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September 30, 2003


It has been working on improving the spaghetti plate.

(Thanks to Lisa White)


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first skydiving, and now tattoos, i have to start hanging out with an older crowd!

*searches for quiet corner where he can gum his bowl of mush*

I was going to get a Conch shell.

But I have kidded my friend's boss that I have an Aerosmith logo @sshat.

And everyday I remind said friend about her tattoo that she doesn't remember getting.
(Because she didn't, but we tell her she did anyway)

*joins insom in geezer corner*

Today stinks. Oh, we had a good time and everything here is fine but we are so bummed out by Elizabeth Edwards having her cancer spread. It just doesn't sound good.

Fingers crossed for her.

Otherwise, cheesecake today! We tried (for the first time) tiramisu cheesecake and pronounce it...good. We'll add it to our Cheesecake Factory repertoire.

*pulls out walker and inches over toward geezer corner*

In my day we had a real bus, an honest to goodness geezer bus, with a driver no less, not just a pitiful little corner.

(a bus would have gotten me to over the corner by now)

ok, some days, dontcha wish ya could Love a little work to those friends of yours with nothing to do?

*wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

no? good, cuz I aint doin shhhhhhhh it tomorrow except take off my pants and call Susan about a beaver.

*wink, wink, nudge, nudge*
*wink, wink, nudge, nudge*
*wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

OK. I am OUTTA here................

(you all be naughty now)

Neo, we still have the bus. I just can't remember where it's parked.

Sly says:

Jeff, the geezer bus is parking in the handicapped zone. As always.

*faint* I'll get to talk to a Beaver, and get a call about a beaver...all in one day?

And on a pantsless Friday no less...

I'm going to get a tattoo, too. I box that says "Insert Tattoo Here" inside it.

tattoo, too


De plane! De plane!

*waves hi to everyone*
Guess I wil just be commenting after all the fun is over with since I can't blog from work :-(

If any of you ever get a tattoo while skydiving call me. That would be a true thrill seeker

Mad, I'd be afraid they'd slip...

I only really want the one. The time may come some day in the future that I find something else significant to me to drill into my flesh with needles, but until then, my little lady dragon is flying solo.

It's Fuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiidaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!
I am so ready to forget about going back to work for ever and ever and ever, Amen. Except I want to keep the kids. *Flings pants - doesn't stop to see where they land*

*stamps time card*

*throws pants on Lab's lawn*

I can imagine the airborne tatoo trailing down the back of my leg as the artist slips away.... and would I have to be neked skydiving????

Yeah, pretty much, Kibby.

*looks into Swiss Moat*

*throws in some wine, Swiss Cheese and a few secret ingredients. Turns up heat*

Okay, I've got veges, bread and fondue forks. Who's hungry?

*slips into fondu MOAT*

Hum, cozy! This schtuff ought to do wonders for the skin!

*watches the MOAT monsters gobble up the cheese and enjoy the hot bath*

The best laid plans and all that.

Lab said "laid".

*grabs a fling shot*
*inserts pants and flings them onto Lab's lawn*
*runs back to werk*

*flings pants*

*waits for a Beaver*

ddi - cye

Ifn ya be interested, Peter Frampton is going to be at WNKU during the noon hour (eastern) today. He's helping to promote the station during the fund drive. Yes, I'll attempt to get a picture, and yes, I plan on having him autograph my Fingerprints CD.

Give it UP!

As LAB Comes Alive!!!

*claps furiously*
*no hands*
*no pants*

*zips in*

Yesterday the food delivery from Impromptu Gourmet finally showed up.
We've discussed the fact that perhaps "impromptu" was not the correct word to describe them and that would be correct, since, as I mentioned, they only ship on Mon and Tues. They shipped my order on Monday and it was delivered on Thursday!, packed in dry ice.

But Gourmet would be accurate. CG and I ate some of the food for lunch and each item was better than the one before it.
We had
Two small individual Chocolate Pecan Pies - yum is not a good enough word. We split one because it was so rich, and my daughter is coming over today to share the other one.
YAY me! I get to share TWO.
Mediterranen Couscous - delish, and enough left over for daughter.
Sweet potato souffle covered with pecan praline topping. We thought it was ice cream it was so rich and yummy.
Artisan pizza covered with balls (har!) of mozzarrella, sun dried tomatoes and something else. All Gone!

Remaining in the freezer for lunch next week is
Marinated Salmon with dill.
Maple Glazed Carrots.

We had to heat up the pizza in the oven, and the rest of the stuff could be nuked.

