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September 30, 2003


It has been working on improving the spaghetti plate.

(Thanks to Lisa White)


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Bangi - a little dragon - looks something like this except I had some of the outer curves done in grey so that the overall look was a little softer.

Bangi! Hi!!!

Blogchik, lower back? Mine was bothering me last week...but things have cleared up. Among other things, apparently not, erm, going to the bathroom can cause a bit of pain...not that I would know about that.

The playlist from today...

Monday 4-2-07 All Request Lunch Hour
“Cheeseburger In Paradise” Jimmy Buffett
“Day After Day” Badfinger
“Angel Eyes” Jeff Healey Band
“Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love” Barry White
“Key Largo” Bertie Higgins
“End of the Innocence” Don Henley
“Bad Company” Bad Company
“Let’s Spend the Night Together” Rolling Stones
“True” Spandau Ballet
“Feel Like A Number” Bob Seger
“Come Together” Beatles
"Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In" Fifth Dimension

Argh. Off to the first of not one, but two school bored meetings today. Oh well, it's a nice day to get out and do some driving...so THAT part will be enjoyable.

Looks like the sign of the beast to me.

It's cold in the office.
I hate that. AND I have to stare at how beautiful it is outside.

I'd blame Al Gore, global warming, and / or the Antichrists.

Well, Surly, it is on my back, so that's your call.

It's certain, then. Armageddon is near.

And why does Armageddon sound like it would be a yummy pasta dish?

I absolutely blame Al Gore.

   EBCDIC ARRAY E[0:11];
   WRITE(F, *, E);

I don't know if I accept the premise SurlyG's movie proclaims ("Music can save people") but it looks worth seeing.


We missed you, a lot. And keep us up to date on your office conversations.

Forecast today: 68 and sunny. Instead, all the time we were out it was upper 40s with a cold wind. Jackie was cursing that she'd left her gloves home.

Now that we're back, the sun FINALLY came out and the temperature has gone up.

Well, thanks for nothing, Mr. Gore!

Anyone looking for a really hard-edged noir book? Try Charlie Huston's Joe Pitt books (Already Dead & No Dominion, with 3 more to come). Joe is a vampire in New York and boy, is he tough!

Good stuff and a really fast read.

i cant sleep
could it be....Al Gore?

3:24 AM in Bangi-time.

Store 'I Blame Al Gore.' TO mvar
@ 5,5 SAY mvar

80 degrees. Gas at $2.68. Beautiful sunny day today in su.w.nc.

the internal temp. in our classrooms is very high...or very cold ...or very windy. on friday my class ended at 2 and i knew no one was in the room after me. so i'm helping a couple of kids, and cause it was over 80 in the class room i had (gasp!) opened a window. so my boss and the secretary and some a$$hat tech support weenie come in to look at the computer in the room. boss says 'why's it so hot in here?' tech weasel looks at me, says 'the window being opened made the heater go on' completely reversing cause-and-effect.
later he says, again giving me the stink-eye, 'you gotta vacuum this computer cause of all the chalk dust in here'... if it weren't for all these classes his job would be much easier...

Today's predicted high: 68.
Today's actual high (5 pm): 56.

Gas prices creeping closer to $3.00 ($2.93 locally).

And now a cold front is coming that will drop the temperatures to "February levels" by the weekend!

Hello; it's Easter!

*wishes he was in Florida with Crash & DJTony & Rita's daughter and Jackie's sister*

*skips in singing*

Ding dong, the witch is dead!
The witch is dead, the witch is dead!
Ding dong, the witch is dead!!!

As all of you know, I absolutely love the firm I work at, and all of my coworkers, heck, I even love my job/career. However, in the course of the past 6 months, someone was put in a position that made my job extremely difficult to do, to say the least. And now, that person, has turned in her resignation. YAY! I win! :)

*skips back to werk*

ANNNNNNNNND!!! One more thing before I run back...


