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September 30, 2003


It has been working on improving the spaghetti plate.

(Thanks to Lisa White)


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I got my Roomba. :)

I went to the new Whole Foods today. It was cool. They had ostrich eggs and emu eggs. And lots of food bars.


I brought home some vegetable biryani. YUM.

to go with that spam.

Noooooo! It went with some grilled salmon and a spinach, iceberg, and romaine salad.

Spam is for breakfast only.

Gosh, that Lisa White sure sends in some funny links, huh?

can someone get Judi to remove the spam before it triggers the work filters.

Oh and Hello everyone.

*zips in*

I'm here.

Thanks, Leets!

And all.

*checks in*

Hi all.

Lisa White is very funny. Is she a MOATie? Should be. ;)

And talk about serendipity. *giggles*

*unrolls slip n'slide*
*layers it with jello*

I sent e-mails. Someone else should take care of the spam.
/end being bossy

Leetie, I didn't even notice it was "Lisa White"; excellent!

*runs screaming in, covered in paperwork*


*dives back into mass of paperwork, but thanks El for the link before he's devoured by a tidal wave of email*

You're welcome Higgy. You haven't been around much so it's nice to see you. :)

*zips out for a parfait to erase hateful remarks from memory*

*pounces on Higgy like a cat pounces on catnip*

How's Owen!?!? How's TCMH?? How are YOU!? I czech out your blog for Oweny sweetness once in a while, but its not the same as getting a taste of your wit here. Come by more often, would ya? I promise to keep Lab in his grass skirt and penguin thong at all times. ;)

*joins El*


I finally get to MOAT, and what happens?

-Hubby's laid out on the couch, sick to his stomach
-Boo-Boo's under the computer desk, pouting
-Lou is upstairs, being teenagerish
-I fell in the parking lot at school today. Ripped a hole in the knee of my brand-new size 16 jeans, and ripped a hole in my knee, as well.
-There's a cat on my lap who thinks it's her job in life to push her nose against my arm whilst I'm typing.

Pass the MOATaritas, please.

*hugs AN*

*passes MOATaritas*

Boston Legal is a repeat tonight. And of the few episodes that I've seen, it is, of course, one I've seen.


But what is a wibrator?

The playlist for today, since I neglected to post it earlier...

(I'm kinda slack sometimes...)

Tuesday 3-6-07 All Request Lunch Hour
Tec report
“Heart Of Rock and Roll” Huey Lewis and the News
“I Feel The Earth Move” Carole King
“I Melt With You” Modern English
“Kiss On My List” Hall and Oates
“Time” Alan Parsons Project
“Rainy Night In Georgia” Brook Benton
“November Rain” Guns and Roses
“Gypsy” Fleetwood Mac
“Dancin, Shagging on the Boulevard” Alabama
“Unchained Melody” Righteous Brothers
“I Want To Know What Love Is” Foreigner

I'm really not THAT amazing...

To some of us you are, Susan. You're our very own MOAT celebrity! Just ask CG. ;)

i love House

Susan, it's was wascally wabbits use when they want to be fwisky.

Aunt Nancy!! Hi!!

Ooo, the Swiss MOAT is nice! Pass the chocowate, pwease.

*passes chocowate to KDF*
*passes Moatawitas to Aunt Nancy*
*passes muster* (not mustard)
*passes test* (Yay, me!)
*passes gas* Toot! ('scuse me!)
*passes out*

it's a passing fancy....

*sets up fondue at the corner of the Jello tub*

Trilian.. I'm blessed House and Boston Legal follow each other on the same channel in my corner of the universe. They are preceded by The Amazing Race (on another channel) so I'm a real couch potato on a Tuesday, but I'm not complaining.

Nice digs.. and I still have to the other link (to the thread with 6 or 7 comments on it) if we need it at any time in the future.

Kibby reassures George as he leads him down the shoddy staircase and out into the light rain. After saying their good byes and making arrangements for their next meeting, George continues into the bar for his routine morning appointment.

Kibby dons his leather hat and turns up the overcoat's collar bringing immediate warmth to he back of his neck. He pauses just before heading towards town and performs a quick survey of his surroundings.

