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January 21, 2004


We have just the site for you.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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First? to post on an empty moat. Cool!!

Bummer about Michelle Kwan having to withdraw but talk about a class act. She put the welfare of the team first. I applaud her.

Sneeze Perverts?

Excellent NFARB.

Excellent choice.

*zips in*

I'm here, I'm screwed! and not in a good way.

Details to follow after I regroup.

Hint: Uninstalling old stuff and TRYING to install new stuff.

*zips back to old MOAT to whine there*

El ~ Keep trying. It took me 3 or 4 full uninstalls last time I updated. You can do it.
Go El!!

moving men will be here in one hour with the KibEl Office. Please have your clothes on.

I, of course, have personally brought our
new stapler!

*zips out to send e-mails*

Thanks for the support wolfie. There were 2 downloads, one was a "go back" as I think I mentioned and that's installed.
The other was Norton 2006 and it said I had to FIRST uninstall my old Norton, which I'm pretty sure I did. Then I tried to download new Norton (many times) and then I don't know what happened but there's an icon for it on my desktop. When I clicked "open" it started, but then stopped and said, "another program is running, you doofus, try again later", which I did, but it keeps saying that!!!!
Any suggestions?
*zips out to try again*

Now it says I didn't restart my computer and I have to do that. But I've restarted 3 freakin' times!!!!!

*zips out to restart again*

p.s. Perv MOAT is very speedy - hooray!

My favorite advice.. reboot. Then check in the add/remove software option and make sure the old one was really removed. And empty the wastebasket if it went there. And you really should be getting advice from someone who knows computers. I've become seriously atached to my system restore button cause I try and fix stuff myself.

Help Desk Technician on a radio call in show:

"What do I do? I sit with my feet propped up on my desk all day and tell people to turn their computer off, then on; and get paid $55,000 a year."

Sounds like it's almost (but not quite) as good a scam as earning $70,000 a week in the cash flow business.

El is just the cutest thing.

*channels El*
I'm in Norton scanning H*llllll! I may return at a later year if my computer ever finishing scanning itself. But I'm being brave and I'm rereading Big Trouble while I wait.
/end chanelling

*loves El half a xanax*

"Was that a goat?"

For Wolfie!

OMGBBQ! What an ordeal!! But I had GREAT
tech support!

I could never have done it alone!! :)

*collapses in MOAT hammock where she plans to spend the rest of the day recovering*

p.s. Why is it taking longer for my links to stuff to upload (is that the word?)?

See how futest I am???? Sorry!

Relax, El, I'll take care of it

Oh, never mind.


That is a Yiddish word for "All F**ked Up" that I don't know how to spell. It's pronounced "fa-toouts". Maybe.

Thanks sly anway. While waiting for Norton to scan to find what it was was ONE THING that needed fixing, I got to Page 32 in Big Trouble - sheesh.
And then in the middle of all this (as I told wolfie (The Great), I thought it would be a good idea to set off my burglar alarm to make sure it still worked, given all the electrical problems I've had lately.

No matter how much you remind yourself that it's going to be really LOUD it's even louder than you remember!

So I've had a pretty tumultous morning here in su.so.ca. and it's only 10:32am PST!!!!

But the temperature has gone up from the 50F to now 69F, so that's a good thing. :)

(((((((Neo))))))) *loves Neo some toast with homemade mango jam and a cuppa cofee or tea*
No, really. I wish I could give you a real hug and a real breakfast. Those dreams sounded terrifying.

I've sent some e-mails.

I've sent some offlines.
El ~ glad you're back online. *smooch*

Here is a column from last Sunday's S.D. paper about DB's book.

You know, I just can't take my eyes off E for a minute and she's up to more shenanigans!

I'm having a 'who gets to use the computer' tussle with J right now. I'm typing fast before she hijacks me.

JEFF! Your e-mail is misbehaving again!

perverts huh? should it bother me that I feel right at home here?

Should it bother me that WE feel right at home here?

.... nope, not at all.

