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September 30, 2003


It has been working on improving the spaghetti plate.

(Thanks to Lisa White)


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Trillian, No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

I just did.

Don't hate me because your world is ending.

No wonder I have dry skin - yesterday the humidity here was 11%. I mean, WTFBBQ?! This is New York, not the Sahara.

Same here, Jeff. Here are the tips I gathered from my friends who know more than I do: Warm instead of hot showers. Use oil on your skin while it is still damp. Pat dry with a towel - don't rub. And drink more water. It worked for me, but YMMV.

(same here = dry skin here, too)

I do that do, so you & your friends are right (i.e. I agree with them).

*tosses pants, runs*

*Surreptitiously grabs all pants that have been discarded in Lab's lawn to add to collection.*

I am being forced to drink atleast 64oz of water everyday. I have to pee a lot. All in the name of this "health" thing they speak of. My skin is still dry and my lips still chapped, though so what's the point? It's not like anyone can see my kidneys.

Susan's post was there. Kibby saw it!

snork @ Hebrew

Er... stoopid cookies.

... well, if Heaven's such a great place, shouldn't we NOT worry about a healthy life so we could get there earlier - you know, to avoid the rush?

*gets ready to go in search of pivo*

No, Kibby. It's your duty as a believer to stick around and make sure everybody else becomes a believer. Isn't that just a kick in the head?



Personally, I think heaven'll be great, but after all, this life ain't so bad either.

So...it's not my imagination that my post isn't there anymore?

On dry skin...I periodically do a full spa kind of thing...of course, guys may not want to go to this extreme...mix about 2 cups of Epsom salts with enough bath oil to make a good paste. Stand in a dry tub and gently scrub this all over your skin. You can then shower this off, but I've found it works better to run a nice warm bath, while standing in the tub...add any left over salt/oil to the water. I then soak for a while, reading a good book. When I've had enough, use a shower poofy or those nice bath gloves and rinse the salt/oil off, then drain the tub and rinse off well, rinsing the tub too (Be very careful, it can get slippery.) It's a little messy, but seems to have longer lasting effects than just using oil after the shower.

Hey! Look at this, I can post!!!!

Too bad I have nothing pithy to say.

Hooray, Sly's here!

You know, Thly, conthidering your work thituation right now, I think you'd be juthtified in being pithy.

Oh for pete's sake. Where is everybody?!

I'm here...for the moment.

Between getting my ears candled...and getting a haircut.

Yes...I got my ears candled. If I have it done again, I will definitly not have it done at the shop...but for the first time I guess it was better to do it that way. Not something to do alone, that much is for sure.

And if all of that that she showed me came out of my ears, how on earth did I end up with THAT much pollen in there?

And now off for a haircut. Which several people have said I don't need, but I know my hair...and it is due. At least to trim it up...even things out a bit.

Algonac, MI just about to head down to the library in Clinton Township, then to home in Chesterfield Township.

It's a trick, Susan. That stuff is not really coming out of your ears.

use a shower poofy

*must not comment, must not...*

(Where's Leetie when we need her?)

No Poofters!

It sure makes it hard to count parts with no pants on.

I keep coming up one long.

Also, a BIG CONGRATS! to the Baby Makers in the house Moat !

SG, I've heard that...who knows. I looked online before it was done...some say that stuff is from the candle, some say it isn't...several people I've talked to today say it really works. What's done is done...

And my hair is much shorter.

Of course my boss now thinks I have some kind of hot date this weekend...

Ha. Not likely. A weekend of work more like it.

Oh yes...my boss...anyone here who has listened to the morning show recently knows she has had a definite pain in her butt. Thought it was a boil...apparently she had a staph infection and was in the hospital last week for several days. But she is now doing much much better, and running around trying to do too much, as normal.

Just in time for the spring festival.

Oh yes again. Today's playlist...

Friday 3-30-07 All Request Lunch Hour
“Remember (Walking in the Sand)” Shangri-Las
“I Love Rock and Roll” Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
“Where The Blacktop Ends” Keith Urban
“Young Americans” David Bowie
“Lay Down Sally” Eric Clapton
“Cold as Ice” Foreigner
“Cry Me A River” Joe Cocker
“I Don’t Wanna Live Without Your Love” Chicago
“The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” The Band
“No Woman, No Cry” Bob Marley
“How Long” Ace

Susan, I thought you were saying she (Jane) was a pain in your butt.

But we knew that already...


Nope, Jeff, in this case, the pain was in her butt. And very painful it was too...I heard her fever was 105. And her blood pressure was way way way low. Like 60 over 40.

*snort* Whitt and I were playing a game of guess the TV theme song...and he had WKRP...which of course I knew.

I just had to say booger...

*giggle* More than once in fact. Sooooo professional.