Activities at the ice plant are limited to a few folks entering and leaving from the street. Most of the plant's activities are performed on its harbor side when the lobster boats pull up to fill their holds. Glancing down the street he doesn't notice any unusual cars parked in front of the various work houses. Being here for a year or so has permitted him to get a feel for what's normal and what's not. Down towards the light house all appears normal.

Turning his brief attention towards his own door he examines the faded painting above his next door neighbors window. "oe's Bar" Hum, what WAS that first letter, letters? Knowing someone at some time had painted that sign does little to comfort him. Could it be that no one remembers? Could it be that because its been there for so long no one cares? I's been "oe's" and it will always be "oe's"! Like the wind worn paint on the light house, the wood bare siding on the buildings and the rusted metal roofs, could people have just given up fighting the elements and resigned to the forces of nature? Those unrelenting forces?

Before he can compose an answer he catches his partner's soft pale complexion looking down at him from the office window. She needs to get out more ... and how DID she get into the back office?

He nods in her direction and begins moving up the street towards the blinking, ever blinking, amber stop light. Some things never change here.

psst El, thanks for the mail!

A Swiss MOAT, I like that! Maybe because I was born in Switzerland many moons ago... or maybe because I could literally live on Swiss cheese and chocolate.

Oh, and snork @ Neo!

Eleanor feels, more than hears, the muffled foot steps of the two going down the stairs and the soft 'thump' of the shutting door. She moves to the window just as George is heading into the bar.

Watching, she observes Kibby making his security sweep. Oh, so careful that one is., she says to herself as she recalls that he has all the reason to be cautious - from what little he's told her. Little does she note that her well being could be closely tied to his.

After acknowledging Kibby's "All's Well" nod she turns to the legal pad left on Kibby's desk. "George Klooney, age 52 I think", hum, he left his birth date blank? He doesn't know his birthday? This sparks her interest because WHO doesn't remember his birthday!? The rest of the answers seem pretty innocuous except his Social Security number's only 2 digits off from hers.

Returning to her laptop and moving off the 24 thread she opens a secure connection to the "Hancock Unregistered Nationalities Clinic" (HUNC) because they always seem to have the best leads on those not wanting to be found. After all, why go to the state run hospitals where they have all sorts of forms, bureaucracy and identification just to have something like a toe set because you dropped an anchor on it?

Thanks for the MOATaritas! An update:

-Hubby is feeling better. (whew!)
-The girls are off to school.
-I found a cute patch for my wounded jeans - it's a bunny with wings! (awww...)
-I now have the other cat on my lap, the one who thinks it's her job in life to chew on my earlobe. I don't let her. I already have pierced ears, thank you very much.

Next week is spring break! And the weather is supposed to get up to 60 degrees! Whoo-Hoo!

*gives away smiles and hugs to all*

HUNC, being a privately funded, non religous, health care facility, is more concern about getting the proper care to the needy than about making sure the patient's mailing address is correct. Because the level of interest of the patient's legal status is so low, the level of trust is quite high. This leads to a quite extensive personal database, admittedly with gaps and inaccuracies, that Eleanor is about to exploit. Thanks to the gratitude of a previous client, Eleanor was presented with a "back door" to this database that bypassed the monitoring "bots". She didn't quite know how this worked, nor did she really care, but it got her the alot of information that the "normal" channels lacked.

After a few, well placed, queries, Eleanor's eyebrows raised. It seems there were quite a few "Klooney's" (with a K), but the linkage between them was rather fuzzy. Was there something there - or not? A few jotted notes for Kibby to follow up and it was time to move on. Where?

I can't add to the story right now; and won't be around much for awhile. Trial in California is the end of April; I leave April 9; and I'm just mildly freaking out.

Oh, and I e-mailed judi about the junk at the top. Unfortunately, I neglected to include the Moat address and she e-mailed back and asked if I wanted her to read her mind. The correct link has been sent to her so hopefully, that schtuff will disappear today.


Good luck schweetie!

Being right above oe's Bar had its advantages. Besides the steady supply of beer - Kibby's choice of beverage - it also supplied a constant volume of conversation. Of course most of it consisted of "Arrs", "Ye Maties" and "boody landlubbers!!" while the real good conversations were held in the back rooms.

