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February 28, 2003


Friends don't let friends drive with alligators.

(Thanks to Matt Patterson)


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New Moat Less RAIN!!!

I think we should bring back naming the moat and the jello slip-n-slide!!!

May have to christen this the MISSING Moat. As in, everyone is missing!

oooh, a brand new slip n slide!

that oughta cool things off a bit

*grabs a drink and jumps onto the slide*



dang, maybe i should have jumped, and then grabbed that drink...

Yay! New MOAT at last.

Thanks, Mad.


Now where did that cabana boy get to?

Somebody! I need a drink.

I am sooooooooooo proud to live in SC.

I'll have to find a good link about our governor.

*Slips in*


*Slides out*

Susan, yeah, what's up with that? I thought going walk-about was an Aussie thing...
So, how has everybody been?


I am sitting here reading a science article entitled Sexual intercourse involving giant sperm in Cretaceous Ostracode.

I don't understand most of the article, but they are talking about fossil sperm larger than the female.

1. Ouch that would hurt
2. Fossil sperm WBAGNFARB
3. there is no 3
4. the reconstruction pictures are very colorful!

jamester...I just don't know what's coming up next with him...First he's missing...(on Father's day? He has four sons!)...then he's hiking the Appalachian Trail...no, he's been in Argentina, dove hunting. Nope, he was in Argentina...with his mistress.

Then there's all kinds of fun stuff with the solicitor's office up here in the north eastern part of the state.

We aren't lacking for news right now.

(There was also the transformer fire knocking out power to all of Cheraw Saturday morning from around 3-6am...but that's a whole other story...)

Here you go, Susan.

Another guy who wanted Clinton to resign during the Monica scandal.

What a hypocrite.

Mad, they're gonna need a lot more lubricant with Fossil Sperm.

Ah, just another 'traditional values Republican politician cheating on his wife' thing. Nothing to see here.
Oh, wait. I guess it is noteworthy, after all.
He was with a woman...

Huh. I'm only 7 years younger than he is.

And ouch on the sperm.

Seems Mrs. Sanford tossed him out two weeks ago. I doubt she expected him to take off for Argentina, however.

don't try to find me, argentina!
the 'truth' is that i've been hiking
no hills and valleys
my girlfriend's body
it's really worth it
(more fun than biking!)

*checks in*

*checks things out*

*bellies (not belies) up to the bar and then belly flops down th(e) slip(e) and slid(e)*

hum ... sorta arid around here ...

*breaks out jello for slip 'n slide*


Happy Birthday, Meanie!

happy meanie birthday!


*sees jamester's dropped by too*

This jello's a little sticky, seems it's TOO arid for effective jello....

... might be a multiple post ... but I still mean it! ;-)

Birthday, meanie. Happy!


*leaves super sized tub of special Blue birthday blog butter (Tm thingy)*

Watch out for the exploding confetti!

Happy birthday blue meanie!

So Michael Jackson is in the hospital, may or may not be dead.

Is it wrong for me to be hugely amused by the woman on CNN reading his children's names (Michael "Prince" Joseph Jackson, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, and Prince Michael "Blanket" Jackson II) in her serious voice?



Everyone is pretty much saying he's dead at this point.

Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson.

They go in threes right?
Walter Cronkite lucked out for the next couple months.

Farrah's dead? Thought I saw her getting married again?

*goes to social web sites*

Will miss Ed, won't Michael.

... seems a little excessive with naming his kids after him ....

They go in threes right?

these days, with so many celebrities, maybe it's up to 3.2 or so...

Kibby, Farrah died before they got remarried.

I bet Mark Sanford is thinking, "WHY didn't I wait one more day to come home?"

Michael has knocked everything else off the news.

... guess he (O'Neal) dodged that bullet ...

And what's with this "Stanford"/"Sanford" thing? Shouldn't we start going by FIRST! names ... gets me confused on who got screwed.

"Good use of 'FIRST!' kibby"

"Thank you!"

Abe Vigoda, still alive

Rumors say Patrick Swayze is in very bad shape.

When JU told me on Thursday (or whenever the CNN email alerts started streaming into his phone) that the 3rd death was MJ, I said to him YES! Abe Vigoda will live to see another day! We were worried for a few days there.

Had anybody else initially thought that MJ faked his death? Or that he did something deliberately to cause heart failure? No? Ok then.

i dunno...he's got to have one of the more identifiable corpsesses...

Totally. And JU told me that they had the body and that there was an autopsy.

BTW, *SNORK@Insom*
Happy Birthday Meanie!

I had the fleeting thought earlier...what if the highly plastic surgery-ed "MJ" we've been seeing WASN'T really MJ...no idea who it would have been...but it's not like it looked anything like MJ used to...

Or I could be rambling.

I spent a large part of the day outside, doing a little mowing, and a LOT of time working on the bench (for which I needed the studs.) Went with 4 foot. And it wasn't too hard to put together, once I realized what I was doing wrong and started over...

