) and follow along with us. You'll also find our photos (feel free to post) and links to past and current MOATs. (future ones IF we can ever get that organized.)

I don't have the Kinky Score test site so we'll have to get that for you. (I'm sure we could all use a refresher anyhow.)

A little clarification on the NO MOAT ON THE MB (Main Blog). Mentioning the MOAT a little's fine, linking to it ISN'T.

As far as the official dress, I hear you're already outfitted with a grass skirt and kiwi halves? Hum, we guy-MOATies would have been happy to find the coconut bra size for you. But pasties will have to do.

... well, suppose that just about covers it for now. If any questions come up feel free to ask, someone will come up with an answer.

NEO! Loved the fairy tale!

*kibby returns to fishing and farting off 2nd base waiting for the chance to steal 3rd*

Oh, hey!? Who's going to mow the grass? (around the mound?) ;-)

*see's kibby messed up a link*

BAD kibby! BAD kibby!

*rubs his nose in it*

*goes to clean nose print off monitor*

Did you know? No 2 nose prints are identical? I didn't think so....

fyi, kibby's teaching a Basic Data Communications course this week so his fingers might be hourse. (??sp)

Are nose print analyses part of the core curriculum, Kibby?

*lookst at watch*

I had better get to bed. I've got to be up nice and early for the Request Hour.

Annie.. Kibby, very subtly was trying to point you towards the ReMoat (the link in Kibby's post works for that!). It's just a place to put photos, and a few Moaties who can't get here so often also hang out over there - Wys, Rita, and a few others .. as well as the regulars from in here. There's also polls, files, links to past Moats (if you have a few months.. I think we're over 40 Moats by now.)

Eeek... I'm really going. There's a big wind storming through outside.

Welcome home to ME!! They're gonna huff and puff and blow my house down. Wolfie.. I'm expecting you!

Oh Polly! Those poor boys! And you...{{Polly}}!
Why now, after all this time? What the hell is wrong with him?! He's been making some horrible decisions for a long time now. I know you documented all the times he left those boys on their own and the other stupid stuff he's done, so you should finally be able to get full custody. Try and get the court to order him to pay your legal fees, too, if you can. He caused this.

You and your boys will take care of each other, I know.

Welcome home Kaf! It's great to see you back.

Welcome Annie! You often make me snork on the Main Blog. Let me introduce myself: I'm the only member of the French delegation to the MOAT (but you can make jokes on the French, I'm not easily offended). I'm like the Senegalese skier at the Olympic Games!

{{{Polly}}} I'm so sorry that your cute little boys and you are going through this. Hang in there.

(Belated) congratulations on your new job Sly, it's terrific!
I've been thinking of resigning for a long time now, just can't get myself to actually do my résumé (the last time I did one was 8 years ago...)
The thing is I'm afraid I'm making a mistake and maybe "the grass is not greener" in other companies, etc... I'm basically a chicken and this has to stop :-)

I had a great week-end: drinking champagne, nightclubbing till 4 am on Friday, housewarming party of a friend on Saturday ... and now I think I'll need at least a week to get over it. I'm exhausted, hungover, my throat feels like an ashtray (yuk). I need to calm down and accept that I'm much closer to 40 than to 20!

*off to catch up on MB and Moaties' blogs*
*sigh* I'm so behind I sometimes think I'll never make it and will remain a month behind on everyone's news while the other Moaties have all moved on!*

{{{{Polly and Annie}}}}

*runs, tackles Kaf* You're baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Whooohoooo! So tell us how your week went. How many kids did you have to take care of again? (By the way, Annie is wearing kiwi halves instead of a coconut bra. As our resident Kiwi, could you verify that the kiwis are Kiwi?) I'll go visit that link you mentioned when I'm done with this post.

Annie, please add yourself to the MOAT Map - the link is on the ReMOAT's main page. I love that thing. There you can see how international the MOAT is. I'm the one lost in the jungle above Brazil. I suppose you could call me an honorary French MOATie.