Noticably LACKING were discussions of the great lobster beds off the coast. These were a more closely guarded secret than the original Coke formula and Sally's real age. Sally, a "regular" bar fly, was quite notorious around these docks. Once said, and never repeated, to have been engaged to a lobster boat captain who never returned. Lost at sea like so many other dreams. Seems she took to drink during her depression and she also never returned. A true Hotel So.Ca without the Su.?

Shortly after KibEl moved upstairs directional microphones were installed from the floor above. Quite a few conversations were recorded that led to all sorts of amazing break throughs in cases (Case XXI: Who's in Davey Jones' Locker?) AND, more importantly, insights to whom to ask for what information. Eleanor thought this might be a good time to review the transcripts. She knew, it being morning, that no new material would be picked up from the mics.

Moving over to the dust covered filing cabnets she pulled a Summary Brief from the top drawer. Scanning this she immediately spied an entry that tied in closely with what she found in HUNC. There seemed to be a local connection to the name Klooney...

Help! Suddenly I'm comment spam...


As suddenly as you became spam, kibby became not-spam... hum...

While Eleanor was trying to make George's electronically documented connections, Kibby was making his way across town. This didn't prove to be too difficult because "town" wasn't very large.

The unimaginative “FIRST” and “Second.” streets paralleled the previously mentioned Main Street. Intercepting these by right angles were named roads like "Captain Dan's Alley" (seems a certain Captain Dan had passed out here one night only to freeze to death), "Starboard Street" (the one on the right) and "Fleet Street"; to name a few.

Kibby headed down Harbor to the flashing amber intersection and, barely glancing, crossed Main Street. Deciding the quickest way to his destination was down Market Street he turned right. Pausing for a moment he decided a good ‘ice breaker’ would be a small bouquet of flowers. Being too early in the spring there wouldn’t be enough growing in various flowerbeds along the way and the cemetery was too far out of his way - so the only remaining option was to buy them. Reluctantly he ducked into the smallish flower shop and emerged a minute later, and twenty-five cents lighter, with a small sampling. This will have to do. After all, he didn’t plan on being served dinner!

After taking a left and another left he came to his destination. Sly’s Boarding House stood in front of him. He’d heard that Sly might be going out of town for a few weeks so thought getting her story should be on the top of his list. After straightening his coat he confidently walked up to the front door. As he pressed the doorbell he spied a “ROOM AVAILABLE” sign in the bay window.

I have a solution! I know how to keep the MOAT from loading slowly.

... drop the KibEl Detective Agency story. No one's contributing ...

*kibby reviews story*


Seems there's a lot of past/present/past tenses floating around!

... gad, how does one keep it all straight?

Lab, is the solution 1 part bleach to 3 parts moat water? And, does it really cure fungal infections?

I'm not sure about that, Inq. I can tell you this, though. Since the MOAT loads slower as it gets more comments posted, then the solution to the problem is to not have as many comments. So, I suggest that we all stop posting and just keep looking at the same page over and over.

Brilliant, huh? Sometimes I amaze myself.

Kibby wandered into oes Bar, and went to find Isaac the Bartender. Isaac looked at him and said "I don't know what to say. It's taken me almost 3 years to get a speaking part on the Moat. I want to say something significant." "Well, can you tell me about George Klooney's father?" asked Kibby. "Do you mean Mrs Klooney's husband or any one of the sailors who docked in her port? No one's quite sure exactly who George's father was. But after 49 years..."
"49? He thinks he's 52"
"Nope, he's 49. I remember, because his mother gave birth on the pool table in the back room. It was February 7th, 1958. You don't forget an event like that. Particularly not when you're just a young teenage boy on their first job who has to clean up afterwards"
"Uh-huh, that would do it" said Kibby, "So back to Mr Klooney, Sr. What can you tell me about him?"
"Well, for a start, he was my older brother"
"Was? Is he dead?"
"I'm presuming so. I haven't heard from him since 1967. Except for that one phone call in 1989."
"There was a phone call? What did he say?"

Lab, your genius is truly staggering.

Hide me hide me hide me!!!

I sense that I am going to get, well, not screamed at, as such, but clearly I will get, erm, ripped a new one, if you know what I mean.

My attitude was not sufficiently matching the apparent urgency of the situation regarding a request to enable cookies on a computer.

Nevermind I had a song ending very shortly, along with internet/computer issues...I was the one who had to run check things. Five other people here, at least 2 of whom could have handled it...

