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November 29, 2003


...this blog wants you to feel better about your body.

(Thanks to Patrick Watkins)


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Major warning on that link... quite a few photos of 900+lb people.. I'm just warning you.

You have been warned.

Oh .. and welcome!

Hello Kaf! I wonder if everyone is still in a turkey dinner induced coma?

I'm so glad it's Friday. Saturday, in your case. Cheers for the weekend!

So is this it? We moved? That was quick.

Then let me repeat: Happy Birthday Bangi!!!

And for some of the rest of us (nudge nudge wink wink), it's National Parfait Day.

And it's cold! Not by Winterpeg standards (hi Peri!) but 22 degrees and a wind chill of 7 is too cold for November in NY. They are predicting 50 by Sunday and 60 by Tuesday, however.

And Peri, thanks for recommending A Million Little Pieces, which I'm reading.

Hi Jeff! According to the weather channel here in Winterpeg it's -9C (15F) with a windchill. Brrrrr.

I put my Xmas tree up yesterday. This morning most of the bottom branches are bare and I am finding xmas ornaments all over the house. Anyone want a cat?

Now that I've gloated the heck out of the last Moat, let me offer my sincerest condolences to Neo, who lost her cat, Shadow, yesterday.


Leetie, I LOVE the dulcimer. And because 'm a dummy and didn't move soon enough, I'll re-post my last post from our old address:

Leetie, gloat away!

Everything here worked out wonderfully, too. The only glitch was that I couldn't find the ginger when I was making the pumpkin pies. Meghan and I did an impromptu skit of searching the pantry and cabinets calling out for "Gingah! Gingah, dahling, you there?" We assumed she opted to spend Thanksgiving with her sisters, The Spice Girls. We thought we were quite hilarious --- you probably had to be there.

I used more cloves and my parents declared it the best pumpkin pie I've ever made.

And Ginger turned up this morning behind the bottles of flavorings for cappucino.


I am so sorry Neo. I didn't know about your cat when I posted. I feel like an idiot.


Neo, sorry about the cat.

Oh and JU is currently frying up some stuffing and eggs for breakfast, with a few slices of pork roll on the side for extra decadence.

Yum yum, Leetie. Worth a little reflux. And the dulcimer is very cool, too.

I give it a month, maybe two.

Woke up, it was a Chelsea - er, I mean New MOAT morning and the first thing that I said...


neo's cat: RIP.

This one lasted a long time, by Hollywood standards!

El, are you feeling better today?

Thanks for asking Leetie! :)

Yes, I'm much, much better. The horrible pain in my side, which I'd originally self-diagnosed as a clear-cut case of kidney cancer, in reality may have only been a muscle strain, and with the help of ibuprofen is diminishing every day.
And how about you? Did the pain of the mandatory Thanksgiving day "burn" draw your attention away from your sore throat, etc???

Is Susan working today, does anyone know?

Yes, the pain from the burn was very distracting. I held ice on it for about 1/2 hour and it just burned and burned. Then I put some aloe on it and it immediately felt better. What a neat little plant.

I look like I'm branded.

I'm pretty sure Susan said she'd be doing the regular request show today.

The horrible pain in my side, which I'd originally self-diagnosed as a clear-cut case of kidney cancer, in reality may have only been a muscle strain

I figured appendix (but you had it out) or kidney stones, but I guess it wasn't dramatic enough for some people. ;)

Rainbow Bridge
Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.
When an animal dies that has been especially close to some-
one here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows
and hills for all our special friends so they can run and
play together. There is plenty of food, water, and sunshine
and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who have been ill and old are restored to health
and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong
again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times
gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small
thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be
left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when
one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are
intent; his eager body begins to quiver. Suddenly, he begins to run
from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him
faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend
finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to
be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your
hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more
into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your
life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together...

-- Anon. --

Why is everyone a comedian? When I told people we were going out to eat on Thanksgiving, both my sister and my brother asked me if we were going to eat Chinese.

No, and we didn't sing "Deck the halls" either.


Mmmmm - Chinese! What a good idea!
Hi, Jeff! All that cold weather can't be from Canada because as far as I can tell we're keeping it all for ourselves.

Beautiful Peri - I've read that before, here I think, and I pictured my favorite cat, Denver (named after John, of course) sitting on the Rainbow Bridge - (RIP) thanks..:)

*zips in with KibEl Stapler*

Jeff, don't they know that Jewish folk eat Chinese food on Christmas, not Thanksgiving?!?!


Susan - WCRE is cutting out again - why, why, why????????

*walks in, waves to everyone*

Hope y'all had a great Turkey Day, I know I did.