I mean, it was only 100 degrees out there today...and yes, I drank lots of water. And I had a good supper, salad, baked potato, large steak, and a beer. (First one of those in well over a year.) Despite my daughter's accusations that I am, and I quote, "slarmied", I am not.

I am, however, tired.

*now knows why the gov. flew off to argentina ...to cool off!*

Susan, Joan Crawford looking MJ explained here.

looks like Billy Mays is the 0.2

RIP Mighty Putty Buddy

I liked the reality show he was doing, Pitchmen. One episode had this really hot french fireman.

I've been thinking very kind thoughts about whoever invented affordable indoor airconditioning...and indoor plumbing.

Is summer over yet?

Trillian - was that the guy with the really cool uber-powerful hand saw? The one he cut into an EGG with without breaking the entire shell? I was pretty damn amazed at that thing. Of course, that's the only episode of pitchmen I'd even seen, but still...


Guess I'll miss Billy Mays, another "Fine PA Product". He's from "The Rocks" as we call McKees Rocks.

*blames Al Gore*

One thing Billy Mays did was make sure your volume control was working! The guy was loud.


I'm off to round two of jury duty this a.m.

that was the one.

A little black humor from 'texts from last night':

(972): they say celebs die in threes. leave it to billy mays to throw in one extra COMPLETELY FREE!

Oh, I got dismissed from a jury at 10:30 and got to go home.

Good deal.

Prague river, Vlatava, is 1 meter (3 ft) above "normal". I'll need to check Astarte's mooring lines to make sure she's floating free. If they get too tight water can (I just figured this out) flood the cockpit through it's "normal" drains and if it gets too high it could enter the cabin.

I'd have LOTS of bailing and drying out if that was the case - would ruin my day...

*wonders where the monkey's are when you need them*


I saw some story about someone drowning in the flooding in Prague, kibby.

Be careful out there!

Monkeys? What monkeys? There were never any monkeys..nope...never

*whistles over top of the monkey screeching coming from her lab*

I've got a bunch right now, in a secret location.
Typing away like mad.
They have produced nothing that even remotely resembles Shakespeare.
Hunter Thompson, sure, but no Shakespeare...

would hunter s. thompson-monkeys produce 'bonzo' journalism?

And would bonsai journalism result in clipped speech?

Went out to loosen lines yesterday and walking on the cement dock the water came up over my knees. The boat floated 4 inches higher when I loosened the lines. I'm watching the on-line water levels to see what needs to happen next... so far it's levelling out.... no monkeys were seen.

I'd think that "Bonsai Journalism" should reflect what midgets report, no? They look like the full-sized versions, but only smaller?

*considers definition of "Komakazi Journalism"*

The health care system in this country is a shambles and anyone opposing the current bills needs to go away now.

Jackie went to the doctor and found out she has bronchitis. He gave her an antibiotic - 5 pills for 5 days - and it cost $121.

This is way beyond wrong.

Czechs have "universal" care. While meds are low and visits are, for the most part, free. They have had a problem with people going for "the h2.5ll of it" and draining the system. They're now charging 60 krowns ($3) per office visit and people are complaining.

Hospital staff has, for years, complaining about lack of funding and IF you're going to have a baby you'd better reserve a room 10 months in advance (as soon as you know you're preg). I've heard stories of maternaty hospitals beeing booked 12+ months in advance ... yea, figure that one out!

Oh, and the country's been having a declining population rate - more people leaving/dieing than being born.

I'd hate to see the US get to that point. Rather than bringing everyone "down" to a universal coverage, wouldn't it be better to bring everyone "up"? I've a pretty good plan, I don't want to lose it... selfish as I might be.

or have at least something out there for people who have no coverage...neither of kylie's parents has health coverage, she couldn't be covered under my plan unless the mrs. and i adopted her, her operation was covered under a special children-and-infants program mercifully...
so the taxpayers (apparently) have no problem in funding health care for children, but adults are on their own...

"Blame Canada!"

Just has Aussie friends over for a day. Good time! I like them!

Holy diodes you people are hard to catch up to. Took me darn near 15 minutes of googling and eating applesauce to get here.

It might interest you MOATies to know that our fearless leader is a-twittering, literally. I have it on the highest authority (my own) that the following electronic presence belongs to Mr. Barry (not Fishair)


So there you go. Please continue with your normal business of blaming canada and talking about celebrities, or whatever you humans do nowadays.

hi Marvin!

I take a medication that has no generic, and it runs me $25 a pill. A pill. I need them somewhat frequently.
Every time the need arises, I have to seriously consider whether I need to be a human that day and whether it's worth it. Roughly half the time it doesn't even work.

I just got health insurance (and dental!) today. Pepper is still SOL. It costs me an arm and a leg, and Pepper is a little angry I chose to get it.