The person in question is rather stressed right now. I understand that. I also understand the inadvertent deleting of email that needs to be recovered.

However I am NOT a computer tec kind of person so don't take it out on me.

I now return you to the saga of Mr. Klooney.

"The phone call? HA! 'Give me 2,000 on Feel Good to show in the third!' I think he misdailed and thought I was his bookie. I don't know if he ever collected..."

"So, that would make you George's Uncle?"

"Yea, suppose so. IF my brother was really his dad. I've sorta kept an eye on him anyhow, who knows."

"So George doesn't know you're his Uncle?"

"Na, I've kept my distance. Felt it better to just let him go so long as he's not getting into trouble. I slip him a $20 now and again, in his pocket so's him not to notice. Ha, almost caught me once. Thought I was trying to pick pocket him. Might close one that time, it was."

"And his mother? She"

"Ah, she's dead for sure. Word was she sailed off and when the ship came back she wasn't to be seen. He never had a chance to know her."

Was she a good swimmer?

I have no idea, but she did have the most beautiful breast stroke.

I'm betting that she was dead before the ship even sank.

yeah, and thanks to the invention of silicon, they were able to find her extremely fast, albeit, tits up. and ded.

As it tends to be with most north american scum.

I'm betting that she was dead before the ship even sank

I see Lab likes the new Modest Mouse album or else he made reference to it without even knowing that he was making reference to it.

Anyone else watch 'The Black Donnellys" the last couple weeks. Aside from the obvious uber-hawtness of Olivia Wilde, it's a pretty good show. Very 'The Departed' meets 'Boondock Saints'.

Oh! Oh! I forgot to mention, we're planning my brother's bachelor party and it looks like we're going skydiving on Saturday morning, the 24th! Yippee!

I'm easily influenced by what's on my radio, Brian. What I've heard from the album is good. It is out, yet?

Brian, Alejandro Escovedo AND Chuck Prophet are going to be at The 'Gate this Saturday night. Cindy won tickets - so we'll be going for FREE! You should come.

I feel bad that I have no idea who those two people are Lab. The Escovedo name sounds familiar though. I'm sure that as soon as you tell me where I should know them from, that I will know them.

One of my buddies is having his 30th birthday on Saturday out at his place unfortunately.

However, once my friggin semester ends, I really want to try getting out of the house once in a while....I've heard it's nice.

Oh, and I'm not sure if the album is officially out yet or if they're just playing the singles.

Just checked, due out on March 20th.

YAY! I found you guys!
Midterms really suck. I can't wait for them to be over! Then I might have some free time to swing by now and again.


*waves to Sarah J*

ALL MOATIES WITH BURFDAYS IN THE MONTHS OF JANUARY OR FEBRUARY OR MARCH, PLEASE EMAIL ME RIGHT AWAY! (email addy here is correct) If you've already emailed me, and I've responded, then you know what to do, SO PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF PENGUIN THONGS AND JELLO PITS, please, please send me what I asked for. Please? Thank you!

Pardon me DDi.. this is bad timing on my part but I've no idea when I'll be back here so I'll just spit it now. Especially after reading how the last Moat ended.
Do ya'll remember when we all came here for a laugh? When it would take 2 hours to scroll thru what had happened the night before and when you were done, there would be tears in your eyes from laughing? Yeah I remember that too.

I made this observation to someone in email and it was requested I post my observations. So yes... I have confirmed out loud something we all know... we all talk bout others in private emails to other moaties. No surprise there cept that I'm willing to say it out loud. *wonders briefly how many paranoia buttons she just tweaked in others*
Anyway... for your reading pleasure (or displeasure as the case may be)..

the sheep.. who follow any trend or thought pattern in the hopes of 'god please just let me just fit in' (sheep have several subsections.. but they come later)..

the hypocrits.. those who are quick to point out how someone else is screwing up but think their own sh!t doesn't stink. (Obviously, these people have bits of egomaniac in them.. see several observations ahead) ...

the tunnel visioneers (not related to imagineers - that's the disney people)... seeing only what others want them to see.. so and so cheated on so and so and therefor must be shunned but these two over here cheating on their spouses, well that's just so adorable! (this one is a subsection of the sheep catagory)...

the drama queens... OMG life is all about me pay attention and give me adoration because im here and begging for it (drama queens obviously have a touch of egomaniac tossed in there.. but we arent there yet are we?)...

