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July 13, 2003


For the next two weeks, this blog will be on vacation in a large rural western state that might not even have electricity, let alone the Internet. So there will be no blogging, or at most very little, until approximately August.

MEANWHILE, however, this blog has a little project to amuse anybody who is interested, involving a wonderful site called www.poetry.com, which was brought to this blog's attention by alert reader Laura Stark. Aspiring poets can go there and submit poems in the poetry contest, and maybe even -- incredibly -- have their poems selected for inclusion in heirloom-quality-bound volumes that are -- What are the odds of this? -- for sale!

So anyway, this blog was just thinking how interesting it would be if a whole bunch of people submitted poems that contained a certain key poetic phrase. To see how it might work, this blog submitted a poem under the pen name of "Freemont A. Harkins," entitled: "A Sad Day." Here's how it goes:

A Sad Day

i am sad, so very sad
the tears run down my nose
it was a happy day until
the dog ate mother's toes

You can see this poem at www.poetry.com, using the search engine to search for "Freemont Harkins." Wouldn't it be fun if a lot of people submitted poems using a Pen Name that began with "Freemont" and incorporating the phrase, "the dog ate mother's toes"? Then we all could search for poems written under the first name of "Freemont" -- currently, this blog is the only one -- and see how creative everybody was!

Or would that be wrong?

Anyway, see you in August.


Freemont A. Harkins


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^ oh yeah:
by Freemont 'Notinmy' Jacuzzi

Yer on, Freemont

Hey, Freemont, are you related to Walter Harkins who received a land grant in Alabama in 1820? His descendants moved from Alabama to Texas and from Texas to California.

Freemont's Limerick
by phylomon

The dog that ate my Mother's toes
Never smelled like a freakin' rose
But after the snack,
And odorous yack,
He could rot the hair out of your nose.

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