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September 30, 2003


It has been working on improving the spaghetti plate.

(Thanks to Lisa White)


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Some of the acts at Jazzfest the first weekend: Dr. John, Van Morrison, Lucinda Williams, Soulive, Percy Sledge, T-Bone Burnett, Kermit Ruffins & the Barbecue Swingers, James Carter, Lucky Peterson, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Ave., Subdudes, George Porter, Jr. & Runnin’ Pardners, Zachary Richard with Francis Cabrel, Rebirth Brass Band, Rod Stewart, Norah Jones, Ludacris, Pharoah Sanders Quartet, Calexico, Johnny Rivers, Richie Havens, Mose Allison, Sonny Landreth, Irma Thomas, Brad Paisley, Bonnie Raitt, Jill Scott, Jerry Lee Lewis & the Killer Band, George Thorogood & the Destroyers, Pete Fountain, Marcia Ball, The New Orleans Social Club feat. Cyril Neville, Willie Tee and Leo Nocentelli, Clarence “Frogman” Henry.

Q: What do you get if you divide the circumference of a jack-o-lantern by its diameter?
A: Pumpkin pi!

Lab, really, you don't have to prove my point. ;)

Ludacris??? Is he on like, right before Bonnie Raitt? That would be great.

I. Love. Norah. Jones.

*finishes up "paperwork"*

*looks up*

speaking of pi, today is also THIS

and we ALL know what's right round the korn AH?!

Exactly Trillian!
Although there are entire web sites solely devoted to honoring today. I came across one last night but I just took a quick look and can't find it today.

In other news, this is what Papa Bush had to say about his recent collapse. Guess we know how he feels about The Gays. ;)
Bush On Collapsing: "The Ugliest Part Was My Dear Friend From Las Vegas (A Male Friend) Was Giving Me Mouth-To-Mouth"

Also, Fish is on a roll today!
Ladies of the MOAT, take a number and wait in line on your knees!

Leetie: they have about 10 stages with acts going on simultaneously. There are two big stages, the "main" Acura stage and other, plus a couple of covered tents (gospel tent, jazz tent) and a bunch of small to medium venues. Usually the biggest names and big local acts are on the "main" stage - last year those acts included Jimmy Buffett, Little Feat, Paul Simon, Irma Thomas, Frankie Ford, Buckwheat Zydeco & Doug Kershaw.

Just checked: Bonnie Raitt is on Sunday and Ludacris on Saturday. In the list above, Dr. John through Zachary Richard are Friday, Rebirth Brass Band through Sonny Landreth on Saturday, the rest on Sunday.

We were surprised Jimmy Buffett isn't coming this year but since he's friends with Sonny Landreth & Zachary Richard and since there is a Margaritaville in town, he could show up.

Jeff... dude... Leetie was being funny. The juxtaposition thing.

AWwwwwwww! Lab! That's soooo cute!

I got it. Just trying to give a little info.

The acts look great. I remember when I first thought about going, I didn't find that there was enough jazz to interest me. What's your view, being a regular attendee?


Now if they found Brian's tomb, that would be worth noting.

More sarcastic than anything. I can't imagine many "Jazz" fans swarming the stage when Ludacris is on.

It's sort of like the Beale Street festival, Leetie. Although it is blues related, it isn't just blues. It's everything. It's just that you'll find more blues at that festival than other festivals. And more jazz at N.O.'s festival.

You couldn't have a three-day, four stage festival if it limited itself to just blues.

yeah, maaaybe a four-day, three stage, but even at that, you'd still have to be ludacris, unless you were into breaking benjamin, but then, were talkin a whole nother brother.

oh, sure, now jeff links. ;)

The acts look great. I remember when I first thought about going, I didn't find that there was enough jazz to interest me. What's your view, being a regular attendee?

Not an expert, Lab, just a couple of years attendee.

That said, you're probably right, as though it is commonly referred to as "Jazzfest" the actual name is "New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival."

They try and cover all music with New Orleans roots, including all kinds of jazz (an area where I'm really not an expert), blues, gospel, zydeco, Cajun, r & b, even rock & whatever it is Ludacris does.

There's something for everyone but maybe not enough if you're looking for one specific genre.

lab- they recently reran the 'star trek' here where spock asks the computer to compute pi, in order to get jack the ripper out of it (it would have been better if the computer had said ' ewwww, math!') spock then says 'since pi is a transcendental figure...'. It still seems too easy a way to disable it...

kirk: why have we dropped out of warp drive?

sulu: the computer's working on 'pi' again...

kirk: how many digits we get this time?

sulu: another trillion, but spock says there are some good phone numbers in there...

