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September 30, 2003


It has been working on improving the spaghetti plate.

(Thanks to Lisa White)


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El, the Post's PeepShow was GREAT! Favorite: Little Miss Peepshine.

Until I went back and looked again sly, I hadn't realized that was from the movie. It was really good.

My favorites were Mommy Peepest, and the Liposuction one. :)

I can't stop looking at the Peep Shows, there's new stuff that I missed the time before. Anna Nicole Smith's Peep-Daddy trial, PeepHaw. Reservoir Peeps. And I like reading about the amount of time the people took to do their entries and how silly they felt spending that much time on it...but did it anyway.

Does anyone know if any other newspapers, etc. sponsored PeepShow contests?

OH! When Meghan and I were at brunch this morning, a woman walked in wearing an outrageous EAster bonnet that she'd made. It was decorated with small stuffed animals. And peeps dangling from the brim.

Heads were turning. Meghan said she was surprised she'd wear that in public. I said I wish I had that kind of confidence to carry it off.

Wow.. I think I'm on a sugar overdose and I didn't even eat any of the Peeps!
There are some very creative people out there!

Happy Easter, one and all!

Oh, and Sly - I wish I could introduce you to Lorna. She's a little old lady (about 4 ft 10, maybe 5 ft tall, and around 85), skinny as a rail, and anchored to this earth by her hat, which is just a fisherman's cap covered (so you really can't see the hat) with every conceivable tiny stuffed animal you can think of. She's clipped them all on there somehow, and she has a bucketful more at home (or so she told me). She does hospital visiting in the peds ward, and every so often will give one away to a child who likes one in particular.
Lorna also attends craft groups all over the city (at least a dozen a week, including the one run by my Mum, which is where I met her), and, despite the hat, is known as The Bag Lady, because she usually has 2-3 shopping bags on each arm, filled with craft stuff.
PS She can talk the leg off a chair, but she's one of the funnier people I've met!

I liked Reservoir Peeps, Soylent Green is PEEPS!, and the one that depicted the Metro at rush hour. :)

Sly, I couldn't get your slideshow to open. I did find several more peep shows if you're interested.

{{{Rita and Tom}}}

{{{{Rita and Tom}}}} That is truly horrible...and yes, 54 is far too young.

Happy Easter to all...I'll be scarce around here for the next week. My mother, daughter and I are heading to Williamsburg, VA tomorrow morning, and we'll be there til Thursday.

*Yawn* I just took a nap...and I want to go right back to sleep. Instead, a shopping trip is in the plans.

*giggling at peep shows*

I was surprised not to see a stripper peep, kind of a playpeep bunny thing. But then I haven't looked at Leetie's offerings yet!

The Easter Bunny left me a basket this morning. This is the first Easter Basket I've ever had. Now I've overdosed on chocolate. Life is good. :)

Well, booger. Malwart was closed today.

Which really really brightened my day when my daughter, after cleaning her mouse cage, announced, "I need more bedding."

Of course the pet store (45 minutes away) was going to be closed, I wasn't even going to try there. But a trip to the grocery store was needed...(don't tell Lab I used boxed mac and cheese [I can't keep cheese in the house]) the cheese sauce leaked out in the box.

But hey! They had cedar bedding! Zaphod had a clean bed.

Wildly expensive, but I didn't have to drive out of town. I'll go to the pet store next weekend.

Just got home from the city. It was COLD out there. We saw the revival of a favorite show, Company, which was good but not great. I didn't care for the lead guy much. It was quiet going into the city but when we came out of the show the streets were packed with people.

Couldn't open sly's peep show but of Leetie's I liked the "one-eyed one-horned flying purple peep eater" the best.

Hi, guys. Anybody remember me? I used to visit her a lot but kind of gave up.

I'm back!

Oh, I used to be scat. Now I'm Sarah O.

Hiya Sarah!! *hug* Long time no post! Happy Easter! I blurk on your blog a little, but it's been a while.. how's things?

Sarah; about time you came back! I keep meaning to check your blog because it's one of the most interesting ones but I keep forgetting. Sorry.

Also, I forgot to mention earlier that we noticed Victor Garber in the audience at Company. We saw him in Sondheim's Sweeney Todd in 1979. He looked d@mn good, much better than he's looked in recent television appearances.

