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July 11, 2003


Hi Dave, I know that the Copter Game is all the rage on your blog, however, the Defend Your Castle game has managed to take up much, much, much more of my time. I devised a strategy of converting as many people as possible and only buying the Mana Pool - so far I have completed Stage 48, killed over 45,000 stick people, scored 9,190,160 points, and fortified my castle walls to 1,176,800. There is no end in site and the stick people are relentless. Since you can save your game, it is something that can be played day and night, nonstop (with the help of caffeine). My wife has begun divorce proceedings. I don't seem to care, just as long as I can still play the Defend Your Castle game. THE STICK PEOPLE ARMY MUST BE STOPPED! Do you know if there is a support group available? I may need professional help to cure this new addiction. Thanks, Justin Thompson Phoenix, Arizona


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