In the middle of it, CG asked, "Are we cooking?"
I said, YESSSS, we are!!!
CG: Cool!
/end su.so.ca. food report

p.s. I was surprised and pleased to see that my oven still worked. ;)

Artisan pizza covered with balls (har!) of mozzarrella, sun dried tomatoes and something else. All Gone!

Am I the only one who read this as "Al Gore"?


Actually no, Jeff. As I glanced through it, I read it as Al Gore too.

I'm effectively gone for the weekend folks! I hope to see all of you again on Monday!

Everyone have fun this weekend and I'll have a full report in a couple days.

na, kibby did too.

*blames global warming*

hee, hee, Eleanor said "balls"

Quote of the day:

Asked what he would do with the salary he was making as a pitcher, Tug McGraw said:

Ninety percent I'll spend on good times, women and Irish whiskey. The other ten percent I'll probably waste.

Eleanor, that made me drool on my keyboard.. YUM!

Kibby, I've been CMyE all day, whazzup? Nuttin new there 'cept werk stuff. Please resend to werk email addy. Thank you. And byebye.

al gore on a pizza...truly an inconvenient topping!

Just flying in (as per wolfie's Drama Queen description) to announce a news bulletin on Higgy's blog...

Catch y'all later!

DDi...I agree. I was drooling a little over El's food...Didn't help that I haven't had breakfast today yet either.

tried to comment on your blog, higgy, ...congratulations to you and tcmh!

Congrats to the Higsters! What a great piece of news to start the weekend with!

Artisan pizza covered with balls (har!) of mozzarrella, sun dried tomatoes and something else. All Gone!
I didn't do the Al Gore thing.. I did, however, read the first line as "hairy balls of mozzarella" and thought "Then WHY would you eat it?"

Just in case you're interested, there's nothing like the sound of smashing glass at 5:30am to wake you out of a stupor. I knew it wasn't a burglar, because I caused the breaking glass, but it's still quite a shock. I woke, needing to use the bathroom, got up, did my thing, came out to find the cat in full-on nag mode, because she wanted breakfast and, well, I was awake wasn't I? So I stumbled out to the kitchen, reached up on top of the pantry for the cat biscuits, and as I pulled the box down, I felt it bump something and then SMASH! There was an 8 oz mini-coffee plunger up on top of the pantry too, that I must have bumped.. so the next ten minutes were spent cleaning up glass from every corner of the kitchen (which is only about 7 ft sq but that's beside the point).

So here I am, not quite 6am on a Saturday. Truthfully, I'd rather be in bed, but I'm awake now, so I might as well be up.

Susan - a request, please? Could you resume posting the lunchtime play lists? Now that I miss the Request Hour, I'd like to know exactly what I'm missing... pretty please and thank you with a moatarita on top.

Susan, do you know WCRE is down, on both links!

*zips over to The Higster's blog*

El, still down? I'll have to check. Whitt's been mucking around with the internet...and he may have just left the building...I will check.

El, it should be there on both sites. At least it was for me when I just checked.

Kaf, I can do that...I've been slack about that (I admit it)...so just for you, today's playlist...

Friday 3-23-07 All Request Lunch Hour
“Do You Love Me” Contours
“Back In The High Life Again” Steve Winwood
“Caravan” Van Morisson
“One Headlight” Wallflowers
“The Bitch Is Back” Elton John
“Don’t Bring Me Down” ELO
“Take The Long Way Home” Supertramp
“It’s My Life” Bon Jovi
“Travelin’ Band” Creedence Clearwater Revival
“Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’” Journey
“Spanish Harlem” Aretha Franklin---Beverly
“In A Big Country” Big Country
“Stray Cat Strut” Stray Cats

Oooh, some good stuff! Thanks, Susan!

Neither link is working for me Susan. :(

OK, now I'm really going to Higgy's blog. :)

El, it's there on this end.

*resumes editing beaver ads*

I did, however, read the first line as "hairy balls of mozzarella"

Clint Eastwood used to have a "Dirty Hairy Burger" on the menu at his restaurant in Carmel. Ok, so it was actually a "Dirty Harry Burger," but it still didn't sound very appealing.

Just czeched again Susan, this is what it says in the box that pops up: (both links)

Windows Media Player cannot play the file because a network error occurred. The server might not be available. Verify that you are connected to the network and that your proxy settings are correct.

The Dirty Hairy Slider sounds even worse.

El, I'm not sure what that would be...I checked both sites here and they worked. You could try sending an email with the error to Whitt...

Off into the pollen I go...

I'm on my way to Starbucks Susan.

Good luck with the pollen. :)

and i'm on my way to pollenate..

hope the star bucks El ....

(really, i'm going out in the warehouse to move my parts around and get dirty)

ok, yep, it is the same.

carry on ........