Jackie suggests he's "had work done" (NTTAWWT).

Hi Kaf! I know you've blurked and that makes me very happy. Feel free to comment any time!

Jeff, my most recent entry was inspired by you. You'll love it.

So you really like him, do you? What can I say?

And are you really moving at last?

The whole "sandwich generation" thing is a nightmare to me. But since we don't have kids we don't have that worry. So far my parents are in amazingly good shape for 80+, and when there are problems my responsible sister is on the scene less than an hour away. She's the one with the real problems, as my parents can be rather trying, and she has a 6 year old autistic son.

I went to brush my teeth and started giggling all over again about Peepsodent. (from one of Leetie's links)

Yes, I'm easily amused. It's not a bad way to go through life. :)

Good morning, all.

Happy Birthday, Crash!

Happy Birthday Crash!

{Rita} I'm so sorry. My condolences to Tom and you and Tom's family.

It's a very sunny Easter week-end here in Paris. I went to see a musical last week, "Cabaret" at the Folies Bergeres (a very old theater). It made me want to see the film with Liza Minelli.
On the new job front, still no news from my boss about when he'll let me go. It's getting on my nerves. I've resigned 2 months ago for Pete's sake!

Welcome back Sarah O! I remember very well last summer when you went to Dave's book signing and there was a pic on the MB with your daughter wearing a T-Shirt "Dave Barry is my Daddy" or something like that. LOL!

Bonjour, Marie. Are you ready for your own birthday?

Good morning and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRASH!

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend.. no time to heinz right now, maybe later this evening. In the meantime....


D'OH! I almost forgarret!

Today is "Smingus, Dingus" for us Poles... Happy Smingus Dingus everyone!

*drags out bucket of water balloons and begins slinging them all over the moat*

Read more about Dingus Day:
In Poland, traditionally, boys will awaken girls early in the morning and douse them with water and strike them about the legs with long thin twigs made from willow, birch or decorated tree branches (palmy wielkanocne). This practice is possibly connected to a pre-Christian, pagan fertility rite, that seems in line with the Ancient Roman Lupercalia, although the earliest documented records of Dyngus Day in Poland are from 15th century, almost half a millennium after Poland adopted Christianity.

So... did you get doused by B. today, DDi?

*zips in*


This one's for you. ;)

Bon jour, Marie.

Comment ca va? Tres bien, Espero. :)

Jeff, not sure where you got that from, but thats VERY OLD SCHOOL. The tradition in todays day and age is that all people, young and old, men and women alike, douse each other with water. Whether its from a water gun, buckets, or garden hose... water comes from all directions.

Got it from the internet, where else? And it was fascinating reading about a holiday I'd never heard of.

Anyway, hope it's a happy one for you.

Morning MOATies!

I am so sorry to hear about Tom's brother. That is absolutely deplorable and I hope they catch those m@#%$#$ers.

Happy birthday, Crash!

That is all. Too freaking busy today.

happy birthday, crash!

Rita, I'm sorry to hear all that.

Thanks you guys! Life is slightly less limited to me today.

Woo hooo! Happy birthday and congratulations, Crash! Have an amazing day!

Marie P - great to see you!

Dingus Day? Isn't Dingus a nickname for a boys.....never mind. Have fun with the water and whatnot, DDi!

(((((((((((((((((rita and Tom)))))))))))))))))))))
That majorly sucks. I'm so sorry. ((((((HUGS)))))))

I didn't get any sleep last night at all. I'm tempted to nap right now but I think that will just exacerbate things. Not sleeping on Easter night for the festivities has left me rather jet-lagged. Only without the jet.

Happy birthday, Crash!

And happy Smingus Dingus, DDi. Have fun.

*is happy*

I got invited to a party! And not just an everybody-on-campus-is-invited party either, which is the kind I usually wind up at, but one with an actual limited guest list. This NEVER happens. To me, at least, not here.

I may not be Miz Popularity round here, but at least some people like me! :) Hooray!

(((RITA & TOM)))

*passes Crash the Birthday Blog Butter (TM thingy)* Watch out for the exploding confetti

Weasel and I are back. We will get pictures up on the blogs as soon as we can.

Welcome back, Mad & Mike!

Someone tell me I have to get dressed before I go out, please. Because I just have no motivation to do either.

{{{Rita and Tom}}}

Happy Birthday, Crash!

