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September 30, 2003


It has been working on improving the spaghetti plate.

(Thanks to Lisa White)


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I taped Syriana and no spoilers please because I've only watched about one third of it.

But I wanted to tell insom that your beloved Amanda Peet is in it and is married to my beloved Matt Damon. They make a very cute couple. :)

susan, cye....

*looks over at Syriana*
*notices she's covered with tape*

. o O (I wonder how that happened?)

wow - serious wolfie's even hotter n pervie wolfie...

but shouldnt there be a thumper category? granted, i'd be the only one in that category, but isnt everything really all about me anyway?

Thumper.. I think your category's already there *wink*

and of course, my previous statement excepts Lab.

Thanks for the clarification, Kaf. I'm not hauling anything anywhere, especially if it's a long haul.

And I'm not weird, perverted, or family.

How many of you think that Wolfie needs a good spanking? Raise your hands.

*hands go up*

Well, you're WRONG!
What Wolfie needs is a really bad spanking.

Get it on!



My cousin spells her name that way. The song makes her feel special.
I roll my eyes.


"ergo" was the forerunner to the "yugo". Neither did.

Go, that is.

and when i think about you all
i touch myself......
ooh, i don't mind anybody else,
i do what the f#%* i want
and then i touch myself....

oh no, oh no, OH NO!

oooooh ooooooooh oooooooooooooh!

(i very much like this category i am currently in)

That's disgusting, Fish.

Herb? Clean up on aisle 3. And 4.

LTTG: Wolfie, your comments are appreciated I'm sure.
...I'm not sure I fit into any of these categories.
I pretty much have stuck to trying to make somebody here spit Coke (or coke depending what city you're in) through their nose at the computer screen, and have other people at work stare with exaggeratted disgust at the mixture of green and brown and white in varied textures. And then you pretend that it's just a new "Magic Eye" that you're trying to decipher and it will only take you a moment, your not really distracted from work. And you wait until they are distracted before you attempt to cleen the screen off. (Not that this has EVER happened to me, nope.)



And then the or@l s3x!
Yes! The Or@l s3x!

*you're (not your)!


How cool is this song!!!!

And it certainly fits today!


This song was my mantra all through law school.

But we all know you kiss dolphins, Crash. That should be worthy of some pervie cute category.

Great show today, Susan.

UPTOWN GIRL! That's the category I want to be in. :)

*wonders how a fish touches itself without hands*

That song was stuck in my head when I named my daughter, but I spelled it Amy.

Crash, will we do "that" in a private room or right here on the MOAT with everyone watching? ;)

I had a staple stuck in my head once. I wanted to name my son Swingline.

Swingline Specimen?


We're all cool here.

We can turn off the lights and play who's in my mouth!


Out of the mouths of babes. Or... something like that.

*SNORK* @ Sly

Actually I think I have Strep Throat...

You may want to keep those parts far far away.

The inability to swallow is making it difficult to communicate with my coworkers and clients. Gah.
I'm all Drooly McMumbles.


I need a shower. Totally unrelated to this thread, but.. anyone want to join me?

Wow, the swallow sentence sounds dirty.

Yes. It. Does.

*waits for Fish to jump Crash's bones*

*heheh* You said "bone"...

We can turn off the lights and play who's in my mouth!

That is certainly, without a doubt, THE most beautiful thing I have ever heard. (well, at least since yesterday)

And, I would have long ago trained to become a real dolphin, had the proximities been different. I admit, I do have a little crush on crash. But don't tell her, I don't want her cheeks to turn red. Unless, it's due to the spanking.



I wanna play too!


Dont mind me... I'm...


*wipes off Fishy's fin and Labs gnome*

Sorry guys.

Are those snot bubbles?

No it snot.



Hey maybe snot could work as the movie title replacement word?

How Green Is My Snot?
Apocalypse Snot

hey, call it what you want..... it's still gelatinous.

MOM! Di's boogerin' up the MOAT again!

And green. Like the jello mold. /end TMI

Snot Magnolias
Blades of Snot

I got nuthin.



My new favorite word.

Uh oh... the drummer just canceled practice tonight. Lead guitarist is saying things like "f#ck this," "I give up," and "I'm done."

Gotta love band drama. ;)

Steel Snot would be painful, I would think.

Streets of Snot? Or even Snot of Fire.

Gone with the Snot?

The document does not contain no data.

Although my fingers apparently don't work right now.

*loves Leetie some Cheetos*

They're better than chocolate... give it to the guys. They fix everything. The cheetos, not the guys.

I have eaten an outrageous amount of food already today. I'm like a bottomless pit.

I can smell...

Oh Fish... I'm flattered you picture my buttcheeks.
I hope they look good.

