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May 22, 2003


This blog had no idea of the response it would receive when it printed an email on the sport of Butt Darts.

First came these questions from Kip Sundquist:

Sheila from North Dakota's e-mail absolutely begs to have some nagging questions answered!

- How many "Butt Dart" sessions do you suppose it takes the average N. Dakotan to figure out that you can play it with your clothes ON?

- Do they have tournaments? Leagues? Are there prizes?

- What do they do with the quarters when they're done with them? What happens if you get them mixed up?

-How tight is "too tight?"

-What if the quarter doesn't drop? Is it cheating to use your hands?

If there are any league officials out there, this blog would like to hear from you.

Next came this email from Paul Parker:

A friend (I SWEAR TO GOD NOT ME) had a butt-dart-esque competition of his own. With pants down around their knees two guys (I SWEAR TO GOD NOT ME) each clinched cheek around a dime and then used what can best be described as a flick-and-release motion with their hips to see who could throw their dime the furthest. The loser left the room in a huff to use the restroom. When he returned and started drinking his bottle of beer (yeah, you knew beer had to be involved) the room got quiet and the distinct *clink* of a dime hitting the bottle and then his front tooth filled the room. Beer... ass-dimes... you just knew somebody would end up fighting. Stop the madness.

This blog is not sure what happened in that last part, and this blog frankly does not want to know.

Then several readers sent in an actual web page about several variations of Butt Darts, including one that you maybe do not want to read about, because it is called Reverse Flaming Butt Darts.

Please do not thank this blog for providing a forum on this topic, which is too often "swept under the rug." This blog is just doing its job.


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