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September 30, 2003


It has been working on improving the spaghetti plate.

(Thanks to Lisa White)


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DDi, leave the Coyotes and move in with Grizzlies and Black Bears?

We have Coyotes here but I have not seen one yet. Seen plenty of deer, turkeys,Canadian gooses, foxes and other critters, but no Coyotes.


Di, just penguins and such.

We saw coyotes in Arizona and I believe there was one in Central Park last year.

Maybe they're joining up with Dave's squirrels.

Lab, I saw when he was "escorted out" by the animal fuzz and he didn't look like he wanted to play.

Personally, I'd like to see a rabbit coon or a rabbit coyote. Question: if a rabbit and a coyote mated, could they produce viable, fertile offspring? And if so, are they really different species? ;)

More importantly, if it caught its own tail, would it eat it?

DDi...no coyotes in this part of SC. The occasional deer...some bunnies and so on...no coyotes.

Squirrels, but they seem to be fairly well behaved.

How can you have deer and bunnies, but no coyotes? What eats the deer and bunnies? Wolves? You don't have cougars there do you?

I hope that by tomorrow the MOAT has moved on to a non-animal topic. :)

*zips out*

*books flight to Antarctica, nothing lives there, right?*

Posted by: DDi | 07:25 PM on April 4, 2007

DDi - come to Christchurch - no coyotes, and if you really want to freeze your tatas off in the Antarctic region, there's a direct flight from Christchurch Airport.
Also, while you're here, we could paint the town chartreuse. Just because red is a bit overdone right now.


*remembers neos deer escape*

fuzzy date = cheap date?

Eleanor's refering to one of her neighbors (scraggly, ugly, misshapen and mean. Also hideous and scary.)?

We have ferrits. While sleeping in my boat one morning I heard one scampering across the deck right above my bed. For the heck of it I WACKED the ceiling, heard a jump followed by a plunk as it fell into the water... good times...

™ is back!

Kibby, have a wonderful time in Ireland!! Report back with lots of photos!

Will do Kaf!

fuzzy date = alcohol-infused date?

Cars are the deer's only predator in these here parts. After that, I think the biggest predator is a fox.

Yuck. That about sums up yesterday's weather. Not so cold this morning but it will get colder. At least the rain finally stopped. A friend in Maine said it's snowing up there (his header was 'Dreaming of a White Passover').

What a spring!

/end weather

*looks around and doesn't see any weather*

Good job Jeff!

*sweeps MOAT*

What eats the deer and bunnies?
People. Lucky, well-fed people.

Dammit. Now I'm hungry.

When are you leaving, kibby? Have a wonderful time.

South Carolina has FOUR different kind of SQUIRREL. That, in itself, is a reason to stay away.

They also have boar, coyote, and fox. Not to mention the alligators, snakes, and MANATEES. If a manatee doesn't scare you, what does?

kibby leaves at 8 pm CET (2 pm blog time).

I heart manatees. I went diving in an area in Florida where they were wintering. Awesome!

They scare me. Huge, sharp pointy teeth. Claws. Bad breath.

Aww, manatees are sweet. And they're vegetarians so you don't need to worry about their (not they're) teeth, Lab.

Especially the Bad Breath part!

Oh the hugh manatee!

That's just what they want you to believe, Jeff. You've falling for their little trap.

Judging by the pictures, they have anything BUT little traps.

Grrr. I was wrong yesterday about no coyotes. I was looking at the online version of one of the other papers in the county, and there was something about animal attacks in the county. And in that article...According to Region Two Wildlife Coordinator, Sam Stokes, these things happen more often than you think. “I get these calls a lot,” he said. “Most of the time it’s coyotes doing it. They can easily take down a mid-size dog. As far as it being a cougar, there hasn’t been a documented sighting in S.C. in over 100 years.”
The only other possible culprit would be a bobcat, but Stokes says even that scenario is unlikely.

And Lab, I didn't know there were that many varieties of squirrels in the state...All I ever see is the gray ones. There used to be one gray one with a reddish tail running around our yard, but I haven't seen that one in a while.


Kibby! Have a wonderful trip!

Susan, I was a little skeptical about your 'no coyotes' remark yesterday, because I think they're everywhere. :)

Today I feel like I'm at a Garden Party. Could you please play that? Thanks.


A garden party El? Are you in a greenhouse? IS PERI THERE!?

Good morning!