Mr. Fisher!!! We were wondering if you were OK, what with all the tornados and stuff. wolfie told me she read/heard/whatever that there was one in Beaver County and of course that made her want think of you. :)

Beaver Tornados WBAGNFARB

I did hear Beaver County mentioned and wondered about Fisher...glad to see he's ok.

Off to the spring festival!

Hi there, Fish. You need any help with that counting?

Ear candling.....hair now shorter...... That's what happens when you play with fire.

*flings pants on Lab's lawn*

Fish: One, Two, Eleventy Three?

Yay for a little rain, mellowed the pollen a bit.

Dogwoods are beginning to bloom. Duck-pickles are gone.
(for the humor impaired: duck-pickles=Daffy-Dills=Daffodils)
Trees are starting to "green up". I agree, if you sat long enough you could watch the leaves unravel. Funner than watching grass grow!

I love the first part of spring where there are so many different tints of green.

pollen is a funny word. I was just writing a poem about pollen in my head and moving my lips, so I said it repeatedly, and it's a funny word.

However, the poem was not funny, so I'm not posting it.
I was trying to make pollenrhyme with swollen.

WHAT?!?! It made me giggle. :)

Today was even drier than yesterday - at 6:00 the humidity was 6%! Six! I've never seen a reading that low.

I blame Lab.

Hey Kaf, did you get the J. D. Robb book yet? Jackie finished it this morning. I've been pretty lucky with my wants from the library lately, as a result of which I've got a pile of nearly a dozen books waiting to be read.

I blame Lab.

That would be because of his dry humor?

Whatever happened to Friday nights on the MOAT? Where's the spirit? Where's the guts? (Whoops, sorry, strayed into Animal House there.) Where's the drinking and naked twister (™)?

Most of you guys are young, not geezers like me. Oh well, maybe you're out dancing and drinking and partying and stuff. I hope you're having fun.

Youth is a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children.

Okay, I know I posted here.. but it disappeared. You'd be surprised how cogent, concise and yet utterly obscene I was.

Jeff.. no on the book. I'm not sure it's published here yet. Soon, though.

*leaves out spirits for Moaties who wish to revive themselves*

whole aaahh!!

almost dung.

a few more hours and then it's time to kick off me shoes and kick back some brews.

I'm ok for the moment. It is Oklahoma (tornado alley) though. So, anyday, anytime, any place could be erased. The wind comes a sweepin through the plains.. yeah, no shit.

Anyhoo, Beaver County is IN Oklahoma (the panhandle), and my home is in Beaver, Arkansas. Safely, miles and miles away. For now.

ok, back to getting dirty.

you kids have a wonderful weekend (if I don't check in again)!

Thanks for clearing that up, Mr. Fisher. I guess Beavers are just everywhere in the plains, midwest area you live. ;)

Isn't Beaver, AR also in tornado alley? Or, if it's not IN it, it's just a trailer-toss away.

Fish, thank you for clarifying that...glad you're ok.

Sly, the hair was not shortened by fire. No.

Jeff, I haven't been here on Friday nights cause I have no football now. I got to watch tv a little last night...Young Frankenstein was on.

Which, I am soooooo ashamed to say, I had never actually seen.

I took care of that last night.

Ye gads there is some gooooood food around here this weekend. The local Masons had their country ham and grits supper last night/breakfast this morning. I went and got plates for the first time last night...oooh it was good. And of course the BBQ at my church today. The slaw has been mixed. Helping mix...hmmm...20 twenty pound boxes is...lessee...a whole huge amount of slaw. I got a chicken plate and a pork plate...they do make some good BBQ.

Maybe Beaver, AR, could end up IN Beaver county if the right string of events made themselves available.

Just a thought.

You're up early, Kaf.

I believe that today is my very first divorceaversary.

I feel like I should throw a party.

*is very happy*

Yay for neo!

I'll bring the cake.

Did someone say cake?

Isaac! Several rounds of drinks over here, please!

Happy Divorceaversary, Neo! You've done an amazing amount in this year - you're an incredible, strong woman.

On a related note: The Moat Drive-In Theatre Movie for today is The Gay Divorcée. Show times will be posted on the board by the Slipe & Slide. Thank you very much for your attention.

Yay for MOAT Meets. We just finalized plans for tomorrow's dinner with The Weasels (Mike & Mad) and Blogchik. More after the event.

Way to go Neo - Yay!

Love the cake Kaf.

I will bring the Beer if Brian brings some parfaits.

Mrs. BigD® is "going through the change" - HELP ME!

What is the difference between a Vitamin and a Hormone? You cannot make a Vita-min.

How do you make a Hormone? Don't pay her.

Thanks, I will be here all week. Please tip your wait-persons.

