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September 30, 2003


It has been working on improving the spaghetti plate.

(Thanks to Lisa White)


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Jeff, have you heard Fingerprints? It didn't win a Grammy for the cover art. It's a great album and really displays Frampton's skill with that there ghee-tar thang.

Kaf, that counts as something. A very scary, disturbed something.

Paging Graz, paging Graz


Happy burfday Graz!!! Sorry its late, but I wasnt even here yesterday, so can I be excused please?

Weather update: Sunny, and high of 84 yesterday. Sunny and high of 75ish today. Thunderstorms and rain the rest of the week.

Currently: My butt has become one with my chair. I've melted into the leather seat. Whenever I move I hear a squishy sound. Eww!

Thanks, Lab. Will check it out.

The problem is, when I hear Frampton it is usually "Shoe Me the Way," which I've always hated.

Glad to see I'm not the only one that always types "shoe" instead of "show".

so, whats a good medication for flu symptoms that i can get OTC with out being pegged as a possible meth cook? i feel miserable today.

What does it matter if you are pegged a meth cook? Unless you are one, in which case, enjoy your flu!

Thanks, I will!
I just don't want the hassle of having to fill out paper work just to get some d@mn cold and flu reliever

Well, if you have congestion, then it's worth it. The other stuff is ineffective at the dose given, and dangerous at higher doses. Get Sud@fed or anything that is JUST pseudoephedrine. You don't want a "shotgun" remedy. Too many people don't think about the fact that they took acetaminophen in their cold / flu med, and then take more for the aches and pains, or fever. They end up destroying their liver.

Trillian, I've had some good luck with the Alka Seltzer Plus Cold and Flu medicine...

Jeff, the Frampton song I have issues with is Baby I Love Your Way...and it's not really his fault. It's the cover of that with Freebird by Will to Power that really annoys me...

The pollen is really really here now. I went out to the car this morning...there wasn't just pollen on it...it was so heavy I could watch it blow off when I started driving. Blergh.

And you are right, Lab..the AS+ does have acetaminophen in it...I keep that in mind when I take it.

The one I just got doesn't have the pseudoephedrine in it...but it has worked pretty well at clearing up the congestion.

I didn't even notice that.

I guess it was like Ed Sullivan's "really big shoe"...

Trillian, I feel like I've been congested for months - I finally got "real" medication from the ENT guy last Friday - and have tried various products. For just congestion, listen to Dr. Lab.

I also have some OTC allergy pills from Costco that work, especially on pollen-related symptoms.

Susan, how do you know it was the meds that did that? Couldn't it have been a miracle?

If you're all tired of hearing my b!tch about my neighbor and the "lawn care" he does, then skip this, but I just can't believe it.

We had a pretty strong windstorm Sat night and some branches came tumbling out of a couple of trees. I saw that and meant to go pick them up, thinking that Dumba$$ didn't need any other excuses not to mow the lawn. THe lawns around here are just getting to the stage where they need the first mowing of the season. Based on past experience, I figured he was about 3 weeks away from even thinking about it.

Yesterday afternoon, before I had a chance to gather up the branches, his sister was out here mowing. She did not move one twig or branch. (It apparently runs in the family as he does not pick up newspapers when he mows, but mowes around them).

She didn't mow around the twigs and branches, either. She mowed right over them. There is tree shrapnel and chewed up tree branches everywhere. She had to re-start the mower several times, probably would have been easier to move the damn stuff.

Anyway, there was a strip of unmowed grass, about 3 inches wide, between each path that she took.

I picked up the debris, got out the lawnmower and finished the job. And saw them glaring at me through their living room window. Whatever. I also made arrangement with a friend's son to handle the yardwork and left a message with the landlord telling him about it. I said that I'm doing this no matter what because they are doing a crap job and just advising them of it because of the joke the neighbors are making of their agreement for reduction in rent for lawn care.

Being a crothetty b!tch sure feels crappy.

*gets out rocking chair for Sly's porch*

Insom, go deep to that group of white birch trees!
*waving his arms* i'm open,i'm open!

They end up destroying their liver.
and not in a classic, 19th century, fun way, either...

I'm home with a stomach bug (blech). Just thought you'd all like to know that on the Ovary Channel, the movie is "Fifteen and Pregnant".

OK, not watching that. There are some majorly hunky types working on the home construction across the street. I think it's time to go sit on the porch, especially since I have a new rocker out there. Thanks to Kibby.

