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September 11, 2003



(Thanks to Cindy Reynolds)


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We're all in our places
With bright shiny faces

FIRST!!! is easy when you're the person who finds the spot! :-)

Naughty or nice??


Where are we again?

The SchwingMoat!

Get the hammock!!!!

I'm here I'm here.. don't hurt me.
Well... much anyway.

*puts up hammock and calls for burly devlivery men to drag the rest of the Moat supplies over*

This is going to get confusing. I've got to get back to work. I'll let you all figure out which of the three proposed moats will be the one.

hey el - hey wolfie

are we worried that slyeyes, leetie, mrfishair, and marie are all over there in that "tough call" thread sly found?

more importantly, does this mean that mom and dad are getting a divorce?

You'd better sit down kids
I've something to say...

Oooo El.. we have TCK all to ourselves now. Wanna find out how he looks outta that pink shirt he won't wear?

Oh, no you don't, wolfie. Not without me!

Fleshpile on TCK? Sweet!

Oh wait... we are just the drool-gallery for now. It's too early for a full on fleshpile.

Oh, great. I've gotten the robot three times in a row now. Let's see if this passes muster...

AN - I still get it every time. I've just adopted a Zen attitude toward it...

I Think we need judi to disable the robot feature. I get it now too. Even signed into typepad. I got it on all the old threads. Except the Moat.

Well, I guess 'tis better to MOAT and robot than to not MOAT at all.

Eleanor - did you check your e-mail yet?

AN - check your e-mail....

wolife, I've written to judi about it and she and Nava are working on it...

Let's all of us send some e-mails and get our MOATies over here, OK?? :)

What's all this talk about fleshpiles?

At the risk of sounding like a spokesperson for the European space agency, here's the launch video link again so everyone sees it:

Arianespace - INSAT 4A / MSG-2

THE LAUNCH READINESS REVIEW (RAL) took place in Kourou on Monday, December
19, 2005 and authorized count-down operations for the INSAT 4A - MSG-2

THE ARIANE 5 GENERIC LAUNCHER LIFT-OFF for this Flight is scheduled during
the night of December 21 to 22, 2005 as soon as possible within the
following launch window:

KOUROU: Between 07:33pm and 08:01pm on December 21, 2005.
GMT: Between 10:33pm and 11:01pm on December 21, 2005.
PARIS: Between 11:33pm and 12:01am on December 21-22, 2005.
WASHINGTON:Between 05:33pm and 06:01pm on December 21, 2005.

Follow the launch live on the internet:
Live Ariane launch

DONE!!! Get your a** over there!

Aye aye, skipper, a** reporting for duty!

OK, I'm done repainting our old bedroom furniture.


Where am I?

El - done. I replied. Thanks for your help!

Meanwhile, I want to know why Fish is riding a speeding Vespa and how does he know she's on speed?

Susan, you're at the SchwingMOAT and you're with friends, so you're safe! :)

Safe being a relative term

*tucks her toybox into nearby shadow*

*falls in a hammock*


What am I doing for the holidays? Being very busy.

My sister and hubby arrive tomorrow afternoon...

There will be shopping...dinner for my mother's birthday Friday...On Saturday, my Sunday School class is having a community outreach thing, Soup for Souls, for those in need of food friends and fellowship...several hours, serving soup (three kinds) and cornbread to whoever shows up. We have no idea how many to expect...we've never done this. Oh yes, Friday night I'll be peeling potatoes for the soup. Hee hee hee...Saturday evening is a church service at 6...with for the first time in more years than I can remember...the choir singing. Although I have heard some complaints from a few people who do NOT want to do that, unless they can sit with their families and just come up to sing. It's Christmas eve and they want to be with their families. Really. For an hour you can sit away from them. It's not like you're there to socialize anyway...and I know, for me, an hour away from the family will be nice. I'll see enough of my family all weekend. Sunday we'll get up early...open things...breakfast...church...and dinner in the afternoon I guess...

I will most likely be going crazy at any number of times during the weekend...my daughter will most likely be the cause. Whatever she gets...ALL of it has to be opened and loaded on the computer or set up in whatever way. Never mind that other people have gifts to look at and play with...she wants ALL of hers ready to go.