I just remembered something that took place last night, at The 'bee's.

While we were there, we were talking to Dan, another regular that we've gotten to know. He had just come from a H.S. basketball game that he took his son to. We got to talking about high school, and he went to the catholic high school in the city where I went to the public school. He's a few years older than me, so we were naming people that we both may know.

Me: Did you know the Schultz's? Vic or Marvin?
Dan: Oh yeah. I know Vic. He and my brother used to hang out a lot.
Me: Did you know Lola, then?
Dan: Sure. Lola. (cups hands and holds them in front of his chest) Bit tits.
Me: Yeah. That's my ex-wife.

*checks to see if neo's number's in PI*

*random dialing*

Hello? Neo?


OMG Lab! What did he say to that!?!?

We all laughed. A lot.

GADS! NO mention of PI day on the MB!

"sorry for your loss?"

and here, i always thought it was DDi ryhmes PP.

*wanders off stupified ... (not that today's really much different than any other, i just felt like sharing)*

*leaves with-out*

*follows Fish in hopes that he'll change his mind*

. o O (I just hope he changes his underwear)

I just puked a little.

You caught a whiff?

Hey Lab, can you come over here... come closer... no, you have to come closer.... I have a secret to share with you....

*hides sock full o'sumfin behind back*

Great story Lab. :) Reminds me of an episode of NYPD Blue.

DiDi ryhmes with PiPi?

... that's better!

I went to Jazzfest back in 1996. I remember being disappointed that there wasn't more Jazz, but really really enjoying listenting to all the various kinds of music that were there.

I would love to make it to Memphis one year. There is also a great 3day music festival in Atlanta every year. There is a lot of Jazz at that one as well. Atlanta is where I fell in love with Joshua Redmon. Boy can that man blow (a saxaphone guys a saxaphone) I have since seen him perform in every city I have lived in since Atlanta including here in LA at the Disney concert hall.

Pie Day?? Okay, I've got pie!

Oh, that's not it? Okay, I'll take my pie and just eat it for breakfast then.

For anyone who's single and interested a current list of billionaire bachelors. Maybe my husband is on there somewhere.

Between Beale St and Jazzfest, I just want to move to the US and tour music festivals (with the odd Renfest thrown in for good measure) until I'm totally broke. Can someone check my Lotto ticket please? The draw was last night. I may already be a millionaire.

Ugh. It's Thursday.

Um, not quite Kibby. Sorry.

Channeling sly in response to Lab's post at 9:01a.m. blog clock time

*glares in Lab's direction*

As I recall, we saw Jerry Lee Lewis because SOMEONE confused Lewis' performance time with Bruce Hornsby's.

Or something like that.

And I believe that Federal Duck actually asked "Who's Jerry Lee Lewis? I take it he's not the comedian."

My bad on LTTG. :( I blame global warming.

Blogchik, sorry to hear that. A guy we knew in college (Jackie better than me) killed himself too, and it was a shock. There has been a rash of suicides at NYU in recent years which have gotten a lot of publicity. The pressure can be enormous.

Yeah, this place can be a pressure cooker. And there was some other bad stuff that went down when he was here that I can't get into here. Poor guy.

Sorry to bring down the blog.

In other (good) news, I am now so tired that I am too tired to be anxious. So maybe now I can get some of my overdue work done.

Ok, ok. It's true. The program had the times for Bruce and The Killer backwards.

Does the MOAT have a group on Yahoo for the NCAA Tourney?

They should, but I sorta been sidetracked and whatnot and forgot to host one this year. I blame blooming onions.

And Al Gore.

And I had my Final Four all picked out and ready to go. :(

John Denver news.

John Denver news - still dead

Thank you Trillian, now I don't have to click on the link.

*still sobbing over this

The link was about Colorado making "Rocky Mountain High" the co-state song, after some legislators (who clearly have nothing better to do) arguing it was 'inappropriate' because it had drug connotations, which is idiotic.

*enters singing "Puff the Magic Dragon"*

What's up?

ROFL at sly. Until just a few years ago I didn't know that Puff was a parfait song, and when my kids were little I used to sing it to them all the time. When I found out, I *snorked* at myself. ;)

John Denver's dead. WTF difference does anything else make? Nada. Who cares what they do with his song?

For those of you keeping score:

Generallisimo Francisco Franco; Still Dead.

Abe Vigoda: Still Alive

Gas: $2.41


*walks in and flips on the lights*



.... and booger(s).