Unfortunately, we had Thanksgiving at someone else's house, so there's not a whole lot of leftovers to pick at here. Time to go shopping for lunch!

*considers making a batch of Monkey Bread*

ooohhhhh.....sad song....but good song...

Susan, how about Can't Fight This Feeling? please?

Whitt is here...we'll have to check the signal.

I am here as well...trying to catch up.


There was more I meant to say...but I didn't take notes. Silly me.

ahhhhh, Susan talked about my green bean casserole. I didn't make that this year. We decided to have at least one non-artery clogging dish. I did fix fresh green beans, but I steamed them with sprigs of fresh thyme, drained them and poured olive oil over them, sprinkled them with My House Salt and nuked for 1 minute. Ohhhhhh....wonderful!

Good morning.. happy post-turkey day!!

I've gotta shop today. Food shop mostly, but a few other things as well. Maybe a Christmas present or two. The shops won't be jammed like they traditionally are in America. It's just a regular shopping day.

Tonight is Christmas in the Park. Average crowds start at 100-120,000 people, which is pretty huge for a city of 375,000 people.

Thanks for my request Susan!! I love Christmas!!

{{{{{Neo}}}} I know how it feels, sweetie.. you have my sympathy.

Sly..... mmmmmm the beans you had sounded pretty good, even without the casserole.

Sly...I do like fresh green beans...and with the olive oil and salt sounds good. Unfortunatly, my family only likes canned ones....soggy...bland...fresh ones are too CRUNCHY...unless I cook them to death. At that point, I might as well just have canned ones.

I just realised that I've been awake for 1.5 hours without coffee. Between bacon & egg salad and WCRE, I lost track of the time.

I feel really strange without coffee. Just thought you'd be interested.

Oh, and Susan.. make both. If they want to have slushy soggy green beans, they're welcome to them. You have nice crunchy fresh beans.

I asked for your help a while back in finding a fuzzy tamagotchi. I'm beginning to think that is going to be impossible but J has an alternative: an Angel Tamagotchi. I can't make a link here at work but this is one site showing what it looks like: http://www.bookmice.net/fleur/shared/tainside.jpg
If anyone can snag one of these for me I will be forever grateful. Thank-you!

you can have nice crunchy fresh beans. I haven't had a close enough look at your beans to verify their freshness.

*not making any comment on my beans*

The playlist for today...

Friday 11-25-05 All Request Lunch Hour
“Commotion” Creedence Clearwater Revival
“Blue Sky” Allman Brothers Band
“Bring Me Some Water” Melissa Etheridge
“Babe” Styx
“Brown Eyed Girl” Jimmy Buffett
“Can’t Fight This Feeling” REO Speedwagon---Eleanor
“Hungry Like The Wolf” Duran Duran---wolfie
“Please Come Home For Christmas” Eagles---Kaf
“Mrs. Robinson” Simon and Garfunkel
“Power of Love” Huey Lewis and the News
“Big Shot” Billy Joel
“RESPECT” Aretha Franklin

Peri.. the Angel Tamagotchi info is from 1998-2000, so they may not be available any more. If Jamie looked on the 'Net till she found this, it's out of date. The only place I saw angel tamagotchis (while Googling, anyway) was at eBay, and those had been sold. Has she tried the Connexion Tamagotchis? Your tamagotchis can play games against other tamagotchis, and the winner grows. They're quite a bit of fun, and MUCH easier to find...

Okay.. because I haven't received one.. I'm going to do the mass email for the Moat move...

Go for it Kaf - I didn't do it because I just thought that sly and Leetie left such good breadcrumbs that we didn't need to, but since this is National Parfait Day someone may have gotten the munchies and eaten all the crumbs - you never know! :)

I FOUND AN ANGEL TAMAGOTCHI ON EBAY!!! Yay! Xmas is saved! I hope. It's being shipped from Japan. *crosses fingers and prays*

YAY!!!! for Jamie's Christmas!!

YAY!!!! for eBay, who take a lot of the brown stuff, but still come out shining!

Jeff, don't they know that Jewish folk eat Chinese food on Christmas, not Thanksgiving?!?!


I mean... "Exactly!"

Hey gang, be careful out there!

*shyly admits to co - celebrating National P-Day*

ok now i'm actually blurking;) - heinzed the halloween and rabbit moats during the last couple days. wow. i'd never made it through a whole MOAT before. had just run over when somebody mentioned it on the MB .. (shiny!) .. and then for just a foot or two. but, what fun. and so thought provoking. you folks is a riot. thanks for sharing the many laughs and sighs that made up your holiday. i got ta share y'alls hi-jinks whilst enjoying/suffering my own! Hugs and salutations.

