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September 30, 2003


It has been working on improving the spaghetti plate.

(Thanks to Lisa White)


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it was nearly 80 today in detroit, then about 4 pm thunder storms rolled in, now it's 50

Trillian, I got caught in a freak rainstorm this afternoon, raindrops as large as golf balls bouncing off my windshield - awful.

I blame Al Gore. ;)

It was, by some accounts, up to 86 here today...another warm day tomorrow, but cooler Thursday, with maybe a little rain to wash the yellow haze away.

Hello! Happy birthday, Kaf. I didn't log on before leaving this morning and wasn't able to send my wishes from work, what with being BLOCKED and all.

I'm still feeling a little iffy from the stomach bug, but not bad enough to stay home. About 4:30, I was working on a project and one of the attorneys came up to me and said "why don't you leave and go get some sleep; you don't look like you're feeling well."

"Great," I said. "I'm going to the Symphony tonight and you're saying I look like crap."

"You've looked better, but at least you can get some sleep at the symphony."

Notsomuch. The program (appreciation night for sponsors) was Russian music. It was rather loud and lively. Have you tried to sleep through "Dance of the Sabres?"

Oh, they had Russian inspired appetizers; stuffed cabbage, some sort of cucumber in cream sauce thing; and perogi's. Free beer; no vodka.

But at least it was an early night.

And so far, no neighbor drama. YAY!!!!!

Happy birthday, Kaf!

Thanks again, everyone.. it's been a lovely day. Well, the weather has been pretty awful, but the day itself has been very nice.
It wasn't meant as a present, but my supervisor dropped off a copy of a speech (on CD) by Joseph Chilton Pearce, so I'm having dorkgasms about now. I've ripped a copy to iTunes, and plan to get into it a little deeper when I'm not half-asleep.

Sly, I hope the tummy bug disappears quickly! Feel better!


DDi, you make a good perogi?

Sly, feel better! Although I'm not sure my prescription for a stomach bug would be Russian inspired appetizers; stuffed cabbage, some sort of cucumber in cream sauce thing; and perogi's. Free beer; no vodka.

But if you can survive that you must be on the mend!

Today it will be back to a more normal 60, with mid-50s from tomorrow, which is just above average for us.

Sunday update for Mad: TWC says 48 and cloudy. The last I'd seen on local TV (yesterday) was 58 with 30% chance of showers.

Will keep you updated. Bring an umbrella and warm jacket!

/end weather update

As for the traffic, the outbound (at least not the inbound) Gowanus Expressway is closed at 86th Street (close to us, and boy are there a lot of traffic helicopters up there) because some guy overturned his box truck. It's upright now but he caused big delays, including rubbernecking on the inbound side. ("Look, Martha, a downed truck!" Morons.)

/end traffic

I ate the perogi; picked at the other stuff; passed on the beer (not a beer drinker anyway).

This morning, I'm actually hungry.

Good perogi will do that sly....

I don't think any of us were planning on using the Gowanus expressway today, Jeff. Or was this the first time a truck has overturned in New York City?

If you're having trouble with your lamp, why don't you just fix it for a couple of bucks, instead of replacing it? Or send it to me. I hate to think of it going to a landfill just because a switch wore out.

*zips in*

Hey Surly, I was thinking exactly the same thing about the NY traffic. ;)

Great minds and all.

I'm going to my *very* cute tax guy today to find out my tax situation, and the groom (read: Houston) is coming over to prep the house for painting.

Well, on a DAILY basis, I for one don't hear nearly enough of about the weather, the traffic, or the gas prices on the news or the radio. So, I HAVE to come to the MOAT, where I KNOW I will get MORE!!

yes, i know, i am a thrill seeker.

Speaking of, Have we heard if BrianB made it out of the chute alive?

Hey SurlyG, switch me on will ya?

Surly, you want to come pick up the lamp and fix it, be my guest. But the price of fixing it is more than the thing cost in the first place, so it just doesn't pay to do it. and it would mean taking it apart to get it in the car, etc.

Today's high in Laramie, WY of 41 has already been reached. Temperatures will drop throughout the day, reaching 24 by 9 p.m. Expect light rain this morning, followed by a mix of rain and snow, turning to just snow this evening.