*sees nothing and walks out*

Kaffy: Still Alive. I Think. Therefore I Am. Déscartes

Why is that all capitalised? Not a clue.

*sinks into a supersized Moatarita*

A really old man and a large multi-phallic vegetable. Click if you dare

*gets out of Kaf's shower*

hum, seems she didn't return ....

Did anyone else hear that thunder last night?



Nothing else new; certain people still dead; certain people still alive.

There is that Ides thing going on today, so BEWARE!!!

*exits to enjoy leftover pi for breakfast*

Sly, $2.41 seems like a bargain to me. Gas here is about $2.79.

On the subject you mentioned about, incredibly enough Sanjaya is still alive on AI.

Weather update: it hit 69 in Central Park yesterday, and 79 just inland in Newark! It was 61 this morning but will drop to the 50s by noon, the 40s by evening rush and the 30s tonight. They are talking heavy rain today and, as it gets colder, a changeover to snow, with one forecaster predicting UP TO SIX INCHES of the white stuff in the city!



/end weather

Over to sly for the traffic... or is it kibby?

I don't watch AI, but I've heard this may be why sanjaya is still in the running.

Kaf: eew.

Kaf...why oh why did I look?

That is just wrong.

*jumps in*

Traffic sucked a big lemon this morning. I was running late as it was, and it seems everyone else decided to drive in with me.

The weather is getting colder by the minute. Six inches of snow in the city Jeff? LOL! That's NOTHING! You missed all the good stuff, so this is Old Man Winter's way of welcoming you back to the city that never sleeps. The 70's that we saw earlier this week near Chi-town were a huge tease, and I'll be surprised if we dont all die of pneumonia in the next few weeks.

In other news: Sly is correct. People that have died are still dead.

That is all.

Thanks, Trillian. I had a feeling something like that must be going on. There's no other rational explanation.

DDi, I know the Weather Gods like to tease us with springlike conditions and then hit us hard every year. This usually happens in March but it's been known to arrive as late as early April. I wouldn't mind that much - after all, it's March and can't last more than a few days - but we have a concert in the city on Saturday night.

The guys in kilts at the St. Patrick's Day Parade on Saturday better be wearing something under them this year.


Duhhhhhh! They'll be wearing penguin thongs!

I'm sure I've said this before, but I remember a long time ago, it was Mothers Day and my family and I were attending the 9am mass at church. At the end of the mass, the Priest says "Just to let you all know, while we've been here, it's begun snowing outside, so please drive carefully." The entire congregation gasped... when we got outside, it was like a winter wonderland, in May. I sobbed.


Those bastards!

I blame Bloomingdale's.

*sees that DDi had a car full of strangers this morning*

sly's leftover pi for breakfast must have been pretty small - depending on how many decimal points you'd gotten to yesterday.

On the MOAT calander the picture for today is "Tides of March". It didn't print out too well.

... it was a play on words ...

Kibby! How many times have I got to tell you? Stop playing with your words and eat!

I just ordered pi(e) and some other stuff from Impromptu Gourmet - chocolate pecan. Also pecan-topped sweet potatoes.

Wanna guess what CG's favorite food is?
And I got grilled salmon for me, and maple-glazed carrots to go with the pie and sweet potatoes. They won't even ship it til Monday. They only ship on Mon and Tues.
What kind of a stupid rule is that?

Not very impromptu.

if they are willing to lie about impromptu, chances are they're lying about "gourmet" as well.

Eleanor, everyone knows that sweet potatoes are best shipped on Mondays or Tuesdays. ;)

*sulks because he wants to play with his words*

*bewares the of March* That's why I only buy Reflect for most of the year - better safe than sorry.

DDi - Dead people just don't seem to rise from the dead any more. It's a shame really, because I would have found that very entertaining.

*picks up dropped tags and sweeps up any shards* Oops.

my step-daughter is in a bagpipe band and will be marching on saturday...

it was high 70s yesterday, nasty today...spring break starts saturday, of course!

From the time we went out for lunch & errands to now the temperature has dropped, the winds are blowing and the rain started.

I blame Simon Cowell.

I blame the moon people.

I blame the Oompa Loompas!

*zips back in from running errands*

Leetie and Trillian, those are excellent points. They also said on the phone something about "Chef Inspired".

I'll report back, after they ship NEXT Monday, and all this perishable frozen food takes 4 days to get here but it's packed in dry ice, so it will stay cold.

If CG and I die, please remember this conversation and get boom boom to sue them.
Thank you.

I blame the cat women of the moon.