I will be ready to hide from everyone.

*here, but not sure whether to be relieved or disappointed about the cancelled fleshpile*


Not that anyone will necessarily remember, but since it looks like we're all going here, I bookmarked the thread slyeyes found so that the next time we need to move, we can go there and no one will have to search for a new thread. Just trying to be helpful.

El, if you are by chance still in contact with Judi...I have had to do the robot thing every post here so far...

Don't know what changed...

now that you mention it - i've had to robot every time i've posted here too (and didn't have to before the move) - kind of suspicious really, given that only Eleanor had to robot before, then Eleanor picks a new MOAT, and now everyone has to robot...hmmmmmmmm

OK, this has been the most complicated Moat move to date.

*sigh* I need some Hot Pork Rinds.

Nancy- Dark Helmet must have slipped it in her, uh, juice. *spewed!*

Also, I was merely riding her in order to save her. I'm helpful like that. ;)

*hops in a hammock*

*tosses Fluffy and Plisskin a few Pork Rinds*

I am reposting because my post got lost in the confusion of the multiple moat moves.
Mmmmm..Multiples ;)

Olive, the other reindeer....

*snork* That was cute! I'd never heard that before.

Somewhere North ~ Which University are you at? I also work at a University. It shuts down from Dec 23rd to Jan 2nd inclusive. Yay for me!! :)

For Christmas this year we are doing the usual: I am opening presents at my house and then having the big turkey supper Xmas day at my mom's. We usually wear sweat pants and eat so much we make ourselves sick. Good times!

Sometime over the break I have to take my daughter to see "Cheaper by the Dozen, Part 2". She owns the first one and loves it. She's watched it about 400 bazillion times so I know she'll enjoy the 2nd one.

What is everyone else doing for the holidays?

Well, I can't get it to remember my personal info. Like I'm going to remember my name every time I post? I think not!

oooh, hey Susan that tickles.



I believe that on the last MOAT Josh asked what everyone was doing for the holidays.

I have no idea what Giant Frog and I will be doing for Christmas. He's thinking of getting some escargots at the supermarket for Christmas Eve dinner, some foie gras, a nice bottle of champagne, and who knows what else. Today his boss gave him an enormous box of food from Southwest France, but HGF won't tell me what's in it and I'm not the peeking kind... Whatever it is could be consumed on Christmas Eve and Day, or possibly New Year's Eve.

It's going to be a very, very French Christmas chez nous.

TCK - after trying (unsuccessfully, I might add) to pass yourself off as Brad Pitt, I really don't think you're in any position to cast aspersions...
just sayin...

Susan - I just wrote to her this morning because I saw Nava to a "test" post on the MB yesterday, but I'll update her...

Think of the robot as a Zen experience...:)

Well, maybe it's going to remember it this time.

Oooh...didn't know fish were ticklish.

I mean...um...

Hi Fishair! Fancy meeting you here!

TCK ~ Hmmm, you may have something there. I've never had to robot either until just now.

Eleanor, is there something you're not telling us?

(You know I love you. I'm just teasing.)

Yeah, me four. I haven't had to until this Moat.

Elaynieaor, if ya wanted a group spanking, why didn't ya just say so?!

Wolfie- Paddle ready?


I just wrote to judi, gave her a link to here, sent it priority, and told her that it didn't seem to bother anyone when I was the only one who had to robot, but that now that lots more MOATies did, everyone had their panties in a bunch! *snork*

Isn't that what you all wanted me to tell her?


*zips out to retrieve KibEl Stapler in case she has to defend herself*

Zoodle's "You know I love you" comment has given me an earworm: Shania Twain's "Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)". Though it's a nice earworm for a change (at least for me, though to be honest it's the only song of hers that I can stand).