Speaking of things that sound dirty, this Head(*snort*)line caught my eye.

Come over here to Cincy, Leets. You'll be hooked up to the local music scene in no time.

i love cheesetoes, i just can't seem to figure out how to get rid of the orange stain on my penis.

the snotfather? (nostrils I and II)

midnight snotboy?

a snotwork orange?


moscow doesn't believe in snot (kleenex shortage in the old soviet union)

eternal sunshine of the snotless mind

You really love Cheetos don't you Fish?

"If it gets cold enough."

Gorky Snot

The Grapes of Snot

A Few Good Snot

Crash, that's a hilarious headline. Did you send it to Dave?

Debbie Does Snot

*runs in and tacks up the playlist for the day*

Thursday 3-08-07 All Request Lunch Hour
“Tired Of Waiting For You” Kinks
“Don’t Mean Nothing” Richard Marks
“Return to Sender” Elvis Presley
“Trying To Find Atlantis” Jamie O’Neal---wolfie
“Margaritaville” Jimmy Buffett---Randy
“Chain of Fools” Aretha Franklin
“Gemini Dream” Moody Blues
“Amie” Pure Prairie League
“She Will Be Loved” Maroon 5---Jessie
“Angie” Rolling Stones
“It’s a Man’s World” James Brown---Reece
“I Am Woman” Helen Reddy---Diane
“Uptown Girl” Billy Joel
“Magic” Pilot
“100 Years” Five for Fighting

*runs back out to get some tissues, or ironed hankies, or something, for the snot*

But keep in mind I have been MB'd all of once.

(*shakes fist at Claire Martin*)

Crash do what I do to make myself feel better about Claire Martin.. I picture Claire to be about 117 years old, with nothing else to do except walk a puppy.

*kicks Claires puppy*

See? I feel better already!

Channeling Sly

Last King of Snotland
The DeSnotted
Little Miss Sunsnot

/end channel


I imagine her as Cat Lady Goldie Hawn in Death Becomes Her.

speakin of old school..... member this?

*bobs dill and*

Fisher n Deon’s in the Basement
Drinkin down their medicine
Graz's on the pavement
Was wonderin' where he’d went
So Lab’s cantankerous? who give a shit
Kafaleni with nothing on but her trench coat
Wurm’s out, works his butt off
Blogchik said, you almost forgot me again *cough*
Sandy Beach introduced me to the Mosoltov
Look out Moaties
Don’t forget your floaties
God only knows when
Tina said she’s be back again
Higgy, cue the boom-schwackets and refill the blender with Jose’
Eleanor loves to make friends
BigD in the coon-skin cap
Showing us his big pen
Double Di and DjT get out their dollar bills
Speakin of strippin, where the heck has Lee been?

Marie comes France foot
Face still shiny, though full of black soot
Talkin’ that her heat put
MoatMen wanna French tickle her butt
Then Bangi swings in Voweless anyway
Marie in Barcelona says she say
She can hear Susan on the airwaves
She just returned from months away, but don’t expect her to stay
Crushed on Crash, so please with me, play
Look out Eadn
Don’t matter what ya did, we all hope you’re still a blurken’
Naked Jello Twister’s hard on the tip toes
Don’t invite no Joe Blows
Best to stay away from those
That carry around an unfunny hose
KingW keeps the beer flowin on the west coast
What happened to BlueMeanie, nobody knows
Ya don’t need a volunteer Fireman (hey, Vol-anyone member him?)
To know not to start another bonfire in the Moat

Get drunk, get on your Dell
Hang around and Sly will get you well
Thank God for e-mail,
otherwise work’d be dull as hell
Good God, what’s that smell? (leets?!)
But Blog too hard, and you get fired
Just, just had her baby girl, that’s fekin real swell
Should probably feed Fluffy n Pliskin a somesorta Spam Hay Bale
Rhea met Marie and apparently they ate well
Look out for the Slide will Slip(e)
Wolfie likes porn and chocolit
But we writers n readers
Six pack drinkers
Used to hang here with a guy named PETER
Neo’s in the hot tub
Lookin’ for a brain to rub
We used to follow Elle our Presidential leader
Good thing, Insomniac keeps an eye on the Jello meter

Ah ‘ol Igloo, he’s hot, but he stays cool
Short posts, means the most, you should try peanut butter on your toast
Everyone get undressed, well lookie there, some of us have been blessed
Course, I’m sucking in the excess
Release her, release him, catch whiffs
Don’t make too big a mess for the Night Shifts
Over two years of bloggin’
And we all should have a TV show, writing up our own scripts
Look out on the MB, use a lamp
Seems we lost another one, Writers Cramp
Punkys in a miniskirt jumpin on a trampoline
Oklahoma has a panhandle
Kibby spilt beer, not the first time, on a sandal
Try and avoid Cbol getting near your goat, that damn vandal
Oh boy
Everyone knows I’m koi
Weasel got himself a new Mad chew toy
Damn I really don’t want to werk
I’d much rather have miss Marylin blowin on my candle

(and remember folks, this MOATS for you)

Heh, you said "PETER".