Kibby, how have your first few days in the world of satellite TV gone? Did you watch anything good?
Can we get an update on F2.3? What's she up to these days?

*bounces around* Susan, can you play some Corrs today? "Love to Love You" or "All the Love in the World"? If you don't have them, just play something bouncy like "Jump".

Huh. I typed it "Hump" on my first try.

*bounces off to read the news*

I hear we have fresh meat. Er... I mean a new member. Welcome, Annie.

*raises eyebrow* MiK wants loves songs... almost typed "hump," very bouncy and gursty... *adds these clues together* Hmmm! Was MiK was playing a little baseball this weekend? *wink wink* (and don't answer, sweetie; I'm just teasing you! smooch!)

Hi, Kaf! Welcome home!

MarieP, as they told me when I was frantically trying to keep up with everything: there isn't going to be a test! Relax. You don't have to read every word on every thread and blog. The blog (and thus the moat) is supposed to be for fun. *loves Marie a Moatarita to help her relax*

Kibby, I kind of thought you'd like that fairy tale! *smiles* I agree with MiK; we need an F2.3 update.

And good morning, everyone. The boss is away this week. Last time this happened I made an error that cost her a bundle of money. Keep your fingers crossed that I can run things this time without screwing up.

Oops I forgot that I'm not quite the "only" member since another Moatette lives in France (well, a French colony, but it's still France! without the cold and crappy weather!)

*off to MB for real this time*

Sorry to hear what you are going through, Polly. My advice (which is the same in nearly every situation) is to find a book to help you know how to discuss this while dealing with your kids. I'm under the firm belief that nothing I do is new, and *somebody* who has done it before wrote a book.

Do you know how many guys demand 50/50 custody just to save on child support? It's disgusting. Soon many of them barely see the kids, so beware that old move.

I just want to toot my own horn. I pay child support based on having the kids 0% of the time, so that I pay maximum support, even though I see the kids regularly. I officially have them every other weekend, and one night a week, but it's not uncommon for them to be there at other times, too. It helps that they both drive so they can get around on their own.

Good news: My son and I have been butting heads a lot lately. Things seem to be resolved and back to normal again. Although I think he's smoking again.

Heh heh, Lab's tooting his horn. Lab, good to hear about your son. Well, not the smoking bit.

*gratefully accepts the Moatarita from Neo*

Thanks! Deep down I know you're right. Maybe it's a sign that I'm a bit of a control freak on certain things, that I'm unable to make the decision to take things where they are now. I keep telling myself I don't want to miss an important or funny thing said on a thread or blog. I must learn to let go! It's very very hard!
Now you understand why I had 40+ boxes when I moved out... "hey, this thing could be useful one day!"
I guess it's in my DNA: my parents are a lot worse than me, you should see their house. They were 5 or 6 years old at the beginning of WWII and had a hard time (they always tell us the story of Christmas time, when their only present was an orange or a banana) so that could be an explanation.

/end of psychological analysis

Re: Kolchak, The Night Stalker

Chris Carter claims that, as a kid, he was scared while watching The Night Stalker. When he became a TV writer, he wanted to recreate that scariness in the show he was writing. Perhaps you've heard of his creation? The X-Files.

Joshkr: Thanks for the compliment.

Huh? I don't get it. They filmed a movie set in Slovakia in the Czech Republic, and instead of getting actors who are Slovakian, they said "Awww to heck with it!" and got Czech ones? I'm not surprised at the Slovaks' anger, either over the language or the story fiasco.

MarieP, Giant Frog got paid in bananas - LOTS of them - for fixing a colleague's computer. I can send your parents some if they want. :-) Voilà! Instant Christmas!

Well, it's certainly not cold here, but I can dispute the claim that we never get crappy weather. The monsoon is fun for the first few days - "Oooh, horizontal rain! Cool!" - but the novelty quickly wears off.

I wanna answer anyway... No, we did not play baseball over the weekend. However, we did kinda make up with a little talk.