*walks away whistling*

*streaks thru the moat*

Sly, don't know why that is, but I did get your second e-mail.

Maybe not quite the word you were looking for, but does this help, El?

It is way chilly here - strong northerly winds - but nothing like the northeast so I'll just grin and bear it for a couple of days. But trust me, you need the jacket and maybe a sweater and gloves!

Over on the MB thread with Dave's column - hooray! - there's a nice post by Mrs. Blog, who we all know is sly's new best friend - hooray for sly! So if you go there, just try to ignore "bowiefan", the latest MB jerkoff!

*smooch to Peri*

Hey partner, the office looks good here in the new digs, yes? I'll dust if you vacuum! :)

Um, wolfie, sauntering while naked isn't streaking.

Figure once we get Heuy moved a "sighting" round should about cover both. Don't ya think?

I hadda stop n scratch behind TCK's ear. It's so cute when his leg goes thump thump thump in rhythm.
*returns to regularly scheduled streaking*

Neo, here's an article on dream analysis. In checking under "children" in one of the dream dictionaries they site, the last sentence seems to address your situation. ". . . to save a child means your attempts to save a part of yourself from being destroyed."

The article about dream analysis said interpretations vary greatly. In RL, you are concerned about what is going to happen to your children. Most likely, that is carrying over to your dreams.

OK, I had somethin' deep and meaningful to say but wolfie distracted it right outa my head (not that I'm complainin' or anything)

I knew you'd come through Jeff! thanks

Now I know that I made up the word, but that's OK too! :)

RIP, Sir Freddie Laker, a real hero of the people. We took his discount airline to Britain several times and always got there and back safely!

Looks like Jackie got her wish after all, and with a vengeance: according to The Weather Channel, 24.8 inches of snow have fallen in Central Park so far! That is SECOND to the all-time record Christmas blizzard of 1947, when 26.4" fell.

Even though the blizzard of 1996 only (only?) measured 20.8 (I think) inches in Central Park, we actually had 28 inches in our end of Brooklyn.

And yes, I'm thrilled we are not there.

*runs through quickly*

No time to talk...but thank you to everyone who sent a link about the move...I'll catch up later tonight...after Gray's Anatomy most likely. Have to go get ready for dinner with my Sunday School class.

Applebee's. Living on the edge!

I'm here, I'm here!! But not for long...

I'm supposed to be moving bricks. What's with that? These were the ones I started moving the other week, then stopped. Now my sister phones and says "We're all booked for Thursday, how's the brick moving going?"

Meanwhile today is my only day off until Saturday. I love the kids to bits but it's very tiring work and I wish I could go back to my house at night.

I sound incredibly ungrateful and really I'm not.. I swear.

*scatters love and hugs around the place* I'll be back in between brick loads.

And now Dick Cheney is shooting people, personally, with a gun.


What level of h*ll do you think I've fallen to that I got the giggles over this?
He shot a lawyer. *snork*
Guns don't shoot people, vice presidents shoot people.
Is lawyer even in season?
Cheek, neck and chest.. sounds like a pretty good attempt at a head shot.
*falls off chair laughin*

Sorry. I'm not totally sober right now. I'm going to put on mittens to stifle myself.

(I'm only saying this because the guy is OK, but....)

You KNOW that Leno, Letterman, Jon Stewart and Maureen Dowd are all having screaming orgasms over that.

Especially since he managed to do it during February sweeps.

wolfie, LOL. Now we know that his secret service guys wear the Kevlar vests to protect themselves from HIM.

Weather/travel advisory: I just saw that Boston Logan airport is "technically open".

Doesn't sound promising, does it?

*checking in*

*finds MiK's breakfast* Yum! Homemade mango jam? Thanks!

Oh, please remind me never to do whatever it was that Eleanor did so that she had to fight her computer.

I found Wolfie a t-shirt but I prefer the naked saunter!

are you sure that TCK's leg going thump, thump, thump??

(Hey, I thought it was his heart. What did YOU all think I meant?)