Happy Birhtday to our beloved Bangi!

Mad, thank you for recommending "Hearts in Atlantis", I just finished it and I loved it. Tomorrow I'll start "The Plot Against America" by Philip Roth. Has anyone read it?

{{{Neo}}} I'm so very sorry for your cat.

32°F in Paris today and it's supposed to snow tomorrow :-(

It snows in Paris?

got a question. i noticed mention of ebaums world being a rip-off? is this a widely held thing? i get the news letter. don't want to support a negative situation.


Happy Birthday Bangi!!

Oh, and thanks for taking the time to look for Tamagotchis for me, Kaf! That was really sweet of you.

I'm still in the market for a fuzzy one, though, so anyone sees one please please please snaffle it up for me! =)

I'll be happy to take a fuzzy tamagotchi, too ;)

Well Peri there were a flew flakes this afternoon that melted quickly, but tomorrow the weather report says it's going to snow quite heavily (and then they're often mistaken so...)
The cold has killed 2 homeless people in France last night :-(

I had never seen this in November for Pete's sake!!!

Question: who the hell is Pete by the way?

That Bangi had better turn up for a tickle on her birthday! I stocked up on 'Jolt' just for her. *ties a bell to the jungle rope*

That's a darned good question! Why do I do, and ask so many people to do, so many things for Pete's sake? (Did that make the least bit of sense? I'm only half way through my first beer - for pete's sake!)

It is amazing that more homeless people don't die every winter here. It gets so brutally cold. But there are church and mission patrols that go out all the time and try to find them and bring them in. Mostly, they're successful.

*sets out a case of Coca-Cola near the jungle rope*

It hurts my feelings that you use my name and don't even know who I am, MarieP....

St. Peter.


Hey, sly! Turn your calendar over and follow directions!

You, too, E/Pete!

Hi Pete!

Are you cute? Are you single?

As a matter of fact, Pete IS cute and single. But I've got first dibs. However, I'm pretty sure we can find room for a cute little madamoiselle.

Peri, done! And "Pete" IS cute and single. And mischevious.

It's 3:55 CDT; and I've done absoflippinglutely nothing today.

It feels great.

OK I'll share with you Peri, no problem. The more the merrier, and my KS seriously needs a raise before I dare to admit what it is in public.

A couple hours ago I was in a Gap store and a salesgirl came to me and said "Mademoiselle?" I turned and she said "huh... Madame? Can I help you?"
I was really pi$$ed off. The problem is, I tend to forget I'm not 25 anymore.

Sly...I have apparently not done a whole lot more than you...I guess I really should go do a little work.

Football tonight, and it's gonna be a coooooold night. I'm glad I'll be here at the station, all warm. I should be able to be HERE too...we shall see how the computer behaves...

I heard from a reliable source, Marie that Pete is cute and single! And here on the MOAT, you will ALWAYS be "Mademoiselle" :)

cyn, I wasn't part of the ebaum conversation, so no help from me - sorry...

I think I'll move to the other couch now.

Well, Gap clerks all seem to be about 12 and also vapid and anorexic, so I wouldn't give it a second thought.

Hahahahahaha! I've got a twofour! (That's Canadian for 'there's 24 beers in the fridge!')

Slyeyes has 2 couches! *has couch envy*

Well, since we didn't have any leftovers to pick on today due to having Thanksgiving elswhere, I had to pick up a turkey breast (on sale, imagine that!) and made a sorta southwestern meal - yellow rice, mustard greens, traditional stuffing, and turkey with molé sauce, with jalapeno cheddar bread. (not that I cooked a whole lot - greens: canned, rice: Uncle Ben's 90 second miracle, stuffing: Pepperidge Farm, bread: premade pizza dough chopped up into little balls mixed with melted butter, cheese, and chopped jalapenos, turkey: no dethawing, pop it in the oven frozen, still in the bag kind). Now I'll have stuff to snack on during the weekend :)

Hey, sly, while you're up, grab me a glass of wine!

*makes feeble attempt to get up from beanbag chair*

*has food envy*
*can't handle any more envy and has another beer*

thanks girls! you're right as always :-)

Age ain't nothing but a number
La la la...
RIP Aaliyah

(see? I even listen to Teenager Music)

*waiting for the birthday gurl to come swinging through*

see, see. "come on down". *sigh*
hoping everybodies' just busy.
please pardon my paranoia if that's the particular.

whoooops! left it standing on my last post for a minuet!! GAH!

*wraps up a plate and sends it to Winnipeg*

*slamdunks paranoia into the moat* Score!
There ya go, cyn darlin'. No worries.

