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June 30, 2003




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YAY! for moving the MOAT!!

sets up the slipe-n-slide and jello twister.

Fluffs up welcome mat

braids fluffy's hair and puts a bowtie on plisskin

*Lays out "Jump to Conclusions" mat*

takes a flying leap and lands on "If you link it they will come"

ok well i have to go do some real work for awhile. I'll catch you moaties later.

YAY for the Moo-sic MOAT!!

OK. I'm here.

With the new, upgraded
KibEl Stapler!!

So where is everyone???


The MOAT is in 2003, Kilt is in 2005, someday there's going to be a BIG CRASH!!!

Another day, another MOAT....

I'm just going to shorten that to ADAM.... save my typing....

Isn't a cuckold the husband of an adulterous woman?

Apparently it is Sarah J, I had always thought it was just a husband who was P-whipped in general. I stand corrected.

I think you were thinking of a "hen-pecked" husband

When the two collide, worlds will alter.. lives will change..
okay.. so we will really just have a party.

Jumps over the conclusion mat and slips in a puddle of innuendo.

I thought the next line was going to be..."so are the Days of Our Lives," wolfie.

Right, a cuckold is a guy whose wife screws around on him, and There are connotations of helplessness and humiliation attributed to the word: implications that the husband lacks the strength to enforce the fidelity due to a man, and is too weak, too stupid, or henpecked to leave or divorce her.

Or so says Wikipedia (tm).


That is all.

*goes back to werk*

Off to the Stadium. Have a great night.

Leaving a little early, Jeff?

WooHoo! While y'all were busy moving, I've been doing the Valsalva maneuver, which basically is to close your mouth, pinch your nostrils, blow out against this resistance and swallow at the same time.


My f&*#ing eustachian tube finally opened! I haven't heard in full stereo for MONTHS!!!!

*tries not to make any sudden movements for fear of closing it up again*

*adjusts balance on headphones back to normal*

djtonyb - isn't that the same maneuver to get your ears to pop after an airplane ride? I do that all the time!

I hate the feeling of full ears. I had to go to a local plant today for a meeting of the emergency preparedness group. To get to the meeting room we had to go through the plant, thus we had safety goggles and ear plugs.

But...there was produce stand I had to stop at for an interview.

Fresh strawberries.


Glorious things. Huge ones.

*peeks in*

Yup...looks good!

*sets up MOAT bar and passes around MOATaritas to all*

That is...if you all don't object to taking a drink from a Mizzou-type person.

*cocks an eye at Bismuth*

Yum! I love berries! Especially raspberries, which aren't in season for another couple of months :(

hey! me too.

the snap crackle pop thing.

and all this time I thought there was something wrong with me.

ok, ok. stop yer laughin.


MAD- I miss you and your Weasel.

SLY- I KNOW. It's mind numbing to me too. ;)

Everyone Else
I've forgotton this go round
Carry on sideways

[that was not supposed to be a Haiku, but may be on accident if anyone cares to double check me, Sharon? You're up Wet stuff. {=)]

Insom- I LOVE MA..., er, wait, no I don't. Must be all the hot air in here. ( not here )

Higgy - I think so, but I tried it a couple weeks ago and it did'nt do anything. I've always had trouble on planes, but never for more than a week... (I don't imagine my smoking or being in a loud nightclub all weekend for the past few months had anything to do with how long this foolihsness went on)

Sorry, Mr. Fisher...not a Haiku. You only have four syllables in your first line. But a valiant attempt!


*accidentally slops MOATarita all over t-shirt*


Nice new digs.

*gives Higgy a shiny Film Badge for correctly identifying the movie my quote came from*

I said that Tarantino has issues. I think his milk bottle must have been spiked with hallucinogens when he was a baby.
And Giant Frog has issues, too, for buying all of Tarantino's stuff and Beat Takeshi's ("Aniki", anyone?).

But don't worry, it is "intense" in a non-horror film kind of way.
OK, I'll take your word for it.

My mother is cold with everyone. She has this very stiff politeness that makes people do pretty much anything she says. It doesn't fool family, though.
My maternal aunt is nice, if a little stern as well. I don't like my cousins, though.