I thought it was...use a telephone pole.

Hey, great crowd.

Good morning. Quiet night.

Hey, the blog clock is fixed! I guess last night was supposed to be the real start of DST.

I feel like the guy in that "Twlight Zone" story.


We're off to the city. Report later.

Hasta la vista, baby.


Is anybody out there?


Is anybody out there?


don't break your glasses, jeff...

JERRY: You know, this is like that Twilight Zone where the guy wakes up, and he's the same - but everyone else is different!

KRAMER: Which one?

JERRY: They were all like that!

insom, there's a Seinfeld special on at 9pm EDT on HBO. The little promo clip was funny.

I've spent the day in seclusion resting up for the painting crew to overwhelm me tomorrow. They get here about 7:30am.

Yesterday we had a huge catastrophe small glitch. One third of the house is painted the wrong color. It's supposed to be corredted tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

That's why I'm trying to lower my stress levels today by watching movies that don't require any thinking.

Just came by to say hi.

Quiet weekend, it would seem...

I survived the spring festival...barely.

I went on the Confederate lantern tour...Kibby, it was at Riverside park, by the river. Last year was the Old Saint Davids cemetary.

It ended with us singing Dixie. You know, I realized I've never sung it.

My daughter, who was BORN in the south didn't know any of the words. I at least knew it...

Back from dinner. We met Mike & Mad and Blogchik, as well as Mad's sister Michelle & brother-in-law Ulf. We had a really good time even though it was short as they were going to the theater at 7:00 and Blogchik was headed back to White Plains (I think).

We may get to see Mike & Mad again tomorrow, schedule permitting. At least one picture was taken (next door to the restaurant, outside The Yankee Store), which I trust Mike will post in due course.

I think that makes 12 adjunct MOAT family members I've met now, after Leetie's p-nut, sly's two daughters plus one sister & one niece, Rita's Tom, Susan's parents, Polly's LHM (now Mr. Polly) and TCMH (Lisa).

And all of them have been delightful and good sports in putting up with something they probably do not understand.


Tomorrow may be a long day for me...not the date...but the day...

Not to be gloomy...cause I'm not feeling gloomy, but it was the Monday morning after spring festival last year...*sigh*...when I found out for myself just how wonderful this whole bunch of people is...


*smoochies all around*

Aw, {{{Susan}}}.

I have met none of you.
Talked on the phone once or twice though if I recall...

{{{Susan}}} To be corny (and quote a song) That's what friends are for... it's hard to believe it's been a year. Take care of yourself tomorrow (today). My thoughts are with you. If the rest of me could be with you, it would be.

Question - what was the best April Fools' Day joke you saw this year? The best one I've seen so far is in one of the community newspapers. They published a front page story about the Christ Church Cathedral (the Anglican cathedral in the centre of the city) which is undergoing repairs at the moment, saying that the whole building would be demolished because the repairs were getting too pricey. All Easter church services would be held at the Catholic Cathedral (The Cathedral Of The Blessed Sacrament) with Catholics seated on the left and Anglicans seated on the right. It went on to outline plans for the space formerly occupied by the cathedral, stating that because of some archaic law, another cathedral couldn't be built on that site, so the site had been quietly sold to Japanese businessmen, who were planning to build a hotel on the site, with an aquarium being added underground that would link up with the Southern Encounter Aquarium on the other side of The Square... by the time I finished reading this, I was laughing so hard, it almost HURT. Then I ran into several people throughout the day who were utterly enraged about it. I guess they didn't realise what day it was.

However, today, which is not April Fools' Day, is the day I found out that my job finishes at the end of this month. Which is disappointing, but not surprising. I'm looking for something else as we speak. Think good thoughts for me, please!

Anyhoo, Beaver County is IN Oklahoma (the panhandle), and my home is in Beaver, Arkansas. Safely, miles and miles away. - Fishair

*Fish wakes up to find half of his neighborhood are Okies*

Yep Susan, remember that park!

*recalls talking to Crash when he was on her coast and she was on his - what a mix up!*

kibby's best April Fools joke was convincing a semi-love interest (in the same Co.) he was resigning effective 1 April. This took some "lead-up" messages so not entirely convinced it qualifies.

Best April Fools SNAFU was in '95 when we (Company) decided to have it's FIRST! live broadcast from Prague - Russian and Latvian. To top it off, the audio feeds got switched and Russian went to Latvia with Latvian going to Russia. The Daily Operations report repeated this for the next 4 years. Oh, the Latvian Ambassador was here...

Oh, why's the person called an Ambassador but they work in the Embassy?

Because an Embassador and Ambassy just look wrong

... too obvious for a Monday ...

*goes to lunch for a PB&J samwich*


Peanut butter jelly time!
WARNING! loud obnoxious flash thingy

... well, that was quick!