Fish, that's beautiful.

Have you ever wondered:
Is Jack Bauer related to Eddie Bauer?

bravo, fish!

*loud applause for Fish*

That was great! :)

*perks ramparts and gives Fish a standing b00b-vation*


*rubs the spot Weasel last chewed* Ouch!

Fish nicely done.

*butters Lab up for Wolfie's licking pleasure* Wolfie can I have just one little lick please?

Sly where are you going to be in CA?

*applauds Fish*

*makes a note of a song for tomorrow*

*snork* at fish!...

snotting hill!

Snotting hill.....doh!

Good one, insom!

* i actually had to stop grading exams to send that in...how sad is that?*

That's not sad, Insom, that's getting your priorities right!

Fish - nice work, honey! *applauds*

Some Like It Snot


*clap* *clap* *clap*
Fish, what can I say?... I'm in awe.

And many snorks all around, especially to my almost-birthday-twin Crash.

ditto kaf

All covered with butter and no place to go.

*swabs Lab with dry toast*

Oh, and I just noticed the top of the thread!


*takes a quick backwards bow in the front yard and drops pants, leaving them for gnomebody in particular*

*rolls out the red slip(e) and slide*

Try going here Lab.

But first, come here and give 'ol Fish a Hug.

Fishy, that was wonderful!
(sorry, I read the MOAT in reverse so I just got to your post)

*slides over to Fish and gives him a big ol' buttery nekked hug*

I see you're *up* early.

*wonders if she should join in or just watch*

If you were going to join in, you should have done it right away. It's been longer than 30 seconds now.

*falls asleep*

speakin of seconds.

I'm good to go again.

At my age, I won't be ready again until Tuesday.

*zips in*

Not heinzed yet.

Chanelling sly:

Temps; currently 47; high to be 65
Gas: $2.38
Movie: The Royal Tannensnots.

For Fish, I'd even take seconds.

Even though he doesn't answer my e-mails, but I'm trying not to be bitter. :)

*licks El*

Nope. Not bitter.

Ask a boater, bitter butter for batter, makes fish better.

Gas...too expensive considering I'm in need of a full tank.

Temp...46, high today 60.

Programing note...our internet broadcast may be down. Ok, it is, as far as I can tell, but I could be mistaken. We had someone in today to increase our internet capability...and I think we got a new IP address. I've called Whittaker...but haven't heard from him. Of course, I've called him about five times today so...he could be in hiding.

So...we now have a buttery Fish? Interesting...

Gas here is about $2.93 and higher in some places. CG told me it's expected to go up to $3.50 - ack!!!

Makes me glad I don't go many places.

*sprays Fish with Pam*

*then (at her request) sprays Pam with Fish*

*gets camera*

Ooh Susan. Please let us know if it's back before time for the Request Hour.
I'll be listening to my new Carly Simon CD if anyone wants me. For anything. ;)

Chick TV.

Now there's a new concept. ;)


pivo: 30 here, too!

Hmmm... the only shows from El's article that I watch are Grey's Anatomy and occasionally Men In Trees (and yes, Anne Heche was a casting mistake). Does that make me a bad chick? Should I trade my cocobra in for a penguin thong? Or, because I do watch the occasional bit of chick tv, should I just wear both?

*jumps in the buttery man pile* They can't play by themselves forever!

The only one I watch is Brothers and Sisters, which I didn't think was "Chick TV", but maybe any show that has Rob Lowe in it *sigh* just automatically is, especially if he spends a lot of time in bed or even making out with someone, in this case Calista Flockhart.

*throws Di's long denim skirt with a slit uptohere on Lab's lawn*

I have to leave my pants on for a while because I think some contractor type people are coming over - or not.

Laynie, B & S isn't showing over here yet, and if you haven't already tried Grey's Anatomy, you should, IMO. But get hold of the first season DVDs from your video shop and find out if you like it before you commit to the current season.. it's amazing how many shows I've found that I loved when I hadn't initially been interested.

Throws pants on Lab's lawn and goes back to C# training.

su.so.ca. gas price update

Having just returned from running an errand, I can report that gas is $3.03, and $3.13 for the middle one. I didn't even look at the premium.

*gets the lawnmower*

*kicks back and watches Crash trim*


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