Yay for DDi!!!

Two school bored meetings...I got to the first one, on time...looking at the agenda for the second one. EEEeeek! It's 7, not 7:30!!! Fortunatly they went to executive session just before 6, so I got to the second meeting on time, early in fact since they were in executive session 15 minutes longer than scheduled.

Of course the library, pardon me, media center we met in was stiflingly hot. No windows to open to the outside, and NO a/c. An hour and a half in a hot room. I still feel a little ill from the heat. Some heat doesn't bother me, other times I feel sick from it. Tonight was one of those nights it seems.

Jeff, that's what summer was like for us this past season. It got warmer, then colder, then colder, then a bit warmer... if you follow our pattern, you should start getting some nice weather around late July, early August. Does that cheer you up at all?

It was supposed to mild temps with some showers today. No rain of any sort yet. Not that I mind.

DDi - YAY!



*tries not to call him Shirley*


Somehow imagined "ear candling" having something to do with removing ear hairs. Sorry Susan, not a nice image I know. Suppose it wouldn't be too good on nose hairs...

I second Booger.

Yay for DDi! It's just so satisfying when that happens, although it would have been better if this person were unceremoniously fired and escorted from the building or arrested and taken away in handcuffs.

Not that I'm vindictive, you understand.

Latest forecast high for Saturday: 39!!!!

e-ch@tted with MarieP and all's well, trying to get released early (parol) from the current job and fending off the advances of "billions" of potential boyfriends.... she blurks regularly and calls Paris her home. (still)


*hopes Jeff's tempt's in F's and not C's*

F's are bad enough, kibby!

Good morning crew!

Happy Cheese Weasel Day!!!

I haven't "heinzed up", but I'm going to assume that Jeff and Kibby are talking temps, and not report cards.

*looks behind him for insight on what's ahead*

oh crap!

But it would be amusing if it were report cards.

True, Crash. :)

I just noticed that boom boom got posted - congrats!

are we sure they aren't discussing bra sizes?

or just using swear words and trying not to offend the whole board?

if that's the case, I don't think Mother Nature appreciates being called a "C"

That's probably why she's sending all the horrible weather to NY


In case Dave doesn't use it, this has to be the headline of the week:

Keith Richards: I snorted my father.

I killed the MOAT.

Sugar rhymes with booger.

Just sayin'.

recycled from the m.b. ...

("Happy"- by who else?)
never turned down a weird thrill,now
always looked for a new high
the stuff i'd ingest through an airway
made folks think i'd soon die!

i need drugs to snort with pappy
i need drugs to snort with pappy
baby, wanna snort my pappy?

Hey, sugar booger!

Before I forget...today's playlist.

Tuesday 4-3-07 All Request Lunch Hour
Tec report
“Roll With It” Steve Winwood
“Jumping Jack Flash” Rolling Stones
“Always Something There To Remind Me” Naked Eyes
“Tobacco Road” Nashville Teens---Lauren, from Joe
“Message In A Bottle” Police
“Blinded Me With Science” Thomas Dolby
“Staying Alive” Bee Gees
“(I Know) I’m Losing You” Temptations
“Heavy Fuel” Dire Straits
“Long Tall Sally” Little Richard
“Love Plus One” Haircut One Hundred

I was passing this area of downtown St. Louis shortly after this shooting occurred. (Yes, I know I says it happened around 4:00 am --- I got there as they were setting up the crimse scene tape. Sucks to be me right now).

Then, I was leaving work tonight when this cop shooting happened two blocks away.

I mean, HEY!!! We don't HAVE to prove we're the most dangerous city in the country.


Huh. An earlier story that I read said the cop had been shot. Apparently not. Good.

It was 89 degrees in Orlando today. I played in the pool with my grandkids tonight.

sly, no worries there.

We had 5 suspicious deaths on Monday - 4 members of a Japanese family (murder/suicide), and one elderly lady who was found in the Avon River. That's in a population of less than 400,000. Maybe I should move to St Louis, but just stay away from wherever Sly is.. just in case.