Christmas plans - we'll do our own little family Christmas thing at home Christmas eve. Sunday we'll go to church, then drive down to my Mom's. My siblings are coming also. We may spend a day or two, don't know, but then we'll come home and just be lazy until Hubby goes back to work and Lou and Boo go back to school.

re: sharing Christmas plans:

we're traveling to the great and terrible wilderness known as northcentral North Dakota to spend Christmas eve with the in-laws, and Christmas day with my relations - my schedules is as follows:

23rd - drive all day, most likley listening to chipmunks Christmas music - start drinking on arrival at in-laws'

24th - resume drinking at breakfast to maintain buzz - continue drinking throughout the day as necessary - open presents

25th - travel short distance to my mother's house - resume drinking to maintain buzz - cotinue drinking throughout the day as necessary - open presents - return to in-laws (most likely with Mrs. TCK driving)

26th - resume drinking at breakfast to maintain buzz - continue drinking throughout the day as necessary - spend several hours re-packing the van for return trip (it never fits the same on the way back)

27th - spend all day driving back to the TCK hacienda - since Christmas is now over, chipmunks are out, Van Halen is rockin' the van...

New digs? Sweet. After a long absence, I finally was able to update my blog

Also, I have never had to robot and am still not robot-ing.

Correction. I was just robot-ed.

Holidays? We don't need no steenken' holidays.

Actually, I know what we won't be doing. We won't be taking a drive to Manhattan.

Not that I'd do that anyway, but unless something changes we won't be able to get into the city - no shows, no movies (on the big screen, anyway), no Senegalese purse sellers...

Not only do I have to robot every time (NTTAWWT) but this time I got the "website no respondy" thing.

Thank you Brian - I've been checking every day!

*zips in from Brian's blog*

Great story! I highly recommend it for everyone who can only feel mature by scoffing at the antics of others!

And - if I can keep typing while on the robot page, good pics Jeff!

Jeff- I'd rethink going that route if, the all Cotton Spandex Jersey Hot Pants (and model) were there. ;)

Who knew Gridlock could be some much fun?!

schhhhuh wiiing

This is just an automated robot Peri conducting a test. Flesh and blood Peri is sick sick sick and getting sicker by the minute.

oh oh Peri. I hope it's not that hideous flu that is going around. My brother had a fever for days. Get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids.

Present and accounted for.

and roboted for as well.

Jeff/Eleanor ~ Doesn't Hanukkah start on the 25th this year? The guy on the radio this morning was talking about how unusual it was and that this only happens every 50 years or something like that.

Christmas plans: Gather at JU's parents' house on Friday night for heavy snacks and figgy pudding. Saturday, I'm thinking we'll be raking leaves and packing for our trip. Sunday, we'll have our little Christmas here then continue packing. Monday morning bright and early, we're off to Hilton Head for the week!

Present (wrapped in red ribbon) and robotted
and I really can't see the number thngs with that background

Christmas Plans:

Go absofreakielutely nutz.

I'm going to have to work late tonight (8 or 9), tomorrow night (same) and who knows about Thursday. I'm sooooo hoping to be off Friday because I have cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, Christmas shopping, wrapping and a manicure to do Friday. I'd better be able to take it off. OH! And go to the airport to pick up my Texas sister.

I had to cancel my nail appointment tonight and I'm missing three of them right now. If a certain attorney comes in her ONE! MORE! TIME! today, I'll be missing several more nails.

I've asked HRH Princess Meghan to help with the cleaning and I got attitude, which she got right back. She's also feeling stressed, has been working double shifts at the country club since she got home from school. She and I had one of our royal battles on the phone a few minutes ago. It's a b!tch mother and daughter have same temperments. She's been home since Friday, but I haven't seen her. I was out of town, and she's at her dad's right now, but she comes over to my house tonight after work. I hope we are both in better moods.

My plans Christmas Day? I'm driving over to my sister's in Indiana with my parents and Texas sister. When I get there, I'm making a beeline for the hot tub...stopping off in the kitchen long enough to grab a bottle of champagne. Then I'm going to soak and drink.

We have a deadline of Thursday here at the office, which is why things are so nutz around here. After that deadline is met...then I have all of the other work I've been ignoring so I can meet this deadline. We hired an additional paralegal to help, but one of the regular paralegals decided to deliver her baby Sunday -- three weeks early (all are healthy). So, there goes that help.

I just need FOUR ADDITIONAL DAYS between now and Christmas.

OK, breaks over, back on my head.

