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January 31, 2004


That evolution is not true.

(Thanks to Mac)


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Okay, gorgeous, just waiting on you.

have i really only been standing here for an hour and a half? seems longer

*taps foot, glances at watchless wrist*

Present and accounted for.

And I don't wear a watch either.

just as close as your holy ghost is and lay you down...

i wanna lay, you down in a bed of roses, for tonight i sleep ona bed of nails

i wanna be just as close as your holy ghost is and lay you down on a bed of roses

wow - i can type and keep up with the song - i don't type that well, but standing up seems to make some difference

hey cutie
glad you could make it

An hour and a half? Geesh, your poor feet. Better prop them up on a pillow tonight.

now we just have the robot issue to deal with

How hysterical is it that we're both too stubborn to give up? Ha! I laugh in the face of odds.

was slightly concerned that you'd go to the ACTUAL 2nd post of the day, instead of the 2nd to last

Was just thinking that. And how much ya wanna bet that I accidentally post as Mrs. Macguyver tomorrow?

well, we HAD thought of this before, but for some reason I didn't think of the name thing at that point

Except that I think like you do. But you knew that. And I would have found you eventually.

no way

maybe on purpose

This works.

Hee hee.

and once you saw that it said "scientific proof,"...

Hey, Mrs. M?

Did you know that I am in love with you?

You must be getting tired -- don't want to wear you out all in one night now that we've finally beaten the system.

I do know that, yes. I have never been in love like this. You're stuck with me, sweetheart.

are you kidding? i can go all night, with you!

as we have proven, and will prove over and over again

now what would people think of that?

People? What people?

And I'm very much looking forward to retesting that theory, early and often.

well, somebody must be out there to not be as lucky as I am

just a point of reference, you understand

Yes, dear

So, just working backwards here, what were your thoughts when you first found out about our friends?

yes, I said working backwards

nice e-mail

Had to bite my tongue and just kept saying that I really did understand how she felt!

Thought you'd like that.

other than security, I am alone in the union building

not how i generally spend my evenings when I am, more or less, free of restraints

not how I used to, anyway

Hm, seems to me we've covered tongue-biting before.

you are too cute

I know, love. And what I would give to find my way to that union building right this very second.

gee, simuls all over the place

much easier with nobody in the way

Now, why am I cute? Tongue biting? Yep. Common theme.

i have, somewhere, almost every episode on vhs

Wow, didn't know you could be under and on top of me at the same time! Very impressive!

well, that too, but it was the first biting your tongue line that was cute

I figured. You've mentioned it before. Would it change everything if I tell you that I've never seen it?


willing to try almost anything

Pretty much the only thing you could say that would change everything would be something like, ...

"hey, ASK, this is really Blue..."

just blew cover dammit

Ah. Well, yes she gave me many details right from the beginning. Seemed to need to spill to someone. So I just listened! And I was not surprised, given his other situation.

but again, this will all disappear soon anyway


oh well, only halfway

but it was so d@mn funny

Up to you. If you want to go back to e-mail and find a different place, we can.

Yes it was!

nah, actually, the more we post here, the less likely anyone would choose it as a spot for a moat

Okay. And I'm still laughing over the cover-blowing line.

and if you are really concerned, I will ask judi to get rid of it

but I'm guessing you would only be in the top three choices if anyone found it and tried to figure who i am talking to

ya know, right after el and sj

I'm not concerned, sweetie. And, I know. :)

Okay, maybe top 5.


See, we said it on the blog!


I was smiling at that too. I like seeing it here.


kinda like the announcement taht Arthur's house was going to be demolished - the plans were on display, taped to the bottom of a drawer in a filing cabinet in an unused lavatory in an unlit basement with a note on the door saying "beware of the leopard."

or something like that - but anyway, we made the announcement.

Should I tell you know who so she can start kicking people in the a$$?

i did like her posts today about what was on her mind.

if I hadn't known, it would have crossed my mind again

i can't fight this feeling anymore...

i love my mp3 player

but i can't recall the tags for musical notes

crickets already?

I never bothered to learn those, I just cut and paste those. I was thinking about it crossing your mind again, and was really glad that you know now.

i hate not being able to open other windows, cut & paste, etc.

Uh oh, two "those"s. I must be getting sleepy again.


How come I have to sleep every night? There's just no time for it!

it was obvious enough today that I think I might even have asked - but that is easy to say now

No crickets, baby. Just me getting slow.

hmmm - he just got home today and I have you up all night.

that cannot be good.

and still no news, I guess?

I was so sure that everyone knew about us when nobody did, not even her. But you're right, there was a post or two today that pushed the envelope.

No, it's okay. And no news. He has something like 400 e-mails to deal with tomorrow, and promised to remind the guy that he still needs info.

i keep seeing the time and forgetting that it is not the local time - so i keep thinking it is an hour later than it is

i've got the munchies

and no food in the apartment

Blog time is my time.

i can't believe that i am in such a good mood that the robot check is not even annoying me

okay, i can believe it - but you still amaze me

Oh, that is NOT good.

I know, but I was trying not to say that - just in case we haven't made it completely obvious

I don't amaze you, I love you.

And ya want me to make you something to eat, sweetie?

Ah, missed that little subtlety. Yes, we are dropping clues all over the place, aren't we?

if you were here, i'd just want some whipped cream

There you go again, melting me. And, that can be arranged soon.

oh well, you just eliminated el and sj - unless you are just really terribly clever - in which case you could still be el

i mean, her (your - if you are she) heart is on the east coast

the "oh, yeah, that's it - THIS IS THE MOAT" thing still has to be among the top funniest things ever - and she had no clue

Actually, you elminated them earlier when you mentioned them by name, dear!

ah - unless I am really that clever...

but nobody would buy that

She has said several of the top funniest things ever without having any idea that or why they were funny.


oops, that would be 92nd then - and this is 93rd - maybe

Uuuummm, clever is overrated?

Wow, we're good. 95th? But probably 96th by now.

is it?

but that's about all i have going for me

well, that and being able to touch my nose with my tongue

My next post was gonna be "Nah."

if we keep this up all week, we'll hit the move limit

You know, you really don't need to sell me on you anymore, sweetheart. I'm all in.

But I have to admit, the tongue thing is a nice touch.

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