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May 18, 2003


Robert Cook emails this update on people who declare themselves to be Jedis:

On your May fourteenth blogs, you wrote about how in Canada 20,000 people stated their religion as Jedi on the 2001 census. Just so you know, this is nothing new. In fact, twenty thousand is on the low side of true Jedi in the world.

In Australia's 2002 census, 70,509 people declared themselves Jedi. This is a full 39% of their total population. Unfortunately, their close-minded government prefers to call these followers' religion as undefined. Oh well, it's better than fining each of them 1000 dollars for providing false information.

But the most spectacular example of this growing religious movement has got to be Great Britain. Approximately 390,000 people in England and Wales called themselves Jedi on the 2001 census.

For the record: All of these countries are also known for beer consumption.


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