*fires Fisher up*

*thinks Fish wanted to be "turned on"*

... could be mistaken ...

Prague's weather:

Yep! Got some.

Prague's gas (petrol, benzine): 28.5/liter

Prague's Carbon Credit: ????

What's wrong with the lamp? I would bet you could fix it for between 5 and 6 bucks. And you don't actually have to repair it in your car. You're allowed to do it in your home.

I remember the first lamp I repaired. I overheard my mom nagging reminding my dad that he was supposed to fix a lamp they had gotten from Grandma. I must have been 11 or so at the time. Dad said that he'd do it when he got to it. Well, it was summer vacation time for me, so the next day I went to the work bench to see if all the stuff was there. Sure enough: a new plug, new wire, and a new lamp socket.

I had Dad inspect my work when he got home to see if I did it right before we plugged it in. I think the only thing not really "correct" was that I didn't tie an underwriter's knot in the wire.

underwriter's knot? THOSE are protected too!?

what an underwriter's knot

The wires pass through the base of the lamp socket (the removable part), and then you tie a knot in the two wires before attaching them to the posts of the socket. So that, when if the cord gets yanked as someone trips over it, the knot keeps the force off of the posts so the wires don't become disconnected.

I'm lucky to have CG who can do all that stuff for me, when my ex-asshat wouldn't do sh!t around the house, and if I wanted to hire someone, he'd say no, I'll do it and he never did.
Rinse and repeat for 20 freakin' years.
/end rant

Oops, I'm not married to him anymore, never mind. :)

*rinses anyway, places out to drip dry*

That's the knot I thought about, but didn't have a name for it ... now I know.

The power of the MOAT....

Good afternoon MOATies!

Happy B-day to Kaf and Graz (belated of course) and to anyone else I missed.

I am currently in Louisville, very hungover and getting ready to get a bunch of Kentucky Public Health officials very drunk, all over again.

Re: Skydiving:
It FREAKING ROCKED. I can not wait to do it again. They offer this deal where I can buy another pass good for a year at a discounted price. I am seriously considering this. I am also seriously considering getting certified to jump by myself. I really can't say enough about how awesome it was.

The rest of the bachelor party went pretty well and about par for the course for the B clan. Gambling at Argosy on Friday night, skydiving Saturday morning, golf Saturday afternoon, entertainment in the evening, and we even got tossed out of a bar later that night!

Helluva time.

I'll try to czech in later.

Congrats on the jump, Brian! Hooray for freaking rocking as you plummeted floated gracefully down. Sounds exciting!

Lab, I've got a lamp that needs fixin'. OK, I've got a couple of them. I'll be glad to pay you the $5 or $6 bucks. Would you mind stopping by after work today? Thanks.

from overheard in the office:
Middle-aged dad: Frankie Laine died.
20-ish son: Who the f*** is Frankie Laine?
Middle-aged dad: He was a great singer. He sang the theme from Blazing Saddles.
20-ish son: That was 40 f***ing years ago. What did he die of, irrelevancy?
Middle-aged dad: You're too young to appreciate anything.
20-ish son: I f***ing hate it when you say that.

Good morning!

Glad to see that Brian made it back safely! Do you have photo or video of the jump (or any of the other events??)

Last night after dinner, my mother looked at her watch and said "8 minutes". I said "Huh?" She said "You'll be 33 in 8 minutes." Okaaaaaaaaaaay. So now I'm officially 33 and 9.5 hours. Go figure.

Traffic is light (mainly because it's still dark out). Petrol is $1.55 per litre ($375 per gallon :P) and if there's something else I'm supposed to report, I forget what it is, so you can just guess.

$375 per gallon?

Wow, I thought gas was expensive here!

guess - you had chocolate cake?

*creaks in gingerly*

My aching back...I think I was sitting awkwardly yesterday while I was typing...and was wearing old shoes that left my knee aching. The knee is fine now, but my back is not happy with me. This shall pass though...

It's at least 83 outside right now, possibly hotter. Maybe a little rain late tonight though, and a high of 60 tomorrow. Yay!

The playlist for today...

