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January 14, 2004


I just recently discovered something important. Dave really does write his own blog! It never made sense to me how Dave has that much time on his hands to keep up with his blog. I was sure he had a staff of 12 sifting through all proposed off-color, nutty, wierd, creepy and silly sites and posting the very choicest. But apparently, there are times when Dave is busy and actually goes off blog duty. I am forced to the conclusion that during the rest of the year it is Dave and Dave alone who is doing all that blogging. That's scary.
Yep. Dave does the blog. We do the columns. The Staff of Twelve


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*wonders where the MOATarita mixer may be*

*scatters coconut bras and bros, grass skirts,and penguin thongs hither and thither*

*toddles off to bed*

Testing... 123... Wait... There is no 3...

*beats bot with leftover turkey carcass*

OK, now both posts went through...

was woken this morning by the house moving. put the tv on to see if the end of world was nigh. we are having 30 mph winds with gusts up to 60 mph. i better make breakfast before i lose power.

"who's judi"?

Hard to beat that one. Thanks, tony.

*wakes up to feel the Earth has moved on its axis again - 57 degrees, going up to 66*

Anyway...20 or so years ago I'd have watched Slither (alone, in all likelihood) and gotten a kick out of its cheesy charms, such as they are.

Last night we gave up after about half an hour and put on a much better (if equally violent - and more realistically so) movie we'd recorded, In Bruges.

I woke up to my house moving too. Maybe I felt the same gust as Trillian.

I feel the earth
under my feet

It's pretty springlike out there today. Mid-60s, pleasant enough for a light jacket even with the wind...in fact the weather December weather should be, darn it!

Hope you're having a good one.

It was 80 degrees and sunny here...


Not quite 80 here today, but well into the 70's at least.

I may or may not head north for New Years.

I really should by now, but...I don't.

Susan, it's gona be way colder by New Year's Day, just FYI. We tied the record high of 65 today and it's only 58 in Phoenix!

*checks in*

Nice digs! Thanks for finding the place, Tony. Looks good for a party.

On New Year's Eve I will once again be surrounded by a dozen bright, funny, charming young men. It has become tradition for my children to take turns hosting a party to bring in the new year; this year it is the 13 year old's turn. I will be stocking up on silly string and spray cheese. I hope we don't get the two confused; I'm not sure there's a whole lot of difference in taste or texture.

we tied our record high yesterday (71)...

and the dolphins made the playoffs!

I loved that they stuck it to Bellichek, insom. Congratulations.

kibby stayed up to watch the games last night (didn't get home til 2 a.m.) boy was the wind blowing in Buffalo!

Friend had his 2 kids over for Christmas so I got to play with their toys! Hey, they needed "testing", right?

No plans yet for New Years Eve ("Sylvester" over here)

*finds it odd that the Czechs refer to New Years Eve as "Sylvester".*

I thought I had missed a post and "Sylvester" referred to something else. But not. Parts of Europe do refer to NYE as Sylvester

Sufferin' succotash, I learned something already today.

Who, me?

Me too, sly. Never ever heard of that before.

Kibby, you're (not your) right - that wind in Buffalo was amazing, made the Meadowlands look like a summer breeze. The guy trying to kick the field goal where it went nearly sideways? Wow.

The New Years' celebration that has always intrigued me, though I've neever seen it in person, is Hogmanay in Scotland.

The most widespread national custom is the practice of 'first-footing' which starts immediately after midnight. This involves being the first person to cross the threshold of a friend or neighbour and often involves the giving of symbolic gifts such as salt (less common today), coal, shortbread, whisky, and black bun (a rich fruit cake) intended to bring different kinds of luck to the householder. Food and drink (as the gifts) are then given to the guests.

No worries here.... Life's a veratible rocknroll hoochie coo, plus - I really haven't had to worry to much about sticking to my diarhea over the Holidays this year, wereas, normally I do.

My FIRST! New Year's Eve in Munich ('90) I was introduced to the personal fireworks that made Beirut (during the civil war) sound peaceful. These in Prague last well into the 3 a.m. timeframe.

Germans have another tradition at this time. It's that "whatever you're doing at midnight is a sign of what your year will be like". Hence, the kissing that went around. And the local tv station show a bit of nekid dancing - don't know if that's still going on though.

*considers trip to Munich*

sticky diarrhea?

I remember the last time Mr.Fisher came round these parts, back in early ought eight... I think I was still wearing gauchos.

oh poo.

I meant "dieting".... really I did


I was wondering about Fish's "annual" thingie. I mean, how consistant is that!? Is it "schedulable"??

Naked Dancing WBAGNFA New Year's celebration in Florida, but maybe not so much in Winterpeg, eh Peri?

