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May 27, 2003


This blog has received the following email:

Dear Dave, I'm an "older dad" -- 49 with a 4-year-old.� We've been hunting for a kitten and we've encountered a disturbing cultural shift I think you could have a field day with. First, understand that I'm an animal lover and have had cats all my life.� I took my cat to college (it helped get me dates). Here's the deal: in seeking a kitten for my little girl, I filled out the 3-page questionnaire at the "pet rescue" adoption center (at Petco). One of the questions is "indoor"?� "outdoor"?� Or "indoor/outdoor"? I innocently checked off "indoor/outdoor" as all my cats have been and yes, an occasional skunk and possum have made it into my house, too. It's all part of the deal. I was then informed that the Pet Rescue people would only let me adopt if I would guarantee an "indoor" cat.� I queried and they said that yes, they would keep these cats alivein a 2' x 3' box for life if nobody chooses to adopt them.� They'd keep them indoors at all costs, no matter what.� Nice life. Last time I checked, cats were pretty good outside, that's one of the reasons I like them. I was then contacted by another organization -- after filling out the paperwork -- and interviewed for close to 1/2 hour.� They then called back later and informed me that I was not a candidate for adoption because I was "not committed" to an indoor cat. So, Dave . . . I hope you can shed light on a situation that is going wildly over the top. Regards, Jeff Lipscomb San Diego

This blog realizes it is probably going to get stomped on all over by the cat people, but sincerely would like to know why old Jeff can't adopt a cat.


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