Aww, manatees are sweet. And they're vegetarians so you don't need to worry about their (not they're) teeth, Lab.
Jeff, this reminds me of some lines from the movie Ice Age (which I've seen A LOT thanks to nannying...) where Sid the sloth is being chased by a couple of angry prehistoric rhinos (because he ruined their last salad of the season, naturally) and Manny the mammoth steps in to rescue him.

Rhino 1: [to Sid] Look, we're gonna break your neck so you don't feel a thing. How's that?
Manny: Wait a minute. I thought rhinos were vegetarians.
Sid: An excelent point.
Manny: Shut up.
Rhino 1: Who says we're gonna eat him after we kill him?

*checks blog clock*

*waves to Kibby* Safe travel!!

I wish, Di! To both. ;)

In other news,


wolfie is back from a fabulous vacation and has posted pictures and a narrative on her blog.

I'm a firm believer that Manatees must make great hamburgers.

They make good dancers, too.

The robot won't let me post this. All I said was:

I dunno, Crash; I don't think their flippers would be too good at holding the spatula.

Ooooh! Exciting El! Thanks for the update!

*wonders if a toy box was involved in wolfies travels*

*makes note to czech out wolfies blog later tonight, from home, just in case* ;)

Well, I'm off to Good Friday services any minute now (well, in a short while, anyway), then going to visit my niece and nephews with some chocolatey and sugary goodness. I think that's the responsible aunt-like thing to do.

I'm heading to the Maundy (Holy) Thursday service tonight myself...if you've never heard of this service, it remembers the Last Supper...very serious service.

Which nevertheless can lead itself to humor...as "Who's stripping tonight?" Meaning, of course, who is participating in the service with the stripping of the altar clothes and other items in the sanctuary...

Ah yes...the playlist for today...

Thursday 4-5-07 All Request Lunch Hour
“One on One” Hall and Oates
“Ride Captain Ride” Blues Image
“It’s All Been Done” Barenaked Ladies
“Run Runaway” Slade
“Jack and Diane” John Cougar
“Gonna Move Across the River” Drifters
“Pour Some Sugar On Me” Def Leppard---Chris
“Garden Party” Rick Nelson---Eleanor
“Still The One” Orleans
“Goodbye to You” Scandal
“Only The Good Die Young” Billy Joel
“The Rising” Bruce Springsteen
“Hungry Like The Wolf” Duran Duran

Oh good gracious. Did I break the MOAT or something?

I get worried when things like this happen.

*cranks up the Bee Gees and starts Stayin' Alive*

*tucks in the MOAT for the night, dims the lights, and sets up the coffee maker for in the morning*

Not broken, Susan, just quiet.

Nighty night.

Holy Week is *exhausting*. We had a three-hour service tonight, and a divine liturgy this morning. I'm not sure how long the divine liturgy lasted, but the service tonight was more tiring. One reason it was more tiring is that there are 12 gospel readings--the entire passion narratives of all four gospels are read (divided into 12 sections which get shorter as the night goes on). And you stand during the gospel readings. And I was singing in the choir, which means more standing.

That's Holy Week for ya, though.

I'm still at work, which really sucks because I have to be back here in 6 hours.

I am NOT having a divine time.

*sends the Easter Bunny to wherever Sly is right now*

*leaves a vat full of Easter Bunnies in the Moat*

Happy Holiday Weekend, everyone!

*sits back to watch Drunken Bunnies attempt to hop around the Moat*

Blogchik, at first glance I thought you said a "three hour seance"; funny, how the eye plays tricks on you.

Kaf, sorry about the e-mail problem.

It is 32 degrees here this morning and will be in the mid-40s through Easter Sunday (and around 30 at night). Cold, but not unprecedented. Four years ago was colder and in 1982 we had 9.5 inches of SNOW on Opening Day of the baseball season!

*throws longjohns on Lab's lawn, runs...fast*

Drunken Rabbit Gods.?


But weren't you going in to work at 5 am? I mean, WTFBBQ is going on?

And aren't you leaving for Parts West next week?

My advice to you is to start drinking heavily.

Good morning!

Eeek! Sly! 1am!? Back in 6 hours? *dies* At least I was able to finish up my late night at home last night. Are things going to calm down any time soon for you?

Speaking of which... I hope everyone has filed their taxes, and is not planning on dropping a bomb on their accountants on April 16th. COME ON PEOPLE! You have an extra day this year! Get'er done!

Already got my (pee wee) refund, DDi. We always file mid-March or so.