TCK, just relax and enjoy it; Wolfie just has that effect on people! *wink*)

Susan, I think we ALL should go out to dinner at Applebees. I love their "Perfect Margarita" *sighs, remembering*

Hires some brick movers for Kaf.

Cheney shot somebody? Whoa.

Sly, thanks for the dream analysis. Personally I think the meaning is that I'm nuts. I have a lot of nightmares lately, but the worst ones are when somebody is trying to hurt my babies. They have to stop.

And Sly, when you asked if that was a goat, the answer is, not, it was a gloat. It was Jeff gloating about missing the snow. (Enjoy the warmth, Jeff!)

and Kibby and TCK, yeah, there is no place like home; we ALL feel comfy in a perv moat. *grins*

Ah, the blizzard of '96. Three feet of snow in 24 hours in a place that couldn't handle one inch. We lived in Columbia, Maryland with our two very little kids and were stranded in our house for 3 days. Our street never got plowed. Our cul-de-sac's menfolk all got together and shoveled it by hand. We womenfolk tended to our babies, made and delivered coffee, hot cocoa and sandwiches for our laborers. It was actually kind of cool.

The goat reference was for El who was reading Big Trouble. I can't remember if it was in the book, but it was in the movie.

And Neo, you aren't crazy. You are dealing with crazy times.

Scat, I take it you weren't in Chicago in the late '70's for 57 total feet of accumulation they city got one winter. The city started trucking snow to the lake to get rid of it from roads and parking lots.

Fortunately, we had moved to St. Louis and didn't have to deal with it.

But in 1982, we had a thundersnow that gave us 20" of snow. We had an exchange student from Brasil who had arrived the night before during the rain portion of that storm. He thought the snow was pretty neat...for a few days. At the end of the week, he was tired of it and asked us when it would go away.


Dreams are weird. The other night I dreamed that my son was a baby again and that his ear fell off. Then, somehow, it ended up in a bag of potato chips my sister was eating. I knew she would eat the ear, too. For some reason I needed her to get us to the hospital and she was bizarrely pokey and she parked (and wrecked) my car some outrageous distance away from the hospital. I was angry. At least I had salvaged Ethan's little ear. Then I woke up.

I fell asleep again and had the most wonderful dream about being in a very posh spa at a fabulous resort. The spa sold lots of herbal oils. I tried each one and could smell them in my dream. This made up for the awful ear dream.

sly, yes, I was in Chicago then! It was ridiculous. The then-mayor (Bilandik) couldn't get the city's neighborhood street plowed. People started shooting each other over parking spots. He didn't get re-elected.

I volunteered to dig out my sister's car. Her street got plowed but they plowed her parked car in. I shoveled it out for hours - it was blocked in about 6 feet of snow. I got a mild case of frostbite (frostnip) on a few of my toes because it was also 3 degrees below zero.

Chicago, my kind of town.

*zips in*

WOW scat, that is so cool. What a mind you have that takes you to a spa to refresh after a really bad dream - WTG!!!

I knew the goat was for me, even though I haven't read that far yet.

OK. I tried to watch some Olympics. FIRST of all, I thought they were having downhill skiing, but NOOOOOOOOO, it was cross country skiing, and as the eleventy hundred skiers started at ONCE, there was a crash. They stayed with it for a couple of minutes and then went to commercial.
I'm already tired of the luge, and doesn't it seem that they have a commercial about every 8 minutes - WTF? I don't remember the Salt Lake (or was it Boise?) Winter Olympics being this badly chopped up!!!
/end rant
no. Sly, I wish your Open Letter to NBC on your blog could really get to them. Is there a way to forward it?

BTW, did wolfie tell a lawyer joke????
tsk, tsk, tsk.

El, I did send that letter to NBC. I checked their website and got nbcolympicsfeedback@nbcuni.com as an address to send feedback about their Olympic coverage.