Wednesday 3-28-07 All Request Lunch Hour
“(You’re My) Soul and Inspiration” Righteous Brothers
“Hey Jude” Beatles
“Pinch Me” Barenaked Ladies
“Blinded By The Light” Bruce Springsteen
“Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” Elton John
“Salt In My Tears” Martin Briley
“The Joker” Steve Miller Band
“Valerie” Steve Winwood
“Say You Love Me” Fleetwood Mac
“Don’t Stop Believing” Journey
“My Sharona” The Knack
“Positively 4th Street” Bob Dylan

Oh...Brian, sounds like the jump was a load of fun!

MAD!!! *tackle*

Yay! The UPS guy just came with our New York Yankees tickets. We're seeing Cleveland, Boston, Arizona, Minnesota, Toronto, the White Sox, Detroit and Baltimore this year. First game: April 18.

Wake up!!!

*ouch* Umm Thanks SurlyG as long as we are down here would you mind if I *whisper whisper*? and then we could *whisper whisper*.

Mad - it was a banana split, but you're close, so you get a prize anyway!

Wheee! I'm home early today... and I have my tattoo.. she's just so beautiful. Because of the position, it's kinda hard to take photos, but I will try and put one up somewhere soon. It didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought it would.. or as was predicted by someone who thought I'd chicken out. The guy who did it predicted I'd be back for more. I enjoyed the experience, but not quite that much! I told him this one had taken 33 years to find me and I'd be back on my 66th birthday. Nice guy, but trying to round up more business.
Random note: The shower curtain that sectioned off part of the back of the shop was a black bakground with the logo "Genuine Harley Mustache Riding Champion" (and accompanying cartoon which I'll leave to your imagination!)

NY weather update for Mad:

Sunday, about 55 with a few showers afternoon & evening.

/end weather

*waits for tomorrow when he'll be IN CONTROL!!*


Today is Officially Inventory Day. We shall count a mere 8.6 million dollars in parts. I will be here today and tomorrow for 12 plus hours. This will be fun. (keep repeating) It will be fun. It will be fun. It will be fun. I twil beef one.

I may check in later to see if there are any stray Moataritas nakedly lying about.

It could be worse, Fish. You could get your nether parts caught in a log-moving machine and have "uncontrollable bleeding" like the guy in the article Dave posted.

Happy belated birthday, Kaf, and Yay! for your new tat!

Mr.Fisher: we're counting on you.
And remember: 47, 25, 9, 21, 7.

Pierogi: Depends on who you ask. I think they're ok, my family loves them. But, I'm not one to gloat. ;)

Kaf: Congrats and YAY!


Fishy: *bats eyelashes* (that is all)

Surly: *SNORK!*

Leetie: How's your finger? Does it need adjusting? *giggles*

Sly: Glad to hear you're on the mend.

Brian: Even more glad to hear you're safe and on solid ground again.

To anyone I missed... BOOGER! & CAR!

*skips out*

PS: Fish, you're working mine and Sly's schedule! We should have a three-some, or something. ;)

Today's weather in Laramie, WY: Currently 19 with freezing fog. Temperatures will stay in the teens, with a 90% chance of snow. Winds will become strong in the afternoon, so watch out for blowing snow. Snowfall can be as much as two inches per hour.

*breaks out snow shoes & skies - looks to book a flight to Laramie*

Fish, you twil beef one? How exactly does one do that, and can I get a demonstration?


Weather...rain! Not a lot by any means...but any little bit helps. The pollen was actually visible in little piles on my car this morning, not just a yellow haze.

And I found out today...coffee first thing in the morning really wakes you up! (ok, yes, duh, I knew this, in theory. I just tend to not drink coffee till I've been up a while. Today I had the coffee pot ready to go, made the coffee and drank some for a change. Woooo!)

*zips in*

Susan, I'll be listening today.

Do you have Smash Mouth, Walkin' on the Sun?

Hi. 50 degrees here. Sunny. One more day till spring break. Just took a Xanax.

today's weather in Peoria, Ill: gloomy and chilly.