(anyone know that joke?)

(((Sly)) I feel your pain. I have been working on a grant deadline, but I passed all my data off to other people so I think my obligations are done and I can enjoy the rest of the week. Sort of.

Kaf- I see a lot of whales are beaching in New Zealand. Whatever you do don't let the Oregon DOT near them ok.

Question for the MOAT: What's that wierd dry taste/feeling on my tongue after eating sauteed spinach? It happens every time! But not when I eat it raw or steamed/boiled. Is it just me?

*tries to scrape tongue*

Hilton Head! *envy* Lucky Leetie! You deserve it babe!

Jeez louise, sly! Did Christmas sneak up on you or what? =)
I'm sorry! Don't hit me, or break another nail.

I would LOVE to unwrap a mad scientist on Christmas eve. *sigh* I'd probably get bit by a weasel, though.

I've got WAY too many places to be this weekend and I don't how I'm going to decide what to miss. Plus I've got company coming for at least one night - oy vey.

((((((((((Sly)))))))))) It'll all be over soon, Sly.

Christmas - morning at home with wife, kids, toys. Later road trip to relatives (about 1 hr each way). Will try to remember to enjoy every second while I've got it...

Zoodle: yes, Chanukah (alternate spelling) does start on the 25th this year, but I don't know if it is that rare (every 50 years rare). It can be a week or two weeks or even more off from Christmas, but this year it hit right on the nose. Too bad we didn't have it in the Chrismukah pool!


sorry - I'm done now - I have issues with spinach

*zips in*

TCK is OUT OF CONTROL! We need an intervention - right away. Ever since he had that "I'm Brad Pitt" hallucination, he hasn't been the same - whoa, boy!!!

Leetie, I love spinach in any form and have never had that problem - maybe if you pulled your finger???
*wide-eyed look*

Anyone for Oysters Rockefeller???

Thanks Jeff!

You know what's really good TCK -- Liver and onions with bacon and gravy, and mashed potatoes, and spinach. Yum yum. :)

sly, if that attorney comes in your office again, can you just put your fingers (the ones without nails!) in your ears and go lalalalalalala? Or maybe try that with HRH??? :)

LOL. Thanks for settling that, TCK.

I loved your story Brian except for one little thing...

Yes, every sentence must contain at LEAST 3 ‘eh’s. This is not an exaggeration perpetuated by crappy late night television shows purporting to be comedic. They actually say this. All the friggin’ time.

I do not!!!!!!!

Zoodle has an eating disorder. She eats things humans ought not.

Like vegetables.

Brian...yes she does.

Leetie...Hilton Head! Cool! I hope SC is having good weather then.

On the spinach...I have noticed that. Not just my tongue, though, my teeth feel really weird. And just the sauteed spinach...and we had spinach tonight. Not a lot...I got one of those boxed meals, pasta, sauce with meatballs...mix in the baking dish and bake...I added thawed (from frozen)chopped spinach and baked.

I mean big parsley was added.

(I can sometimes get my daughter to eat it in something if I just say it's big parsley.)

{{{Peri}}}feel better quick.

{{{Sly}}} you'll survive it. Next week I'll probably be a little rushed at work...trying to get several days of programming done ahead of time is always a rush...

well of course I had to make more revisions. I'm going to leave before they find more for me to do.

Peri - I am betting weasel would enjoy watching you unwrap me...Hmmm now I have a very dirty image in my head Thanks Peri!!! *kisses*

I mean big parsley was added.

(I can sometimes get my daughter to eat it in something if I just say it's big parsley.)

Susan, that is funny! Sounds more like a basketball player: "Coming in to play for the Cheraw Vegetables...it's Big Parsley!"

For a somewhat similar type veggie, why not try broccoli rabe, which is supposedly an aphrodisiac.

Ooo.. this Moat remembers my info (the last Moat never did), but I'd be willing to bet it makes me robot, which it never did before. I've sent Julio and email about it and he's sooo confused he just sent it on to nava. Now we shall commence giving nava nightmares.

I just had a huge spinach salad for dinner. But I will only eat spinach raw, never cooked. It's kinda like mucus when it's cooked. Ick.