By the way, for those feeling chilled I checked out Peri's blog earlier and it was -13 F in Winterpeg!

Holy snowshoe, Batman!

Blogchik...a three hour service? Yikes. Ours was about an hour...with communion and the reading of the Gospel, and then the stripping of the altar and the church. We've been using very plain burlap paraments (pulpit and altar cloths) for Lent, and those were removed last night, and in a first, replaced with black cloth. The plain wooden cross was draped with black as well. Now no one will go into the sanctuary until the 11am service Sunday when everything is replaced. I'm guessing we'll have to have the sunrise service inside Sunday, so that will probably be in the fellowship hall. I think that's what has happened in recent years. I was dissappointed in the service last night, in one respect. Following the service, in the darkened sanctuary, someone up in the balcony strikes a wooden block with a hammer, symbolizing the nails being driven. I don't know who did it last night, but the hammer blows wouldn't have driven a tack into a sheetrock wall. Normally I jump when I hear them, since they are soo loud. Not last night. I remember one year my father did that, and hit the block of wood so hard he cracked it. Oh well...

We also had one minister that did the communion on Maundy Thursday at a long table set up in the front of the church. Very time consuming. But meaningful.

Sly...I hope you got some sleep last night...

And on a totally different note...I've been looking at this site today. I think I've seen it before, but had forgotten about it.

(why on earth could it be) Happy (why is it called) Good Friday.

I'm currently on a business trip in Boston. We are attending a conference and, naturally, there's this one douchebag who insisted on coming with us.

Yesterday, he would not stop asking me where there was a good place to eat around here. I am from Miami not Boston. But that's not what bothered me. It was:
Over and over and over and over and over and over.
Finally we get in the elevator and he's standing WAY too close and hovering OVER me.

Then he asks again.

I fly off the handle and chew him out. I said:
DID you NOT just walk through a HUGE MALL?

I admit it may have been much.
My colleague Brian about had a hernia trying not to laugh. Immediately after I yelled at the douche, his name is Zim. Yes, Zim. No lie. The elevator door opened and I stormed out. Then the rest of the group went and got Greek for lunch. I don't think he ate at all. He walked past the place we ate about 6 times.

Later we ditched him to go to a museum and dinner.
It's not that he's a bad guy, he's just super grating on your nerves, and he's DENSE.

Oh well, at least I'm amused.

Hooray for you, Crash. :)

I hate hovering, it just makes me want to head butt the hoverer. I think you showed excellent restraint.

Susan, do you have any Styx? Maybe "The Best of Times"?


You do! :)


Can any of the Moatmen explain the male mind to me? Not the whole mind, just this process...

Last weekend, I bought at 2kg (4.4lb) bag of apples. I put about half of them in the fruit bowl, along with some other fruit. J (the resident male) ate them all within 48 hours. So I refill the bowl on Wednesday, and it's now Saturday. He hasn't eaten a single apple since Wednesday. I'm trying to figure out why this is.. any help?

Crash - eep! I don't like hoverers or dense people much either. Your restraint (up to the point where it fell apart) was admirable. I don't think I could have lasted that long. How's Boston other than Zim?

*scatters Easter Eggs* around the Moat and skips off, singing

Kaf, maybe J over indulged and doesn't want any more.

Throws pants on Lab's lawn and slinks back to learning C#.

Big D - stop being logical.

*hides Easter Eggs on Lab's Lawn (tm thingy) for an Easter Egg hunt to be held later when pantsless.*

*tacks up Friday's playlist*

Friday 4-6-07 All Request Lunch Hour
“Centerfield” John Fogerty
“Free Falling” Tom Petty
“The Best Of Times” Styx---Eleanor
“Wheel In The Sky” Journey
“I Wish It Would Rain” Temptations
“You Better Run” Rascals---Lauren, from Jeff
“It’s Only Rock and Roll” Rolling Stones
“Who Says You Can’t Go Home” Bon Jovi
“Drift Away” Uncle Kracker and Dobie Gray
“I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love” Tom Waits
“Give Me One Reason” Tracy Chapman
“Waterloo” ABBA
“Here I Go Again” Whitesnake

*prepares to fling pants*

*deletes mini rant about people that have programs to record into the computer system and call me after 5:30 on a Friday about it, despite having had the programs all week*

Oh well. It will get me out of doing laundry for a while Saturday at least...and it will be quieter here at work. A plus side to things.


