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September 30, 2003


It has been working on improving the spaghetti plate.

(Thanks to Lisa White)


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**is fascinated along with Fish**

Boy, she maneuvered rather deftly around that bush didn't she?


Heh, you said "bush".

Every morning I drive past the gas station and say how can gas be that high? Then when I drive home it has gone up another 4-5 cents. This has happened almost everyday for the last 2 weeks. I don't think it will stop at $3.50.

*tosses pants on Lab's lawn*
*trades coats with Lab*

What? I needed a Lab Coat for work!

*shreds the new pants on the lawn*

Ooh ooh OOOO-ooohhh The right stuff.

you could say that again.

*zips in*

I'm hungry. Anyone around here making lunch?


I could say something pervy about not eating enough fish, but that sounds pervy.


New marketing campaign...

Fish...it's what's for dinner?

Laynie - not for a couple of hours, but I have to go out before then, anyway. What are you having?

I'm here because dishes are soaking in the sink. I've made a spicy yoghurt dressing, a raspberry vinaigrette (which was absolutely awful) and a balsamic vinaigrette to go with the salad I'm making for tonight. I also bought a couple of bottled dressings (sesame ginger and lemon thyme) because I like to have something for everyone. And if that's not enough, there's an ancient jar of mayonnaise in the fridge at Mum & Dad's. So there. I am a grown up, really.

Fish - now you can take him tobed with you.

...if you have to ask what premium costs you can't afford it...

I don't even look at the premium prices.

I made nachos earlier...the extent of my cooking for the day.

I may have to cook supper...but that has not yet been decided.

*whispers to El*Whitt is working on the internet broadcast as I type...

The I-can't-believe-they're-not-g@y men next door have turned up Shania Twain and are singing "Man! I Feel Like A Woman" Usually it's Madonna or show tunes, with the odd bit of Jackson 5 and disco era stuff thrown in.

Thanks for the invite Fish, but I made a grilled cheese sammich with Jarlsberg cheese and also had a chocolate chip cookie. Not a bad lunch.

Maybe not as good as a fish main course, but -
To paraphrase the ex-Sec. of Defense,
You have lunch with the food you have, not the food you want.

See y'all around... I'm off to do party prep for tonight.. I'll see you all tomorrow!

*flings pants in general direction of Lab's back lawn*

*runs in*
*runs out*

Next door to the Starbucks drive-thru I just went to there's a gas station. When I pulled in (so to speak), the middle gas was $3.03 and as I drove out the guy changed it to $3.05 -

Better stop going to that Starbucks, E. God only knows what you'll drive the price up to next time.

El was that for the gas or the coffee? Oh right must have been gas starbucks is more expensive than that.

On our honeymoon Mike and I had to pay over $4/gallon at the only gas station for 100 miles. I bet it won't be long before we hit that in LA. That place is probably up to $12/gallon by now.

PERI!!!! Hi! How's Winterpeg weather? :)

Mad, gas is a lot cheaper in L.A. than it is here in San Diego. I suppose if you figured out what a gallon of Starbucks cost, you probably wouldn't drink it anymore - so I won't.

One of the Righteous Bros. is getting down on his knees for some chick....*sigh*

The weather is damp and grey and depressing. Blah.

I was thinking I was going to hang out here tonight but I seem to be feeling crabby, bitchy and mean. More so than usual, I mean. So I think maybe I won't, after all. I'm very glad to see you and I'll give it another go tommorrow, yeah?

I'm taking all the pants from Lab's lawn with me.

Hope to see you tomorrow, Peri. :)

I'm pretty much gone too.

*zips out*

Wow. That was fun.. in a "Now it's over and I'm exhausted but it was worth it" kind of way.

We partied like it was a variety of years, given that the hired jukebox held everything from classic jazz ballads to Gnarls Barkley and 50 Cent with every genre represented. The programming was a lot of fun! There was excellent food and a lot of people I haven't seen for a few years. All in all, totally worth the price of admission.

Oops.. wandered off.. forgot to press post button.


Hi, all. We got home last night, safe and sound in one piece (each), which is all I could have hoped for. We intended to leave Monday, then Tuesday, but the cold up north kept us in Florida until Wednesday, which was the right decision.

Gas price update:

On the trip down (left Feb. 1) we paid $2.09 (regular) on the NJ Turnpike, $2.12 in N. Carolina, $1.97 in S. Carolina (and we later saw $1.89), $2.07 in Georgia, and $2.20 in So. Fla.

It's been going up ever since and we paid $2.39 in S. Carolina, $2.43 in N. Carolina and $2.42 on the Turnpike.