Waves Hello and trues to figure out how to find this moat in the archives since bookmarking doesn't work for me these days.

For future moat moves most of 2003 is devoid of comments because comments were not enabled then.

Takes one last spin on the slip-n-slide for '08

*Interrupting for a special announcement*


And then I'm gonna freeze about 5 pounds of turkey and probably 12 pounds of ham.

Anybody want some ham?

I don't think I can eat one more morsel.


Oops, lunch time. Later.

The ham I cooked was only 9 pounds and yet I have 12 pounds of ham left! Leetie did you sneak some of your ham into my fridge?

Lab-I did not deep fry the ham nor use any of Paula's recipes-maybe next year.

Wasn't me, but I've been planning to do something along those lines later this evening. *sneaky giggle*

turkey sammiches - yummo

My sister just sent me some Christmas & Hanukah pictures of the girls. My favorite shows that they left out crackers and cheese for Santa, with a couple of carrots for the reindeer.

Has very dirty thoughts of Leetie sneaking ham into my fridge...

Must be all the turkey sandwich references.

Wed I cook up the blackeyed peas and whatever ham is left plus the ham bone goes in the pot to cook...this will prolong the leftover 1/2 life of the ham by 1.35 years.

Oh, that reminds me:


Must eat.

the ham was supposed to add 3 pounds in weight after you eat it, not before!


Yum, ham. Somewhere I heard eternity defined as two people and a ham. There are worse ways to spend eternity, IMO.

What you do at midnight on NYE indicates what the year will be like? So at midnight I want to be sleeping, surrounded by people I love, while earning money. *scratches head in confusion* Forget it; too complicated. I like Kibbby's thought about blowing things up fireworks instead.

Mad - I'll e-mail you the linky.

*begins compiling "The Definitive List of MOATie-things"*

Huey the Howitzer
Industrial sized MOATrita mixer
Slip(e) 'n Slide
Skeet Shooter
Nekid Twister - missing the spinner

We doan need to steekin' spinner!

Record low temperature for (as they put it on this morning's TV report) "the ball drop" (*snork*) is 17 degrees, back in 1917.

Tomorrow night may be close to that.

*throws polyester suit and Farrah wig on the fire*

(see disco thread on the MB)

Gas -- $1.19


I think I'll stock up.

*goes to idle car in the garage so he can take advantage of cheap gas prices*

$1.19? Are you serious? WTFBBQ?!

It's nowhere near that price around here.

Unfortunately, since there is little chance they will raise the gas price or anything like it, it seems inevitable we're headed back to bigger gas guzzlers until this happens again.

Cheapest price listed in NYC on the cheap gas website is $1.75!

Gas currently running at $1.20 per liter, down from $1.71 per liter. 30% drop in 1 month.

Gas is free and aplenty in this house.

Any socal Moaties interested in a field trip?

I sent it to my friend Maggie, Mad, who lives in San Diego. She said she has tickets to see it.

We also got the list of acts for this year's New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

Looks like we'll be going the first weekend this time.


That's one thing I didn't have leftovers of this year, since I didn't cook for Christmas. Thus I had to go buy ham for my black eyed peas...and collard greens for New Years day.

Which will be spent in SC, not PA...since Sunday night was spent in the ER...again.

I may well go to bed early tomorrow night.

Oh wait, I can't. I'll hear fireworks all night.

Susan, don't forget about the redneck gun shots too!

the mrs. was driving past the high school where kylie's parents met, and in fact where kylie spent a lot of her first year in daycare:

the mrs.: do you know what this place is?

kylie: africa?

Brings a whole new meaning to Out of Africa...

Susan, you're (not your) spending WAY too much time there! Here's to you getting to miss that experience in '09!

*throws and breaks MOATrita glass*

Gotta wonder why she thought of Africa. When Jenni was that age, she and I were bike riding through the countryside outside of the small Illinois town where we lived at the time. She was in her seat on the back of my bike and the farmer's had just harvested the corn. I could feel her turning around and looking this way and that. I asked her what she was looking at. She responded, "Where did all of the country go?" I told her we were in the country, it was all there. She insisted it was all gone and that it was there just the day before and now she could see "those". (the bluffs) I then realized she thought the corn was "country". It seems that when I told her when were going for a bike ride through the country, she thought the fields of corn were the "country."


Hope this nonsense ends soon.

Hideous weather predicted today but we're going to try and go to the city for the matinee anyway, then get home before the below zero wind chill hits.

42 years ago tonight Jackie and I got together (we'd known each other as friends for a couple of months) at a friend's New Year's Eve party and the rest is history, so to speak.

Happy hook-up-aversary!


I doubt if she's awake (at 3:28 am) or looking here, but Happy New Year to Kaf in New Zealand!