I agree with Sarah J on the pr0n issue, though like Blogchik, I don't really have a soapbox about it unless it involves children.

Mad mentioned that her father chews snuff. How widespread is that now, anyway? I've never seen anybody do it except in movies and in novels.

*stocks up on sugar-free rice pudding for Di's wedding, along with Insom*
Di, my dentist uncle salutes you for not giving into the sugar devils.

AN, have I mentioned that I think your nickname for your dog is adorable? "Moose Mutt", awwwwwww!

OK, heinzed on the previous MOAT's last posts...

They're installing an air conditioner in my bedroom window, and I don't think I want them to. It's supposed to cool the whole apartment, but it's right over my bed (only a foot above) and I don't want to freeze at night! Also, I like fresh air, and the air coming through the window unit could make my allergies/asthma worse than the bad they already are. Oh well, I'll see how it goes and if I hate it a lot I'll complain.

Havent had time to fully Heinz, so someone may have mentioned it, but isnt there some sort of cosmic irony that both MOAT and KILT are in bovine threads?

psst - Sarah... I REALLY didnt see your "moo-sic" reference before I suggested it over there

Sarah J, I understand your concerns on the A/C unit being above your bed and freezing, etc... but as far as allergies are concerned, personally my allergies are 500 million trillion gazillion times worse with the window open and are almost non-existent with the A/C on. I would die without A/C in the late spring early summer.

The freezing in bed thing though, yeah, that would trouble me. I was cold yesterday and ended up wearing sweats and socks while it was 70 outside!

sharon, you could (not saying I would, of course) pronounce it Ev-er-y one else and then their would be 5.
*wide-eyed look*

First Husband would sound better than First Gentleman, IMHO

Yeah, but First Husband makes it sound like there's a second one.

First Dude?

"First Dude" makes me think of some annoying perky blonde saying "First Dudes! First Dudettes! Let's head on over to the dude ranch!"

Yes, I need my medication now.

*slaps forehead*

Huh! I suppose you could pronounce it that way, El! Didn't even occur to me.

Sorry, Mr. Fisher! I didn't mean to impugn your mad Haiku-makin' skillz there.


what about 'the president and mr. (whatever)...'?

Q: why is "Harriet Lane" related to this discussion?

but if you're just refering to him do you call him "the president's husband, mr. ______"? Seems a little wordy.

A: 'Cause she was the only "first lady" who wasn't a wife, maybe?

Ooh, there was a pop quiz!!!

OK, I give up. Who is Harriet Lane?

Yeah, what MiK said. Who is Harriet Lane, and is she related to Penny Lane?

She was hostess of the White house when Buchannen was president cause he wasn't married

If I remember correctly, Harriet Lane was President Buchanan's niece. Buchanan had no wife, and when he was elected president, Harriet Lane moved into the White House with him to act as "First Lady" because it was considered "unseemly" for an unmarried man to "do for himself." Basically, she acted as maid and housekeeper.

Thanks, Sarah and Sharon. I never got to learn much about the earliest presidents, and certainly never anything as interesting as Lane's story.

phew! They're going to see if they can put the a/c in my roommate's window. She's going to be gone a lot and doesn't have allergies/asthma to be irritated by it. She's also out of town, so I hope she doesn't come back and hate me...

MiK- I agree with Sarah J that p0rn's bad, unhealthy, etc. I'm just fine with it not being illegal, as it currently is. I think the laws are fine the way they are. I have certain beliefs and values but I don't feel like it's right imposing them on people who don't believe the same way, since it really involves no one but themselves (and yes, their families, but that's an issue for that family to resolve, not the government.)

I also feel for parents who are trying to keep their kids away from it- especially with the internet variety. God knows if I were a parent I'd want them protected by a hermetically sealed bubble...then again, how healthy is that? Makes me glad I don't have to worry about that just yet. Although, don't get me wrong, I want kids.

Nature: it ain't always pretty. (Just in time for mother's day!)

Wow. That was spectacularly bad timing.
I swear I hadn't heinzed before posting that link. Sorry if I shocked you, Blogchik.

Raising children is just too scary an idea for me now. I'd like to have kids someday, though.

