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July 30, 2003


It was a great vacation. Very relaxing. Because it was in Idaho. Yes: Idaho. Nobody ever honks in Idaho. Even if you want to honk, you can't. You press on the horn button, and the car just goes (languidly): "Oh, lighten up."

During the vacation this blog received roughly 200,000 emails, which this blog promises to, as soon as feasibly possible, delete. But thanks!

Right now this blog is en route (literally, "going") to New York City to appear on the Today Show tomorrow (Thursday) morning, to promote a book that this blog did not even write. That is how devoted to literacy this blog is. Tune it at roughly 8:30ish Eastern Clock Time to see the segment, which will feature a blue blazer.


At the Miami International Airport and Drug Smuggling Facility, there are video monitors at the security checkpoints, showing you, with words and pictures, what you cannot take on the airplane. One of prohibited items is gunpowder. There's a picture of a wooden barrel, and the word "GUNPOWDER." No doubt this tough new rule has ruined many a family vacation for people who, naturally, thought they could take a powder keg through airport security ("Any laptop computers in that powder keg, sir? No? OK, put 'er through!").

You have to wonder what kind of John Ashcroft fascist police state are we living in.


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