*gets big stick, whacks pbj guy*

Best April Fool's Prank was actually NOT a prank.

I read a news article on April 1, 2003 that Mayor Daley of Chicago had closed Miegs Airfield and ripped up the runway over night, leaving a number of private jets with no way out.

It was not a joke. He had been trying to close it since 1995 and was arguing with the FAA, etc. and on March 30, 2003, he had private contractors tear up the runways, citing homeland security issues.

I remember that day Sly. We all thought it was a joke, until we saw the effects on tv that morning. That's one way to get your point across isnt? (not saying its right, just saying) It's too bad he doesn't have that much hutzpah when it comes to the department of streets and sanitation and the work, or lack there of that they do on the city streets.

Anybody hungry? Here is the list of food available at Jazzfest this year.

Can't wait!

Speaking of hungry, has anyone here tried the new granola bites?? OMG! I have just died and gone to heaven... they are tiny, bite size (har! hence the name!) morzels of chocolatey granola... Mmmm...


Or even MORSELS!

DDi, if it's the ones I'm thinking of, little packets at 90 calories each, yes, I've had them. Very yummy.

I just love phone calls when I have no idea who they are from...I had my cell phone on silent from yesterday. Forgot about it till this morning, someone called at 9 last night, no message. No idea who it was, although whoever it was called a month ago when I was at choir practice, and didn't leave a message...

Then another message today, this one from someone apparently in Brodnax, VA...where ever that may be. No message there either. The ringer is back on though...so if either one calls I'll hear it and can answer.

And not one, but TWO school board meetings today. I do live on the edge!

Good morning MOATies!

Many thanks for the many congrats. We're really looking forward to meeting the little guy or gal!

I keep saying that I am going to get pictures up on the blog, but I don't. So, from this point on, I will not tease you with promises. I'll just let you know when I finally get around to it.

I am down to my final 20 days to write 3 papers and finish approximately 10 chapters.

Hopefully, I will get them all done.

Susan, that missed phone call????

It wouldn't have been me - just to clarify ....

All those that DIDN'T phone into Susan, please raise your hands!

I answer ringing pay phones.

"Steve's Pizza."
"DeSoto County Homicide."
"UFO Hotline. Have you been abducted? Have you been probed? Just being followed? We're here to believe you. Not associated witht the FAA in any way."

so, I've been walking around all morning with my shirt on inside out. hows everyone else's morning going?

Shirt's backwards.... kidding!

I'm not wearing any pants.

For music lovers.

Trillian, my kids tell me that's the style. So you're cool. (Or whatever the "cool" expression is now, to mean cool.)

That's dank.

Disagreeably damp or humid. Sure.

By the way, whenever I read your name, SurlyG, I think Swirly. *giggles*

Dank = old and moldy
no thanks

I don't think that's what "the kids" have in mind when they say dank.

Hey guys,
whats happening?
I joined work! It's awful! But now i get paid to be depressed!! yippeee!!!!

stuff i said at the office
Supervisor: Hi Upoma! How are you!? (chirpy)
Me (moving away): Why are you happy to see me? Im not used to it...

Bossman: Howz work?
Me (doing data entry): I'd rather shoot myself in the head...but oh well...

They have me doing data entry work instead of my actual work. Apparently they make all newbies suffer like this.


mmmmm nice to be back....

{{{BANGI!!!}}} It's good to see you here! Hopefully work will get better and you'll be given more actual work, so you can begin to enjoy yourself!

*loves Bangi a greased-up vine*

Jeff.. the Jazzfest food list is making me drool. I will, however, get over it at some point. Maybe forgive you just in time for next year. Or maybe not.

Dank - when you're so cool, you're dark and fetid. Lovely.

Hint: burning rope can leave a dank smell.

would that be a hemp rope Surly?


heh...Kaffy...what sort of tattoo did u get?

"My hemp, my hemp, my hemp my hemp my hemp"

Hi SurlyG...Hi Trillian...

Congrats, Higgy! Congrats, Brian B! Congrats, Neo!
Welcome back, Bangi!

I had a good time with Mad&Mike, Mad's sister and brother-in-law, and Jeff&Jackie. It was very nice to see everyone. The restaurant was good and the conversation was lovely. I was a little bit late to church (the service started at 8 pm) but, whatever. (The train line I was on goes to White Plains, but I get off before that.)

It's Holy Week so we have lots of church this week.

In other news, my back has been hurting like mad all day. I can't find a position that doesn't hurt. Drat.

I thought i'd end up talkin to myself all nite!

ok then! good nite!

btw...didnt understand "hurting like Mad"...for a few seconds thr. teehee

Hi Bangi! w/b

hi Bangi!

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