BAck at last. But first, congratulations to the Higgy family (Lisa & Owen) for the happy news. Any preference as to gender this time, Higgy? And any names picked out yet?

I've been having a horrible time with a stuffed nose the last couple of days to the point where I sat up half the night last night because I couldn't breathe through my nose AT ALL, even after taking medication.

I was finally able to get an appointment at the ENT guy at 2:30. I got called in at 5:15. That's right, TWO HOURS AND FORTY-FIVE MINUTES! This is just so wrong. Plus the office was packed with people and incredibly hot.

And then it cost me over $167 for pills and sprays. And this is with insurance? Peri, I'm thinking of joining you in the frozen north as our system is broken and won't get up.

/end rant

yes, getting old sux... got 3 pieces of mail today

1) a reminder from social security on how little they'll give me should i make it to age 66.5

2) life insurance bill

3) detailed instructions on what to do before my colonoscopy (in may)

back to the friday festivities!



I'm home. Woolworths hates me because I redeemed a coupon then kicked up a (very polite) fuss when they didn't actually take the redeemable value off my bill. But instead of just grabbing what I needed and leaving, it turned into a 20 minute circus with me explaining to supervisors why the totals just didn't add up.

The sun's over the yardarm - that means that I can get drunk without looking like a lush... whooo hoooo!

*adds some hot fudge to teh slip-n-slide*
*backs out of the moat*

Hiyaaaaaaaaa, whoops.

Who put that hot fudge there?

Guess where I am???????

On my porch! Enjoying the spring morning with my yogurt and berries, my cappucino and my laptop. I've already gone for a workout and now I'm just sitting here taking in the morning. And watching a fresh crop of onions come up in the yard. And there seems to be some sort of small white wild flower that has moved in. Almost looks like snow covering the ground. When I come back from working on the West Coast, I'm taking over the yard work and I'm getting rid of this crap.

Which reminds me, enough of this. I need to get into the office and get some stuff done.


Sly, is it true it's going to be 80 in St. Louis tomorrow?

And Happy Belated Birthday to Jenni.

Jackie is watching your classic Ovary Channel "based on a true story" TV movie, starring Varey (Mrs. Richard Gere) Lowell as a woman who teaches at a blind school who suddenly goes blind herself. Then her husband's bad headaches are (surprise!!) a brain tumor that kills him in months.

Jackie: "Now this is the kind of Lifetime movie I like!"

Carey Lowell

Going up to 84 here in SC today, 82 tomorrow.

I just hope next weekend, for the Spring Festival, is just as nice.

Oooh...hot fudge!

the Lifetime Channel...for when the Book of Job seems too frivolous!

*snork* at insom!
You got that right. :)

insom, you don't know the half of it. According to Jackie, the end of the movie had Blind Heroine remarrying a childhood friend and becoming an "inspirational speaker" of some success.

It started out sunny but the clouds are prevailing now. Also, the wind makes it feel much colder than the mid-50s.

/end weather

For those of us who still care, Dave D is still trying to be LAST.

Mostly, neo & wysiwyg are preventing that.

*takes a bow*

*gives a stern*

*glance toward star*

*boards hard (to the) Lee*

Lee's back?!?!

Broadway update from Jackie via NY1's Saturday night theater show: coming to Broadway is Little House on the Prairie (The Musical?) starring...wait for it... Patrick Swayze & Melissa Gilbert!


Hmmm... LHOTP The Musical? Thanks, but no thanks. It's hard enough to watch reruns on television. That's why I stopped.


Update: The Showtunes Boys next door are playing Age Of Aquarius at full crank, and singing along. It's not a good sound any more

Update: Mavis.

Never mind. Dinner was amazing. Vegetarian lasagna. Soooo tasty.

So, they're not gay, right, Kaf?


I finally got a decent night's sleep after two nights sitting up unable to breathe.

Oh yeah, good morning, MOATies.

A question: is anyone watching the new Robin Hood series on BBC America? The Sheriff of Nottingham is an odd combination of too modern speech, humor, and downright nasty evilness.

I didn't check who is writing it, but there was this exchange in the third episode (Who Shot the Sheriff):

Shooter: "I shot the sheriff."
Sheriff (out from hiding): "No, you shot the deputy."

A friend wanted to know if they credited Bob Marley for the dialogue.

Scene: Porch
Breakfast: Plain yogurt with fresh berries
Beverage: Cappucino flavored with AlmondRoca
Temp: 64, heading towards a rainy 82
Traffic: 1 yellow Xterra, 1 copper-colored Lexus SC Convertible, 2 Saturns (green, black); gaggle of grey squirrels darting around.