I'm bouncy today for no reason. I really shouldn't be in a good mood, because Giant Frog let the neighbor's cat in and she left two "presents" for me to clean up at 8 AM. Oh joy. Well, at least she feels comfortable chez nous.

I have the "pack rat" gene, too, but you can convince me to throw things away if you really, really insist.

Re: child support... During my parents' divorce, it was my mother who was the total arsehole about it, so in defense of fathers of the guy gender, it ain't always a one-way street.
Oh crap. The divorce. Is 11 AM too early for a MOATarita?

*posts a random hunk photo*

*** F2.3 Update ***

She's fine.

/*** F2.3 Update ***

I'm sorry Peri. I thought about simply being nice and not saying anything, but... well, I 'm not nice anymore. So...


(it is today, isn't it?)


We just watched three "ER" episodes in a row. How can Noah Wyle look better and better as time goes on? Whyyyyyy did he have to follow that bimbo to Africa? Whyyyyyy?? Thousands of women need their weekly Noah fix. It's cruel and unusual punishment.

MiK, Carter and "that bimbo" left the show but according to previews, this week's episode is a "Carter in Africa" one.

Oh, no, Polly. That is just horrible. The poor kids. I'm sorry you all are going through it. Are they seeing a counselor? They probably need to talk to a professional, especially as you say the oldest is so angry at everything. It's a rotten way to do it but at least you'll be able to get custody.

When we were kids my father did hit us occasionally but it was mostly his screaming that scared everyone, including visitors to our house. There is no doubt that today it would be considered abusive (which it was).

{{{Polly & her boys}}}

And welcome back, Kaf! We missed you.

Na, she's GREAT!

She spent Sunday at a play barn with alot of other kids and Sat. she went to the "ciropractor" (her words - fairly big one for a 3 year old) with her cousins. I'm not sure but I think she got a little spinal alignment done. Why? Dunno.

Our video connection showed her quite tired and looking like a nap was needed. She sang me a new song with "God bless Daddy" in it (MOST important part) and she wanted to know when I'm coming to visit. Fortunately she can't count to 19 yet. I'll be there March 17th. She was eating a banana and thought it was funny to see Daddy putting a lemon in his mouth and moving it close to the camara (ryhmes with that Atlanta gal).

Daddy's missing his little princess.... In May I'll be seeing allot of her with a week long trip there and them coming to Prague to see my Mom. YAY!

... back to class....

*grins* a simul with Jeff AND validation that I didn't screw up the date. I can go to work happy now.

Oh, baby! I just simuled with Kibby too??

Ain't nothin gonna wipe the smile off my face today!

Welcome to the Moat Annie-

I'm one of the resident blurkers here,I usually don't have much to say,so I just wander around in the shadows trying to avoid Wolfie(she's got things in that toy box that you really don't want to know about!)

Take the Kinky Test and report your score here. I don't remember who's the official score keeper, but someone will collect your score and add it to the list.

also we have our own radio station WCRE Click under the jukebox on 'Listen to Braves Football' Susan takes requests for the Lunch hour request show.

I'm with you on the filming location, Marie. If you're going to make a movie set in a certain place you should film it in that place (if you have the budget to do so). For example, the scene set at the University of Kansas in About Schmidt was actually filmed at the U of Nebraska!!!!!!!!!1

And The Lord of the Rings was not filmed in Middle-Earth, but instead in some place called New Zealand! The nerve of some producers!

Good morning, all!

Wow. I slept really late for me. My body has felt so tired this past week. I'm not sure what's up unless it's just the stress.

I am definitely starting the boys in counceling. I actually contacted a therapy group on Thursday and they said they would get back with me today.

My ex was not physically abusive to me ever...or the boys when I was married to him. This has been developing over the past year. And escalating.

The desturbing thing to me is that the son he chose to pick on (never touched the other two) is the one that resembles me the most both physically and in mannerisms. I really hope that has nothing to do with it. Makes me feel kind of nauseous inside.