Hello. A rhetorical question: how the heck are we supposed to judge the weather? I mean, yesterday they said VERY (their emphasis) windy, making it feel much colder. Instead it was sunny and fairly pleasant and Jackie felt she was overdressed.

Today sounded much the same, so we dressed (slightly) lighter. Of course, it stayed overcast and today it was very windy and we were freezing as we walked around downtown.

I hate the weather readers and Al Gore!

/end weather rant

Anyway, we went to see The Namesake today, starring Kumar (Kal Penn) and directed by Mira (Mississippi Masala, Moonsoon Wedding) Nair. Pretty well done, if a little soapy. (NTTAWWT)

Looks like I didn't miss much.

Where is everyone?

I'm here.. just keeping quiet

I've been off watching golf and now I'm going to watch tennis.

Nice to see you, sly! :)

I've been off with my kids. We went bowling and then to Meet the Robinsons. :)

I'm here, but only for a moment. I've been watching my dvd of H2G2...the series...and I may go watch the Brit version of Who's Line Is It. I am quite fond of BBC America...

I knew it.

As soon as I turn off the dvd and start using the computer...someone else wants to use the computer.

Not my daughter in this case, she isn't home.

I had popcorn without being pestered! Never mind adult beverages...I had popcorn!

BTW...where is Fishy?

That dense blowhole of a human didn't do the paperwork to get the school accountants to pay for the room.

We put the $800 on his credit card.

That's gonna suck for him.

Crash - what a moron. At least he's paying for it in the interim ;)

Susan... popcorn sounds really good right now. I'm having a completely lazy day. It's almost 5pm and I've just gotten dressed. If I didn't have to go out in 2 hours, I wouldn't be dressed at all. I'd just have spent the day in my pjs.

Susan, we love the British version of Whose Line is it Anyway? too. It's so much better than having Drew Carey force his way into things. Ryan & Colin rock!

I was reading most of the night - Charles McCarry's take on the Kennedy assassination, The Tears of Autumn.

Looks like it will be the end of next week before we get back to "normal" temperatures (upper 50s), as it will be 42 today and 45 tomorrow.

We have a busy week ahead:

Sunday - matinee of the revival of Sondheim's Company, one of our favorite musicals, which we first saw in 1971!

Monday night - concert for Autism Awareness at Lincoln Center, with Bill Cosby & Toni Braxton among others, hosted by Tom Brokaw.

Thursday - Meat Loaf at the Theater at Madison Square Garden. (This is the 4,000 seat venue, not the 18,000 seat main area.)

/end update

So sly, as my mother would say: are you all packed?

*zips in*

Susan, I was wondering the same thing about our beloved Fishy and I sent him an e-mail yesterday. I also sent him a semi-naughty thing that someone sent to me, thinking one of them would get a response.
But so far, nothing.:(
If I hear anything, I'll let you know.

switching over to Firefox

Nothing to see here.

Carry on.

Morning all!

No Who's Line was on last night...oh well...

But...What Not To Wear---Behind the Seams (American version) was on...so I had to watch it. Good Eats was on at the same time, on espresso...so I recorded it.

Then, looking through the guide, I saw The Pink Panther cartoon would be on later. I of course set it up to record. And then....very very very early this morning...the Banana Splits. Whitt played the theme song the other day, and I recognized it even before the lyrics. I'll be watching that later on. I also looked up info on the show...one of the characters names, and I'm not making this up...is...


Referred to as Snork in the theme song.


There is also, looking at the Boomerang lineup, a cartoon called Snorks.

Temp: $2.68
Gas: 37

Have you ever been so sleep deprived that you can't sleep? I cog about 4 hours of sleep last night; but fell asleep while getting my hair done this morning. I decided I'm NOT going in to the office to pack up (heading for California Monday); but came home to sleep, do laundry, dishes, and sleep.

After Meghan heads back to school tomorrow, I'll go to the office and pack.

I have no idea how "got" turned into "cog".

Oh, yeah, that sleep deprived thing.

G'morning. Happy Easter to all of you!

I also got less than 4 hours sleep. I was babysitting last night and the couple who went out lost track of the time, didn't get home until almost 2am. By the time I came home and wound down, it was well after 2. I'm now going to have my first caffeinated coffee in a couple of months (watch out for me!) because I'm on duty at church this morning, and I do need to be awake for it.

*heads off to make coffee*
*pours excess coffee in the Moat*


I hate being sleep deprived.