Oh, and El, that cross country skiing event had a GREAT finish. The LAST guy out of the stadium managed to pass up everyone else except the lead guy and he got the silver. THe commentators were talking about the effort he gave and that he should get the platinum medal. It was amazing.

Bummer. One great thing and I miss it *sigh*.

Was he the one who was expected to be a leader and fell down in the crash?

sly, I just used your NBC e-mail addy and sent them an e-mail too!
I feel good about this, even though it won't make a difference.
One year during the U.S. Open, former tennis star Tracy Austin was doing the "color" and one thing in covering tennis that you do NOT do is talk during the point. You just stop in the middle of a sentence and continue when the point ends. But she never stopped talking and it really became annoying, so I wrote. I don't even remember if anything happened, but I never got a response.

*borrows MOTW's hat while she's not looking*

Name of the day:
Mrs M Ale - She was standing in the queue in front of me at The Warehouse (Where everyone gets a bargain - and a moneyback guarantee!) and she took forever, because she decided to layby half of the stuff she had (but not all of it, of course), so I get to make fun of her now.
*removes hat*

Meanwhile.. the bricks are moving slowly. I will not get all of them done today.. I'm not even going to try. Hopefully I'll make a good start into the second pile. I already have one blood blister where I pinched my finger between two bricks

*slides over to see what problems Sly is having with NBC*

BTW.. Luge is a drinking sport. You should drink while you're watching.. and definitely if you're competing..

NEW YORK (AP) -- Peter Benchley, whose novel "Jaws" terrorized millions of swimmers even as the author himself became an advocate for the conservation of sharks, has died at age 65, his widow said Sunday.


Sorry El. It was the tequila.
And I was busy trying on some new tshirts.
And trying out my saunter.
*saunter saunter grovel saunter*

Sorry El *smooch* Forgive me.

You have no idea how hard it is linking things when you are slightly less than sober. And typing is really hard.

All is forgiven wolfie *smooch*.
That's a whole lot of links for a "little lady" who has had a few - very impressive!
They were all great, but I fell down laughing *ouch* at the last one - too funny!

Just rewatched "Big Fish"... does anyone else think that Helena Bonham Carter looks way too fragile? She'd fly away at the slightest breeze.
However, she is good at acting.

I've seen the "tequila" shirt before in real life. Worth a grin.

Yes, we have genuine homemade mango jam here. Nothing but mangoes, sugar and vanilla (the real kind, the "pods" or however you call them in English).

But in 1982, we had a thundersnow that gave us 20" of snow.

Sly, I think that was the big problem in NY today - thundersnow explains why it went from 5 inches at 6 am when I got up to over a foot by 8:00.

And if you haven't heard:
1. they did set a new all-time record of 26.9 inches
2. the Mayor announced he will be OPENING school tomorrow!


Thanks, sly, I just sent NBC a nasty e-mail about their horrible coverage. I feel better now.

Oh no! Not Peter Benchley! I have enjoyed his books very much and I'm sorry there won't be anymore. 65 is too young.

Lawyer jokes?! I have one: What's the difference between God and lawyers?
Well, God doesn't think he's a lawyer!

*ducks and rolls, grabbing E on the the way past, kissing her passionately to distract her*



Just finished my tax returns. I spent a good portion of today tidying up the place. NOW I have papers all over.


Oh crap. Ian Santiago from the WE Blog found the DB Blog. He posted on the Cheney thread.

Let's see if I can shut him up again. I did on the WE blog.

*does shot n heads into fray*

I scare him.

YAY, wolfie!

On the WE Blog, there is a thread about that blog being second in comments. #1 is the DB Blog. Here's Ian's post:

As for the Dave Barry crowd, those folks certainly are "irreverent", to say the least.


*zips in*

Don't the anti-Semitic WE people know that irreverent is our goal - it's what we strive to be!!! And we are damn good at it, I say - hooray for us.

Peri: Loved the kiss, don't get the joke though *snork*!! *tee, hee*

*blesses everyone and zips out*

Hiya, kids! Thanks for the link, Wolfie!