{{ PollyPI }} - I'm praying for you and your whole situation. Yes, a professional counselor would probably be best. That way, the kids can talk about both Mom and Dad without fear of reprisal. And stick around here, because I'm sure your colleagues won't be able to find out about us.
Welcome back, Kaf!
Happy Birthday, Peri!
Happy new MOAT to the rest of us, including the Hon. J.M. (grin)

Uhhh... my MOAT calendar says it's Tina's birthday, not Peri's. But just in case Peri decided to omit her birthday from the calendar, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

The bimbo left the show? Does this mean that Carter is up for grabs again?

Bis, it's not only the location of the shooting that bothered me. Actually, that was minor compared to the Giant Doofus "Ignorant American" mistake the director made about the language. He says he chose Slovakia because Americans suck at geography and don't know the country even exists. If that is the case (which I doubt - he probably closed his eyes and stabbed at a map of eastern Europe), he should have had the decency to hire Slovakian actors, or at least actors who speak Slovakian. Gone are the days where Meryl Streep learned Polish for her role in "Sophie's Choice". The Slovaks are sooo right for being angry about this film.

*zips in*

PLEASE stop posting while I'm heinzing, I beg you (all). :)

Heinzing observations:

1. My partner clearly has upped his meds and appointed himself King of the World - go baby!
2. MarieP. - We will NEVER leave you behind, no matter how far behind you are we will find you and drag you into the present. :)
3. Big doings in the month of March at the KibEl Detective Agency: Kib will be visiting in person with F2.3 triple hooray, and El will, also around the 17th be having delivered her SECOND 34" WideScreen HDTV - hooray! pssst partner, how about we have a cocktail party to celebrate?

4. Private message to Y moderator from mini-moderator: Last week I put Peri's b-day on the ReMOAT but I haven't seen an e-mail go out. What did I do wrong?

5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PERI! I hope you float on air today *smooch*!

4. You needed to make it an "all day event." You have it scheduled from noon until 1:00, with a reminder to be sent five minutes before. I've changed it now.

A heartwarming story about curling.

From today's NYT Metropolitan Diary:
While walking to work, I overheard the following conversation between a 6-year-old and his father just after they had gotten out of a cab at the Cathedral School.

Father: " If someone gives you the wrong change you should always let them know, even if they give you back too much money." Several seconds pass and the father adds, "You should never profit or take advantage of someone else's mistake." There is a much longer pause and the father continues, "Except in business."

MiK: That is advice that I shall share with my kids. Thank you very much!

The bimbo left the show? Does this mean that Carter is up for grabs again?

Sorry, MiK, but he left to BE with HER!

And yes, Peri left herself off the calendar.

Polly, there have been several awful cases lately in NY where one child out of a family was the only one abused (even killed) and the others were not touched. I always think the other kids must both feel guilty and resent the abused one.

I'm glad you're getting therapy for everyone.

Nice cake, El! Jackie has always wanted to go up in a hot air balloon but hasn't managed it yet.

Did anyone watch Dancing With the Stars last night (who is willing to admit it)? When they eliminated Stacy at 8:50 there was over an hour to run until they announced the winner, but you could have made big bucks by betting on what was, in fact, a SURE THING.

(*math to follow; feel free to skip*)

The judges' scores counted for 50% and the call-in voting for the other 50%, but in case of a tie the fan votes took precedence. Each couple got either 3 (for first place), 2 (for 2nd) or 1 (for third).

So after the judges voted it was:

Drew 3
Stacy 2
Jerry 1

So when Stacy was eliminated, it meant the fan vote was either:

Drew 3
Jerry 2
Stacy 1

(Jerry and Stacy would have had 3 each but he would have won because fan voting took precedence.)

Jerry 3
Drew 2
Stacy 1

At that point the outcome was clear. It was either:

Drew 3 + 3 = 6
Jerry 1 + 2 = 3


Drew 3 + 2 = 5
Jerry 1 + 3 = 4

Either way, Drew wins.