New York is a lot higher, but nowhere near (yet) what Californians are paying.

/end update

Hope everyone is feeling well and HI to all the returning absentees (Aunt Nancy, DJTony, jamester and anyone else I missed on a quick peruse).

Wolfie, thanks for the list and thanks too to wonderful neo for her cheerier addendum. I wonder how many of us were thinking "yes, that's him" or "her" but not "yes, that's me"? I'm sure a lot of us have bits of several of the categories (though I rarely would put myself in the "sheep" list, which may cause me trouble at times).

As for TV, for whatever reason we don't watch any sitcoms at the moment. One or both of us watch: 24, Heroes (opposite each other), The Unit, House, Veronica Mars (all 3 opposite each other!), Jericho, Lost, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, ER, Shark, Men in Trees (last 3 opposite each other), Brothers & Sisters.

I think that's it at the moment, although Jackie is addicted to Hardball with Chris Matthews.

*waddles in*


*waddles out*

*uplifting butt pinch to DDi*


also, my pants have still not found their way on.

may I just say (feel free to turn your heads and cough here)

F(#@%^(@#*^%(@*#^%(*@^*! the gas prices.

sorry, it's Saturday and I'm stuck actually working.

I didn't mean to get anything on any one, and I'm pretty sure I'm not contagious.

*cannonballs into the MOAT*

*tries to unstick Fish from work*

Hey, Fish sticks.

*snorks @ Mad for the lab coat joke*

I did yard work yesterday! It's officially spring!

*installs springs in strategic places round the Moat*
*sits back to watch*


its 45 degrees, sunny, beautiful outside.
of course I'm stuck at work *pouts*

Fish, gas here, as of yesterday afternoon was $3.05 for the middle one.

Can you top that? I read that gas in CA is now the most expensive in the country. We could go to Hawaii and buy cheaper gas. Getting it back here would be a problem, I guess...

Aaaah - Spring! And the scent of Labender is in the air

It's very springy outside here too. I think I must have allergies as my sinuses are inflamed - or whatever it is that sinuses get.

The one positive thing about this despicable story is Rose Morat herself. We could not believe this feisty, sharp-witted woman is 101!

*brings in soup for the sick folks*

Gas was $2.36 for the regular unleaded earlier today...I haven't looked since then. A lovely day here, though, I just wasn't out in it enough.

*belatedly flings pants*

Jeff, that's awful.. the link didn't work for me, so I googled the lady's name and here's a working link

*brings in fun, just to see what happens*

Did anybody notice that the blog clock is wrong?

I know, I know. I came early this year. Well, excuse me! But the rest of us are SICK AND TIRED of Christmas, and the way he shows up earlier and earlier each year! Hooey on Christmas!

Expect to see Uncle Sams, Fireworks, and American Flags on the shelves next week. Independence Day is coming, folks! Shop early and save!

DST: I don't blame you for being cranky. Whose idea was it to wake you up three weeks early anyway?

Yes, my computer updated itself but the blog clock is definitely wrong. Will we have to wait three more weeks for it to right itself?

Kaf, she was an amazing woman. She said she was always tough and had she been younger she'd have gone after the guy and, "I'd have killed him."

I don't think she meant that literally.

Good news!

thank heavens!! The powers that be at Pypetard have allowed me to post again!!!

YAY sly! You better be on good behaviour, that's all I'm saying. ;)

The bot IS making me go through the "bot motions" TWICE! for each comment.


You must have been a very bad girl! ;)

Jeff that is great to hear!

Sly - great to see you back...

Now if only lots more people would stop having lives and come out to play here.

It's a beeeeeeeeeee-uuuuuuuuuuuu-teeeeeeeeeeeeee-ful day in my neighborhood.

Temps; 62.

I finally took down my Christmas lights and I could SWEAR I heard my neighbor-across-the-street applaud. Hey, I haven't turned them on since the Epiphany. And this is the first nice Sunday since then I haven't been working, out of town or sick.

I went for a walk in a nature preserve today with what seemed to be half the town. The other half seemed to be at the recycling center wehre I later went to recycle bottles, cans and boxes.

Conversation with Meghan yesterday (it was her turn to cook for her room mates and she called me from the grocery store)

Meg: Is there a difference between ground meat and hamburger?

Me: No.

Meg: OK, the recipe calls for minced diced onions. I can't find that; can I just use a regular onion?.....What's that sound? (it was me banging my head on the wall)

Me: Mincing and dicing are what you do to an onion. I don't understand why a recipe calls for "minced diced" onions; but mincing is dicing that's gone too far. There's chopped; then diced, then minced.