*wraps up a goose and sends it to Miami*

I am totally bracketed by asterixes (asterixi?) tonight! Does that mean I can have a single on the 'bloglits' album? Is that pic still up? *goes to check*

cyn, sweetie, you gotta stop being so paranoid. Everybody here looks out for one another pretty much. We may poke a little bit of fun, but we are very protective of each other... you included. If you're here, you're family.


I miss y'all, have been going through some more job drama. No big deal, but not enough time available to be my chatty self!

Ooooooh, a goose! I may actually try to cook one this Christmas... It's one of the very few things that I haven't cooked, though I hear it's similar to duck, which means spending quite a bit of time removing rendered fat from the roasting pan so it doesn't coat the whole oven in grease.

I just bought one of those Uncle Ben microwave thingy's - are they any good?

cyn - Sometimes I get ignored for hours and I used to get upset, but now I just pretend that I'm not here and not even checking - works for me!

MarieP - (if you're still here) I was in Paris once in January and it was in the 40'sF and they said that's about as cold as it gets in the city, so what's up with the 32F?


Does anyone know if there's mail delivery today?

Greetins All! Just heinzed the old MOAT and the new:

Leetie - you play dulcimer? I have one, but it's an old handmade model and the action is way too high, so its unplayable. The action is glued in and thus unremovable. I need to find a good luthier. But I do play the autoharp. Sort of.

All MOATies with snow - please send me yours! I'm dying to try out my "new" snowthrower on my tractor.

Went shopping today, without a hitch except at Staples where Mom and I waited in the checkout line for 90 freakin' minutes!! But at Wal-Mart (riotless) I got Mary the toy she wanted, so I'm happy.

I probably won't have time to post again for a couple days. See y'all soon!

*googles for recipe for "figgy pudding"*

I'm actually not sure what I'm doing for X-mas... The roomie will have just graduated from college and will be on a well deserved vacation in Costa Rica. I'm debating on whether to have a small get together at my house, going to one of a few places I've already been invited to, or just saying "Bah, Humbug!" and curling up on the couch with a good book until I have to go to work... Yes, I'm working on Christmas. Everybody is going to need a cocktail and whatnot after the festivities, and Sundays at our bar are always packed to the rafters from 6:pm to 2:am.


not here! not checking! ;D


El - the Uncle Ben's stuff is OK, especially if you're in a hurry. You just snip a vent hole and nuke that puppy, the rice is a little mushier than when you cook it yourself, but it does save about 1/2 hour if you're in a hurry or don't feel like washing a pot. I like cooking from scratch, but unless you've got a staff like Martha Stewart has, it's impractical to cook everything from scratch. Also, prepared foods have come quite a long way over the years... There's quite a few things available already prepared that I would not be embarassed to serve to company.

That wasn't exactly the goose I sent you, djtonyb, but enjoy it anyway!

Where are you AN? Here in Winterpeg we call it a 'snowBLOWER' but I'm not sure why. 'Thrower' is more accurate. And I really could have used you last week when I had to get my car out of it's spot by kicking and stamping the snow. It took me HOURS! I've really got to get a shovel. I've lived here all my life, you'd think I'd have this taken care of by now.

All right - truth is: I've always been able to get a man to shovel me out. This is the first time EVER that no one came to help me. It was about 2:00 pm when I tried and I didn't see a soul but what happened to the days when men miraculously appeared when I needed them? Is this a sign of things to come?

Maybe I would have had better results if I hadn't been wearing my parka, snow pants, Kodiak boots and bobble hat?

I bet you looked pretty cute stomping around out there, Peri! And I am amazed that you don't own a shovel.

Marie, I also liked 'Hearts in Atlantis.' Haven't read the other one. I'm trying to finish 'Coldheart Canyon' but it's getting annoyingly dragged-out.

We did alot of nothing today. I watched 2 movies on PBS: "It's a Wild, Wild..World" and "Some Like it Hot." JU and the P-nut made a diorama (sp?).

El I'm still here but not for long (midnight here, should get some sleep if I want to be efficient tomorrow, have a million things to do)
Paris didn't use to be this cold, but for a few years now it has changed; it's hotter in the summer and colder in the winter, which is a bit scary!

I'm not sure I'll be brave enough to go running on Sunday morning. Looks like I'm not gonna run a 2nd half-marathon in March. Last year I trained mostly on the treadmill but I couldn't pay the annual fee of the Gym Club this year. Well, maybe in January when I move in my new flat I'll run more often since I'll live right by the park (Champ de Mars)!

I'm glad to see you on the Moat Cyn! I always enjoy your comments on the Main Blog.