I'm only working a half day tomorrow, which means I get a 4.5 day weekend!!! I'm quite happy with the idea of that. Of course, I'll still be busy, but at least I won't have to drag my butt out of bed too early most days.

*takes two side steps away from sly*

*sees rita's having a BLAST with the grandkinders*

kibby's heading off to Dublin to visit F2 for the Easter weekend. He'll be spending a FULL 5 DAYS there! (new record) He'll be leaving Thurs. pm.

... he's excited ...

YAY Kibby! Have lots and lots of F2 fun n hugs n kisses.. enjoy your Easter break!

Welcome to the Crime MOAT. Wow, scary stuff.

I'm glad that in New York we're still going the other way.

We were on 42nd Street between 7th & 8th on Sunday night with Blogchik and Mad & Mike and it was like Disney Central: two huge multiplex theaters, B.B. King's club, Madame Tussaud's, three theaters, the Yankees Store, several nice restaurants and a Coldstone among other things.

The difference from 20 years ago is startling.

One of the local weather readers just said tomorrow will feel like November. WTFBBQ?

Have a great time, kibby.

Rita, I wish I was there with you. It is COLD here.

As my mother would say, a bear froze on the corner.

November? I think we had warmer days in November than our expected high today. *sobs*

Where did Spring go!?

In other news: Has anyone heard the story about a coyote that found its way into a downtown Chicago sandwich shop and popped a squat for over an hour before the staff realized he wasn't a stray dog? They showed pictures of him just sitting, hanging out, with a look on his face that totally welcomed an ear scratch.

"You were just outside. Is it cold out there?"
"Does a bear freeze on the corner?"

DDi, yes! It even made the local news here.

I mean, WTFBBQ?! This wasn't even the suburbs, right? How did it get downtown without someone noticing it?

Lab, I think it came from an old Yiddish expression as did most of my mother's best lines (which she got from growing up in a home with her grandparents).

Di, I saw the coyote on the TV news, but I thought his look said, come near me and I'll kill you. :)

...who spoke Yiddish for the most part.

That should have been the end of the previous line.

The rest of the expressions are probably not printable, even on the internet.

sly, may I suggest that you find another route to work?

The restaurant is located in DOWNTOWN Chicago. We're talkin crazy cabbies (WBAGNFARB, no?), high rise buildings, the subway and the El (not our El)...

He really had pretty eyes. I'm just glad that my mother was no where near the thing, because she would have totally walked up to it with a piece of turkey going "Here puppy...". *rolls eyes*

Jeff, it probably lived downtown. It wouldn't be unusual to find one living near railroad tracks as long as there are dumpsters around: not a lot of people, and probably enough bunnies and rats to live on.

Rats and bunnies. Rats and Bunnies.
Sometimes a guy just wants a really good tuna on whole wheat, lightly toasted, and a pickly spear on the side. Is that so wrong?

Last night while watching the hubub, I saw a young woman in a business suit walking her miniature schnauzer in the area of the shooting. In the newspaper story this morning, there was the following:

Bystanders said they heard up to a dozen shots echoing through the high-rise buildings. Vania Macias, 23, who lives in an apartment building in the 300 block of North Broadway, said she was on the phone with a friend when she heard the shots. She said her miniature schnauzer, Leonardo Da Vinci, started whimpering when he heard gunfire.

"He's scared," Macias said, standing outside her building with her leashed dog. "It was really scary because it was really loud."

1. She admitted her dog's name is Leonardo Da Vinci?
2. The reporter included that in the story?
3. Think she'll be embarrased by her quote?
4. Was the dog really a coyote?

No shootings or bodies this morning.

HOWEVER, gas is $2.57 at Sam's.