Christmas eve day I get to spend with my dad and stepmonster. I'm still hoping for that laptop, but I'm not holding my breath. Then an open house at a friends place for the rest of the night and I don't have to do anything but show up and drink. WooHoo. Christmas day I have to put together a brunch and play hostess for god knows how many and then come home and make a christmas dinner for the rest of my family. I'm thinking of bbq-ing a ham, since another turkey will not be crossing my threshold.
Nervous breakdown is penciled in for around 9ish christmas night. Drinking will commence early and continue until I forget how to swallow.

Getting ready to leave work now. YAY!!

Re: tricking kids about food. My girls hate chili. Keep in mind, they've never eaten it, they say they just know they hate it. When they were younger, we were visiting my sister, Carol, and she made chili. However, I told my girls it was Beef and Tomato Surprse.

We sat down to eat and Little Meghan (about 5) asked in her little voice with the speech impediment she had at the time "Whas Beef and 'mato Suppwise."

Jenni looked at it, wrinkled her nose and said, "Chili! MOM, you tried to trick us!!!"

Meghan gave me a serious and level look and said, "That's not nice."

Carol was laughing so hard she nearly peed in her pants. Her kids, of course, scarfed it down. My girls had PB&J.

Crapola. Not only did I have to robot, but I had to shut off net security to even get to the robot screen. I'm back where I was when the roboting thing first appeared. One giant blank white screen when I hit post. Even signed into typepad.
Navaaaaaa helppppppp!!

Crap. It ate my last post.
I'm getting giant white screen when I post. Again. Even signed into typepad. Unless I shut off security, which I can't do everytime I want to post something.

I love raw spinach, and love flash-fried spinach. It's nice and crispy. But cooked otherwise, when it's slimey, YUK!!!

AND, flash-fried spinach is one of HRH PM's favorite dishes. Go figure. Hates chili but will eat spinach. AND brussel sprouts, she loves them. But she doesn't get that at my house. Because it's EVIL, as we've already discussed.

Does anyone else feel like they are taking an eye exam with this robot thingie?

oops...and failing. That background is getting a little dark there, Mr. Typepad!!!

Neo can't post and can't turn off her security program. As soon as I can get her on the phone I'll try and talk her thru it so she can at least post.

El ~ if you talk to judi/nava or julio before I do, would you add neo to the list of big black white screen people please. Ty

tonight I made dinner for the fam for the first time since I got here. That's almost a week! I haven't been around much today because we're having problems with the eckeltricity and get to have the house rewired for christmas! Yay! (can you hear the sarcasm?)

Hey! this robot-thingy page looks different!

wolfie - I just came in here to turn off the computer, but don't let neo turn off her security program. Some people tried it and it didn't help and it's not a smart thing to do.

I'll write to judi again in the morning!:)



{{{Peri}}} Get well soon.

{{{Sly}}} Glad you're going home. Wish there was a way I could help you, but I missed my career workshop thingy yesterday (because I had food poisoning) so I'm not sure if I can be a work-from-home paralegal or not. And I can't get my girls to help with housework either, so I guess we can form a club or something.

Spinach questions are to be referred to Popeye.

Leetie - is Hilton Head any relation to Murray Head, and if so will you be spending One Night in Bangkok?

I'm, sitting here on the couch with my laptop, watching HRH PM on the other couch performing surgery on her laptop. Her CD drive is dead and Dell sent her a new one to install.

She's now calling Dell, and is trapped in voice mail hell. It's the voice-activated stuff and her responses are getting increasingly terse. "Yes!" "No!" "None of those." *sigh* giving service tag numbers, saying "Yes" through gritted teeth.

Now she's blowing raspberries into the phone and sticking her tongue out at it. And now we're at the part where she's mimicking them telling her she can go to www.dell.com. .... and now she's giving her e-mail address over and over and over. "NO! I said "f" not "s". "F" as in Frank! FRANK!"

Oy. I need to get up at 5 tomorrow and she wants me to stay up and hold her hand through this.

It's going to be a long night.

We've been chatting during an on-hold interlude. Her roommate is on vacation ---- in NYC. She and her family are thoroughly enjoying the transit strike....NOT!