Would somebody let this woman rest!!!

(*oops - shhhhh*)

I was going to drive Jackie to the bus so she could go shopping in Staten Island but she decided not to go so we stayed around here and I wasn't dressed as warmly as I would have been had I known I was going to walk and ...

Enough. Got 4 plastic glasses as we've (mostly me, but Jackie this time) broken most of our regular drinking glasses. And we went to the newly-opened third St@r$ucks in the neighborhood to warm up - I always have tea as I don't like their coffee.

/end daily excitement

Oh, there was a local story that made the TV news but it was a bad one - a 25 year old woman (not the usual 15 year old) apparently gave birth to a baby and put it in a garbage bag on her back porch. No details as to why, if it was born alive or whatever as yet. This happened 8 blocks from here.

And I got posted again by Dave.

The thing that makes these baby stories even worse is that there is a law by which you can bring a baby to a hospital or church or other refuge and leave it, no questions asked, and not be charged with a crime. Yet girls (mostly) keep killing them instead.


Woman #1: Wait, it had to be at least six inches, right?
Woman #2: Six inches?! Six inches?! Puh-lease... I wish! I could work with six inches. Hell, give me six inches, I could make balloon animals with that. Nah -- this was more like two.

The thing that makes these baby stories even worse is that there is a law by which you can bring a baby to a hospital or church or other refuge and leave it, no questions asked, and not be charged with a crime. Yet girls (mostly) keep killing them instead.

This sort of thing really upsets me, and for exactly this reason. I can't believe that anyone could do that (or let it happen) to a child they'd given birth to.

I hope that she gets the help she needs, though

Update on baby story: no details on the woman's story except that she was 25 and living with her parents, and she apparently hid her pregnancy for 9 months. She gave birth, the baby was alive, she put her in a garbage bag and left her outside. The autopsy said she died of asphyxiation and hypothermia.

The woman had her parents take her to the hospital last night, complaining of "stomach pains" and the doctors discovered she had just given birth and called the police. Sadly, it was too late for the baby.

This was not a 14 year old. You have to wonder what she was thinking. Jackie wonders if she was mentally challenged.

Either way, it's extremely sad.

jackie may have it right...or some kind of super-strict parents who would've thrown her out for being pregnant or something...

instead of 'moving day' at the masters it was more of backsliding day...but el. will be happy...i think i heard an announcer say playing augusta national was like being tortured by a beautiful woman, ("expensive and degrading?" i thought)

*snork* Insom

Jeff, my first thought as she may have bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, narcissistic personality disorder, or some other mental illness that caused her to blank out the pregnancy, and therefore, when the baby was born, she didn't see it as a person, maybe not even something real. However, we may never have an answer to the question of why.

Yes, Susan, Thursday evening's service was 3 hours. We are pretty hardcore, I guess. Come to think of it, so was this morning's. This evening I'll be in church from 11 pm til 2:30 in the morning- so about 3 and a half hours there. Then we eat. And drink. Basically, we have a huge giant party. It's awesome. The service itself is also very festive. The music changes, everyone shouts "Truly he is risen!" a lot, and it's really a lot of fun. Well, til hour 3, then your feet just hurt and you want FOOD. You stand a lot in my church. Heck, the Russians don't sit at all. We, being Americans, sit.

We had a changing of the altar cloths thing this morning, in the middle of the liturgy. The draperies on the altar and on the icon stands changed from black to white, the priests', deacons', and altar guys' vestments changed from black to white, and all the purple candles were exchanged for white. In the Greek tradition they also sprinkle you with holy water and flowers at that point, but the Russian tradition (which they do here) doesn't do that. (Now, the Lenten color is purple- for vestments etc- but everything changed to black for Holy Week.)

So really I should be taking a preparatory nap, because I won't get to bed til probably 7 or 8 this morning.

See you on the flip side! (I would tell you about what else is happening in my life right now, but this week is pretty much just services.)

insom, it was brutal. Horrible to watch. Tiger finished 3 over (as you know), Appleby was 2 under and I left and ran errands.
And I get home and - voila! The leader was 2 OVER and now Tiger is in the final pairing.

So we'll see.

In other news, I'm trying out Firefox. I don't think I like it, it's slow.

That baby story was really sad. I think Kaf's explanation for it is a good one.

I should really get a nap...

Hi, all. It was just gorgeous in Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale all week, until this morning at 7 when we left. It was 57 then and got progressively colder all day. We're now somewhere in S. Carolina and it's very cold. It snowed at home and the roads are bad.