What are we talking about?

*hides the catnip from the moat men*

blogchick please email me. My email to you was returned.

*wavees hi to everyone*

I just gave my final exam. Now all I have to do is finish grading them by Tuesday! yikes!

Yay for going to the accountant and getting a refund rather than having to pay as we did the last two years.

*enters Moat carrying Cello case, cardboard sign and chair.*

*opens cello case, removes instrument; leaving case open to the side of the chair.*

*tunes cello and starts playing*

*remembers sign and props it up in case*

Oh. I just returned from the eye doctor where, for such a deal (!) I got a year's supply of contact lenses, new glasses and sunglasses. Invisiline. Indexing lenses (?)

Sure, I can see, and because I can see so well, I can see that I'm now OFFICIALLY POOR!!!

*continues playing cello, keeping new eyes on empty cello case*
Of course, this plan would probably work better if I actually knew how to play this thing.
*looks at Jeff, arches eyebrow, and looks at empty cello case*

So, you say you got a refund?

*peers into empty cello case*
*changes sign to read*


I may get better results with that.

Sly, does the Naked Cowboy ring any bells?

OK, forget that suggestion.

You can see! Good news.

does the Naked Cowboy ring any bells?

no, that was Naked Quasimodo...


And the vision of a naked quasimodo is quite ugh!

Why has pypetad forgotten my information twice in the last two days? Is it trying to tell me something?

Any thoughts on the ending of tonight's Grey's Anatomy?

Susan? Sly? Bueller?

Sly, I'm sure we have a sock full of nickels around here somewhere, if that'll help.

*still giggling in horror at Naked Quasimodo*

Mad, cye.

I'm driving home to VA tomorrow, with my trusty iPod plugged into the cassette player. Life will be good. I need a break. I need some sleep too.

Yes, it is supposed to get cold tomorrow. I hope it doesn't snow.

My exact thought at the end of Grey's Anatomy (mostly because I do not regularly watch it):

Musical Beds!

Granted, this may not be in context with the show... or anything for that matter.


Sly - always wear clean underwear in case of a traffic accident. *reads changed sign* YOU WANT MONEY? You should have told me that before I paid my bills. Now I have internet, phone, cellphone service and electricity for another month, but I'm pretty much broke, too.



I blame the cat women of the moon.

Posted by: Crash | 02:57 PM on March 15, 2007

I think I HAVE that movie!

*wonders why sly's new eyes are on the cello case and not the old ones*

*considers picking up new eyes as they might come in handy*

Musical Beds!

Granted, this may not be in context with the show... or anything for that matter.

Lessee, George has slept with Meredith, Callie, Izzie and a nurse whose name I forgot who gave him an STD.

Meredith has slept with Derek (and didn't know his name), George, the vet and sometimes Christina (but only in a platonic-my-life-is-in-crisis-hold-me kind of way)

Izzie has slept with Karev, George, Denny (did they? or was he too sick, but boy she wanted to),

Karev has slept with Izzie, and the nurse whose name I forgot who I think also gave him the STD and if he and Addison haven't slept together yet, they sure are doing a lot of lusting after each other.

Izzie has slept with Karev and George. (but I think she's going to sneak out of bed before he wakes up and pretend it didn't happen).

Mark has slept with Addison and Callie and has tried to get in every other females' pants.

Addison was married to Derek, slept with Mark (Derek's former best friend) and is majorly lusting after Karev.

Christina is engaged to Burke, we found out she had a longstanding affair with a professor who is now a contender for a position at the hospital, and sometimes sleeps with Meredith (but only sleeps in a platonic-my-life-is-in-crisis-hold-me kind of way).

I'd say musical beds IS the context of the show.

*Looks at contents of empty cello case; 1 dime, 3 pennies, lint, ripped-up PowerBall ticket and empty St@rbucks coffee cup*


Thank heavens today is payday.

Thanks to sly for the excellent recap, which will enable newcomers to watch the show and know what is going on.


The Chief slept with Ellis (Meredith's mother) and his wife left him and is now sleeping with another [unseen] man.

Meredith's father is married to Susan (not our Susan, NTTAWWT).

Lessee, George has slept with Meredith, Callie, Izzie and a nurse whose name I forgot who gave him an STD.

Jackie was commenting on this during the show, calling it 'ironic' since the actor who plays George is gay.

It's down to 32 degrees and snowing.

*throws ski pants on Lab's lawn, runs*

*throws ski polls on Lab's lawn and runs too*

Ski pants and ski polls alone ought to get some questions going....

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