However, this is ofset by the fact that it is SPRING. In the last two weeks, flowers have burst out EVERYwhere. The grass has gone from dull grayish brown to that intense spring green that almost makes you squint because it is so very bright and alive and gloriously GREEN. The trees have that fuzzy "blush" of green and you know if you stood and watched, you'd likely SEE the leaves unfurl. In fact, it is so glorious that gas prices don't matter right now.

When trying Limewire...if you think it isn't working, it helps to turn up the volume on the computer you are using.

I've spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to play a song...only to realize the cue volume on the control board was turned all the way down, for some odd reason.

And here I thought it wasn't doing anything.

I think I may need more coffee.

Neo, the leaves are at that stage here. I'll go downtown, then go back a couple hours later and the leaves are open farther.

It's a little gray today with the rain, but that's better than the yellow of pollen. Should be nice for the spring festival.

Thanks Susan.

Good show today. Picture with Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow, now Smash Mouth.

*cranks up volume*

Today's flamingo is brought to you by the letter E.

Has anybody seen my slide rule?

I used to have a slide rule...wonder what happened to it?

(Not that I knew how to use it...)

The playlist for today...

Thursday 3-29-07 All Request Lunch Hour
“The Heart of Rock and Roll” Huey Lewis and the News
“Picture” Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow---Eleanor
“Deacon Blues” Steely Dan
“Me and Bobby McGee” Janis Joplin
“Walking on the Sun” Smash Mouth
“Walking on Sunshine” Katrina and the Waves
“50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” Paul Simon
“Message In A Bottle” Police
“Cruisin’” Smokey Robinson
“Take The Long Way Home” Supertramp
“Long Train Running” Doobie Brothers

I just love you guys!


No, but I have a protractor!

'Sup G?

no slide rule, may have an abacus round here somewhere


Lab - nice flamingos! (But I bet all the ladies say that to you...)

Fish - make all the stocktaking fun by alternately singing "One Potato, Two Potato" as you count and count using different voices. May I suggest Bullwinkle, Marilyn Monroe and Yosemite Sam for starters. Then stop, take a breath, and yell "GET OUT OF MY HEAD YOU BLOODSUCKING DEMON!!!!" at the top of your voice and resume counting in your regular dulcet tones.

*leaves nekky Moataritas (and the occasional Moatette and cabana girl) placed strategically around the Moat*

*looks out the window for some green*
*realises where Neo's grey and brown went*
Today's expected high: 75F, but with a lot of cloud. Blah. At least it's not supposed to rain

btw - I keep getting caught by Pypetard for a bunch of different reasons. Yesterday "Fill in your details" which were already filled in and showing on the screen. Today, "invalid email address" (well, duh! I've been using that in my email slot for a couple of months and NOW you pick it up). I'm beginning to think that PypeTard hates me.

SurfyG - get off my name!

The invalid email address doesn't meant that you didn't put a real email addy. It means you put some invalid character in there. Like Gumby. Or a Smurf.

Mmmm Gumby. Pokey was always my favorite.

I got yer pokey.

My myspace picture feateres Pokey prominently.

When you have a Pokey, you have to be Gumby, I always say...

Internet is rotting my brain and my ability to spell.

My body features Pokey prominently.

Note to Lab: took your advice, fixed the lamp.


I am finally back in the office, but I will be out again tomorrow as we have no one to babysit CMB. P is out of town this week and since I was too, P's mom stepped up to the plate to take care of the little guy for a few days.

Anyway, I don't have any pictures or video of the actual jump. We have a couple pre-jump and post-jump pictures of us in our jumpsuits and harnesses, but my brother hasn't emailed them to me yet.

In other BIG news, P called me this morning to tell me that we will be joining the Higgy and Mrs. Higgy club.

CMB will have a little brother or sister in December.


Excellent, Jeff. Better the lamp you know than the lamp you don't know. heh heh

*jumps up and down throwing confetti*

Congratulations Brian B and family!!! WAHOO!!!

(and by the way, unrelated, but regarding a post up above, I snorted diet coke through my nose, thanks Jeff!)

*tears of joy*


Oh Brian, that is so wonderful. I'm really happy for you and Pam. :)

You didn't do "it" just to keep up with the Higgys, did you?