*quietly props a bucket of water over the MOAT door*

*goes into hiding until tomorrow*

Got dressed, went out, picked up my library card, came back. Oh, and there was a little shopping done, also.

It's an exciting day in the neighbourhood.


*places pr0n, chocolate and drinks out on the Moat bar*

Oh, Shmingus!!

DId I miss Dingus Day?

Good morning. We went to the fundraising concert for Autism Speaks last night - it raised $1.4 million. Tom Brokaw was the emcee and introduced Suzanne & Bob Wright, who started the organization just two years ago when their grandson was diagnosed with autism. Toni Braxton did - basically - her entire Vegas act, complete with 10 dancers. And Cosby was Cosby, back to when he was funny instead of self-important. As Jackie put it, he made an hour out of nothing.

This is the second straight day for a MOAT birthday, so very Happy Birthday, MarieP!

BOn Anniversaire!

Good morning. We went to the fundraising concert for Autism Speaks last night - it raised $1.4 million. Tom Brokaw was the emcee and introduced Suzanne & Bob Wright, who started the organization just two years ago when their grandson was diagnosed with autism. Toni Braxton did - basically - her entire Vegas act, complete with 10 dancers. And Cosby was Cosby, back to when he was funny instead of self-important. As Jackie put it, he made an hour out of nothing.

This is the second straight day for a MOAT birthday, so very Happy Birthday, MarieP!

Bon Anniversaire!

First it said "Bad Gateway" and wouldn't post, then it turned out it posted anyway.

Sorry about that.

Happy Birthday Marie! Sto lat i wszystkiego najlepszego!

Happy birthday Marie!

Bon anniversaire a toi,
Bon anniversaire a toi,
Bon anniversaire, chere MarieP,
Bon anniversaire a toi!

Feliz cumpleanos, Marie!

happy birthday, marieP!

happy birthday, marieP!


Happy birthday, in any language you wish

First, happy birthdays to Crash and MarieP!

Second, thank you all for your thoughts. This has pulled the entire family together even more than it was before.

Jeff, I hope the lowlife who killed your brother-in-law's aunt is caught and given the fate he deserves.

I miss you guys.

One more thing--41 days left of school.

Thank you all. And happy birthday to the birthday girls!

Thank you all. And happy birthday to the birthday girls!

MFing pypetard. It gave me error messages three stinking times.

Good job, Brian. I bookmarked it.

Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes! In many languages too, wow... It feels good to have friends like you! I'm very lucky.
Now I'm going to put some make up on and to eat out with my posse (= girl friends) and have some champagne, YAY!

Happy Birthday Marie!!! Enjoy your Birthday Blog Butter (TM thingy), but watch out for the exploding confetti.

I've been trying to devise some Jack Bauer Blog Butter (TM thingy), but it keeps shooting me in the thigh.

Happy Birthday, Marie!!

Happy Birthday Marie!

Okay, it appears that I'm a little late, but Happy Birthday, Marie!!

Rita, I'm so glad there's been even a small upside to this horror of a time for your family.

Jeff - sounds like a great night was had by all!

Happy Birthday Marie!

(maybe my computer will work now)



Umm... am I too rash in suggesting a move may be in order? The Moat seems to be hiccuping a fair bit.

There's always this one which has been offered as an option before.. it just needs some spam wiped off of the walls. Unless anyone has a better idea?

I second.

It's raining and cold; must be St. Louis.

I was in Sacramento earlier this week, lovely weather; landed in St. Louis last night at 1:00 am to wind and rain.


and b-r-r-r-r-r-r

So, while I was in Sacramento, the Moat DIED?!?!?!?!

did the moat move? Where is the official move notice? I never get emails anymore.

The MOAT moved. Go here:

Let's see if I can remember how to do this:

Trying it again.

Go here

I don't either, Mad. Used to.

well Rita I use to be funnier too.

I am really really distrubed by what happened to Tom's brother. I wish there was something I could say or do. Y'all hang in there.

*whispers to Mad*

You're still funny, and we love you!


*zips in just for rebuttal purposes*

The last time we moved I sent you and you (Mad and rita) e-mails.

So there! ;)

But I won't be doing it anymore.

I didn't get an email on the move either...but I'll find ya'll anyway!!!

(Just cause I was out of town for a week...)

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