the peacekeepers... no, don't make waves.. turn the other cheek.. until the gaze of hatred turns on them then they can't understand why nobody stands up for them (very obviously a bit of sheep in this one as well. and possibly passive agressives.. but I'm not there yet am I?)...

passive agressives.. do I really need to explain this one?...

the egomaniacs... its all about my opinions and nobody else matters.. bow down before me (strangely, passive aggressives fit into this as a subcatagory very nicely)

the 'buck never stops here's.. someone else can make all my decisions for me but heaven help them if they do something I dont like...(also a subsection of the egomaniacs with a touch of sheep thrown in for malleablity)

anyway.. there it is, for what its worth... feel free to rip me to shreds for it. publicly or privately. you'll notice I've not attached any names to any of those. but I'd bet you did as you read them. weird how that works huh?
anyone who wants to find me knows how to do so.

and I still want to have Labs babies. cause he gets it. sorry to put your name in such close proximity to something you may reallyyyy not want it near Lab, but since I'm not expecting anyone (with a few exceptions) to speak to me again I thought I'd just take this opportunity to say 'I wanna coat you in blog butter and lick each of your body hairs clean again'

~Later ya'll

Kibby, I have another show for you to tape; Rules of Engagement on CBS on Monday nights. It's on after Two and A Half Men. It has Patrick Warburton in it; from Dave's World and The Tick.

The ways of the Moat......an hour and a half without any post whatsoever, and then a simulpost with completely unrelated comments.

There's enough stress and crud in real life to deal with it here where we all gathered to be silly. If I chose to want to avoid all of that here and threaten to hold my breath until we can all at least pretend that we all get along, then I guess I'm a passive/aggressive/egomaniacal/hypocritical/sheep
/tunnelvisioner/peacekeeping drama queen who hopes we can keep it together for our Moataversary next month. When I'll be in California. Working 13-14 hours a day. Missing all of you.

LOL at Wolfie’s comments! I see some of myself in every single category! So I’m willing to admit some validity to what you say, at least in describing me. But I think you left out a few categories, Wolfie.

the cheerleaders... the ones who are genuinely happy when you accomplish something and feel proud of you and with you and for you.

the Cheerer-uppers... when you have a bad day and you come here and somebody smiles and maybe reminds you that life is pretty good after all.

the comedians... True, we used to be funnier. But we still have times to laugh together.

the supporters... those who say (or usually it goes without saying) I know you’ve got your share of faults but I’m here for you anyway.

the helpers... when you need a hand, when you need advice, when you need a shoulder, these folks always step up to bat

There are the friends. (Do I really need to explain this one?)

I know the moat has its faults because it is comprised of human beings, none of whom are perfect. But I still love the moat. Despite its imperfections, it’s still a good place to be. I’ve made friends here that I love dearly. You included, Wolfie, though you don’t call me friend anymore.

Whoa...y'all are gettin all serious n' stuff.

...and then there are those MOATies that just disappear until judi has to e-mail them to remind them that they have been noticeably absent...

It appears I have stumbled in at a serious moment, so I shall commence consuming MOATaritas until levity ensues.

I have absolutely no idea where I have been for the past couple of MOATs, nor do I even know where they are...

(btw, thanks to El for the MOAT move reminder...)

Hope all is well with youse kids, will try to be less scarce as time permits!!!


Kibby sits twirling his beer thinking about what Issac said and Mrs. K’s disappearance. My how the undercurrents must be strong in these parts for Mrs. K. to vanish like that., he thinks. He wonders if the same could be said about his disappearance from “Joisey” all those years ago.

But that don’t seem to be the only undercurrent, as Kibby recalls part of his conversation with Sly at the boarding house.

“So, you’ve known George a long time?” he asks.

“Why yes. Come to think of it, I don’t know when I didn’t know him.”

“So you must know his parents?”

At this Sly gets a little nervous, “Well, not all that well I’m sorry to say. See, I didn’t meet George until his parents had passed. Now, what about the room?” She says trying to change the subject.

Between this and Issac’s "No one's quite sure exactly who George's father was. But after 49 years..."

49 years of what? Kibby makes a point to press Issac to finish that sentence.

There seems to be more under the surface of this sleepy little lobstering town than the flashing amber light at its main intersection warns you about.