Hi Marvin!

Was that a "fly through Android" sighting?


kibby's dental has annual cleaning and health has annual full physical. shamelessly he hasn't taken advantage of the latter.... scared he is.

It's either the doctor or ColonBlow™, kibby.

I'm much more scared of the dental than the physical.

I'm really behind on the physical...I can't remember the last time I was at the doctor...for myself, that is. Probably the last time I broke my hand...

Dentist I don't mind too much.

And my daughter survived the tooth removal. The surgeon said it went well, she had just worked herself up so much she was fighting the sedation. I don't think the valium really did anything. She has admitted it wasn't as bad as she thought. She's feeling kind of rotten today, though, and I'm sure it's because she's not really eating or drinking anything and is a little dehydrated.

Not that I know anything.

Heya Marvin!!!

Crash-tell pepper to move up the wedding date and he too can have super expensive medical coverage.

Look I have no problem paying for medical coverage, but why should it be tied to your job? And it certainly shouldn't cost 50% of your annual income. There has to be a happy medium. I would pay a $25-$50 copay into a nationalized system that covered everything else. Of course below a certain income no or low copay.

I think whatever the plan is that congress gets should be the plan the rest of America gets. After all they are suppose to represent us.

I'll drink to that.

Amen, Mad. Our co-pay is $15, but they often double that by ordering "tests" we may or may not need. Still, we're lucky we have pretty decent coverage.

For endoscopies and colonoscopies our insurance company was charged $9,000 for each of us.

I mean, WTFBBQ?!

We have to pay $200 deductible each, for the year, so if we have another "procedure" we don't have to pay anything.

The system needs fixing, badly.


Sarah Palin resigns!

Film at 11

/end update

Maybe I need to visit NZ.

I guess no one ever told her that the withdrawal or "pull out" method is not very effective.


What Mad said. If it's good enough for Congress, it should be good enough for the rest of us!

Very soon I will sign up for a crappy HMO (Kaiser) which will run me around $500. But I've been using a really lousy insurance plan which has no prescription coverage, and my scripts have been known to run me $500/month (sometimes more), so it's actually a better deal. Not this paycheck though...this paycheck is for visa bills... :)

In what universe does this make sense?


They had a nice ceremony at the Yankee game - first, they did a Lou Gehrig tribute on the 70th Anniversary of his "luckiest man in the world" speech with the guy who got Major League Baseball to sponsor a search for an ALS cure/treatment, and who was able to slowly walk out to the mound to throw out the first ball.

They had five returning vets injured in Iraq (one looked like he had lost an arm) being cheered and Ronan Tynan singing "God Bless America" during the 7th inning stretch.

And the Yankees beat Toronto 6-5 in 12 innings, so a pretty good day.

I hope you're all getting a look at Aretha's outfit (not to mention the rest of her) on A Capitol Fourth.

The mink cuffs needs to be seen to be believed. The rest of her, not so much.


Hi guys! I've missed the MOAT.

I am doing well, living at "home" with my parents. My mom has been on an organizing spree with my stuff. So I come home from work and everything has been rearranged. She's threatening to do it to my room next. Granted, my room is kind of a disaster, owing to the boxes being there. They are there because they need to be unpacked, but I don't know where to put their contents. And I started this new job and have been coming home tired and really not wanting to bother with it.

But still. Can't I have one little island of space that won't be messed with? *sigh*

I'm getting a storage unit soon. REALLY soon. As soon as my bank account allows. Which I can't access, since my password isn't working. I must have changed it and forgotten I changed it, and have no idea what I changed it to. So now I've got to call my bank. This does not make me a happy camper.

My job is ok. I can tolerate it. It is much better than what I dealt with last year. But I miss the job I had over Christmas break. I hope I can go back there.

Also, a belated *snork* at insom, and a belated Happy Birthday to Meanie! :)


*waves at Bangi and Blogchik*

Snorkworthy chandelier:
here. And I can't even come up with a funny comment...losing my touch!

*looking for another episode of Bangi Vision (R-thingie)*

How's the married life!?

Blogchik, it's so wrong in many ways. Most important one is "why was it put up?"

The erection of that chandelier must have required a crane or a lift.


... so said the chandelier ...


I don't know, Crash. It might not take much to erect that chandelier. After all, it's pretty light.

Considering its orientation, I don't think it's very erect at all!



*leaves out extra special DJ Birthday Blog Butter (TM thingy)*

Watch out for the exploding turn tables!!

Happy BDAY DJ. (It's still today here.)

Howdy back at y'all. Also:


People like to be yelled at the morning after their birthday, right?

Seems like posting is less frequent round the MOAT nowadays. Oh how costly the toll of a recession!

*milk & cookies*

Happy belated birthday, DJT!

Kibby, you missed this one.

Oh crap! Sorry DJ! Happy Birthday!

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