Meghan: But you can do that to a regular onion.

Me: (thud) Yeah, you can.

Conversation with my Mother at 6:15 pm; my parents were supposed to pick me up at 6:00 to go to dinner.

Mom: Hello?

Me: Are you on your way?

Mom: On my way? No, why?

Me: Uh...why?

Mom: Who is this? Janice? (my sister).

Me: (really beginning to worry): No, it's Donna.

Mom: Oh! Wait, we're supposed to pick you up at 6:00! Do you want to go earlier?

Me: No, and it's 6:15.

Mom: It is not, it's --- (to my father)Joe!!! You didn't change that clock!! (to me) We're leaving right now.


Have fun!

*waits for post dinner report*

Sly: *snork*

Love those stories! Your parents are much more entertaining than mine.

Was Meghan looking for "minced diced onion" to be on sale as such at the store?


It was beautiful here too, though a little cooler. We went to the Polish restaurant in Brooklyn Heights for brunch - yum for orange ricotta pancakes. I know it doesn't sound particularly Polish, but the restaurant definitely is.

Well, thanks to Al Gore for really depressing me. We just watched his movie on Showtime. Looks like most of Florida could be under water in 10 years or so.

*snorkidy snork* at sly's stories.

Your story about Meghan reminds me about the time I called my mom for directions on how to cook rice. And spaghetti. Simple things, really...

Report from dinner:

Mom: There's that house on the way to your place that is being rehabbed. Do you know which one?

Me: Could you narrow it down?

Mom: The big one on the little lot.

Me: On Geyer?

Mom: I don't know the road, I wasn't driving. Joe, do you know which house?

Dad: (eating his fried chicken and enjoying it)

Mom: Joe?

Dad: (still eating)

Mom: Joe!

Dad: (Looking up, slightly surprised) Huh?

Mom: Do you know which house we're talking about?

Dad: What house? I don't know what you are talking about?

Mom: That house I was telling Donna about.

Dad: Oh. I wasn't listening.

Mom: What do you mean you weren't listening. You're sitting right there, how could you not be listening?

Dad: (sigh) I thought I'd take a couple of minutes off.

(guy at next table chokes on his iced tea)


sly, your parents are hilarious! :)

(Yes, I am procrastinating on my paper. I'm tired and inertia-fied.)

My mom sent me this joke from Jay Leno:
"Here's my take on the 2008 presidential race. There's no doubt history is in the making. We may have either the first Black president, the first Woman president or the first Mormon president. Why not kill three birds with one stone, elect Gladys Knight and call it a day?"

Sly - I'm pretty sure I love your family. Will you adopt me?

*snork* at Jay Leno

I have to get motivated and cook some dinner. Back in a bit

Dad: (sigh) I thought I'd take a couple of minutes off.

(guy at next table chokes on his iced tea)

*kibby snorks with guy at adjacent table*

Sly, thanks for the laughs. I know exactly how your dad feels. And after speaking to my parents last night I can confirm that yours are much more entertaining.

(Jackie - "Yours aren't entertaining at all.")

Upper 50s here today and 60s the next 2-3 days. Ah, spring is near.

If Al Gore is correct about what global warming will do to Florida, The Donald might want to reconsider his building plans.

Kibby, here's a new show for you to TiVo (™) and the rest of us to watch tonight, 10 pm on FX:
The Riches.

My high school graduation was held here. (I had a graduating class of 1206 and they needed the room.)

Did you guys wear caps and gowns back in 1206?

*SNORK* @ sly's parents, the guy at the next table, and everybody who's also *snork*ing

WOW, Jeff, you're really holding up well!

*runs away*

I didn't say I was in the graduating class of 1206, though it feels that way sometimes.

Actually, I was going away to work that summer and actually left in the middle of graduation.

*gets out geezer bus pass*

Sly...you do have some interesting meals with your parents. Poor guy at the next table...

Jeff, I love looking at the old theaters. When there was something to see...not just a huge generic space to show movies.

A note to anyone planning to listen to the station...the main link (wcreradio.com) isn't working right now...the pdbsn.com is the one to use. And the small download that was needed has been removed...just go to the page and click on the listen now thingie.

(Oh yes, that's the technical term. Of course it is.)

Yes, the 'listen now' thingie does work.

And *snork* at Relax. Enjoy yourself. This site is constantly under development. Feel free to email the Webmaster with your input. Unless you are Jane.

*snorks* @ Leetie

Jeff, I've got some questions about Roger Bacon. Did you ever meet him?