Scene change. Had to scramble to the backyard due to the approach of Will and his dog (Amorous Neighbor Guy.)

Traffic: More squirrels, robins, cardinals, neighbor's dog and neighbor's 12 year old boy shooting baskets.

PS. Amorous Neighbor Guy is Will, not his dog whose name, coincidentally, is Marley.

Thanks for the elucidation, sly, as I was about to ask.

I wonder how Mrs. Will feels about his behavior.

Although Amorous Neighbor Guy WBAGNF most dogs.

According to Will, he and his wife lead separate lives and are only together for financial reasons.

*eye roll*


I just pulled an eye muscle. Gotta remember to stretch properly before doing that.

According to Will, he and his wife lead separate lives and are only together for financial reasons.

Yeah, if he leaves she gets half of everything.


Bloggity, blog, blog. I just blogged a photo album that may or may not contain actual photos of an actual Grammy award winner.

Lab, congrats on the Grammy! Also, please note that your meeting puts me at two degrees of separation from Pete Frampton, and if Mr Frampton has ever met Kevin Bacon, then I can play that game, too! It looks like you had a fun day!

So, they're not gay, right, Kaf?
Would there be anything wrong with that, Jeff?

Update: It's morning and it's dark. But I still have half of the vegetable lasagne left, and part of that will be my lunch, so today is a good day.

No, Kaf, of course not.

Anyway, I was just repeating what you said a couple of weeks ago about your neighbo[u]rs.

Nice day here today, sunny & breezy and a little cool. They are predicting 68-72 on Tuesday, which will be nice, and next weekend Mad & Weasel will be here in New York!

No worries, Jeff. But of course, they're not.

How's the weather Down Under now that summer is over?

Kaf, since you've never met me, I don't think it counts. Denied! Sorry, but thanks for playing.


Well over 80 degrees here today...sooo not March weather.

And very polleny...but this shall pass.

Jeff, I have not seen the Robin Hood series as yet...although we did just start getting the BBC America channel at home last Monday. Not that I've had a chance to see anything there yet.

The Extreme Makeover-Home Edition tonight was in Horry County...about 90 miles from Cheraw.

Just think...I could have gone to see Ty.

I haven't been watching it lately, but I will tonight.

Hootie performed for them!

Oooh..and Kaf, I'm drooling at the thought of veggie lasagna...

And Lab...Peter's clearly getting up there in years...but that is soo cool that you met him.

I did get photos with KISS...never got the copy of the pictures, but my picture was taken with KISS...and got to meet Jan and Dean, and Johnny Rivers.


Great pics, Lab. I've never been a Frampton fan but it was cool anyway.

Jan & Dean and Johnny Rivers! Wow, Susan wins my vote.

Trivia for the day: Dean Torrence sang the lead on the Beach Boys version of "Barbara Ann".

*is confused because Nick Rivers was Val Kilmer's character in Top Secret/i>*

*wonders what went wrong....

D@mn! TypeTurds back to questioning my existance...

Lab, I could just say that I'd met you. In my dreams, you and I have done many things that relative strangers just wouldn't do, so I think that should count for something.

Weather here was pretty average today, for whomever it was that asked. It's gotten quite cool this evening and the rest of the week looks pretty mild and slightly cloudy... even my birthday, which is a little disappointing. See?

Kibby, if you post within a minute of a previous post of your own, Pypetard will question your existence. If you throw in a link, they will question your existence. If you fart in their general direction (because their mother was a hamster and their father smelt of elderberries) then you will be blacklisted. Tis the way of all things, the blog circle of life.

Prior to last week they'd question my human existance for ANYTHING and then it cleared up (acne?). Now it's back....

... well, maybe it's not ...

Don't worry about it, Kibby. We still love you, even if PypeTard is ignoring you.

Independence Day - Bangladesh

Yay Bangi!

Kaf, that was me asking about the weather. For those who are Celsiusly challenged, 18-21 C = about 64.5-69 F. Not too bad, actually.

Our forecast highs (average about 53 for this date) the next 5 days are: 52, 72, 61, 52, 55.

*looks at wrist strap wondering which play Jeff's calling*

Right End slant + Half Back through gap + Draw play.

*decides to draw out plan in sand*

Ok, Brian, go to the pine tree, cut left to the pickup. Lab, I'll fake handoff to you and fill the right side gap. You can either run or pass to Brian or Insom. Insom, go deep to that group of white birch trees! Rest of you, go left 5 steps and turn!

Ready? BREAK!

HEY! How moved the socks marking the goal line!?

How = Who!

... darn, TypeTurd again!

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