Sly, flood AND freeze warnings? Yikes! Here, lows in the 30's by tomorrow night...and I just looked, Saturday night a low of 27!!! I'm guessing that our Easter sunrise service will in fact be inside this year. I prefer it outside, but again, if it'll be that cold, inside is I suppose best.

Kibby, YAY!!! Have a wonderful time!

I'll be off next week (No all request lunch hour for most of the week.) Going to VA with mother and daughter...Williamsburg and Busch Gardens.

But no computer for me!!!

No Request Hour for a week!!!! *sobs*

Susan,please play all my favorites this week then. ;)

Could we please start today with Total Eclipse of the Heart? Thanks.


Any and all moaties with burfdays in the months of January, February, March or April should email me at this addy (its correct here) right away. Please and thank you.
/end PSA

Susan, how about a little Earth Wind & Fire today? (except for the fire part, that's our weather.)

Either "Let's Groove" or "Boogie Wonderland" will do.


Why is everybody yelling?



I knew it! We're all smart-asses. That's why!


El, I will have the request hour next Friday...just not Mon.-Thurs. But I will do the Bonnie Tyler today.

(Not first, though, cause I just saw it...)

21 Saturday night? WTFBBQ. And I just put the plants outside.

Thanks Susan!

*cranks up volume*

*readjusts mindset to 4 days without Request hour, rather than 5*

Thanks, Susan.

Good news from Iran.

The coyote, frightened by the really loud shootings in St. Louis, searched out a friendly sandwich shop in down-town Chicago, cautiously avoiding the frozen bear on the corner.

Hmmm.. the weather seems to have been a bit upside down all over the world lately. Maybe Al Gore was right. Scary, isn't it?

DDi - the coyote sounds gorgeous.. not that I would have gotten too close to it. Question, though - how did it not get chased out of the sammich shop? In NZ, unless it's a guide dog, it would have been kicked out of the store or Dog Control would have been called, because of health violations.

Neophyte, a regular visitor of the MOAT, shared her (somewhat fictitious) summary of the coyote incident, and in doing so, publicized her ability to tell a story using only one sentence.

Methinks (a) Kaf doesn't know what a coyote is and (b) cold weather in early April is not unusual.

I remember sledding in April, though that was an unusual occurrence.
And everybody knows what a coyote is.

Poll: Not counting when you are referring to Wile E., How many say Ki-YOAT'-ee? How many say KI'-yoat?

(forgive me for not knowing the proper way to indicate the pronunciation)

I use both. When I'm talking about them generally, I say Ki-YOAT'-ee. But if I hear one, or more, I'd say, "Listen... KI'-yoats!"

I use both, but use KI'-yoat more often. example: "Dude! thars a KI'yoat in the kooler at Kuizno's"

"Dood, I think it's still alive! Now *that's* some fresh meat!"

"Dude, that coyote is one mean mofo."

Lab, I do know what a coyote is. Really. I can appreciate the beauty of an animal without wanting to go up to it and pat it on the head.

Question, though - how did it not get chased out of the sammich shop? In NZ, unless it's a guide dog, it would have been kicked out of the store or Dog Control would have been called, because of health violations.

You don't chase a coyote out of a store. It's not a dog. It didn't come in accompanied by someone. I think you fail to grasp the situation.

*lures coyote onto lab's lawn with deli-fresh treats*

Well, Lab in all fairness, Di wrote that it popped a squat for over an hour before the staff realized he wasn't a stray dog The staff thought it was a stray dog, so it does seem strange that they didn't try to chase it out of there.

Kaf, coyotes, generally speaking, aren't too keen on being coaxed by humans (in any sort of way). As soon as the staff realized the animal was a wild coyote, and not someone's beloved Rex or Lucky, they phoned animal control and the police. If you look up the story (no time to linky, sorry), you can see the pictures of the pup nursing his wounds as he sat in the cooler. He even dozed for a few minutes before animal control got in to take him out. When they put the collar thingy around his neck to get him outta there, he put up a huge fight.