Just a quick drive-by, because I just spent all day reformatting my hard drive, and I'm cranky, and then I get on the main blog and find...

Am I crazy to be f*ckin' pi$$ed off by this?? The first woman is using "Tamra" though it's not even her real name! The other is announcing that even though her name is spelled differently, it still "rhymes with camera"! WHAT THE DUCK!?

Oh my gawd, I need a Xanax... *clutching chest*

*bites tongue*

*kicks a puppy*

*wishes she really had a puppy, but not to kick*

You're welcome *smooch*

I'd be ticked if nother wolfie showed up. In fact, I'd prolly hafta growl n be mean.

I don't have xanax, ut I have tequila. Want some?
*loves Tamara a shot or two*

*heinzes quickly*

Just got back from our trip to Mom's. Gave her back her cat, fixed her toilet and showed her how to record DVD's from VHS tapes on her new machine. Got to watch lots of old family movies, used up alot of kleenex.

Thanks for the e-mail, El!

*goes back to heinz more thoroughly*

Peri, I've heard that same joke before...only with doctors.

I tried to watch the Olympics but the TV is set to VCR/DVD mode or something, because I've got blue screens for every channel. I'm too tired to keep trying. Not worth it enough. Now ice dancing, that is worth fiddling with.

I also got annoyed because the common room was deserted when I went in there to try to get in some Olympics and then these guys come in wanting to watch a movie. Don't they have a common room of their own? Sheesh.

But the TV wasn't being cooperative so it wound up being a moot point.

sorry if that looked confusing. I was biting my tongue but decided not to. I'm mad because the Kansans I know aren't anti-Semites; this Ian guy is giving us a bad name, and HE claimed to be Cuban, not Kansan.

Shoot, even most of the Palestinians I knew in Kansas weren't anti-Semites!!

Tamara- Tamara isn't my real name either! What a coincidence!

Neither is Blogchik, for that matter...

But you should be pleased to learn that my last name does NOT, in fact, rhyme with camera.

I can see why you're annoyed by the Tamara-wanna-be's...we all know you are the original and best!


I have missed you!


Just getting in on the hugs...

{{{The one and only Tamara}}} I know what a royal PITA it can be when someone comes onto a blog using your
name. *mutter mutter curse.. * Try and stay sane.. she can't hold a candle to you!

Somebody enlighten me please... what is the WE blog? I feel like I've missed something important... other than lunch (hey it's only 4:15!.. and I have eaten a Pixie Caramel while I was waiting, so it's not a total loss!)

oh... and over 2/3 of the bricks are moved. If I eat and then start again, I should actually get them done!

Kaf, it's the Wichita (Kansas) Eagle Blog. Knight-Ridder asked Dave to send his bloglits over there there for the State of the Union address. That blog is inhabited by die-hard conservatives and die-hard liberals. They have a nasty tendancy to get into name-calling diatribes. They are NOT warm and fuzzy over there.

W_E Blog is the wit_chita ea_gle blog. (I don't want it blogable incase they find us here by accident) Where we went onnna field trip few weeks/days whatever ago. There was a horrible little creature there named Ian. He's scared of me. It's best that way. He's into a wh_ite po_wer mind trip. Which is weird cause hes cuban and isnt that like hispanic or something? Anyway a few nice folsk from there followed us home (like JMWalker) and apparently a few not so nice ones did too. *sighs*
I'm not correcting my spelling here. Sorry. It's really really hard.


I don't think it's a "Kansas" thing at all.
I think it's a particular a**hole thing.

After all, didn't Dorothy and Toto live with Auntie Em in Kansas, so how can that be a bad place?

If happy little bluebirds fly
beyond the rainbow, why oh why can't I

NOTE: It's hard to write correct lyrics to a song like that when you're listening to The Foo Fighters!!! :)

Having a quick heinz on Sunday night. Good to see perving happening all over, and wolfie's probably passed out in the corner by now.

SOOOOOOO glad I moved to the West Coast from DC! Never moving back to the ice and snow again!