(*end math lesson*)

pssst, Jeff is obsessed with "Dancing With The Stars" although he told us last night that he wouldn't be caught dead watching it!!1 HAHAHAHA and *snork*

El: This is LTTG, but I wanted to clear something up for you. Icing and frosting are the same thing, despite the fact that many people will argue with me about that. The thing is, one person, who we will call Person A, will tell you that icing is thin, almost like a glaze, and frosting is the thick spreadable stuff.

Meanwhile, another person, who we will obviously call Rachel, will swear to you that his grandmother was a baker, and icing is what they call the thick stuff spread on cakes. Frosting is the thinner coating material.

The next person, who we will call The Rock Labster, will sit quietly by, sip his coffee, and watch the ensuing mêlée. He might even get hungry enough to have a piece of cake.

Thank you Lab.

I wasn't convinced by what anyone said wherever we discussed this that there was any difference, but I'm glad to have corroboration.

Help yourself to some cake! :)

Been a while, but here's MOTW's name of the day:
Cyrena Moment

Thank you!

So, Mark is here from Cambridge, UK. I wonder where I should take him for lunch? This is his first time in Cincinnati. I don't want to kill him by taking him straightway to Skyline, I don't think.

A mystery in Queens. A very nice article to read in the morning over tea (not that I did that - I visited the NYT's page too late, bummer).

But Jeff, you said the African Bimbo had left! I assumed this meant that Carter had come to his senses and dumped her, even if he's not thinking about dumping Africa and going back to Chicago.

What's Skyline, Lab?

Awful name to have, MOTW. How'd you find it?

Dear sharp observer:

1. I didn't watch but was stuck in the same room as Jackie, who was watching (while I was reading) and it was impossible to tune it out, no matter how hard I tried.
2. After 8:50 went into the bedroom to continue reading and watch closing ceremonies ("Look, there's another American medal winner. Let's leave the closing ceremonies and show you her performance.").
3. I returned at 9:55 to see the end.

And I didn't say I wouldn't be caught dead watching it!!

What I said was A two hour clip show of Dancing With the Stars has zero appeal for me.

I stand by that.


Happy Burfday Peri! *smooches* May today and the year to come be the bestestest EVER! ;)

Jeff, I was stuck watching that show last night for reasons unknown. (ok fine, the reason was because I was too lazy to go into another room where it wasn't on while I was reading my book) I'm glad Drew won, and I'm even more glad that its finally over. Can we get back to the tear jerking EHMakeover please!?! Now thats a show I can really get into. Either that, or anything on the weather channel. I like the drama!

MiK: sorry to disappoint you. AB did leave, Carter got her to visit Chicago, she left again (I think her mother was in the hospital in Paris; Carter followed her there), Carter mooned around the ER for weeks and finally quit and followed her to Africa.

I wish you a very Happy Birthday Peri


and *smooches* to El for good measure (thank you for sending me the new Moat's address!)

Jeff, I understand completely. A 30 second spot promo-ing DwtS has all the appeal of Rosanne Barr, naked.

I believe there was a postcard featuring Roseanne Barr naked circulating in the 80s. I remember it. I think she may have been posing in the same position as John Lennon did with Yoko Ono in that last picture of him.

Stop staring at me. Listen, I was a weird kid, but not so weird as to dream up a postcard of Roseanne in her birthday suit, OK?

And no, I do not remember where I saw it.

I'm making this recipe again and the apartment smells delicious. Now, if only Giant Frog could arrive so we can start eating it! I'm hungry.

closing ceremonies ("Look, there's another American medal winner. Let's leave the closing ceremonies and show you her performance.")

YESSSSS!!!! Wasn't that just the most annoying thing EVER? I got so aggravated i had to take a xanax while waiting for Ricky Martin. I hate NBC for their Olympic coverage, but I will have to like them again tonight when the new season of - THE APPRENTICE - begins! YAY!