"Fifteen and Pregnant".? How original!

Now, if it was "Fifty, Pregnant and looking for the USS Something"...

Just "found" a little IE trick for fonts. Press "Ctrl" and turn the mouse wheel (IF you have one) and fonts will adjust to EYESIGHT IMPAIRED to itty bitt. 4 different sizes....

Susan, WCRE is coming in loud and strong!


I love this song - Bad Day - and the video is great. I bought it with video on iTunes. :)

I used to think nothing could be worse than late night TV commercials.

Until I saw daytime tv commercials.

I just saw one for a Pet Crematorium which states, "Specializing in private pet cremations, so you are assured of receiving only your pet's cremains."

There's a good thought.

I very seldom get a chance to watch daytime tv, but I seem to remember a lot of lawyer ads on..."If you've been injured in an automobile accident..."

I still haven't had a chance to play around with our new cable box and all the channels we get...

And a thrilling note...it looks like we (My mother, daughter and I) will go on vacation in April...Williamsburg, VA and Busch Gardens, VA. I may well go insane...

Ahhh yes. The playlist from today...

Monday 3-26-07 All Request Lunch Hour
“Down On The Corner” Creedence Clearwater Revival
“Come On Eileen” Dexy’s Midnight Runners
“Only The Good Die Young” Billy Joel
“Dance Hall Days” Wang Chung
“Hold My Hand” Hootie and the Blowfish
“Your Mama Don’t Dance” Loggins and Messina
“All Right Now” Free
“Tin Man” America
“Bad Day” Daniel Powter
“Never” Heart
“Southern Cross” Jimmy Buffett
“New York Minute” Don Henley
“Doctor My Eyes” Jackson Browne

sly. - i have heard the local pet crematorium charges more for a 'single' , less if your pet if one of a 'batch' they incinerate at the same time...

The problem is that your pets tend to die one at a time, rather than in a cost-saving batch.

Lab - scary and disturbed are my standard MO.

You probably don't want to know this, but people cremains work the same way as pet cremains. They generally incinerate several at a time and divide the ash between the boxes. That's why I refuse to be cremated. I know I will be dead and in theory I shouldn't care, but this really bothers me.

*wants some good drugs*

Happy belated Graz & all that! and Happy day for today to my brother, who is 29!

Ooh, good line-up, Susan. I've got my work laptop at home and couldn't listen in, unfortunately.


Ooooooooooooooh, drama!! If I'd known, I could have sold tickets to the show that just happened next door. Apparently, I started something with my phone call to the landlord.

I've got my front door open and watched/heard as he went next door and laid down the law. He was HOT. STEAMED! LIVID!!!

He was yelling about the lawnmower blade getting crapped up (apparently his lawnmower), about J dodging his calls (J's at work right now and the sister is hearing it all), and that rent is going up $100 a month if it ends up that I have to take care of the lawn and he said he'd better be seeing a lot of improvement. (Does that mean I get the $100?!?! -- I doubt it). He said they are out of there by May if he hears one more complaint. From his yelling, apparently some of the neighbors have been calling him, too. Then he asked to see the inside of the duplex and she said no. He said yes, by gosh or he'd call the cops (!?!?!), she let him in and I could hear him bellowing stuff like "Look at this! Look at this! Two weeks or you are out of here! Look at this! Geez! Look at this!! You are ruining my property! Two weeks! Don't give me crap about being too busy! This is not the kind of neighborhood where you can live like this!" He went on to say today's garbage day and she's to quit playing computer games, get out the garbage bags and get that place cleaned up. He stormed out, yelling "Two weeks!!" got to his truck, then turned around and stomped back over there and said, "Forget it. ONE week! I'm coming back in one week and I want to see this place sparkle! And just give me an excuse to evict!! Just give me one excuse! You have no lease and I can have you out of here like THAT!"



Since he left, she's already hauled 4 garbage bags out to the curb. Of course, with everything he was saying, I'm thinking that it sounds like he has plenty of reason to evict.

you could just place them in the freezer and wait until you had a cost saving batch available.

Seems the work filters are allowing this site again. Must have been a link in one of the ads that was setting off the filter! Yipeee - for as long as it lasts.

*snork* at Lab and the "cost-saving batch"

She didn't mow around the twigs and branches, either. She mowed right over them.

I guess being a Dumb@$$ runs in the family, sly.