SUCCESS!! She switched out the CD drive!!!! Happiness reigns and I can go to bed.

Oysters Rockefeller

Eleanor, you tease.

A MOAT Christmas Story, by LabSpeciman
Episode 3

D'art: I've won! I've won!
Eleanor: What is it?
D'Art: Well, it's... a Major Award! It will be delivered tonight, after this funny dinner scene.
Eleanor: Jeffy, eat your food. There are starving people in China.
Jeff: Meatloaf, double beetloaf.
Eleanor: Jeffy, stop playing with your food.
Jeff has built his mashed potatoes into a pile that resembles a mountain and he is humming a five-note tune over and over.

Wench: What? Where did that come from?
Lab: Its an homage.

*ding dong*
D'Art: It's here.
Kibby: Are you Parker?
D'Art: No. I'm D'Art.
Kibby: Sign here.
D'Art: Yeah. What is it?
Kibby: I don't know.
D'Art: What's in it? Bring it in here. There. Thanks, guy. Merry Christmas. Marvin, go get the hammer and crow bar. "Fra-gee-lay." It must be Italian. Would you look at that!
Eleanor: What is it?
D'Art: It's a woman's leg! It's a lamp!
Susan: A few sparks, a puff of ozone, and the lamp blazed forth in unparalleled glory.
D'Art: It's wonderful!
Susan: It could be seen all up and down Cleveland Street. A symbol of the old man's victory. The entire neighborhood was turned on by the glow of electric sex.

Wench: I knew you'd remember to put THAT phrase in somewhere.
Lab: *grin*

Aunt Nancy, the Alps are only a 5 hour drive away. I'd LOVE (read LOVE!!!) to go the next 2 four day weekends BUT they'll be packed with German families on vacation. I'll have no place to sleep and I'm a little out of practice for sleeping in the car.

Actually, if they moved the robot to the main posting page it'll be better. Like on Polly's blog.

LOOK ---------> b-fest time!

Sorry... quick heinz.. no time to say much.. it's 11:30 pm and I've just caught up after being invited (mid-afternoon) to attend the birthday party for the youngest child at work (started 6:30pm)- didn't leave till almost 9:45, then was a 45 minute drive to my place. Ugh. Email, blogs, the Moat. I'm still not really caught up.

Susan.. I laughed at the "Big Parsley". Your daughter doesn't want spinach, but she'd eat cooked parsley?
I remember a small kid (but I don't remember which one) saying very plaintively, "I want peas, but only little peas. The big peas (brussels sprouts) taste yucky."

PS.. I can't think of a single way to cook spinach that I wouldn't eat it. Also, Zoodle, when you're cooking up a plate of that liver and onions with gravy & spinach, could you make an extra plate for me, pretty please??

What I'm doing on Christmas Day.. church service 10 - 11. Then (save the jokes please) I'm going out to The Groynes (yes, that is pronounced the way you think it is) for a BBQ lunch and a relaxing day out. It's a national park, so there are coin-operated BBQ's and no rubbish bins. All in all, it's usually a lovely day. It was too cold to do it this time last year, so I'm glad the weather looks good this weekend.


Okay.. I got the robot again, but he's really kinda cute and while he's here, Julio keeps coming back. On balance, I can live with that.

I had something else to say. It'll come back to me after I post.

I remembered while robotting... I also have another thread that's empty if it's ever needed. Got it bookmarked and all, but you keep moving while I'm at work, so I can't help you!

Good morning/noon/evening, everyone!

I love the Big Parsley, Beef and Tomato Surprise, and Big Peas stories. They made my morning a zillion times better.

I had to hop out of the shower very fast earlier because the wind was making the bathroom door open and slam shut repeatedly. I though maybe the storm winds had made a window burst open again, but it turned out that it was all coming through the mosquito netting/window flaps above one balcony sliding door.
Yes, that's right: the wind came through a hole about a foot squared and made all the doors in the place slam. I'm not kidding when I say it's monsoon season.

I don't mind spinach, cooked or otherwise, or Brussels sprouts. I do, however, think liver is the Devil's work, iiiiiiick.