Sorry Lab, forgot to respond to your "What's the gnome like?"

He's about 3 ft tall standing in front of a beer keg holding a frothing mug of beer.

*goes in search of wolfies tool box to see what's missing*

There was also nuclear waste, dumped there at a time when out of sight was out of mind. It caused abnormal growth patterns, illness and double-vision in the local fish population, where it had leaked from the groundsoil into the water.

In the local barber shop, Kibby spotted Mayor Christobol getting a haircut. "I wonder if he knows anything about the Klooney saga" Kibby thought, and went over to ask him.

Oh... and I had a day, and it's finally over. For which I am grateful.

"Hello Kibby!" shouted the Mayor almost jumping out of the chair to shake his hand. “You’ve finally decided to register, haven’t you?” It being an election year the Mayor took exceptional interest in the registration rolls; and those on it. Not that it really mattered because he always ran unopposed.

“No Mayor Cbol, I haven’t. But I’ll give it some consideration.” Kibby was reluctant to formally announce his presence with the Joisey-thingie hanging over him. “Say mayor,” Kibby continued while slipping into the unattended barber’s chair beside him, “what can you tell me about Sly and the Klooney, with a “K”, family? I was talking to Sly and”

“Oh, wow, that goes back AGES, but that was before I became Mayor you know!” Kibby nodded. “Good! Just want to make sure this is off the record too...” Another nod. “… wouldn’t want anyone saying The Mayor said this, and The Mayor said that, , and…you know, trying to make it all ‘official’ and everything.”

With this Barber DJT glanced in Kibby’s direction and rolled his eyes. Everyone knew how serious the Mayor took his job – NOT! After all, there was more than one reason none of the town’s streets had street signs. One being that the Mayor could name them as he pleased; another was because they had no money.

The fact that the Mayor could name them as he pleased explained the names of the few streets names they had; such as Juan Way Street; Street Street; and Flounderpants Boulevard.

This explains the town ordinance against the Mayor conducting any official business after drinking; which in turn explains why very little official business gets done. And why the town had no money.

But... my sh!t doesn't stink! Really! I'll prove it to you. Here, pull my finger. ;)

DJTony! DJTony! DJTONY!!!!!!!

I have absolutely no idea where I have been for the past couple of MOATs,...

Blackouts can be such a b!tch, can't they DJTony?

*sprays an entire can of Oust throughout the Moat and exits for work*

And thanks for shedding some positive, neo.

Brian: Chuck Prophet is the best guitar player that you've never heard of.

I have no idea what kind of music you listen to, but I'm not at all surprised that you don't know either one of them. I'd guess that you'd enjoy them both, though. Right, Di?

*pokes head up from under a pile of used kleenex balls*

*blows nose*


Yes Lab. I meant to say it last night, but I wasnt feeling good, so I tossed in the post about the birthdays and then shut down my puter and hit the sack. Though I woke up about 15 times not being able to breathe, I got some much needed sleep. Am working from home today in hopes of getting some more rest, and am planning on going to the pharmacy in a bit to get lots and lots of meds. WHEE!

Now, since somebody *coughwolfiedahlingcough* stole my limelight last night, allow me to repost:

ANY MOATIE WITH A BIRTHDAY IN THE MONTHS OF JANUARY/FEB/MARCH - Please email me. If you've already done so, then you know what the next step is. Please, and thank you.

In regards to the music, Lab is right BrianB, those guys are awesome. He turned me onto them what, about 2 weeks ago or so? Very good musicians. *smooches Lab's head* Yes. I'm leaving that the way I wrote it. Ha. I blame my sinus infection.

PS: Today I fit into the "Sickly" category. Can we add one of those?

One more thing...

Wolfie, I love you, and I dont think there's anything wrong with what you said. Except that maybe you forgot to include the sickly category... ;) *smooch*

*zips in*

After being given the stare of death by kibby who mumbled something about where was she yesterday to help with Mr. Klooney with a "K", El goes into the back office to see why kibby didn't see the very large, handwritten in Burnt Umber Crayon Sign she hung on the back of her chair that said Gone FIDHING.

