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September 22, 2003


Remember the fortune cookie game? I don't know if it was a huge hit outside of Utah (where I reside), but the basics of that game was to read your fortune and then add the phrase "...under the sheets" or "...in bed" after it. Example: Alas! The onion you are eating is someone else's water lily...under the sheets. A little childish, maybe, but when you'd get a really good one (Enjoy what you have. Hope for what you lack...in bed.) your friends will spew Coke out of their nostrils. To make a long story longer, I decided to put a twist on this game, but use news headlines instead of fortunes, and add the phrase, "...in my pants" to the end. Examples using CNN: "Buffalo-sized guinea pig revealed...in my pants!" "Cuban hijacker sentenced to 20 years...in my pants!" "Pizza man probably not alone...in my pants!" You see how this can be a fun little game? Anyway, I'm only one man with a smaller blog than yours (don't tell anyone I admitted that my blog is smaller), so I though maybe your readers could have some fun with this. Thank you for your time, and I hope that I'm not officially on your 'block e-mail' list. Eric C. Taylor: Traffic Dude KALL KURR KZHT
You're welcome, Eric... in my pants! No, wait.


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