Susan, your daytime commercials remark reminds me of a great Robert Klein routine that incorporated that:

"Are you injured? Do you think you're injured? Would you like to be injured?"

Even though the temperature is supposedly in the same range as yesterday (low 50s) it is much colder, overcast with a very chilly wind. Of course we were not dressed for it.

/end weather

Happy Birthday to Kaf's brother. Your birthdays are a day apart? Wow. My brother is a year and 13 days younger than me so my mother always used the closeness to make us one party when we were kids, but a day apart really is close.

Sly, great stuff! But if they blame you better be careful. I wouldn't accept any gifts of food and make sure your tires aren't flat before you leave home.

Great story sly! Keep up the pressure!

And Lab, I think what insom was saying was that your pet would be burned to crispy critter status cremated in a batch with other critters from other families.

But I could be wrong. ;)

el,that's what i meant, i guess some people don't mind if their urn is labeled "20% Fluffy, 20% Schnookums and 60% unnamed deadstock"
i didn't know they did people the same way...good for them!
i heard that the crematorium has to run 24/7 because if it cools off the bricks could crack or something...

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Once I'm gone, I'm gone. When you think about it, human urns should say something like "30% grandma, 5% clothing, 20% coffin lining, 45% coffin"

Wow, Sly - it's a wonderful day in the neighborhood, huh?

Mad, it's good to see you back! Long may it last!

sly I don't think they creamate people in coffins. We never picked one out for my mom. They just took her away on a stretcher. I would guess they probably have them wrapped in a sheet if anything.

/morbid point

oh and we used the same urn that was used for my grandmother's ashes - which had since been scattered. So she shares at least a little bit of eternity with a little bit of her MIL.

/really ends morbid talk

It is turning rainy and cool/cold here. This weather will probably follow us to NY on Sunday.

but, the liver is evil, it must be

Good morning, Kaf. In case you haven't checked the latest here's your weather update.

My 2 cents re: the morbidity talk - Mad, when my dad passed, we had a wake for him, and the coffin he was laid out in was made of particle board that was later creamated with his remains. It looked like a regular coffin, except it was covered in a blue velvet type cloth instead of being made of metal or wood.

Mad, it will be 72 here tomorrow but 50s by Thursday. Will let you know the local forecast for Sunday in a few days.

The same was true (cremation) of Jackie's parents. When she died they mixed her ashes with his so we have some of each in one urn (as do each of Jackie's sisters).

And if that was unclear, "she" was Jackie's mother, not Jackie.

I'm not sure where Kaf got her misinformation, but people are cremated one at a time where I life.

And thanks for explaining what Insom meant, El. I'd hate to go through life with a freezer full of dead pets waiting to accumulate enough of them to get the Super Stacker discount.

Me, at the pound: You got any that are about to kick it that I can take off your hands? I need a few more corpses.

Mad, it's a long way away but the current forecast for Sunday is High: 55
Partly sunny with a 30 percent chance of showers. Highs in the mid 50s.

Note to Mad: Jackie says the Macy's spring flower show starts at the 34th Street store on Sunday (April 1), in case you're interested.

/end travel update

There are several options for cremation: Some funeral homes offer coffin rentals for the services. The beds are replaced after use. Some have coffin shells, where the box to be burned is placed inside for the service, but removed to be burned.

As far as I'm aware, a box is always involved.

Lab, that's what I was trying to help you avoid. I could picture The Wench reaching into the freezer while talking for say, the ice cream, and her hand coming out with a frozen dead bunny! If that happened I doubt you'd be playing parcheesi anytime soon after.

Welcome back Mad! YAY!

Thanks, Jeff!

Lab - direct from an undertaker (a guy I like but wouldn't use professionally, because I've seen him drunk too many times)

Maybe your world is different than mine.

Work calls - see y'all round!

*looks around the world*

Infinitely so Kaf, infinitely so.

Reminds me of the punchline from my favorite Far Side: Same planet, different world.

Uh, 'round these parts the pets in the freezer don't get to wait there long enough to accumulate into enough of 'em for the Super Stacker Discount.

Just sayin'.

Sly, exciting neighbor news!

Honestly I have no idea what they did with my mother after they took her from our home. We had the funeral/wake whatever it was called with a photograph and the urn. The urn is now buried in a rosegarden at the church. Is that any different/better than being in a cemetery? don't know. If there are little bits of other people in there with her It doesn't bother me. Each of us are the people we are because of those we have interacted with. So why not continue that experience after death?

and noone probably wants to know this, but on the research side there are large freezers where all of the dead/euthanized animals are kept until the bodies are burned.