"Maybe I would have had better results if I hadn't been wearing my parka, snow pants, Kodiak boots and bobble hat?"

But wouldn't you be awfully cold stomping snow in your bikini? ;)

Tomorrow I'll start "The Plot Against America" by Philip Roth. Has anyone read it?

Marie: Actually, I read the first half of it but as an American Jew I found it rather upsetting and hard to read so put it down for a while before getting back to it. So I guess you could take that as an endorsement for Mr. Roth accomplishing what he set out to do.

It is amazing that more homeless people don't die every winter here. It gets so brutally cold. But there are church and mission patrols that go out all the time and try to find them and bring them in. Mostly, they're successful.

Peri, I know what you mean. Even though it doesn't get as cold here as in Canada I worry every winter about the people who choose (for one reason or another) to stay outside even on the coldest nights. They do send shelter outreach people out but some homeless people flatly refuse to go and others hide from the patrols. If they don't want to go into shelters (which I can understand as some of them are not safe) they can go into Grand Central or ride the subways - anything to get in where it's warm.

Still, as you said, it's rare when someone freezes to death here, whereas it seems to happen a lot more often in Chicago, for example.

djt: sounds like a yummy meal. We had Jackie's leftover meatballs with spaghetti and excellent Italian bread. And we started with bruschetta on said bread and ended with brownie cheesecake (a long story). But we did have soup & salad for lunch.

Never made goose but Jackie used to make duck, a many-stepped and sometimes messy job.

El, there IS mail delivery today though it was quite late here. It was also a substitute letter carrier who just dumped all the catalogues onto the floor in a pile instead of putting them in the individual boxes. I was going to call to complain but Jackie said let it go, so I did.

Actually, it was worth waiting for as (besides two late birthday cards) I got an adorable picture of my niece Brooklyn from my sister and a check from the Teachers Welfare Fund reimbursing us for at least part of our prescription costs over the past 6 months. No badmouthing the UFT in this house.

I also got a review copy of an Ian Rankin book - Blood Hunt, a thriller originally published under his pseudonym Jack Harvey. (This is a large pb.) If anyone here wants it, or copies (also large pbs) of the Rebus novels Resurrection Men or Fleshmarket Alley just let me know, here or via e-mail and I'll send it.

Thanks for the reminder, Marie. I liked the picture of you running. You look so determined!

And I still have Hearts in Atlantis on my "read soon" pile. If you saw how many unread books I have here...well, I don't know what you'd do but it doesn't stop me from buying more or borrowing them from the library.

Whoops, sorry for the excessive bolding.

Peri, I believe Aunt Nancy is in Iowa.


There is a hazard of spending the day getting caught up on recorded TV shows. A hazard other than a numb butt. When you're done watching the recorded shows and start watching a show currently on TV, you can't fast forward through the commercials.

Oh, another hazard. Thinking the news briefs and weather updates are current. Imagine how surprised was when I heard it's 74 degrees outside.

Bikini snow stomping? Hmmmmm. Chilly but effective, I'll bet. With strappy high shoes?

Leetie sweetie! I remember when you threw your over-cooked brined turkey down in the MOAT last year! How time flies. I knew you'd get a perfect one this year.

I was really impressed by, and REALLY related to, your 'tidbits' post. I've been trying to compose a comment and/or email to you about it. Tough stuff because I think you and I may be a lot alike and I sometimes get a little freaky about people that understand me. And that I understand. There's so few of them, you know? And your 'holy cr@p' email? I'm sorry for your friend. Both of them, actually. I sucks to be either one of them. Well, ok, it sucks more to be the kickee than the kicker but it can't be great living inside your own head when you've done something like that. (I'm trying to take a 'Zen' approach here - forgive, let live, and try to understand...)

*shuts the fridge door on the beer*
Oy Vey! There's another 'pre-teen' dance tonight. I have to drop off and pick up. It's amazing how fast the word gets around that there's a mom willing to do the driving. *takes a last longing look at all the beer cans* I'll see you soon!

Peri - I'm in east central Iowa, near Cedar Rapids. We were on the edge of a drought this year and could use any moisture we can get. As far as snow thrower vs. snow blower I think they're synonymous, so whatever. I'm just dying to try it because I hitched the blower attachment to the tractor all by my estrogen-based self. Yep! A wench with a wrench.

*runs in before the game*

El...a little LTTG but yes there was mail. I got mail today in fact...books and beads...(thank you wolfie!)

A cold night for football...but I'm inside.

A win tonight means the state championship next week. (Kibby, you did wear your Braves shirt I hope?)

Won't post a lot during the game...but I'll be here...without pants maybe...(hey, it's cold here!)

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