It's not there. El looks around on her hands and knees, a position she doesn't like to be in except on special occasions, and, amid the ginormous dust bunnies under the desk, sees the sign lying there. Doesn't anyone ever clean here, she wonders. She picks up the dust laden sign and takes it to the front office to show to kibby.
He reads it, comments on the excellent choice of crayon selection, and says, Oh.

El and kibby hug to show there are no hard feelings, and resume plotting organizing their ideas to search for Mr. Klooney's with a "K" missing relative.

Who is it we're looking for again, kibby, asks El. Too much salt water in my brain from yesterday. Want lobster for lunch?


I was hoping to drag you out of hiding - yay!

If you don't remember where you've been, do you at least remember what you've been cooking? And what you were wearing while cooking? *giggles*

Holy crap..DJTonyB! We've missed you!

I'm busy out in the back working on some equipment, so MOATing will be sporadic today.

Even though I have probably fit any one of those categories at some point in my MOATieness, I still love you Wolfie and would be proud to have you cover me with blog butter and exert your will upon me.

I just wanted to add (yeah I know I said i was leaving but seriously, do you really think I'd ever shut the fluck up?)

I am...
a recovering sheep. Yeah once upon a time I used to be worried nobody liked me.
a practising egomaniac. Yup, it's all about me in my happy little world
a sometimes drama queen. Ususually if I think it will make others laugh

just so ya'll didn't think I wasn't aware I fit into several of those catagories myself.

*makes plans to molest BrianB at his earliest possible convenience*

*swoons in, not so gracefully, as there are still tissues hanging from her pigtails*

I just heard from the most adorable Oklahomian EVER! Please excuse me as now I must go take a cold shower.

Btw, a helluva an impression I musta made, being all congested and nasally. Sorry Fish! I'd smooch ya, but I dont wanna get you sick too.

*floats out, on a cloud of puffs plus*

The Drama Queen enters the MOAT

May I say wolfie, with all possible affection, that I did not see a Jewish Princess category in your post. You may say that it's an inferred category of Drama Queen, but frankly I think it deserves its own separateness.

Also, I wouldn't mind one bit being part of the Brian/Wolfie blog butter fest! :)

But seriously, sometimes things IMO just need to be said, to clear the air or whatever, so in closing, I say YAY wolfie!


DDi...I'd be happy so smooch Fishy for you. Wouldn't want to spread germs or anything...

I'm in far too many of those categories...all at one time too.

And on a side note...

Flounderpants Boulevard???

THAT had me giggling.

We are all human
Here, with all its usual
Side effects. That's life.

Sometimes it gets a
bit 'As the MOAT Turns' but hey-
That's life, I reckon.

The MOAT ain't what it
used to be but it's still nice.
-Drama queen, etc,- me.

And Now I must write an Important Paper about Eunomius. Who is Eunomius? Ugh, don't ask.

I will be figuring out how to drill holes in a brick wall to hang a sign.

The things I do at work...

Editing Atticus...do you know how hard it is to say the "success skills class", especially when recording?

The sex skills class, while much easier to say, and would definitly boost enrollment, probably isn't what the college wants to promote.

Wasn't that an REM album?

I have to admit, I've only been skimming the Klooney story, but I did pause and giggle at Flounderpants Boulevard as well. :)

Wasn't it a Michael Stipe / Thom Yorke collaborative effort? Where he sang that song about Natalie Merchant and some surrealistic gumbo?

Me Tarzan. Eunomius...

Susan - masonry drill bit.

I (at different times, and occasionally, when I've had enough, simultaneously) have fit into any or all of the categories mentioned by Miss Wolfie. However, so has pretty much everyone else. Good times, bad times.. we're our own little family, and as scary as that is, we're as loyal as any family you've ever met, even when we drive each other nuts... just wait until a crisis hits just one of us. We all know, we've seen it happen, and as sad/bad as it's been for one of us, we've all got each other's back. We can be prolific posters, lurkers, or turn up after a long absence, and be as welcome here as we ever have been. Families have the same issues the world over, and somedays, we drive each other nuts. But we are our own little weird perverted family. I'm in for the long haul, and I hope we all are, too.

Someone pass a moatarita, the blog butter, wolfie and a masonry drill bit, please??

For the record: The "we" in the above post does not include me.

Insom, thanks for noticing! I'll try to remember to wear baggier pants tomorrow.

Masonry bit: A comedy routine performed by members of a fraternal organization.

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