MiK, you didn't shock me. I read that article days ago! In the printed paper, no less.

I daresay I am hard to shock...

Fish - I miss you too. And I am sure Weasel does too in a manly way.

Sly - some time ago you asked if the dates were set for the Vegas trip. They are not set yet. I posted a poll on the Y group, but now I can't access the Y group so I have no idea what the favored dates are. So I guess we should set the dates soon if someone can report back to me.

Leetie- sorry I jumped the gun. You can save your linky for next week when I am sure we will need to move again as typepad becomes fussier and fussier.

Maybe I should just tell people who are interested in Vegas to email me with there prefered weekend in October. I think the weekend of the 21st was winning last I checked. My email on any of my posts is valid.

*crosses eyes* For a moment there, I thought that France's Eurovision contestant was going to be Eve Angeli. I hate Eve Angeli.
The way this is going, ten nights from now I'll be rooting for the scary Finnish group, Lordi.

*has nothing to say*

For those of you who don't live in Europe and don't have the *rolls eyes* privilege of knowing what Eurovision is, here's a link to the list of contestants. I never undstood why Israel is allowed to compete as it's not even technically in Europe, but oh well...
It's Eurovision, for Chrissakes. Why am I analyzing it??
And if you really want to, you could even watch it live on the official website.

*still has nothing to say*

night moaties see you tomorrow

MOTW, my mother told me to take all the "good things" she did for me and add "one more" with my kids. So I decided to find a loving and caring woman "regardless of the baggage" and have some kids. She hates my wife because she cannot control her, and now cannot control me! She hates it, and is alway trying to squirm herself into my life. (I will not talk about the weird fiascos that happened at my son's recital). Geeze, love your kids for who they are and accept it, regardless, unless of course you are insane!

Lab has posted a great Memphis wrap-up on his blog.

And I DO know the difference between tea and coffee.

I have a question. what are you most afraid of? why?

My mother does not want me to have a relationship with anyone but her. Oh well, her loss. She would love me to live a mile from her, like my brother (who has "friends", NTTIAWWT, but I like wemmen for pete's sake)

Sly, Lab and Wench and Duck, I am glad you'all had such a great time (jealousness a bit). But really Duck, you need a head to get around in this world and the picts Sly took look like you dont!

HAHA! I knew it! You're afraid to answer my question!

Sarah, I am afraid of:
1. cancer, since I had it before and the treatments really SUCK!
2. losing my wife since she really wants to go elsewhere, cause I love her
3. alzheimers or similar problems, cause I dont want to go like my wife's g-mother, a total veg with a feeding tube.
4. dying in a lot of pain, cause I hate pain drugs.
5. losing a child, cause no offense, but "duh"
6. another Bush being in the Whitehouse, cause, no offense, but "duh"

Not afraid, SarahJ. Meghan was just leaving to head over to her Dad's.

And it occurred to me then what my biggest fear is. It's pouring down rain and I told her to call me when she gets there. A 10 minute drive.

But my biggest fear is something happening to my girls.

And about the parenting thing.....

She showed me the front page of her university's sports section. There is a photo of her training for a marathon and she's one of the three students interviewed in the story. She later asked me if I had read the story. I said "Yes, you plan on continuing your training even though you've injured your hip and knee."

The shutters came down. Out of a great interview, I honed in on the negative. But I've been through the knee and hip injuries with her and the tears and her frustrations. I wish she'd quit with the marathons and find another sport. But that's not what she wants.

I goofed.

you're a mom. you worry. and you don't worry about the positives, they're fine, you worry about the negatives, because you don't want anything to happen to her. it's ok, its how moms think

G-Nite Peeps. Gotta get some sleep after a day of sickness, gotta *werk* tomorrow, uggh. Y'all take care now, ya hear?

I just spotted L Sarah L on the MB.


I know how you feel. We moms all do that sometimes. She'll be fine. :)

Oh, Sarah, you had asked earlier today if I was home because of a holiday. No, I'm was home because I felt like crap this morning from this asthma thingie. But I'm doing much better now. And it worked out that I was home because Meghan arrived at her Dad's last night from school and we got to spend a lot of time together today.