Tom's brother was murdered early Wednesday morning (which was Tom's birthday) when he and his adult sons were taking their stuff into a motel near Richmond (VA) International Airport. Four black punks with semiautomatic weapons (5'10", approximately 160 pounds, call the crime line if you have any leads) caught them as they were moving their stuff from their car into the motel room (one of the cheap ones near the motel, one with an outside entrance), tried to rob them, and shot Gary in the chest. He died--or was pronounced dead--several hours later in a Richmond hospital. Of course, the punks got away, but there was a witness who gave a description of the punks and their car.

They did not take anything from the guys. Just killed Gary and ran off.

Tom is devastated, of course. Gary was only 54, and one of the nicest guys you could meet.

They decided to cremate his body after harvesting his organs, and the memorial service will be on Thursday. That's why we ended up staying in Florida until this morning. His wife is in seclusion with her children, her sisters, and her mother.

Tom's daughter is coming home with us (and her boyfriend is in intensive care in Jacksonville, on a respirator with almost total organ failure--he's in his early forties) and will go home next weekend.

God. What a nightmare. We surmise that it was a gang initiation, since all four were carrying weapons, it was at a low-rent motel, and nothing was taken. One of my dad's friends is a Richmond cop and has a good friend on the Henrico County force, so he's trying to get more info for us.

Tom is ready to go hunting in Richmond.

And thank you, Eleanor.

On top of it all, we had a hell of a time getting in touch with any other family member. We had just gotten to Ft. Lauderdale, to Donna's house, when her brother called to ask where their dad was, they'd been trying to reach him all morning.

This afternoon, Saturday, I received FOUR voice messages from family, all of which had been left on WEDNESDAY, and NTELOS hadn't bothered to deliver them till this afternoon. I called NTELOS and left them a piece of my mind, which I can't afford to lose. I'd just signed a two-year contract with them, and they dropped the ball on something as important as this.

Sorry for any typos. We all had giant margaritas for dinner, or I wouldn't have dumped on you all like this.

{{{Rita, Tom & Family}}}
That's just awful. I wish I could be where you are and do something.. anything for you. {{{more hugs for you all}}}

It sounds like you deserved those margaritas.

RIP Gary. 54 is definitely too young.

Oh, and just in case it wasn't clear, dump away any time you like. That's what we're here for.

Thank you Kaffy. I appreciate it.

You're welcome, rita. I was glad I was home when you called. :)

Oh Rita. That's terrible. I don't know what to say. I can't even imagine your shock. I'm so very sorry. My condolences. {{{{{Rita and Tom}}}}}

rita, that's horrible!


That is just horrible. Please pass on our condolences to Tom & his family. And by "our" I mean everyone here.

As mentioned last year, my sister's husband Charles went through that when his aunt Marian was murdered in Fairfax, Va. last summer. They think the guy has killed another older woman since then but despite leads he is still at large. I hope they find these guys and soon.

On the local front, they have now arrested the two older (27 and 29) sisters of the woman who killed her baby, one for actually putting the baby in the bag on the back porch and the other for obstructing the police investigation.

What the heck was going on in that family? I'm afraid there is more that will come out.

What a world. Lousy news for an Easter Sunday.

From the Daily News story:

"Where's the baby?" a doctor asked her, a police source said.

"It wasn't me," she responded, according to the source. "There's no baby."

The police source said Sergio denied to cops that she had given birth, oddly pointing at her flat stomach as evidence. "It's not mine," she repeated, the source said.

Laura Sergio is her name.


Both are truly horrible stories. But I do have some good news.


For a cute Easter Peep Show, go here and click on "Reader Peeps". The Post-Dispatch invited readers to Primp their Peeps and enter them in a contest. They hoped for 50 entries, they got 450 and these are the winners. My favorite was the Jenny Peep Weight Loss entry.

I also liked the PEEPles Court entry; and Passover with the Peeps

Dear God, Rita. Words do not suffice. I am so, so sorry to hear of such horror in your and your family's lives.

RIP, Gary.

{{{{Rita & Tom}}}}

Sly, I thought you said P!mp Your Peeps, which is a similar but whole different thing.

And glad you got to sleep!

sly, I watched your Peeps show, very cute. I especially liked Passover, the Courtroom and the Mug Shot. Duh!

The Wash. Post had a similar contest.

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