**peeks around**
**cleans cobwebs from my lounge chair**

Automobile fuel in my part of Iowa: $1.59

Gas is free and comes in several different types:
-cat (three varieties)

Me, I blame mine on one of the above.

*waves at Aunt Nancy*

I have a story to share:

About 2 weeks ago, I emailed our IT guy at work reporting that access to the network was sluggish, and that I was having problems connecting to the internet. In his emailed response, he asked if I could still email... ?

Welcome back, Aunt Nancy!

Oh, and there's more!

Today, I called my gastro doctor's office to make an appointment. I told the receptionist the reason for the appointment was that my primary doc found that I was anemic. The receptionist asked if my primary doctor happened to draw any blood... ?

Ok, maybe I shouldn't expect the receptionist to know what anemia is or how it is detected, but I had a deer in the headlights moment there.

Snork @ leetie's story

(((Susan))) I hope your mom recovers soon and no more ER trips.

Black eyed peas and ham are simmering in crock pot. Weasel wont be around for dinner tomorrow so we will eat them tonight and tomorrow for lunch. Is that bad luck?

Jeff-I was thinking the P&SC play would be a great blog meet-up, but I guess maybe not. I'm glad Maggie got her tickets already. Weasel and I will probably go-Maybe for Valentine's day. After all we did meet at the P&SC book signing.

{{Susan}} still problems with excess fluids? do they have her on Aldactone or another diuretic?

i have not yet had ham this holiday season. i still have a second Christmas coming up this Saturday at my aunt's. i don't know what she plans on making though.

*makes note to visit Trillian*

The final Fantasy Football update of 2008!

I know, you're all sitting around saying "NO, Higgy, say it isn't true! We LOVE your FF updates, and hardly ever skip right over them to the next post about cheap gas!" Well, kids, it's true. The football season - as far as fantasy is concerned - is done.

A raucous round of applause, if you will, for our league champion, TC K! Not only did he have an outstanding season, but he triumphs in the post-season as well. In the final matchup, he beat out the wind-blown Huns 71-56.

Your faithful Commish comes in second place, and BY A SINGLE POINT, the bronze medal this year goes to the Weasels - beating out El's Champs 76-75. So close, El!

5th place goes to Sly, Kibby takes 6th, The tooligans lock up 7th place and Bismuth (aka Theodore) comes in 8th.

Way to go, everyone! I hope you all had fun and I (at least) look forward to next year's league!

*snork* at Higgy. I never understand any of the FF stuff you talk about, Higgy, but I still like to read you.

Hiya, Aunt Nancy!!

Susan, here's to a new - and healthier - year for your mom.

And a twin *snork* for Leetie and Sly

Happy New Year, everybody!

Higgy, I never skip over your posts to get to the next one about cheap gas.

I skip over them to get to the next one about the weather. ;)

Hey! Anybody got weather?
Hugs 'n' smoochies to all.

Weather? You want weather? I got your steenkin' weather right here!

Seriously, it's cold out there. We just got back from Midtown and I wouldn't want to be the poor cops assigned to patrol the Times Square revelry (such as it is) until midnight or later. It's already 23 with a 7 degree wind chill. As for the revelrers (or whatever), they chose to stand there so good luck to them.

Not to Mad: we ate at Dallas BBQ and sat near "our" booth. Wish you were there.

Thank Gawd. It's been almost 12 hours since the last weather report and I was getting the jitters.


Hugs and smoochies to all! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

My mother will be in the hospital til at least Friday or Saturday. This current doctor is trying harder, it seems, to find the CAUSE of the fluid buildup. She has also taken my mother off metformin, a diabetes medicine, she says it has caused damage. Don't know what KIND of damage, I haven't talked to the doctor yet. Maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime, blackeyed peas and rice are cooked, so are the collard greens. And cornbread muffins.

I'm ready to go to bed.

Weather update...it's getting cold outside. Don't hear too many fireworks.

And of course, tomorrow brings the roasted garlic...


happy new year!
and good night

23 degrees for the 'ball drop'? at that temp. they won't drop again till april!

sings "i kissed a moose , and i liked it..."

jeff, the ever-practical mrs. asked how many bathrooms there were for the folks in times square, my guess was 4 or 5...

should auld acquaintance be forgot
until they learn to spell?
if robbie burns were here, he'd
tell us to go to h*ll...


Happy New Year to the MOAT peeps!!

*waves to Siouxie in warm Mi-yama*

insom, the problem is: once you get in the 'pens' where they keep you for crowd control, you can't get out to go to the bathroom. At least, if you get out they won't let you back in.

The Marriott Marquis on Broadway & 47th is usually a popular spot if you have to go, and Ch@rmin has plush (sorry) toilets a block down from there on the other side of 7th/Broadway.