And now for something completely different...

How could anyone have been walking around with the pharmacy that was found in Anna Nicole's blood stream?!

Neighbor update: Just heard from the landlord who called me to fill me in on stuff. He's called his attorney about eviction proceedings. This morning, he got a phone call from the guy across the street who gave him an earful about stuff that I don't see. That's why he went over there with such a mad-on. Apparently someone walking by got hit by some wood flying out of the mower and whats-her-name wouldn't stop. The guy tried to talk to her, but she wouldn't talk to him (they never do). No one got hurt, thankfully, but it pissed off the neighbor enough to call G about that and a bunch of stuff.

But he wouldn't say what the other guy said he sees that I don't.

I'll ask Joan, the Neighbor Who Knows Everything.

Maybe you can call Spr!nger and have all of the neighbors go on the show Sly!!!

It's important for every neighborhood to have a Joan-type person.

The one we have went to school with my son and had the hots for him, so whenever she's driving by and sees me, or CG working shirtless, she slams on the brakes, stops to inquire, I say, what's going on, and then I get the scoop.

Please keep us posted on this. :)

I told him I happened to be home today to catch all the drama and heard it all through the opened door. He said he didn't even see the door was open, and that he was so mad that reflecting back on it, he probably shouldn't have been driving. I asked what T had told him that got him that angry. Instead of telling me, he said he had called J numerous times last night after I had called, and then today after T had called. J wouldn't answer his cell phone and didn't return calls and that angered G so much he got in his truck and drove over and the sister caught it all.

OH! And the wife? The one who is so huge that she needs help getting around and stays in the back room all the time? She wasn't there. He said he didn't see her anywhere and no sign of her.

So there's THAT mystery!

G's wife thinks the woman I say is the sister is actually the wife's "replacement", but G said it's the sister and it's obvious that she sleeps on the sofa. G's wife said still doesn't mean she's not the replacement.

OK, that didn't help my stomach virus thing today.

Oh, Maureen just me (I'm on the porch); she's on her way over and looks like she has news. And here I look like death warmed over.

I thought I'd end up napping all day to recover from the rough night I had. HA!

Phooey! Maureen didn't HAVE news, she was here to GET news. She was sweeping her porch this morning and heard all of the yelling. When I told her I was sick, she basically ran away from me.

Looks like sly picked a bad week to give up work.

Sly does live in an interesting neighborhood...

Not much goes on around my neighborhood...but I have to hear about it.

"I haven't seen as many dogs over at our neighbor's house across the street."

"Our neighbor across the street was cleaning the carport off today." (A different neighbor across the street. This one also tends to leave the garbage roll out cart out by the road all week. Like I care.)

*sigh* I hope nobody is paying that much attention to me...

And I just saw a news story about all the "yellow gold" dropping all over SC. It is very very visible right now...but the huge amounts of it are mostly tree pollen...which isn't the stuff that causes the allergies.

Well, that may be so...but all the actual pollen is going to cause problems, even if it's not an allergic reaction.




What's a car booger?

Yellowy-green viscous material that seems to originate deep within the recesses of a vehicle. In my van, you can find it in the cup-holders in the very back, where my children sit.

Or maybe that's just the remains of a lemon-lime slushie.

kibby remembers his "car parting words":

Bring your garbage. aimed at the kids....

Good morning, good evening and good night.

It's just gone midnight in Christchurch, so let me be the first to say, semi-officially, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KAF!!!!!!!!!

*checks calender HE made*


*send over chocolate covered cheeries*

Happy Birthday Kaf!! Hope you have a wonderful day today, and tomorrow! :) You are going to celebrate both, right? I would!

happy birthday, kaf!

Kaf! Happy birthday! I hope it's a wonderful one!

Happy b-day, Kaf.

I left a little something for you on the message board. :)

I'm having the outside of my house painted and the guy who is going to do it came by yesterday. He painted the house about 11 years ago. He did painting for my ex-asshat's company, so I've known him a long time.

I've decided I want to marry him, but I haven't shared this thought with him yet.

So Susan, in honor of this momentous decision, could you please play Goin' to the Chapel? :)

Hum, "Eleanor Painter" has a nice ring to it ...

Better than Eleanor Rigby...

Just sayin'.