I'm pregnant, too! I'm having Fish's two-headed love child!

... and GUPPIES!

Actually, Higgy and I have been planning this for months! We were surprised at how quickly everything came together.

At this point, we are considering studding ourselves out due to our apparent high-potent potency.

Ladies of the MOAT will obviously receive a discount.

High-Potent Potency.
They have pills for that.


Maybe Brian, you could follow Higgy's example in another area and puh-leeze post some new pics of Connor!!!

Instead of doing such frivolous things as skydiving. ;)

Congrats, Brian. And the baby is good news too.


Seriously, all the best to both of you.

there's nothing like the adrenalin rush of being a parent...no , wait , 'adrenalin rush' isn't it...more like 'cold feverish night terrors'...

oh, and congratulations, brian!


*snorks discreetly at insomniac while Brian isn't looking*

Congrats Higgy, Brian and spouses. I love babies (though mine is 18), good luck to all of you. I personally cannot wait for grandkids, but do not want to rush it either.

Congrats to Higgy and Brian and spouses!!! So wonderful. Lots of little moaties running around and growing up to take over the madness.

Don't be lookin over here for the weasel's to be joining the club just yet. Maybe by the time Higgy and Brian go for #3.

Oh and Higgy I guess I can count you out of Vegas this October. You and TCMH will be missed.

Speaking of Vegas if you are thinking of coming email me with the weekend you prefer in October. It is never to early to start saving up your jello cups for the trip!

YAY!! More babies!


Congrats to the B family! More baaaaaaybeeeeees!!!

Mad - If you could buy me a winning lottery ticket, I can make any week in October you'd like! Although my brother might object to my leaving his 21st early to catch a flight to Vegas.. but it would be totally worth it!

YAY Brian! ... and P!


repeat, rinse

keep saying it enough maybe I'll start believing ...


Like that means anything. I'll be working Sat and Sun; but will carve out some time to drive down to Kentucky to visit Meghan. In the meantime, housework and laundry remains sorely neglected.

Such is life.

BUT, today is CARDINALS SPIRIT DAY at work. We get to wear jeans, tennies and Cardinal gear -- or anything red. Anything? Well... within reason.

That's about it from me today. Heading into work now.

Anyway, it appears that Kibby has everything under control.

Have fun, sly. So, if you can be objective how do the Cards' chances look this year? Our local newspaper says they have the best player and best pitcher but look thin after that. Two of the eight writers pick them to finish first.

But then, 4 of the 8 pick the Brewers so what do they know?

Update for Mad: Sunday NY weather unchanged, anywhere from 54 to 58 with a few showers. Monday looks nicer and warmer from this distance.

/end weekend Mad weather

As for Vegas, we can (maybe) discuss it on Sunday but probably the same weekend as last time(s)? It looks like Jimmy Buffett does those two weekends every year and either one (when they announce) would be good for us.

FYI: Grey's Anatomy spinoff news.


*while everyone's distracted - tosses pants on lab's lawn*

Congratulations Brian!!!!!

I sent KDF (Kathy) some autis stuff I got from my sister and here is part of what she replied:

[channeling KDF]:

Thanks for the MOAT nudge -- I'll get back in as soon as I can. Spring
is a little nutty around here -- soccer (Hannah), 5th grade graduation
(Sam), acting class (Abby), all the spring testing and intense
schoolwork.... acccccckkkkk!!!


Today's Laramie Weather Update
It is currently 7°, with a windchill of -4°. High today is expected to reach 30° in the afternoon. Snow will be ending this morning, but watch for blowing snow as there will be wind gusts of up to 25 mph.

This has been your Laramie Weather Update.

for sly ... cardinal gear?

*runs in screaming, ripping out her hair*


*runs back to RL which is really NUTZ right now!*

I could swear I posted last night and said congratulations to Brian...yet there is no post.


I know I was at home when I did it, between 7:30 and 8pm, my time, not blog time...

Maybe I didn't hit post. Wouldn't be the first time I did something like that.


Congratulations Brian!

*flings pants*

. o O (I wonder what I did to piss her off?)

Oh, that hurts. That really hurts.

Oye vey. Again with the hate.

I wasn't expecting cardinals

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