She leaves May 15 for a youth camp in the Adirondaks where she's interning this summer. She returns Aug. 19; and has to be at school Aug. 20. So it was good I spent time with her today.

you're lucky you get to see her so often, sly. I haven't seen my family since New Year's and won't see them again until sometime in July or August, for a weekend, and then August for a week or two.

Big Fear 1: Getting stuck in a crap marriage and hating it.
Big Fear 2: Not getting good enough grades here to be able to study psychology after this.
Big Fear 3: That I'll actually hate doing counseling and suck at it.
Big Fear 4: That my dad is actually right about me. And life in general.

That's why I'm so relaxed and calm all the time! Ha ha! I crack me up!

What about you, Sarah J?

congrats to sharon and sarah for the presidential trivia... i am trying to think without googling that there were other times when the president was unmarried, jefferson's daughter acted as hostess since her mother was dead, and since cleveland got married whilst president someone else must've been first ladying...

biggest fear... something bad will happen to my son...or my granddaughter...why anyone would want to live forever is beyond me ,the weight of responsibility for all those descendants would be overwhelming!

so, basically, while on Albuterol, you just don't sleep?



Take some calcium...it's a natural sedative and might help.

Soon to be Bangi(tm) Movies:
1. Fantastic Foreskin
2. The Sac of Zoro
3. Incredible Bulk

My vote is for "First That Guy".....

Biggest fear?
My biggest fear is that I'm going to spend the rest of my time on this planet without meeting the person that I will change their world because of how much I love them and in turn, they will completely change mine.

So, Bangi.........

Are you holding auditions?

We've got a female PM and her husband is simply referred to as "Peter Davis" or "Professor Davis" - it really wasn't a big deal. Similar thing happened with former PM Jenny Shipley.. her husband just used his name rather than people finding an official title. How about "Presidential Sex Slave (insert name here)"

I'm back home.. and what a week! Details to come .. some on my blog.. and some photos maybe when the parents return home and bring their camera with them.

My sister picked me up at the airport. She said "I hope you don't mind, but I've rearranged your living area a little". I said "So where is everything now?" and (most unlike her) she got kinda vague.. describing angles and things and then changing her mind.. backtracking and so on. Then I got home. She had repainted (with already bought paint) the entire living/kitchen area, brought in a couple of large vases, moved all the furniture around, had new covers made for the dining chairs and bought a whole new lounge suite!!! Then she says "Oh, and there's some chicken soup in the fridge, and some cheese and salami and milk and a loaf of bread.. and there's
some stuff in the cupboard you've got to try..." I don't know what I did to deserve this.. I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything, but I am officially blown away.
I have work in the morning, and I've already had a phone call. Things have gone to custard in the week I've been gone and tomorrow looks like a busy day!

The thing(s) I'm most scared of..
1. Being lonely but never alone
2. Never being enough (insert end of sentence here)
3. Ladders and open staircases.. which is kinda strange, because I bought a house with an open staircase up to the front door. (open= slat treads with a lotta fresh air in between em)
4. Finding out that my mother was right.

{{everyone}} it's only 9:30pm in Sydney, so I'm not really tired yet, but I have to get up earlier than I have been, so I'm going to bed very soon !!

*skips in*

Goooood Morning Moaties.
Kat ~ welcome home.

Thanks for the 'first husband info' I really was wondering how 'First lady' came to be.

I have nothing else to add. At this point, but I'm sure that will change as it usually does.

*skips out*

Wow. 2 hours and nothin?

Well I have thought of something else I want to say...


Good morning, all. A very satisfying evening at the Big Ballyard in The Bronx (sorry, KDF).

WooHoo! While y'all were busy moving, I've been doing the Valsalva maneuver, which basically is to close your mouth, pinch your nostrils, blow out against this resistance and swallow at the same time.

Tony, congrats! Some years ago my ears were totally stuffed and I assumed it was wax (it wasn't) and the ENT doc told me to do that. Like Higgy said, I've been doing it ever since, especially on airplanes.

Fishie: sorry I keep missing you. We were gone for 5 days in New Orleans for Jazzfest, a great time you would have loved.