Does this mean we get to throw Eleanor a shower? And a bachelorette party? And will there be cake? And str!ppers??

*votes to douse the happy couple with latex rather than rice*

He's 6'6" and he used to be a S.D. Charger, and he's soooo tall that he can stand flat on the floor and paint the ceiling with a brush!!!!

Chapel of Love - YAY!

Happy Birthday, Kaf!!

Thanks Susan.

I'm off now to buy a wedding dress salad since CG is coming over for lunch today. :)

El...He's 6'6"? *drool*

I just had a pita bread, spread with margarine mixed with Marmite. I had just the right amount of Marmite too...just enough to flavor it a bit.

Of course, to many here, the right amount would in fact be "none at all", but that's ok. I personally enjoyed it.

And I'll never get that exact blend again.

El, congratulations on your upcoming nuptuals lunch!

Sounds like Susan left the marmite out in the rain and she'll never have that recipe again.

Lab, that was my exact thought. Thank you for expressing it so well...

(Although we've had no rain in several weeks. Maybe by Wednesday night, to wash away some pollen.)

The playlist for today...

Tuesday 3-27-07 All Request Lunch Hour
Tec report
“Slow Hand” Pointer Sisters
“Somebody To Love” Queen
“American Girl” Tom Petty
“Spooky” Atlanta Rhythm Section
“Five O’Clock Somewhere” Alan Jackson
“Chapel Of Love” Dixie Cups---Eleanor
“Your Song” Elton John
“Go All The Way” Raspberries
“Devil Woman” Cliff Richard
“Jesse’s Girl” Rick Springfield
“We’ve Got Tonight” Bob Seger
“Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” Jim Croce
“You Can Call Me Al” Paul Simon

Good morning, and many thanks!

DDi, there will be three days of celebration, because we celebrated my brother's birthday last night. Sadly, he couldn't make the celebration (I forget why) and neither could Dad or the other brother, but I still had fun. Then dinner at Mum & Dad's tonight. Then my own private celebration (and tattooation) tomorrow. It's going to be a great week!

*gazes at her jar of Vegemite* My preciousssssss....

Susan, it's like any other skill. You've figured out how much Marmite you like, and very soon the action will be automatic. My Nana was a young girl when Vegemite was invented. Mum told me that when it first came out, Kraft gave away a whole bunch of little pottles, and, not knowing any better, Nana (a lot of people called her that then, even before she had kids - spooky, huh?) spread it on her bread like peanut butter, got quite sick and refused to eat it again for years. I (heart) Vegemite.

Eeep.. I forgot! There were chocolate-covered cherries, which are pretty much my favourite chocolate EVAH! *smooch* Thanks, Kibby! *runs in, grabs chocolate and leaves again*

Happy Birthday Kaf!!!


*waves hi*

How's the weather in Paris? I'm freeeeezing here in su.so.ca. 57F, brrrrrrrr....

If you have decided that, yes, you do like real music, but you don't have a public radio station in your area that you want to support, I'd like to invite you once again to support WNKU!

I like WXPN in Philly...xpn.org...but the only time I really get to listen is when I'm up there. I don't really use the computer at home, and while I'm at work, well, I can't really listen to another station...

XPN is the home of the World Cafe show, which is my favorite show on WNKU. I'm listening to it right now!

WXPN and WNKU are very similar stations.

Thanks, MarieP!

I'll see all you fine folks later..

Several years ago I went to the XPN singer-songwriter festival...a LOT of great music.

Lab got my comment (re McArthur Marmite).

Gorgeous day today. About 75 degrees. We went downtown, ate lunch, went - for the first time in ages - to the Central Branch of the library where I got 6 books (yay!), some of which were on my hold list but apparently not being held.

Now there is something wrong with our lamp so we need to go out and get another one.

Back later.

83 degrees

BigD®'s blue car has a Yellow (not Purple) Haze all over it.

/end weather in su.w.nc.

There were snow flurries in Pasadena a few hours ago. The world will be ending shortly!

Happy birthday Kaf. Remember to beware of the exploding confetti in the birthday blog butter(Tm thingy)

*sigh* I hate when it's a really nice day out and I've missed it all because I was stuck at work.

Mad, it's freezing here and the wind is just blowing everything around - it's crazy. I hope the snow isn't headed our way....

Drive carefully. :)

Weather update: no record (83) but the high today was...78!

Yesterday it was warmer (81) in Minneapolis and Detroit than in Key West and as warm as Miami!!


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