*reads that Jeff The Meyerson graduated in 1206 too*

I've seen ads for The Riches and was considering it. It's a series? I'm wondering how my DVR did with the time change...

Marquette MI had a theator like that too! RICH interior - too bad they can't survive. Isn't there a community theator group?

The Riches is a 13 week series, Kibby.

No, but I met Porky Pig, Lab. Will that do?

Kibby, what scares me about The Riches is how hard they are pushing it. I probably won't watch it, because in general, I don't watch that much.

*snork* Jeff

Interpretation for the humor impaired: Bacon / pig. Get it?

I'm there Susan! Guess I should bookmark this too.
Thanks. I've been feeling WCRE-deprived since Friday.


You know what? The blog clock is wrong.

My phone clock is fine though, it must have auto set.

I was late to Sunday school on Sunday, but that was not due to the time change.

That was due to the slow moving teenager.

Who was slow moving again today.

For a day that is supposed to be sunny, I'm seeing an awful lot of clouds out there...

Thanks, Lab, by the way, for the Bacon thing. It got me to look up something new, which I always like to do. I guess he was a little younger than the class of 1206.

Probably a different school, too.

Yeah, I figured that since you were quite the mature adult by the time he was making his mark, you may have come across him at some time.

And I couldn't think of anybody from the early 1200s.

*googles Class of 1206 ... well, just because*

I'm assuming that it took fewer years of school to graduate back in 1206. Not nearly as much history or math to study! Reading? Forget about it!

*finds Phantom Dinghies*

Who said Stealth is new ....

That's as big as my entire high school was! It was the smallest public high school in our county (I don't know if it still is)

kibby's HS auditorium held 1265 chairs - in case anyone's interested....

We didn't have an auditorium, or a theater or a stadium. The gym wasn't big enough (or just didn't have enough seats) to hold boy's basketball games in, so we "shared" facilities at a school about 10 minutes away. Made for interesting home v home football games (or would have if the other school hadn't beaten mine every year since before I was born)

That's not all that unusual, Sarah.

Channeling sly, who once again! is blocked and trying not to take it personally.

My high school class was to be the FIRST in our town with a graduating class of 100.

Except the week before graduation, Debbie Foss (name slightly changed) ran away from home, knocking us down to 99. Years later, she became the only full-time police official in some itty bitty river town in Southern Illinois.

And then she was fired for having the s3x in her official patrol car (read "pick up truck") with one of the volunteer firemen. Who was married.:)

Me: I love a great hometown story. ;)

i was part of a class of nine-hundred something...they ranked us at the start of senior year, so some must have dropped out.

jeff - who spoke at your ceremony, the sheriff of nottingham?

Susan, could you please play California Girls.

Since I'm sick, it might make me feel better.
*hopeful look*

Thank you Susan. :)

*cranks up volume*

*turns it down a little due to headache*

Still very cool, though. :)

Insom - 10th century class? So you've got Jeff beat by a few hundred years...

My graduating class (1991, because I'm just a baby) had about 150 - 200 members. I think there were about 1300 pupils in the school total (one per person, that's why they called us one-eyed Cantabrians). We could all fit in the school hall at a pinch, but the senior class had to sit on the stage behind the podium. We were the second- or third-largest high school in Christchurch. Burnside HS is the largest. Then again, there's less than 400,000 people in the entire city, so it was a nicely-sized school in that sense.

I'm going to have a coffee, and then, hopefully, a shower. Exciting, is it not?

Advice for Sly - take it personal.


*starts munching on Bacon* Ooops this isn't pork is it.

*stumbles in wrapped in a decidedly damp blanky*

Gaaaak, hack, wheeze, sweat, spit, cough...

I see I'm not the only one who apparently has the plague here... ran a lovely 102* fever for most of Saturday, along with a lovely barking cough that shrugged off a near overdose of Robitussin. Hope everyone else is on the mend too!

*stocks MOAT refrigerator with lotsa fruit juice & fresh veggies, hiding a bottle of Jaegermeister behind the brussels sprouts for emergency medicinal purposes*

STOP IT MAD - you're hurting me!

Gotta run - work calls, and it's the little boys' birthday today!

.oO(who was that girl in glasses?)

Tone-E! How goes it, my man?

I just spewed forth several things on my blog, including an update on Saturday's Chuck Prophet and Alejandro Escovedo concert. (Which was really good!)

*sprays lysol all around*

Either I killed the entire MOAT, or it's just that awkward afternoon lull...

*wanders off to Total Wine to find something apropos for dinner tonight*

*wipes lysol off Lab's forehead*

Sorry, didn't see you there...

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