Yeah, but First Husband makes it sound like there's a second one.

First Dude?

Posted by: slyeyes | 04:54 PM on May 10, 2006

Only if it's Jeff (The Dude) Bridges.

Lebowski Fest.

Mad, as mentioned we'll be at the mystery convention in Madison (WI) the 1st weekend of October, so the weekend of the 21st should give us enough recovery time for Vegas. The following weekend would probably work as well.

Actually, Jackie was holding out hoping Jimmy Buffett announces dates for Vegas, but since he's done two Saturdays there each of the last two Octobers, the 21st (or whatever day the Saturday is) would probably be one of them.

Anyway, we still plan to be there.

MiK: didn't ABBA get their big break on Eurovision?

NTTAWWT - in general, I like ABBA.

insom: Buchanan was the only bachelor President but you may be right about others who were widowed who had daughters, etc. act as First Lady.

Sarah J.: fears?

Well, I don't have many phobias but one is (as mentioned ont he last MOAT) getting caught in an extremely tight crawl space (a cave) where I can't get out. It makes me shudder just thinking about it.

Kaf, welcome home! Wow, your sister seems a little controlling but what a nice thing to do.

Today is Eat What You Want Day so go crazy!

Good morning moaties!

Thanks to one and all for the good wishes. The last few months have been VERY eventful, and I'm not sure how I'm going to keep up with life and moat at the same time. Of course I will do my best though! :)

The weather out in these parts is icky. It stormed all night, and the temps dropped from the mid 70's yesterday to the low 50's today followed by a high of MAYBE 50 tomorrow. Today they are calling for rain all day. Who came up with that term by the way? "Calling for rain"??? I want to beat that person senseless. I understand a farmer calling for rain. But us everyday city dwellers should not call for rain!

*steps down from soapbox*
*steps into duck suit*
*puts arm floaties on*
*adjusts bendie(sp?) straw to allow for optimum air suckage in case of flood*


*studies wolfie's link*

That's just too bizarre!

I fear first and foremost for my p-nut. After that, it's tidal waves and fast bugs.

Higgy, your Starbux card will arrive soon, if it hasn't already.

Wolfie, if you want yours, send me your addy. Or not... I'll understand if you wish your den to remain hidden in the wilderness. :)







Good morning!

While I was home yesterday recuperating, HRH PM arrived. For some reason, don't ask my why 'cause it escapes me now, she stayed home while I trudged to the store in the storm to get groceries. While I was gone, she called to say the power went out at home.

At the store, I went to pay and didn't have ANY credit cards in my wallet. Something to do with being bored at home, cleaning out wallet and not completely putting everything back in before getting distracted by something shiny.

Called Meghan who brought a credit card to the store.

Got in my car to go home and found out the seal around the moon roof leaks. A lot.

Drove home while treading water and trying to breathe.

When I got home, noticed all of the neighbors' lights were on, just our power was out.

Found out the main circuit breaker was broken. Fixed it.

Went upstairs, sat down, inhaled Albuterol and Meghan announced "I'm bored."

But I am gonna miss her when she leaves Monday.

*decides not to send monsoon rains Di's way* Unless the farmers really, really need it.

Wow, I conked out for bloody ages and I still feel sleepy. I just ate two rice cakes with Nutella, though, so that should change soon.

Kaf, wow! Your sistr sounds like a person who doesn't do things halfway. When she redecorates, she redecorates!
Can't wait to read your posts about the vacation on your blog.

Jeff, yes, I think Abba got their start on Eurovision. I don't like Abba... I don't hate them, but I would never voluntarily listen to any of their songs. "Muriel's Wedding" was enough. Lovely movie, not so lovely music.

Sarah, I am scared of:
1. Proving my mother wrong.
2. Never being able to study at university.
3. Skin cancer (I've grown increasingly paranoid about it since I learned that my dentist uncle's previous wife died of it - and of course, living in a sunshine-intensive part of the world doesn't help, either!).
4. Not being able to become as nice as my saintly aunt someday.
5. Having Giant Frog fall in love with someone else and leave me.

if it was eat WHO you want day, I'd be more excited bout it... but I'll celebrate anyway!