Not sure about portable toilets. They were talking to people who hadn't gone in 11 hours! I hope they weren't drinking.

At 6:00 when we passed by it was 23 and the wind was howling. By midnight it was down to 18 degrees. All those rookie cops had a rough assignment standing out there for hours, but at least the crowd was festive without being nasty.

Of course, most of them were out of towners.


And Happy New Year to all MOATies everywhere.

The Marriot Marquis is where we stayed the FIRST time we were in Manhattan. Great location. It's across the street from Macy's in Harold Square. But they (and all other hotels) have guards at the door who won't let you in unless you show a room key. That was in July. I can imagine they were even more vigilant last night.

sly, at 6:00 they were locking the doors of the subway stop at 42nd Street and 7th Avenue and advising people to walk down to 34th Street if they wanted to take the subway!

Of course, you could have walked over to 6th Avenue and taken one of the lines that run there, but I'll bet many tourists didn't know that.

i think, in lieu of a holiday letter, i'll just recount a dream i had...

"i was approaching a very large building and for some reason , counting my steps, when i got there , it was a party being thrown by the duke of sutherland. well, imagine my surprise when i was seated at a small table with some other guy, across from the duke himself! he and the other guy were commiserating about how hard it was to get used to english weather after being in india, and i opined that being from florida, i might be more comfortable in india, on the whole the meal passed well, except 'his grace' was always taking his eye out and putting it back in, and he became increasingly hard to understand. near the end of the meal, he mentioned his father had played the bagpipes, i said so did my stepdaughter, i wondered if that was a mistake since she plays in an irish bagpipe band and the sutherlands are scottish. so, anyway, before i could eat dessert, which was blueberry pie, he asked me to kiss his ring, and i woke up."

*feverishly scribbling notes*

*takes eye out - puts it back - no, still makes no sense*

whats blue and smells like red paint?

blue paint

Kibby stayed at that Marriot for 2 weeks in the late '80s - must have been the summer of '89? It was a business trip to fill-in for a couple of NYC Area Managers (Service) who were on vacation - same as kibby. His FIRST! thought was that the resturant was a WONDERFUL location for New Years Eve!

... yea, kibby was important at one time ...

He did get to golf on LI at, if thought are correct, the FIRST! golf course in the USoA! Now a 'city course' that was greatly over-used and very under-maintained. You needed an electric drill to put your tee into the ground!

Kibby's "optional" club should have been a flare gun - same bore as a golf ball with a much better distance.

Mad, kibby would LOVE to go on that road trip!

Timing's a problem though ...

*wonders about Insom's dreaming*

*wonders why Insom was kissing a moose*

It wasn't this one, was it, Kibby? It's where Tiger Woods learned to golf when his father was stationed at the Army Base years ago, and is within walking distance of where we live.

insom, was that moose you kissed made of rarebit?

We went to see the fireworks off Navy Pier. They were supposed to start at 11:40pm and they actually launched at Midnight. Also, they were inexplicably small mortars.
It was so cold my nose fell off.

...I got better.

Dunno Jeff, I remember taking the Subway part of the way though. I'll see if I still have the score card in my bag.

trillian - kylie liked your joke about the paint, although i may have reversed the colors...

*cancels hunt for crash's nose*


Guy #1: Is this Broadway and Houston?
Guy #2: Yes. I think we're in SoHo.
Guy #3: No, this is just Ho.

--Broadway & Houston

This actually made sense to me.

How sad is it when your 7.5-year-old daughter doesn't even know what hot chocolate is?

Well, she knows now. "Wow that's good stuff!"

kids say the darndest things....

They do, they do.

mmmm hot chocolate

just got back from second Christmas at my aunt's house. still no ham, but I wanted to share with you the great gifts I got.

Grammy-winning diva Mariah Carey was being accused of possessing poor understanding of scientific theories. Mathematician Dr. David Leslie criticized Mariah's appropriation of Albert Einstein's mass-energy equivalence formula E=MC2 (reinterpreted as "emancipation equals Mariah Carey times two") for her most recent album title. Dr. Leslie told BBC News that he was dismayed that Mimi had had "misread the algebra," explaining: "The 'two' in the equation means C squared, not MC multiplied by two. The correct reading of the equation is E=MCC, so perhaps Mariah's re-interpretation should have been 'emancipation equals Mariah Carey Carey'?"

next:Dr. David Leslie tells us about the Lorentz-Fitzgerald contraction in a voice only dogs can hear!

Wow Trillian, your aunt sure has an unusual idea of presents, doesn't she?


I don't suppose the Lorentz-Fitzgerald contraction has an apostrophe, huh. *googles*

I think Trillian's cat rock is kinda cool.

JU is frying some of the ham to eat with eggs. Shouldn't it be in the trash by now?

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