Di may have been taking liberties with the facts. It "chilled out" in the empty Kuiznos until animal control "invited" it to take a little ride.

Did I tell you that last year a deer walked into one of our stores downtown? He got in, got scared and couldn't find the door, so he went out the plate glass window.

Of course, my downtown isn't quite the same as downtown Chicago.

(I think it was last year; I get fuzzy on dates. Take that however you will.)

AND...one more thing.

Di said that the coyote popped a squat, which he did, and blah blah blah... We are CITY FOLK around these here parts, and as such, we have very limited dealings with WILD FRIKIN ANIMALS. Lots of people in the city will bring their dogs into restaurants (while on a walk) and then they leave after they order some food for take out, etc..

AND, might I also add in to evidence that in the city, at the time of day when this was all going on, EVERYONE was a little more concerned about getting their lunch, than to pay attention to a puppy hanging out in the corner.

Thank you, DDi & Neo. On that note, I must away for my arduous half-day of baby wrangling.

don't eat the fuzzy dates. yuck

Ok, I had to google the coyote. These are all from different links. It is interesting (to me) to compare the different stories.
...Animal-control officers took the passive coyote away about 40 minutes later...
...may have been attracted by the smell of small rodents, rabbits or trash, mmmm, makes ME want to go to Qu!znos
...were stunned to see a coyote walk through the open front door...
...At first, store employees thought the coyote was a dog...
which is it? Were they stunned or did they think it was a dog?

They are usually so shy. They are all over back home, but I've never seen one up close.

I'd like a fuzzy date with my RRT* sammich, please.

*RRT= Rodent, Rabbit, and Trash. Now with essence of coyote flavoring.

Neo, since two customers left immediately, and one of the workers jumped on the counter screaming, I'd guess that the "thought it was a dog" came from an interview where, most likely, the frightened person said she saw it come in, thought it was a dog, got scared and screamed and jumped, and then realized it was a coyote. Or someone else in the store. But it was obviously recognized as a coyote by someone almost immediately.

This one was young. More than likely it was separated from its mother (possibly on purpose - could be time for that sort of thing) and was scavenging for some eats.

If it survives and is given a clean bill of health, it will be released in the wild. I think I read that they are going to release it near Peoria.

There is no such thing as a gorgeous coyote. They are scraggly, ugly, misshapen and mean. Also hideous and scary. And I've had them in my yard, so I know what I'm talking about.

Its going to be released about 15 minutes from my office in a safe haven - halfway house kindofthing for captured coyotes, which btw, WBAGNFARB, no?

Ok, just one more collection of coyote comments and then I'll stop. Really.

...Chicago has become a downtown coyote capital, with a tenfold surge in complaints this decade, says a coyote researcher for Cook County...
...With an estimated 2,000 coyotes in the area...
...a new breed that lives longer, travels in bigger packs and navigates traffic better than its rural cousins... They can navigate traffic now?! That's better than a lot of people I know.
...Coyote complaints in Chicago have surged to 400 a year...The city now euthanizes more than 350 coyotes a year...
and finally... yes, really! ...Rabid raccoons and coyotes from out East are coming this way and could be here in several years... WTD?

*packs bags*
*buys a one way ticket to Su.So.Ca*

I'm in Boston!
Traveling again! On someone else's money!

*dances around*
It snowed. Water. It was actually rather gross. And I am entirely unaccustomed to wearing so much clothing (take that as you will). I'm all chafed.

Di, were you listening when I said I had a coyote walk across my patio and then one across my driveway when CG and I were out there!!!

But it doesn't sound as serious as neo's info, so let me know when you're here and I'll ask CG to pick you up at the airport!!!!

*cancels ticket to Su.So.Coyoteinfested.Ca.*

*books flight to Antarctica, nothing lives there, right?*

Lemme clarify that last comment: I meant - nothing like a coyote lives there, right?

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