The Groynes, once one stops suppressing the urge to giggle, looks like a beautiful park. I envy you living in New Zealand, Kaf.
By the way, when you're there, can you ride a floating tractor and tell us all about it later?

Is it just me, or does Julio remind anyone else of Bridget Jones's mother's boyfriend in the novels? (In the movies he was called Julian.)

It's raining again. I'll have to wait until the sky clears up before going to the library to return a book.

Is anyone else here?

I'm here, but just to run through during a quick break.


(crap, only 4 more shopping days!)

*looks around*


*raises hand*

I'm going to go see if I can make myself some tea... then I'll try to catch up on at least some of the things I missed on the MB.

Good morning Moaties!

2 more working days and I'm on Xmas Break! Woohoo!!

I was at a friend's house Sunday morning. We were sitting in the kitchen drinking tea. She was baking and the smell was divine. I was helping her wrap xmas presents. We started talking about how thankful we were for all the good things in our lives. (I know people usually do that at Thanksgiving but I guess it's because of the New Year coming and reflecting over the past year.) I really feel like my cup is more than half full! I am thankful for so much. And I appreciate you moaties in my life more than I can say.

Things are about to get super busy and extra crazy! Christmas is coming!! I probably won't have time to post much so I want to say.....

Happy holidays to all you special people and all the very best for the New Year!!!!

Ok, googled "coin-operated BBQ's " and the first 3 pages were ALL for NZ and Aust. 1 listing for Cyprus.

I gather they're all electric BBQs?


Thanks, Zoodle. Happy holidays to you and yours as well. :-)

Baking cookies always makes everyone happy... hmmmm, I wonder what kind I could make for Christmas.


Just pokin' a little friendly fun at my northern friends. I did hear 'eh' a LOT though. Not so many 'about's (pronounced 'aboot') though.

Other than the stupid strike and the freezing weather, there is some good news in New York this morning: Yankees steal Johnny Damon from Red Sox with $52 Million Deal. It's perfect for Look at the Bright Side Day.

But I will only eat spinach raw, never cooked. It's kinda like mucus when it's cooked.

Thanks for sharing that, Wolfie. Now I'm gonna be sick. How come no one mentioned creamed spinach?


Great, Kibby, thanks for reminding me of my favorite scene.

(*makes mental note: 24 hours of A Christmas Story coming up Saturday*)

I don't mind spinach, cooked or otherwise, or Brussels sprouts. I do, however, think liver is the Devil's work, iiiiiiick.

Marie, I'm afraid Jackie would vote "Devil's work" on all of those things, except for raw spinach, in salads. I, however, love liver & onions - yummy.

(*makes reservation for Zoodle's house on liver night. Would Liver Night BAGNFARB?*)

(This robot was so much faster than the old robot!)

Oh, and X-mas plans. My goodness. We'll start with tomorrow:

Thurs: Office X-mas function. We're frying up turkeys and everyone is bringing a dish. One of the turkey fryers is mine so I need not bring a side. Leave office by 3:00 pm.

Fri: Finish X-mas shopping with P and CMB. Wrap all presents. Must also get football pool picks in for Saturday games.

Sat: Go over to P's parents' house to watch the Bengals trounce the Bills and celebrate the holiday season. P has a small family so it that will be our easy day.

D-Day: You've got to know my family to understand. I'll try to get pics so you can get a rough idea. There's nothing like being there though. Get up in the morning and do X-mas with CMB and P. Be at my grandparents' house around 10:00 or so. This year, there will be about 30 to 35 of us. My grandmother is an X-mas fanatic. If I had to take a guess, the number one cause of great retail numbers this time of year is Grandma. All 30 to 35 people bring all of their gifts for everyone else and there is too much already from grandma and grandpa. Last year, it took over 3 hours just to open all the presents. Now there is a great-grandchild (CMB) involved. We are seriously considering bringing two cars and have been told to do so in a not-so-joking manner by numerous family members. After that we go over to my other grandma's house which is a much smaller affair with about 10 people or so and not near so many gifts.

To be quite honest, it's getting a bit ridiculous at grandma and grandpa's house. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I could probably rent a U-Haul trailer and be damn close on space.

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