I had a nap today and had a horrible nightmare about my best friend, Diane.
(btw, neo: I tried to IM you about that earlier. I don't know if you got it.)

I called her and the number was no longer in service. This did not make me feel better. I dug through the desk drawers and found her brother's number. (Bill. Remember I told you Bill kept asking me to marry him?) I really didn't want to call him but I did and the number rolled over to their mum's place. After some initial confusion we identified each other and she assured me that Di was all right. They just did what I did - gave up paying for the home number and kept the cell phone.

I just hate getting alarming messages from my brain about my friends. If she's ok and I'm not actually thinking about her why does my brain have to present me with such horrible, and all too possible, senarios about her? And I'm not so sure she is ok. Her mom may not know about it but who tells their mom stuff? Di's cell phone is turned off right now and I'll probably be awake until I can get her.

I just hope she's not working the night shift.

Oh! Just so it doesn't seem weird: Di and I don't live in the same city anymore. I can't just pop round her place for tea and a chat. It's been some time since we last spoke and that's why I'm getting so concerned about her.

Weebles wobble but they don't fall down.

Hi, All, & especially El, who recommended I show my virtual face here more often, and promised me a grope if I did. Nice to see you all again.

Yes, Wolfie, I think you did manage to send Mr. VLRB (Ian's racist tag line) back into hiding at the main blog - thanks. (And thanks for the strut/streak - most impressive).

El - CYE, and I also left a little something for you at the Elmer Cheney thread on the main blog.

Good night, see you again soon, I grope, er, hope.



....make farts!

Well, they do around here, anyway.

In the winter of 1965 Rochester NY (and the rest of N.E.) had a WONDERFUL blizzard which dumped TONS of snow. We had drifts up to the roof of 2 story houses and the street was a series of snow dunes as far as the eye can see (7 year old eyes are close to the ground). Our elementary school was at the end of the block and we didn't have school for a week BECAUSE the teachers couldn't get there! We didn't want the street plowed (front end loader came through) because we tried skiing down the dunes.

good times, good times

Oh, we built snow tunnels in the back yard. coooool

gah! either nightmares or insomnia.

(What a difference one letter makes. I hate insomnia, but love our insomniac. one little letter can change everything)

I'll go check my IM, Peri; I almost never go there anymore. I hope Diane is ok. I hate dreams that feel urgent.

A visit from Blue Meanie?! Hooray!

AND the ads have vanished from the top and bottom of the page again - without me doing anything! Computers are arbitrary.

Good morning sneeze perv Moat!

Everything hurts this morning. My back and shoulders from shoveling, my knee from who knows what, my head from the sugar bonanza I indulged in last night (but it was Sooooooooo worth it!)... oye. I shoveled out about 12 feet into the street because they don't know how to plow cul-de-sacs effectively.

The good news is that they postponed the "parents' night out" babysitting event until this Saturday, so we have another chance for that date.

Winter wonderland pix will be on my blog soon. Decaf coffee with spl3nda(yuck) first.

On the news, I heard Bloomberg warning, "This is a very dangerous storm"; then the news that the schools are open.

OK, they may be open, but attendance is another thing entirely.

Jeff, I'm so sorry that you are experiencing cold weather in Florida BUT on the bright side, the girls told me their dad is down there and he's freezing.


*waves* Hiya Blue. Good to see you Moating with us again. I wish I had chased him away, but he waited till after I fell over last night to comment again.

Kibby ~ oddly, I don't remember that particular blizzard. Might be cause I wasn't invented yet.
*ducks sonk o'nickels™*

Neo ~ incoming snail mail. *smooch* I included shipping (I hope.. I had to guess an amount. It was totally random actually)

*scratches head*
combination of sock and sink. For when you really want to cause damage smacking someone.
Hangover anyone? Besides me that is.

I've been wondering about DDi too. Hopefully she's having such a great time with Brian she doesn't need us. Temporarily.

But it's been long enough. DDi, come back!

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