OK, so I exaggerated a little bit about the "wouldn't be caught dead" thing, but I think most would agree with me that was the sub-text.
just sayin' :-)


...and she says she can't cook.

Actually, the cut-aways were the only thing I liked about the closing ceremonies. And I didn't think anybody still liked Ricky Martin.

*strolls in having watched the closing ceromonies LIVE although Ricky's lip syncing didn't come off too well with English naration patched in from the satellite channel to Czech TV pictures, but did he say it was LIVE?*

Second big screen TV!?


oh, to answer a previous question about said satellite tv, nothing good yet altough I think I'm picking up some Arabic and learning the Koran.

Oh, parts of Borne Identity was supposedly in Geneva but were shot in Prague. A local landmark stands out as does Czech license plates and street signs.

ALL of Hell Boy was shot here.


Ricky who?

Private message to Susan: I'm sorry. I forgot. :)

*attempts to salvage her reputation as the worst cook in the world*

In my defense, I use just one pie crust bought at the store and kind of fold it around the asparagus so it's a rectangle. The cream bit is easy-peasy: two eggs, some cream, nutmeg, salt, and pepper. A five-year old can do it. The only tricky part is not getting the cream bit to spill when I fold the pie crust.

See? The recipe sounds posh, but it's not.

About film shoots on location: "L'auberge espagnole" (with the kinda sorta good-looking Romain Duris, who is nekkid as the day he was born in the first scene) was great for spotting places I knew in Barcelona. They treated the city with a lot of love while shooting the movie and I like it for that. Now if only I could get my hands on a copy of the sequel, "Les poupées russes"!

Calling Wolfie: Anagrammed subway map for Rochester.

G'morning all!!

Sly.. do you have a new job? I deleted the last Moat link without thinking, and I hadn't heinzed, I'd just come straight to the new Moat. Yes, I am a blonde.

MiK.. Kiwis (the fruit, not the people) were originally from China and known as Chinese gooseberries, but it turned out that they grow REALLY well in NZ, so they picked up the kiwifruit nickname, then it became their official name. FYI... the Apple & Pear Marketing Board threw some alphabet blocks in a bingo barrel a few years back and decided that kiwifruit would now officially be known as ..... Zespri! I've seen it on official stickers, but I don't know anyone who uses that word to describe the fruit.
I was working with 3 young girls (9, 6 and turning 1 this week...) while their grandmother (the regular caregiver) was away - she came back from her holiday yesterday, and took over before I could even blink.. she's just that kind of personality. Doesn't know how to relax.. but that's not my problem, so I'm just letting it all go.

PERI!! Happy Birthday!! I got you a little something for the days you have to wear panties. Also, the happiest of birthdays to Tina, should she ever stumble over us again!
You share your birthday with my Gran. She's 86 now, and she's an amazing woman. Liberated at a time when women weren't, and when I was younger (pre-Moat days), one of the funniest, rudest people I knew! Aside from the times she'd tell me about her sex life (including the stuff with my Grandad.. *shudder*)

Steven!!! Deon is the official record keeper and Moat spook.... I mean all-knowing Deontologist. He's blurking around here somewhere.

I didn't think there was much difference between icing and frosting. I had heard the "consistency" theory, but I thought it worked the other way. It all gets called icing here in NZ. I just presumed "frosting" was the American name for the same thing.

*posts and runs to heinz on the last 40 mins*

OK, has anybody ever like Ricky Martin?


Briefly when he was "new" and not so wrapped up in his own brilliance

Happy Birthday Peri *smooch*!!

MiK~ I am currently at Secret Trout. Across the river from All Itchy. But my doctor promises the cream he gave me will clear up the itchies.

*runs in*

Ok, I was here half an hour ago...but no chance to post.

I had a student shadow all morning, part of the Rotary club thing. Thus couldn't get into the MOAT, had to seem at least a little professional.

Peri!!! Happy Birthday!!!

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