*puffs out chest*

Me? I'm not scared of anything! No sir. Not me.

Well, except maybe moths. Yeah. I'm scared of moths.

Ok, well moths and spiders to be exact. Oh, and maybe cockroaches. Those things terrify me.

And little people. I know, its strange. But little people with little arms scare me. NTTAWW them in general, I, just have a fear of them. Irrational as it may be, it's a fear none the less.

Oh, and clowns.

Clowns, little people with short arms, moths, spiders and cockroaches. Thats about it.

And maybe dying alone. I don't want to be alone when I take my last breath. I want someone I love to be holding my hand. Living alone is one thing, but dying alone? Yikes!

Oh, and scary movies.

So, scary movies, dying alone, clowns, little people with short arms, spiders, moths and cockroaches. Yup, thats about it.

And maybe the ladder/open staircase thingy like Kaf said.

See!? I'm not scared of nuttin!

*looks nervously around the moat*
*hopes no one thinks any less of her for sharing her fears of short armed lil peeps and moths*

Sly, have you had problems with allergies, in particular the asthma symptoms in the past? Did the doc rule-out an infection? Do I worry too much? ;)
If you're suddenly having problems breathing, you may want to go and find out what it is that is triggering it. You may have become sensitized to something that didn't bother you before. If it were me, I'd get allergy tested, making sure they include the common food allergies in the test.

Hmmm... I guess it's not the best time to recommend my favorite movie, Killer Klown Munchkins vs. the Moth Brigade.

*throws a spider at Leetie*

Well, I'm still sick. And I shared it with The Wench. Someone pass me a puppy, please?

Thanks, Leetie. Other than a sensitivity to resins, I've haven't had problems with allergies in the past; and haven't had asthma before. My mother, however, said yesterday that she's long suspected I've always had asthma due to my long-term lung problems. ???? 15 years ago I had pleurosy and have had no problems since. You can't scuba dive if you have lung problems, so I don't know what she's talking about.

Anyway, the doc said that this has been one of the worst allergy seasons he's seen, and it's been especially bad in our area. If you ever look at the pollen count map thingie for the United States, St. Louis is ground zero. He said he's seen an increase in allergies and asthma in adults who haven't had problems before.

I'm feeling so much better! I laughed at a joke someone told and didn't start coughing and piddling. YAY!!!!

We'll see how it goes and if anything further needs to be done.

Leetie, even I'd be scared of that movie, and I'm not afraid of clowns, little people or moths!

I guess Di has never seen "Willow", then.

On French TV, there's a show called "Joséphine, ange gardien" (Josephine, Guardian Angel). She is a little person who can disappear and appear at will and works to make people's lives better.

*opens a jar of waterbugs in front of Leetie*


What are waterbugs?

Waterbugs are what they call roaches in the wealthier section of town.

Leets, about 3 years ago, I was grocery shopping at a local Super Wally World. About half way through, a husband and wife clown family showed up pushing a baby in the cart. At first I told myself "dont panic" and walked quickly down the aisle and turned hoping that would be the last I saw of them. NOT QUITE. As I turned to walk up the next aisle, THERE THEY WERE. Making googly faces and noises at their baby. I literally yelped, left the cart and ran for the door. When I got to the front of the store, I apologized to the service desk and told them I had left an entire basket full of items near the freezer section but would not be able to finish shopping due to the family of clowns. The kid at the desk started to laugh until he saw them on the security camera. Then he said "Yeah, they are freaky." I nodded as I scurried out the door. It took me HOURS to stop shaking.

*puts DDi on couch and sits down in leather armchair with notpad and pencil*

Zo, did you have a bad experience with clowns when you were a child?

(Actually, I have a couple of friends with coulrophobia, which I find a rather interesting fear to have)

*is perplexed* Why "waterbugs" for cockroaches?

In France there is a schoolchild's insult I just love because it appears in the Petit Nicolas books (with which I learned French): "Espèce de sale cafard!" ("You dirty cockroach!", cafard being the word for cockroach).

*snif* I wish I had the Petit Nicolas books with me here. Heck, I wish I had all my books with me.

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